Box office report: 'Battle: Los Angeles' conquers all with $36 mil


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Aliens went one-for-two this weekend, as Battle: Los Angeles led the box office with an estimated $36 million, while the animated Mars Needs Moms was hardly noticed at all. Sony’s alien-invasion action film Battle: Los Angeles, which follows a pivotal Marine platoon led by Aaron Eckhart, slightly exceeded industry forecasts. The $70 million movie drew a male-heavy crowd, with men representing 68 percent of the audience. The PG-13 film’s ticket-buyers were also older than one might expect, as 55 percent were over the age of 25. So far this year, Hollywood has had a difficult time attracting teenagers and young adults, but that should change once the tentpole-heavy summer season begins in May. Overall, CinemaScore audiences rated Battle a “B.”

The frame’s other new alien picture, Disney’s 3-D animated Mars Needs Moms, will unfortunately be remembered as one of the year’s biggest flops. The motion-capture film, which was produced by Robert Zemeckis and cost a reported $150 million, captured only $6.8 million — enough for fifth place. Families made up 85 percent of the PG film’s audience, and CinemaScore moviegoers gave it a “B” rating. While 3-D screenings contributed to 68 percent of the movie’s opening gross, those surcharges weren’t enough to salvage the expensive production, which suffered from an awkward title, a muddy visual palette, and the fact that the Johnny Depp-starring Rango was released just a week ago. Speaking of Rango, the animated Western snatched second place, dropping a modest 40 percent for $23.1 million. That brings the PG film’s two-week cumulative gross to $68.7 million.

In third was Red Riding Hood, a reinterpretation of the classic fairy tale helmed by Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke. The PG-13 horror film, which cost about $40 million to produce, took a $14.1 million bite out of the box office. Women made up 64 percent of the audience, and CinemaScore moviegoers handed the werewolf flick a mediocre “B-” grade. Fourth place went to the Matt Damon romantic thriller The Adjustment Bureau, which fell 46 percent for $11.5 million.

In limited release, Jane Eyre collected $182,000 from four locations for a per-theater average of $45,500 — the year’s largest so far. The well-reviewed drama, starring Alice in Wonderland‘s Mia Wasikowska,¬†will expand to nine additional markets next week. And the mob drama Kill the Irishman, starring Ray Stevenson and Christopher Walken, whacked $155,000 from five theaters. Check back next week as Hollywood offers another alien in the form of the R-rated comedy Paul, as well as the Bradley Cooper thriller Limitless and the Matthew McConaughey crime drama The Lincoln Lawyer.

1. Battle: Los Angeles — $36.0 mil
2. Rango — $23.1 mil
3. Red Riding Hood — $14.1 mil
4. The Adjustment Bureau — $11.5 mil
5. Mars Needs Moms — $6.8 mil

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  • William

    I hated Red Riding Hood. My GF wanted to see it. Too much like Twilight. It made me wanna puke.

    • Tony

      Thats torture. I Hope she Put Out after that.

      • chuck

        lol tony

      • Ryan

        Tony, that would make a GREAT raunchy comedy movie title!

    • billymacomb

      True it was not as good as battlefield la. But would you expect woman would want to see blood and gore? Unless there into that stuff i would say no. I don’t care for twilight stuff. But i thought it was a good twist to a old story.

      • Jason

        I hated twilight but loved red riding hood. It was great

    • Mike

      Time to kick the b!tch to the curb. Ain’t no pu$$y good enough to put up with that sh!t.

      • me


      • Really???

        Stay classy, Mike.

      • HD

        That’s actually Snoop.

      • D

        Hahahahahahahhahaha Mike.

    • george corra

      Hey I haven’t the movie yet I would like to check it iout so don’t say negatives about film I have freedom of speech

    • David

      This just proves that Robert Zemeckis makes unwieldy and disastrous animated flickes, see The Polor Express! Disney, throw back this Forrest Gump helmer to Dreamworks where mediocrity rules and not poison the creative waters of Disney and Pixar by extension!

      • Jose

        Robert Zemickis did not direct Mars Needs Moms.

      • dirtymoney

        I used to work at the studio where those Zemekis films were made and trust me when I say they had no idea what they were doing. Overall a disgusting environment to be in and therefore I am not surprised the place is shut down.

      • wiggles

        I used to work at the studio where those films were made and I found it to be a collection of very talented people and frankly one of the best workplaces I’ve ever been in a fairly long career.

        @dirtymoney: I don’t know if someone rained on your parade or even if you even did work for the company.
        Trust me when I say that your opinion is *yours* and yours alone. Like mine is for me. Sorry for the aside, back to the movie discussion.

    • Razor

      “Mars Needs Moms” has an awkward title while “Rango” is fine? Ummm.. okay.

      • D

        Your comment doesnt even make sense Razor, Ringo is a one word name title, pretty basic. MNM is weird sounding and insinuates a stupid plot.

      • Bluto

        Sure it does, moron. From a screenwriter’s point of view, “Mars Needs Moms” automatically hearkens back to old 50s cheesefests like “Mars Needs Women,” except with a Tim Burton-esque kidspin on the topic. I thought it was a rather clever title, actually. “Rango” on the other hand, says nothing about what the movie is about. Granted, neither title indicates the quality of the film in question, but one title is definitely better than the other.

  • John C.

    If it doesn’t say Pixar above the title they better find a way to not make a stupid looking piece of crap movie with 150 million dollars. This thing is an epic bomb. The kind of bomb people get fired for.

    • Tangled

      From your mouth to God’s ears. But seems like nobody ever gets fired for failing in Hollywood except Charlie Sheen.

      • BG 17

        I thought he got fired for winning…

      • cheryl

        Good one, BG 17!

    • LAJackie

      I love animated movies but Mars Needs Moms just creeped me the hell out. I don’t like that stop motion capture animation or whatever it’s called. It’s just plain creepy.

  • Dave

    There was someone in the comment section of the box office preview article a few days ago who claimed Rango would barely crack the top 5 this weekend. LOL.

    • jaime

      If they saw it, I could see how they could say that. I took my daughter to it today and thought it was horrible. I’m surprised it has done so well. But I guess its a kids movie, and has johnny depp and was well advertised. I hadn’t even heard of the mars needs moms movie until I went to rango…

      • S.

        I’m surprised it did so well too considering how bad the word of mouth is. I don’t know anyone outside of critics that actually liked it. I guess if you have good animation, they don’t think story development is important.

      • kerri

        my boss said he fell asleep during rango and then went into the hallway while his kids watched the rest of it…maybe kids liked it better than adults

  • m1

    I guess Limitless couldn’t be too bad of a film. It’s also nice to see Jane Eyre debut with those numbers. I hope it gets an expansion.

  • john

    battle:LA was an ok movie, it like black hawk down with an aliens but not as deep.

    • m

      black hawk down is the best war movie ever made.

      • m1

        THE HURT LOCKER!!!

      • D

        The Hurt Locker is an overrated piece of sh!t.

  • del taco

    Battle LA was awesome, gripping, intense. Best movie of 2011 so far.

  • Voodoo

    Battle: Los Angeles? What a god-awful title. Sounds like a video game.

    • Katja

      It WAS essentially a video game filmed for the big screen. You could watch it and break down the various missions: find the appropriate destination without dying, vehicle mission, protect-the-civilians mission, use a special weapon mission, defend your position for a certain period of time…it was VERY much like a video game. And I thought it was a lot of fun. It’s not a high quality, deep-thinking movie (though it has a bit of contrived emotional content)…but it was a hell of a lot of loud and explosive fun.

  • Kristen

    Gary Oldman said it himself on Conan last week, the movie-Red Riding Hood- is for 14 year old girls. The Twilight crowd is the target audience for that crap.

  • LOL

    America loves crap.

    • dipshat

      LOL loves being an idiot.

      • Hv

        Maybe, but he’s sorta right.

      • Typical Internet Guy

        He’s also a hateful bigot.

      • HA.

        Because Americans are such an oppressed, misunderstood people. Gimme a break, TIG.

      • Typical Internet Guy

        Sorry but I hear from our president every day how everyone in the world hates us. Gimme a break, HA

      • dipshat

        LOL says this EVERY week!Who wants him off this site?

  • Gina

    As a solid kick-action film with tons of explotions, action and special effects Battle LA was a lot of fun. I had a blast and that’s what I want in a movie

  • MWeyer

    While it felt a bit like a video game come to life (that whole “hold off the aliens while you get a signal out” bit), B:LA was pretty fun as great action flicks go.

  • Jay

    Just got home from seeing Battle:LA. I (49 yr old Male) really enjoyed it. Good action picture. Sort of the squad/grunt’s view of the movie Independence Day. However, it felt most believable than ID. I’m sure a lot got left of the cutting room floor, so I hope the BR Disk version will have extended scenes and director commentary.

  • A. Fricken Einstein

    I don’t know what’s worse, the fact that these are all dumb films, films are only attracting idiots (read the comments for proof) or that Charlie Sheen is still breathing.

    • Jay

      So what’s your idea of a “not dumb” film.

      • m

        he prolly thought the hurt locker was “realistic”

  • matt

    Battle LA was an ok time at the movies. Yeah, it was dumb and the camera had parkinson’s but it was still fun and by no means as bad as what the critics said about it. Usually I trust the critics but every now and then they get some wrong

  • The Southerner

    Who the hell is handling marketing over at Disney? I never even heard of Mars Needs Moms.

    • Typical Internet Guy

      Seriously? I can’t momma told me not to go or whatever out of my head.

    • Dominic

      Agreed, Matt. And believe me, even seeing the marketing wouldn’t have helped. I saw magazine ads and had no idea what the heck the film was about.

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