Darren Aronofsky no longer directing 'The Wolverine'


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Black Swan director Darren Aronofsky will no longer be helming the Wolverine sequel for Twentieth Century Fox. In a statement issued by the studio, Aronofsky said, “It became clear that the production of The Wolverine would keep me out of the country for almost a year. I was not comfortable being away from my family for that length of time.” (The film was reportedly going to be set in Japan.) “I am sad that I won’t be able to see the project through,” continued Aronofsky, “as it is a terrific script and I was very much looking forward to working with my friend, Hugh Jackman, again.” Twentieth Century Fox echoed Aronofsky’s regret: “While we are of course disappointed that Darren can’t do The Wolverine, we also understand and respect his reasons … Hugh Jackman and Fox both remain fully committed to making The Wolverine. We will regroup and move forward aggressively.”

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  • whatevs

    I thought the fact that the movie would be taking place in Japan would make it obvious that the filming would take place there too…

    • Emilio

      Are they still going to japan? Isn’t it dangerous??

      • Heidi

        maybe that’s the oher reason he pulled out

      • Scott Pilgrim

        that’s racist…the crime there is pretty low

      • Christopher
      • Daniel

        @Scott- I’m pretty sure Emilio is referring to the nuclear reactors and not the crime dummy!

      • Ian

        LOL @ the racist comment

      • Joe

        @Daniel – Learn sarcasm dummy! You ruined a perfectly fine joke.

      • bored at work

        wow scott, you should really take a deep breath before you let the thoughts out of your head.

      • alex

        wow scott your joke went right over peoples head lol

      • Tom

        No Japan, then no story.. Darn darn darn..

      • Rob

        I’m sure all current fear of Japan has every thing to do with race and nothing to do with the massive potential nuclear fallout due to melting down reactors. Thanks Scott. (rolling my eyes).

      • JoJo

        @ Scott Pilgrim: That was so hilariously witty. LMFAO!

      • Wzrd1

        The ENTIRE problem is EASILY rectified.
        Arrest those criminal reactors and incarcerate them.

      • mark

        Wow @ all the people that didn’t get Scott’s joke. hahahaha

      • Dave

        A reactor melting down is not going to destroy all of Japan. Sheesh… What a stupid move on this director’s part, stepping into a superhero flick is a goldmine. If he is worried about missing his family, the studio would no doubt fly them all there on a private jet for all expense paid vacation. Filming only takes a few months, why the rest of the time would have to be there?

      • Sdcanyon

        Wow at the people who thought Scott’s mediocre joke was worth LMAO. I bet you LMAO at Knock Knock jokes too..

      • Doledart

        WOW!! People bothered by the “Scott Pilgrim” comment. Get out and see a movie once in a while. (hint: there was a movie called “Scott Pilgrim vs the World” if you didn’t see it, you don’t get it)

      • Dalena

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    • Reality

      What really happened was he watched the first Wolverine movie and decided to get going while the going was good.

      • Wzrd1

        Dude, I don’t know what you’re talking about.
        The movie wasn’t GREAT, but it wasn’t loaded with suckage. I liked it enough to buy the DVD.
        It explained the character of Wolverine to someone who never wasted time with comic books.

      • thin

        No, there was actually quite a bit of “suckage” in it.

      • BlackIrish4094

        @Wzrd1, you time was more wasted watching the Wolverine movie than be reading excellent comic books. Stop judging dude especially when you apparently have crap movie taste.

      • Reality

        The problem with the first Wolverine movie was that there is over 30 years of material in comics to draw from and Hugh Jackman had to go off source and generate his own idea for an origin movie. It wasn’t that he updated the material to fit in today…he created his own material. Sabretooth and Wolverine brothers…fighting side by side in wars…altering Bloodpool was atrocious…adamantium bullets cause amnesia? WTF. To the general public it might have been an OK movie, but for a comic fan, it was heresay. The comic material stands on it’s own and should have been used as a source, not as toilet paper. They could have done so much better…now anything coming after basically needs to retcon the entire content of that movie, otherwise you are building on a piss poor foundation.

    • Tom

      Thank goodness!

    • Jake

      The last one was a big stinker. I can’t understand why you think people would be stupid enough to trust you to make a better one.. Meh

    • Slick

      Uh, okay. Obviously you’ve never been to a movie set.

  • Mike

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. This sucks. Was really looking forward to his take on the series.

    • clark

      not me, he is overrated. he can tend to that pretentious mustache and wear scarves in the middle of summer again

      • HM

        LMAO!! That was hilarious!!

      • Mitchell

        Overrated? You probably think Michael Bay is amazing.

      • Zach

        U call him overated. Have u seen Requiem For a Dream? Gotta see that…and then call him overated!!

      • Sue

        Overated if you preferpopcorn movies and summer movies are the highlight of your year. He’s a good director and better than most.

      • Longfellows

        Would we really have wanted to see Black Swan meets Wolverine franchise… I think not.

      • Tom

        over rated..

      • kent

        The scarves comment is on the nose. The man looks like an idiot.

      • BigBOO

        Requiem is merely OKAY. Black Swan is actually good. But have you seen The Fountain? UGH!! Yes, he is over-rated. while Ang Lee is a MUCH better director, does anyone remember his take on The Hulk? This is probably for the best…

      • BigBOO

        And also yes, it doesn’t take a genius to connect this announcement with the all the nuclear fallout in Japan now either. I think he was like “Heck no am I going over there now!”

      • BlackIrish4094

        He is overrated and I did see Requiem for a Dream (which was definitely depressing if you think that defines a good director.)

      • CuriousMinds

        Overrated is the world’s most mis-used word! Just because you don’t like a particular artist or work of art…that does not mean that it’s overrated by those who do like it. How conceited are you to believe that your OPINION is actually a fact? If you don’t like something that everyone else likes…all it means is that you don’t like it. Your dislike does not offically mean that something is unfunny, out of tune or overrated. It simply means that your tastes are different. Not better. Sheesh! get over yourself! And find a new (more accurate) word!

      • CuriousMinds

        I agree about the scarves, though. That is hipster doof-ism at a high level.

      • Beau

        Yep, he’s WAY over your head. You might actually have to think a little, if he directed it. Better just keep watching your comic book crap.

    • Jake

      Nobody is going to go see it anyways after the last one they did..

    • Wzrd1

      Don’t know him from a can of paint.
      Honestly, there are thousands of directors out there, many REAL good.
      So, replacing one should be trivial.

      • MXC

        Aronofsky is an excellent director – Pi, Requiem for a Dream, The Wrestler, and now Black Swan – are all excellent to outstanding. Why he’d want to be involved in a Wolverine movie is beyond me – the first one – according to Rotten Tomatoes (and my gut) was a stinker. Aronofsky must have been temporarily blinded by the promised payday, but then snapped out of it. He’s about quality, not making garbage for a quick buck.

  • Major

    This is very sad news. Wolverine was finally going to get his due in a dark twisted movie.
    Now we can look forward to XMen Origins 2: Wolverine.

    • Heidi

      David Fincher please …paging David Fincher….

      • jk

        That would be awesome, but unlikely.

      • Tolanismaximus

        I agree…Tyler Wolverine Durden!!!

      • thin

        Fincher is kind of out of circulation for a while since he’s making the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo movies.

      • BlackIrish4094

        The only director who would be worse than Aramofsky, Fincher is so overrated too. And Fight Club sucked (but not as bad as Seven).

      • CuriousMinds

        YOU’RE overrated!

      • CuriousMinds

        @BlackIrish4094–who’s NOT “overrated” in your humble opinion? Anybody?

      • B

        The word “overrated” is overrated.

    • Sith Lord J

      I guess 20 century Fox said No to a R Rating.

      • Piru

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    • imaman1981

      I totally agree with you comment. Most of my friends actually enjoyed the last Wolverine flick, but I never had any interest in seeing the pos and when I finally did I was supremely disappointed (as expected). My biggest complaint being, why do they feel the need to change costumes-outfits? Comic books happen to be a completely visual media so when u fk up an outfit-consume (unless the writing, directing, acting, cinematography, ect, ect is great…you destroy the character (Deadpool for instance). My point being, Arnofskiy is one of the most talented directors filming today and he could have actually filmed a Wolverine film which would please both fans and critics. I was sooo looking forward to this film.

  • Crystal

    There is no reason to see this movie now . . .

    • Crystalisasnob

      Oh, get over yourself, you snob.

    • Basma

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      • Sajjad

        The accident of finding this post has brhigtened my day

  • Chelsea

    That’s too bad. Now there REALLY isn’t a reason to make another Wolverine movie.

    • Meier

      There needs to be ZERO X-Men movies for the next six years or so. I grew up loving X-Men/X-Force/X-Factor/Excalibur, but every single movie is less than great. Even ‘X2′ was only subpar.

    • Caro

      Hey CFQ! How are you all doing? By the looks of it, looks like Voigt is kicking your asses. Was this after FGB? Dom, what a kind and awoesme party! I’m sure they’ll appreciate it. Caption: Is my arm still there, because i can’t open my eyes yet. Ugh! What a great wod! I’d tear that up. Maybe i’ll try it with Trev on my back, he’s about 45# now so that should work if he holds on.Hope you’re all doing well.Best wishes from Florida.Miss you all

  • Chichi

    Uwe! Uwe! Uwe!

    • jk

      As in Uwe Boll? Ugh, no way.

      • JP

        Or Paul WS Anderson. . . First one was bad enough. If they wanted to make number one look better, going Uwe or Paulie’s way would sure do the trick cuz you can’t get worse than that. . .

    • oldguy

      No, you dummy, as in alternately disgusting and then stinky: EEEW ! WHEEEE ! EEEW ! WHEEEE!

  • Bill

    Well there goes any interest in that. Bring on Bond 23.

  • weaponX14

    WOW this is horrible news, i bet there was more behing the move…
    i was really looking forward to his take on a big caracter. Lets all hope they pick up another visionary director… start the debate now

    • BlackIrish4094

      Who was the 1st visionary director?

  • markinnyc

    after how horrible the first Wolverine movie was, him being hte director was the only reason I was going to see this.
    Want to place bets McG replaces him?

    • Tom

      a horse’s butt?

  • tyrone

    Let’s get Brett Ratner in there. He’s an old hand at trashing this franchise.

    • Ruby

      LOL so true. I’ve tried to let myself forget X-men 3 ever happened. Doesn’t work :/

  • ChrisV

    Very sad. Much like Joss Whedon directing Avengers… I had confidence in this Wolverine movie because of Aronofsky’s involvment. Disappointing.

  • mel


    • markinnyc

      about you? no one. go away troll

    • Buse

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  • Judo Thong

    Robocop reboot!

  • KC

    Wolverine: The most overrated superhero in comics.

    • Crystal

      That’s kinda true . . .

    • brianbuys

      Overrated?? he’s one of most interesting characters in comics ever. Just because he would lose to Superman in a fight, doesn’t make him less of a superhero. Your fav must be the Beyonder…

      • Mr. Wolfe

        +1…but only if he’s wearing the white Elvis suit with the jeri curls!

      • matt

        all the emotions that wolverine show is anger, rage, apprehension, and confusion. Wolverine is okay but seeing a lot of him in a movie goes a long way. hes really just a plot device

      • Brian

        I think he works better as part of the X-men ensemble, especially when he can be used as a foil to Cyclops. Both characters are solid on their own, but they’re both much better when they can play off of each other.
        Regarding the director shuffle, I never thought Aronofsky was the right choice for Wolverine in the first place. Maybe Moore’s Swamp Thing or Gaimen’s Sandman, but not Logan.

      • cutjack

        Beyonder. Ahh, loved Secret Wars.

    • Tom

      The last movie was so terrible, nobody is going to see the new one. Give it up already guys.

      • alanjay1

        I would have seen it….if Darron Aronofsky was the director

    • CuriousMinds

      Who the hell are you to decide what’s overrated? When did we all appoint you to be the Keeper of Tastes? I think what you mean to say is…”I personally don’t care for the Wolverine character for the following reasons…” But if you really believe that YOU get to decide what is and isn’t worth the attention it gets…tell me what drugs you’re taking to inflate that ego. ‘Cause I want some too!

      • CuriousMinds

        @KC (for the above comments)

    • B

      Your opinion is overrated.

  • nykolus

    nail in the coffin #1…

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