More sci-fi projects greenlit following success of 'Battle: Los Angeles'

Despite some pretty harsh reviews, Battle: Los Angeles picked up $36 million this weekend, crushing the competition to nab the No. 1 spot at the box office. Which, of course, means one thing: Sci-fi/alien flicks aren’t going anywhere. Indeed, Battle: Los Angeles proved that Hollywood was an attractive place for aliens (on-screen and off-screen), and sci-fi’s spot in theaters was further cemented today, with the green light given to two notable projects: First, sources confirmed to EW reports that Fox has acquired an untitled, hush-hush sci-fi pitch produced by McG (Terminator Salvation). Though McG has only signed on as producer of the “large-scale” project, he’s considering directing as well, sources say. No other details are known about the project.

Sony Pictures is also getting in on the sci-fi action, picking up Agent OX, an alien invasion spec penned by Daniel Kunka, Variety reports. And the studio is likely hoping to find the same success as Battle: Los Angeles: Set to produce Agent OX — about an Earthling who spies on aliens preparing to invade his home — is none other than Neal Moritz, a producer behind this weekend’s box office winner. Looks like sci-fi won’t be alienated by Hollywood anytime soon.

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Box office report: ‘Battle: Los Angeles’ conquers all with $36 mil

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  • tracy bluth

    Look, I am a huge sci fi nerd and I’m glad it’s having a bit of a moment, but there’s a lot of crappy sci fi coming out. With the exception of Never Let Me Go most of the recent sci fi flicks have plots that are either terrible or non existent. Part of what makes films like THX 1138, Blade Runner, and 2001: A Space Odyssey so great is that they have a fully developed plot and characters and ask questions about humanity in addition to great sci fi. At least there are people like JJ Abrams who have yet to disappoint me.

    • sirachman

      I definitely agree. I miss plot-heavy physics-obeying hard science fiction. I look forward to the day that someone has the guts to make another great film that can add its name to the list of epic science fiction of the past.

    • Di

      and Primer. Primer was a brilliant mind bender of a scifi movie.

  • Dave

    Do these studio execs realize that sci-fi does not have to always be about alien invasions?

  • Kevin Hosey

    For the zillionth time — It’s not the genre of a film that draws crowds or earns money, it’s the quality. If they are well written and directed, and not just hurried, brainless garbage, then they will be popular. Always.

    • Larry Sternshein

      Kevin, there are a ton of well written and directed movies that weren’t popular with the fans. By all accounts, Battle: LA is not well written or directed and it made 36 million.

      • Kat

        Yeah, I would never say that Battle: LA was a quality movie, but it *was* a ton of fun for me. Periodically (and briefly, thank goodness), I would have to roll my eyes at the main guy’s emo-tastic backstory, but then I got back to enjoying the gunfights and the enjoyably tense atmosphere.

    • Dave

      Loved the movie, but please,please,please STOP with the shaky camera crap. I threw up in the guy next to me’s popcorn.

  • bill

    Big Headline and you tell us nothing…you have no more info than that…why bother other than to fill a page.

  • Meg

    At least the success of that crappy hackjob Inception has not garnered a glut of “intelligent” sci fi films that are nothing but navel-gazing, overexpository crap.

    • Mattitude

      …and I bet you can still hear all the laughter directed at you for thinking Inception is a crappy hackjob,next time,you might want to think before you speak!

    • dumba**

      Hey, everyone! My name is Meg and I think I’m smart and cool because I’m calling a movie that both critics and audiences loved a hackjob!

      • John

        Critics loved it, but only the hardcore Nolan fanboys loved it. Those same fanboys that paid to see the film multiple times. In fact, Inception is the kind of blockbuster that most people has already forgotten because it confused complexity with intelligence. Just because a film has tons of exposition and intricate plot contrivances does not mean it’s smart. No wonder it wasn’t even nominated for best director.

      • Dave

        John, I’m not a hardcore Nolan fanboy, and I loved Inception. And I know plenty of other non-fanboys/girls who enjoyed it as well. And where exactly do you get this idea that most people have forgotten about it? Is that why the DVD is a bestseller?

  • Carrie

    SciFi movies are far preferable to the inane comedies and predictable chick flicks.

  • Browncoat


    • Greee


  • ismoot

    why can’t we have Firefly and Serenity back/.

  • t3mpt

    True science fiction fans would never watch complete crap like ‘Battle: Los Angeles’. Great ‘article’…five sentences.

  • shane

    What makes a true science fiction fan? It drives me crazy that people claim to be more of a fan of something than someone else. A person is a fan of something or they are not. There is no class system for fandom

    • t3mpt

      Thanks for proving my point… idiot.

  • David

    Well, because Owen was dead wrong about this movie. My new credo: read what Owen writes and do the opposite. I saw this and then took my son to see it. His response to EW giving it a D: What? Are they stupid?

  • Guy

    I think they need to make Larry Niven’s Ringworld into a movie, strong story and characters and I think the technology is there now to make it…

    • george

      right on!

  • ccloud

    Why when one movie is succesfull do they have to repeat the same idea over and over again? it doesnt always have to be about alien invasions.. it is ridiculous how the whole alien invasion thing is inundating every science fiction orifice… what about dimensional physics, time travel, or alien’s coming here and making friends with us.. i still love the whole Alien Nation movie and then program idea… now that was original.

  • jpratm99

    BATTLE OF LA was long and boring and uneventful it was made primarily for soldiers and their eager attempt to kill kill kill and the brotherhood that is created those brave ones and it even failed to truly capture anything it was black hawk down and war of the worlds with no actual entertainment it was boring .

  • Darrin

    The first sentence in this article cracked me up – “Despite Owen’s review….” If the movies that got greenlit depended only on what Owen G. liked, the state of cinema would be pretty awful. You make it sound like the studio head sat around thinking – “Well, this made a lot of money, but Owen didn’t like it. Do we dare make something similar?”

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