'Black Swan' double claims Natalie Portman only did '5 percent' of full-body dance shots in the movie


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The ballerina who served as a dancing double for Natalie Portman’s Oscar-winnning role in Black Swan tells EW she has been the victim of a “cover-up” to mislead the public about how much dancing Portman actually did in the film. “Of the full body shots, I would say 5 percent are Natalie,” says Sarah Lane, 27, an American Ballet Theatre soloist who performed many of the film’s complicated dance sequences, allowing Portman’s face to be digitally grafted onto her body. “All the other shots are me.”

Lane’s claim follows a March 23 L.A. Times article in which Portman’s fiancé and Black Swan choreographer Benjamin Millepied said Lane’s work in the film was far less significant. “There are articles now talking about her dance double [American Ballet Theatre dancer Sarah Lane] that are making it sound like [Lane] did a lot of the work, but really, she just did the footwork, and the fouettés, and one diagonal [phrase] in the studio,” he said. “Honestly, 85 percent of that movie is Natalie.”

Lane disagrees. “The shots that are just her face with arms, those shots are definitely Natalie,” she says. “But that doesn’t show the actual dancing.” Lane admits that she was never promised a particular title for her six weeks of work on the film, though she was disappointed to see that she is credited only as as “Hand Model,” “Stunt Double,” and “Lady in the Lane” (a brief walk-on role).

Lane also says that Black Swan producer Ari Handel specifically told her not to talk about her work to the press, even though she claims there was no such stipulation in her contract. “They wanted to create this idea in people’s minds that Natalie was some kind of prodigy or so gifted in dance and really worked so hard to make herself a ballerina in a year and a half for the movie, basically because of the Oscar,” says Lane. “It is demeaning to the profession and not just to me. I’ve been doing this for 22 years…. Can you become a concert pianist in a year and a half, even if you’re a movie star?”

Reps for Portman, Fox Searchlight, and Handel have yet to provide comments on the matter.

Lane is barely seen in promotional materials for the movie, including a VFX reel posted by studio Fox Searchlight that appears to show all the digital alterations made to key dance sequences. An unverified version of that reel, leaked to YouTube, seems to shows how digital face replacement was used to put Portman’s head on Lane’s body. (The clip was included in a blog post by Dance Magazine‘s Wendy Perron, who wrote about Lane’s story earlier this month.)

According to Lane, Portman’s dramatic transformation into a ballerina — a narrative firmly at the center of her successful Oscar campaign — wasn’t as impressive as the public was led to believe. “I mean, from a professional dancer’s standpoint, she doesn’t look like a professional ballet dancer at all and she can’t dance in pointe shoes. And she can’t move her body; she’s very stiff,” says Lane. “I do give her a lot of credit because in a year and a half she lost a lot of weight and she really tried to go method and get into a dancers head and really feel like a ballet dancer.”

In interviews, Portman didn’t hide the fact that she had used a body double for key sequences in the film, though Lane’s name, and the extent of her work, were played down. “I do have a double for the complicated turning stuff,” Portman told EW last November. “It was not anything I ever could have done in a year, nothing I could’ve caught up with. But I think it was just better for all of us if I did as much as possible.”

Lane insists she isn’t speaking out of jealousy over Portman’s acclaim. “[Natalie] is an amazing actress, for sure,” she says. “I know that it’s not a personal thing against me. I know that it’s just a political thing. It’s just unfortunate that I kind of lost credit.”

UPDATE (3/26): Black Swan fimmakers issue statement: “Natalie did most of the dancing featured in the film.”

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  • Jobless

    I’m not surprised and I do tend to believe the dancer. Natalie still gave a fantastic performance.

    • ndnwmn


      • Larry

        Is anyone surprised Natalie the Blowhard didn’t give credit where credit is due?

      • who cares

        i don’t get why this is a big deal lol

      • Ryan

        Not sure if this is a good or bad move: it does nothing to detract from the movie since I could care less if natalie did NO dancing, all that says is this movie should have ALSO been nominated for an FX oscar. so severing ties with a work by Arronofsky= TERRIBLE idea, the man’s a genius, but maybe this will put just the amount of spotlight on her she needs career-wise. I had no idea she existed, even if to me she sounds obnoxious, still, now I know she exists!

      • Sergiu

        Ryan actually Bafta gave it an FX nomination.

      • Ryan

        Seriously? In that case I guess this shouldn’t even be news.

      • ice

        who cares about this?

      • alan of montreal

        you read it, so obviously you did

      • Mo Money

        Hollywood libtards would never lie or take credit for the work of others so i just can’t believe these accusations!

        And please google “chimpout”

      • Kane

        It’s a big deal, because not getting credit for her work and performance on such a big hollywood hit hurts Ms. Lane’s career. She is a performer and this kind of experience can land her future jobs if she gets credit.

      • honeybee33

        If you read a little more deeply into her comments, it’s not just about her, it’s also about THE PROFESSION. A professional dancer is not made with a diet and a tutu. It takes a decade or two of dedicated and grueling work. And there’s a big difference in results between the two that can be seen clearly – for instance, in the mirror sequence in the character’s apartment, which is probably all Natalie, and doesn’t look a lick like ANY other extended sequence in the movie. Yes, she wants attention and credit, but she also wants appropriate respect for her profession. It’s a damn hard, dying art that deserves it!

      • alice yosexy

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      • SarJES

        I BELIEVE THE DANCER. But I do think this is going to far. Every time someone from the studio says something (Director or Nat’s boyfriend) it just makes the story more popular.

        I think the director’s comments are demeaning to SARAH LANE. She did do, 90-95% of the full body and footwork shots in the movie. Of course that was just a small percentage of the OVERALL movie, but it’s still important to GIVE CREDIT TO WHERE CREDIT IS DUE.

        Sarah Lane is just defending her profession and the misconceptions that the movie has made. No, you CANNOT BECOME A BALLERINA IN A YEAR, and YES NATALIE DID LOOK A LITTLE LIKE AN AMATEUR OUT THERE.

    • Liz Lemon

      Agreed. Even Natalie’s face was digitally added, the performance was all her and that’s why she won the Oscar. Not the dancing.
      Cate Blanchett’s face was digitally added to the dancing scenes in Curious Case of Benjamin Button, but again the performance/the emotion was all Cate.

      • LOL

        That’s the thing. Portman won for her acting. It would be cool, though, if the powers that be on Black Swan gave Sarah Lane credit for the work she did. I can certainly understand her frustration.

      • gloriad

        The acting in this movie was mostly dancing. Let’s be honest through out the whole campaign for this movie all the public was hearing from the producers was about Natalie Portman great dancing ability, how long and hard she trained to transform herself into a real ballerina. Is that being deceptive or what? come to find out only 5% of the dancing was hers. If the public knew she did only 5% of the dancing she would never have won an oscar. This is another Flash Dance.

      • Ash

        What exactly does this lady want though? “Black Swan: Starring Sarah Lane and Natalie Portman”? Stunt doubles never get a huge amount of credit, just the paycheck. Not for one second do I believe this famewh@re

      • Eugene

        But Ash, it’s different when the producers are going around saying “Oh, but we hardly ever used the double because Natalie Portman has magic dance powers and we own her so make movies with us plz”

        That’s called lying. And regardless of what credit she’s supposed to receive, she has every right to call someone out for intentionally misrepresenting her.

      • Eugene

        And anyway, who’s actually seeking fame here? This Sarah Lane, who’s only act was to submit a correction to a newspaper, or places like EW, who profit from spinning a story into a scandal?

      • ed

        Eugene exactly THE PRODUCERS so i dont undertand shy natalie is getting sh*t for this… Natalie still did an extraordinary job on the acting.. and as ash said, stunt doubles never get credit for anything, so why is this such a shock. And somehow i think sara lane is a bit exaggerating the 5% as well as i think that the 85% is exaggerated as well

      • JL

        Ballet dancers are not stunt doubles. They are artists. And claiming another artist’s work is fraud. Like writing another name under a Picasso painting. Or writing Salieri under a Mozart composition. You don’t practice 12 hours a day and sacrifice your entire childhood and then accept feebly that other people steel your thunder. The reason you don’t understand this, is because you yourself had a normal childhood with friends and time to play and have fun.

        The moviemakers can own the rights and make the money, but they cannot just claim they did something they didn’t. It’s a lie. And the reason it’s important is that Natalie Portman won the Oscar, because people falsely believed she was such a committed actor that she actually learned to dance real ballet.

      • MB

        Yes, but that professional dancer actually received the proper credit for her work in Benjamin Button… she is a dancer with The Martha Graham Dance Company in NY.

      • Caren

        I think it’s a big deal, I thought she partly won that Oscar for the dancing and the “intense” training she “did”. A little duping going on here?

      • Rich


        Crack heads are not stunt doubles. They are artists. And claiming another artist’s work is fraud. You don’t practice 12 hours a day and sacrifice your entire childhood and then accept feebly that other people steel your thunder. The reason you don’t understand this, is because you yourself had a normal childhood with friends and time to play and have fun.

        I suffered for my art. Now it’s your turn.

      • Melvin

        Most of the time dancers are given a routine to do. how is that art? they were told what to do, a pirouette here, little spin there. i understand the practice and the perfection, also the expression of what is asked to do, but in the end she knows shes a double and she should know doubles dont get the glory!

      • Christina

        I don’t understand why the producers are trying to hard to make it seem like Natalie did so much dancing. She would have deserved the Oscar anyway. Lane is right that no one expects actors to really become a top piano player or surgeon or whatever for other roles. So why this charade about ballet? It does make it seem like ballet really isn’t that hard if you can take it up that age and dance like a pro after little more than a year. There’s no need for this charade, Natalie’s Oscar was for her acting performance.

      • Marissa

        Clearly you do not understand professional dance. With that comment you have disrespected all of us who have dedicated our lives to the ART of professional dance. “Routines” are what children perform in high school auditoriums and what cheerleaders perform at sports games. There is a great deal of art involved and just because Ms. Lane acted as a double doesn’t mean that her hard work deserves to be trivialized.

      • DannyVice

        Lane isn’t complaining about who won the Oscar. She’s correcting statements that are misleading about her work vs. Portman’s work. If the producers et al would have just kept their trap shut about that, then she wouldn’t have to go on record to correct it.

      • DannyVice

        Lane isn’t complaining about who won an Oscar. That isn’t even the point. She is correcting mis-statements about the work she did vs. Portman’s work. Claiming that Portman did things that she didn’t is an issue that SHOULD be correct. It’s fraud. If the studio would have just shut their traps about who did what, this wouldn’t have been an issue.

      • Ted Mc Neel Sr.

        Most likelySarah Lane got paid a very decent salary for the dancing she was required to do ffor the film. If Ms. Lane had wanted detailed credit for the difficult dancing she accomplished in the film, she should have damanded it be included in her contract!

      • DannyVice

        Ted, please point to the place in the article that states she wanted detailed credit. None?

        Okay, point to the section in the article where she complains about not getting credit.

        Her statement has NOTHING to do with movie credit. It has to do with Portman’s agents lying about how much Portman really did.

        Public school education hasn’t done much for your reading comprehension skills

      • Nickolas

        Sarah Lane is absolutely an artist; no question about it. But the moment she accepted a paycheck from the producers, she became a stunt double. It’s no longer about “the art,” it’s about the mortgage.

        Personally, I think she should get some credit on the DVD at least, but thinking she deserves to be recognized as an artist and not a stunt double is ludicrous at best.

        Had her check bounced, then she could have claimed “wronged artist” status.

      • TBrown

        It sounds like Sarah should of had better legal representation regarding how she wanted to be acknowledged for the work she performed. She is such a great dancer with ABT yet now every time I see her I will be reminded of this issue. Why has all of this been public?

      • joeyjojo

        “Okay, point to the section in the article where she complains about not getting credit.”

        It’s the part that starts off with “though she was disappointed to see that she is credited only as”.

      • charlene

        If they digitally added her face they should have made her pretty. And they wasted their money on Portman when they could have had a better movie just hiring the dancer to play the dancer.

      • Nia

        @Charlene- Did you ever see the film Center Stage? Most professional dancers don’t make great actors, because they don’t have the training. And most actors don’t make great dancers, which is exactly why they hired Sarah Lane as a double. She did a job, and she got paid for it.

    • Amy

      I agree. I understand that professional dancers would probably be unimpressed by Portman’s “transformation” because I doubt it was as rigorous as what they go through for years. Still, that was never why I thought her performance was good. Her acting was simply fantastic, and the fact that she can be convincing as a ballerina, at least to people who aren’t familiar with the dance world, is still a commendable feat.

      • Amy

        But I do think Lane deserved more credit. Maybe Natalie Portman could have mentioned her in her acceptance speech. Seriously, she mentioned virtually everyone who worked on the movie.

      • chris

        I disgaree. The performance was being touted as an ‘all around,’ tour de force with much being made of Portmans rigorous ballet training and dancing. This was before the film released wide, and the studio seemed as though they were trying to get people to think ‘The Black Swan,’ was ‘The Turning Point.’ People who are now saying it was about Portman’s ‘acting,’ and not her studios need to turn this into a raging bull like alleged metamorphosis are being disingenuous. I saw that expose CGI reel a couple months ago – it failed to get traction and was quickly buried, then edited. When it resurfaced on the web, it showed the other CGI moments, but the significant portion that showed Portman’s head superimposed (or CGI’d) onto Lane’s body, were excised.

      • Kate

        I would disagree as well – not that Natalie Portman’s performance was stunning, but that belief in her training and sacrifice didn’t contribute to her winning the Oscar. The Academy tends to be impressed with stunts, whether they be weight fluctuation, unflattering makeup, or extreme method techniques. It demonstrates dedication to the craft, even if doesn’t always equal the best performance. In this case, I still think Natalie deserved her award, but in promotion no one could guarantee her win, so I am sure that the buzz about her dancing was calculated as a part of her Oscar campaign.

      • Lucy Mandel

        I agree with every word that Amy said. Natalie Portman could have done the decent thing and thanked the ballet dancer who helped her to make it to the stage to receive an Oscar. If she thanked everyone else, why did she exclude the ballet dancer? Explain yourself.

      • DannyVice

        Lane isn’t asking for more credit. Where in the interview does she say she should have gotten more credit? What she’s taking issue with is choreographers and producers who are minimizing her role in the film in order get an award. Giving her no credit and taking her credit away are two different things. Had the producers and choreographers just dropped the subject, there wouldn’t BE an issue.

      • joeyjojo

        What a strange repeated comment; she didn’t thank “everyone else”. I noticed quite a few people she didn’t thank — like every actress in the movie. If you want to say she should’ve thanked Lane, fine — but pretending that she thanked Mila Kunis, Winona Ryder, or Barbara Hershey… people she actually worked with, unlike Lane… then you’re just flat wrong.

    • Amanda Kiwinerd


      • Prunella Von Schleidlhaagen

        Thank you. Seriously!

      • Miz Liz

        Agreed. I completely assumed from the first moment that most of the dancing was a double and STILL thought her performance was outstanding… PLUS a lot of the dancing was obscured by handheld camera work…

      • Joseph

        The “idiots” would be the 100% of us who were told by the choreographer, as quoted in the article you supposedly just read, “Honestly, 85 percent of that movie is Natalie.”

      • grampa-jim

        Perhaps not everybody is a movie freak such as you seem to be.

      • Marko

        Well put! Of course, I didn’t pay attention to much of the press claiming that Natalie did all the dancing and transformed into a ballerina, so perhaps that’s why I wasn’t brainwashed into believing so.

        In any case, Natalie’s performance was superb and it wasn’t called “the Oscar for the best Dancing Sequence” for a reason.

      • DiMi

        Nobody thought there was NOT a double used. EVERYBODY knew about the double. We just didn’t know that a double had done 95% of the dancing. If it if wasn’t a big deal why didn’t they just give her proper credit? Because it was a big deal; it was part of the Oscar campaign to think Natalie did more dancing than she actually did.

      • MikeyNYC

        Amen! This is Hollywood, kiddies – who cares? Are you seriously up in arms because some people in the film business LIED????? ROFL! Grow up and shut up, already! If the ballerina wanted a more specific credit for her performance, her agent should have negotiated such credit before she signed her contract. That the filmakers are now claiming that Ms. Portman did more dancing, thats too bad for the ballerina. There is nothing in her contract to prevent the filmmakers from downplaying her participation and if she doesn’t like it, she should fire her agent and/or laywer that botched the contract!

      • Jennifer

        I have to agree with Amanda. Come on. There is absolutely no way, even if they said she did 85%, that she actually did 85% of the dancing. You don’t just learn ballet in a little over a year.

        I get that they lied about the 85% was Portman, but how could anyone have believed that.

        I am sorry for the dancer that didn’t get enough credit. Welcome to the real world though…life isn’t fair. You can hold your head up high and learn from how you were treated unfairly and protect yourself from it in the future OR you can go running around talking to the press about how you were treated unfairly. The dancer is not helping herself in this instance.

      • Caren

        I thought it was her!

      • Justagirl

        Did you read the article before calling everyone else an idiot? It’s about the extent of the dancing Natalie is claiming she did. To hear her boyfriend talk, she became a prima ballerina in a year for godsake. It’s basically another narcissistic celebrity patting themselves on the back about how great they were in a performance except the public finds out it wasn’t the actual actor.

      • Candacetx

        duh. If Natalie HAD been able to transform herself into a ballet dancer in a year without a lifetime of experience… wouldn’t THAT have made ballet look like no big deal?? Of course! No how hard Portman trained, she could have never become an adequate ballerina…the same way that double chick couldnt work for a year and become an actress that could carry a movie. SHEESH

      • DannyVice

        @justagirl – If they read the article, they sure didn’t comprehend it. Look, people… Lane is NOT asking for anyone to make her the star of the show. All she’s asking is that the studio STOP telling the public Natalie did 85% of the dancing work, when she clearly did NOT. If they don’t want to give Lane credit, FINE. But don’t misrepresent the facts. Making the public believe Portman did something that she didn’t is fraud. Yes, Portman admitted to having a double…. but everyone in that movie shouldn’t have made the claims they did. They were false. In the art world, you do NOT take credit for someone’s work regardless of who the artist is. Either shut up about it or give the proper person credit. Most movie crews choose to shut up about it. Portman and crew should have done the same

      • J.j

        I agree with Amanda!
        Also, if you believed what they told you yet now believe this? Did’t anyone ever tell you not to believe half of what is written?
        Now everyone assumes the first story was false. Why? Because this girl said so? We were not there. We do not KNOW the truth. Yet it is written in a magazine… It MUST be true.. Oh brother *rolls eyes*

      • shana

        No kidding! I loved her performance for her acting, not the dancing.Her intense emotional range got her the award, not dancing. It’s an acting award. Good luck getting another body double job there, Sarah. You apparently as too much of a diva, your name in the credits wasn’t enough. Your a body double, if you wanted more credit you should have learned to act and tried out for the movie yourself. I’ve if it bugged her NP was getting credit for the dancing, that was a body double it…to make you think the other person is doing the work. This lady’s ego is clearly too big to be a body double.

      • Darlene Brown

        Admittedly did not read the whole story..stopped once I realized that a body double was complaining about not being recognized as more than a body double. News flash Ms. Lane: Nobody assumed that Portman was an accomplished ballerina and everyone assumed a body double who was a ballerina and not an award winning actress was used. Get over yourself.

    • stella

      They did try and make it seem as if Portman did most of the dancing, though. I couldn’t read a single Black Swan article for months where they were all like “oh, Natalie Portman did most of it! She’s the real deal! She was soo impressive!” it was definitely part of the campaign. And true, Portman never mentioned the body double herself.

      • Kelly

        Actually, even the dancer admitted that Natalie went on record saying that she had a dancing double. Try reading the article before posting a comment.

      • Boop

        Stella’s comment said: “oh, Natalie Portman DID MOST OF IT! She’s the real deal! She was soo impressive!”

        That’s NOT saying that Portman denied having a dancing double. Try reading the comment before posting a reply.

      • DannyVice

        @kelly – I’m looking in your ear and I see nothing but daylight and fairy dust.

      • Enna

        You guys do realize that saying Natalie Portman did 80% of the dancing and the professional did 95% of the body work aren’t necessarily contradictory, right? If so, why is this such an issue?

    • DiMi

      I believe the dancer; and cover up #2. Fox forced youtube to take down the video.

    • Anthony Jones

      BFD….you signed on as a body double live with it.

      • C

        YEAH….Double, Trouble!!

        lol lol

    • Dan

      Ms. Lane is not an idiot, but her agent probably is in my opinion.
      • If she and/or her agent did not get written into her contract before she started the movie that she was to get “open and closing credit”–visible dance double credit — it is both their faults.
      • Portman’s performance deserved the Academy Award. Ms. lane is an extraordinary ballerina.
      • Ms. lane and her agent have learned a tough lesson: get the appropriate opening and closing credit written into the contract FIRST!

      • Jennifer

        Dan, you nailed it! Exactly!

      • DannyVice

        Dan… Where in the article does it say Lane is upset about getting opening or closing credits? Please tell me where ANY of that was mentioned. Lane was not complaining about movie credits. She was correcting a misstatement about the work she did.

        If she did 85% of the work, then no one from that production should be giving interviews claiming that Portman did 85% of the dance work…. THAT is the issue here. Movie credits have nothing to do with the article. It’s the issue of lying about who did what to the press.

      • Stash


        I think Dan’s point is that if Lane or her agent had worked out what credit she was going to receive for the movie beforehand, it would have been harder to cover up her role.

        As is, the credits she was given (hand double, stunt double, walk on role) make it easy to ignore her. If she had been credited as dance double to Natalie Portman in the film, her name would have been more out there in Oscar buzz and interviews.

      • DannyVice

        @stash – I don’t think Lane is asking anyone to give out her name in interviews. I think she’s just asking Portman’s agents to stop lying. She’s not telling producers and Portman agents that they need to mention her name or properly credit her. She’s simply asking that they stop making things up.

        It’s not only insulting to Lane, but it’s insulting to the public to be lied to when there’s absolutely no reason for them to lie.

      • shana

        however, I’m sure sure how easy it will be for her to get a job doing this again. Who would hire someone who threw a fit like this. She could have put it on her resume and people would have been impressed. Throwing a fit to the media, not professional at all. She signed up to be a body double. They usually don’t get any credit…people don’t look at movies and say the fake Julia Roberts in pretty woman was a great boot zipper. It’s lame. Her job is pretend she is Natalie, not get double billing for her role.

      • joeyjojo

        “Where in the article does it say Lane is upset about getting opening or closing credits?”

        right here:
        “though she was disappointed to see that she is credited only as as “Stunt Double””

        Seems pretty straightforward. Are you sure you read the article, or did you leap right to the star-bashing comments?

      • kitty

        Shana, joeyjojo:

        First of all being a dance double isn’t the same as showing your body. Dance is an ART, it also takes a lifetime of CONTINUOUS HARD WORK, DEDICATION and PAIN to learn. But the point isn’t credits, although Sarah Lane shouldn’ve been credited as ‘dance double’ and not “lady in the lane”. The issue is that the producers have deliberately claimed that Natalie Portman learned to dance as a ballerina and deliberately minimized the amount of dancing Sarah Lane did. In doing this, they not only stole credit from the ballerina but also trivialized the art of ballet.

        As to Sarah Lane getting a job again – what makes you think she wants another job in Hollywood? She is a soloist at the ABT, the top ballet companies in the US. Her job there is just fine.


      Dancers know how much work has gone into every move – blood, sweat and tears is what it takes to be a beautiful dancer….Portman is so out of line to pretend that she could pull this off in 1.5 yrs of study..as if!

      • Taka

        Seriously? 1.5 years of training? It’s amazing then that Natalie was able to stand in pointe shoes at all much less walk or dance in them. You can’t strengthen your leg muscles and learn the rigorous demanding challengin moves of ballet that quickly.

      • DannyVice

        yes… that’s the issue here. Purporting to the public that you did something you DIDNT do.

      • Lux

        It is incredibly arrogant to say you can make yourself “a ballerina” in a year. Your body literally needs to be reshaped from birth.
        I can see where the double is furious. Natalie and everyone else made it seem like she did it herself.
        I agree with Taka. You need 2+ years to even stand on pointe. Like Balanchine said: what’s the point of rushing to get a girl on pointe if she can’t do anything when she’s up there?

    • Robocoastie

      Has stunt men ever gotten a lot of credit? Today’s green screen CGI and ability to speed up scenes after they’ve been shot is what lets most movies be done with few stunt doubles nowadays.

      • scotty

        True – but this is the equivalent of Tom Cruise saying “I did 85% of my own stunts” then finding out that he actually did 5-10%.

        That’s the issue here, not people getting credit – the dancer is simply correcting misinformation put out by the feonse/studio.

    • 1984AnimalFarm

      Google Marni Nixon

      • erin


      • Mike

        Yeah, I understood why Natalie Wood got credit for the movie West Side Story but her name even appears in great big letter on the record album which her voice doesn’t even appear on.

    • Sue

      And in breaking news, the actors in “Ice Castles” & the “Cutting Edge” didn’t do their own skating. Gasp!!!!!

      • Chris

        In fairness, I don’t think the ‘Ice Castles,’ or ‘Cutting Edge,’ actors had studios and agents touting their tour de force transformations and rigorous training and making like they were ready for the Olympics after the film wrapped. Portman’s agents and the studio had everyone thinking she was ready to audition for the American Ballet Theater. A fraud was perpetrated. Nat’s relatives need to just admit it and fess up.

      • just sittin around

        The original Ice Castles lead role did all her own skating:Lynn Holly Johnson. Do your homework.

      • mark

        LOL..Oh yes, I’m sure the other poster was referring to the 35 year old movie instead of the recent remake…

        This is all just some nobody trying desperately to be somebody. Can’t blame her for that. But at the same time, let’s not pretend that actors can actually DO all of the things it looks like they’re doing in a film, to think so is just being ignorant of how the real world works. People just really need to grow up and NOT believe everything they see in the movies. Superman doesn’t actually fly either.

    • me too

      Lane got paid for her work. Why complain!

      • Michelle

        I agree. She was paid for her work. It really is her own fault that she did not find out how the credits were going to be issued. If she had a problem with the way things were done she should not have done the work or cashed the check. She was foolish to believe that her dancing would be credited when she is not the star of the movie. When in history has an understudy ever gotten credit for their work? Yes, she’s a wonderful dancer but she got her check, she cashed it and now she does appear to be bitter about the terms of the deal either her or her agent negotiated.

      • DannyVice

        She’s complaining because she did most of the dancing work and Portman’s agents are out there claiming she didn’t. She has a right to defend her contribution to the film..

        If I pay you for a day’s work, do I then have the right to tell everyone that you didn’t even show up for your shift?

        Well that’s exactly the issue here. Misrepresenting the facts COULD possibly cost Lane future work.

        I’m sure if it happened to you, you’d feel completely different about it. But it’s someone else, so who cares, right?

      • GEE

        I don’t think it’s a matter of telling everyone that you didn’t show up for your shift but more a case of ignoring the fact that you exist. You were justly compensated, what happens after has nothing to do with you. It’s not about you, it’s about the star. You’re gonna tell me she really thought she was signing on as more than just a double? It can only cost her future work if they spoke ill of her. But she did her job, regardless of whether it was downplayed. I work in the corporate world, that happens every day across the nation, it’s happened to me. But you understand that it’s all part of the game.

    • mickey

      Hear me world. I want to connect to the collective soul. I am all alone but the world hears me. I feel important. I feel like my opinion matters.

      • Siouxsie

        I hear you…

    • sashay

      It reminds me of the controversy over Flashdance back in the seventies. I usually assume the lead actress does little of the actual dancing unless she has a really strong dancing background, and has continued dancing afterwards. In other words, not very likely.
      I can see why this dancer would like the acknowledgement. The choreographer should give her the credit, I’m sure his girlfriend wouldn’t mind. It doesn’t undermine her acting, which is the real reason she was hired.

      • Michelle

        Flashdance was in the 80’s but other than that I tend to agree.

      • DannyVice

        She’s not asking for the credit or the acknowledgment. She’s asking Portman’s agents to stop misrepresenting the facts. Either give credt where it’s due, or don’t…. But don’t lie about who did most of the work.

      • Stash


        I really don’t understand why you keep trying to establish a difference between asking for credit and asking for a correction when they are functionally the same.

        True, she complained because credit for her work was attributed to another person and not because she wasn’t given enough credit in the first place… but the desired outcome is the same regardless. She wants her work recognized. By being given “credit” or having the fact that there was a cover-up “acknowledged.”

      • Stash

        Also, if she were asking to be given credit for her own work, it’s not as if it’d be so wrong, bad, or ignoble. If an artist deserves acknowledgment, they have every right to seek it (regardless of a cover up). You don’t need to act like anyone saying she deserves credit is maligning her character.

      • DannyVice

        @stash She isn’t ASKING for credit… that’s not the point she’s making in the interview. This would be a mute issue if producers would have simply said “many parts” of the performance were Portman’s…. But they didn’t do that. They went out of their way to use numbers (85%) that were false.

        Giving credit is not the same as outright lying and/or using false information to puff an actress up.

        Look, if you worked an 8 hour day – but your boss told the district manager that you only worked 4 hours and someone else worked the other 4 hours…. that would be a misleading, unfactual statement.

        If your boss just shut up about the whole thing and didn’t bring up how many hours anyone worked – then it would have been a mute issue.

        She’s not asking them to give her credit – just to stop actively minimizing her role.

    • Sarah O

      Who cares? Natalie won an Oscar for acting, not dancing. That was never the point. And even her character was supposed to be technically perfect, but not expressive or soulful. Maybe her double shouldn’t want credit for that!!

      • scotty

        facile argument – which female actors win oscars? Those that go method, or make themselves unattractive (eg Kidman Theron).

        The oscar hype over this movie was all about Portman’s dancing ability, the 18 months of training, and *especially* the starvation diet.

        That’s what got her the publicity

    • Jethro

      And this happened in Flashdance, the puke spewing scene in The Exorcist, the gal who said she sange on most of Paula Abdul’s first album and now in Black Swan. These doubles come in and know what they are getting into, does it really matter, as long as they are getting paid for the work they do.

    • Jethro

      And this happened in Flashdance, the puke spewing scene in The Exorcist, the gal who said she sang on most of Paula Abdul’s first album and now in Black Swan. These doubles come in and know what they are getting into, does it really matter, as long as they are getting paid for the work they do.

    • Share

      What Porn, I mean movie were you watching? Portman was just xxx. The movie would have been worth watching if it were not so predictable and cookie cutter and…Hollywood had the guts to use the dancer instead of PorkMan for the lead.

    • Share

      If by fantastic you mean XXX then I believe you are on track. But… the dancer should have been the lead. Hollywood just is cookie cutter. Fartman should be doing radio.

    • Aznfaythz


      • kitty

        But the actors don’t go claiming they do their own stunts. In this case they did. Also, claiming that anybody can learn to dance like a professional ballerina much less one of the top ballerinas in the US is wrong. But I guess in your book it’s OK to lie and take credit for another artist’s work.

    • A_Dog

      What’s so surprising? Natalie Portman is a jew after all. They can’t do anything. They just fake everything!

  • Fringe Observer

    This expose reminds me of the body double/dancer Marine Jahan exposing the Flashdance producers and Jennifer Beals. Deja Vu.

    • amyc

      Exactly what came to my mind, too!

    • Abe Froman

      And she was pretty much blacklisted in Hollywood. Don’t expect to see much of Ms. Lane in the future, either.

      • Heidi

        I think she was more hurt over her fellow dancer (Millepied) seriously downplaying what she did and acting like Natalie did learn it all in a year and a half.

      • ndnwmn

        You are right about that..she is getting her 15mins right now and she is done…seriously, would people truly believe that Ms Portman did all the work? She was fantastic, the editing was fantastic…it’s about the illusion, that’s what movies are about…

      • BG

        The only one whose 15 minutes are soon to be up is Natalie.

      • Dr Linus

        lol @ BG. Portman’s fame is already way past 15 minutes. It’s not like she just came from out of nowhere like a reality TV celebrity.

      • Barry

        Portman needs to be blacklisted!

      • elsie

        Lane is a soloist at ABT. She’s not looking for a Hollywood career. Dancers don’t want to be movie stars, she just wants not to have her work lied about.

      • Guest

        @Abe Forman: Ummm I highly doubt that she will meet the same fate as the person you discussed. Flashdance was in the 80s. This is 2011. If Lane plays her card right, she could be raking in millions from this 15 minutes of fame. I mean I’m talking playboy, reality shows, sex scandals, tell alls, paid interviews, dating rich men, even acting, choreography and performing gigs lol. She could even stretch her 15 minutes and become established. It all depends on her talent, looks, what she wants and how she goes about it. My point is that blacklisting simply can’t apply here.

        @Heidi: You are right. I think Millepied was way out of line! Just because he is shacking up with Natalie does not give him the go ahead to underrate Lane’s contribution to the project especially seeing as he is a dancer and knows that world well.

        Guys like it or not, the hype did help Natalie win that Oscar. Has anyone done any research to see how the Oscars choose nominees and winners? Don’t get me wrong, I have always been a Natalie Portman fan since childhood. I’m talking since her first full movie Leon: The Professional. I was on the Natalie bus before people knew who she was so I know she is an amazing actress. Black Swan or not, Natalie was destined to win Oscars. This is just her first one but I digress. My point is this, just because someone has pluses doesn’t mean they lack flaws! Natalie played the game. Who hasn’t?

      • Mich

        Hey sausage king! I can’t believe “Guest” called you Abe Forman.. amateur..

      • TenTan

        @ Mitch Lol! Guest is obviously addressing the person above whose name on this post is “Abe Forman”. Seriously, you mean you couldn’t figure that out? Wow!
        Anyways people, lets focus on the actual article and stop attacking everyone else on the board.

      • Chris

        ….Jennifer Beals didn’t fare to well either though. I guess that’s why unlike Beals, portman and her pr flacks decided to keep their mouths shut and reap the rewards.

      • Michelle

        @BG…yeah Natalie just won an Oscar. I’m sure NO ONE is going to want to work with an Academy Award winning actress..right.

      • Tigee

        Ms. Lane is a soloist with the American Ballet Theater – one of the most well-regarded ballet companies in the world. Trust me – she’ll be seen a LOT!
        The point is that unlike most other films where a body double is used for skill related footage, the Swan didn’t give credit where credit is due. This is a BIG bozo no-no in the industry…and is egregious because of the the press build-up that was given to Portman related to the dancing aspects of the role. She deserved the Oscar for the acting – but the dancer also deserved credit for the dancing/double work she did.
        Both of these women are well-known and well-regarded in their respective professions. The difference is that Ms. Lane does not profess to be an actress, while Ms. Portman’s entourage are promoting Portman as an exceptional dancing talent. Shame on them for that.

      • @TenTan

        It’s Abe FROman….not Abe FORman. Ferris Bueller reference.

      • DannyVice

        Tigee – lane didnt ask them to give credit where it’s due. She just wants them to stop misrepresenting her contribution. Artists should NEVER claim credit for work someone else did. And Portman’s agents absolutely did. This has nothing to do with the illusion of the movie. It has to do with them building Portman up to win a freaking award…. and cheating to do it.

      • Share

        Because the dancer is the real star. We watched the movie to galk at sex scenes but the dancing lifted us. Fartmen is always cast at the level of her morals (finger her on screen and we all want to see her little XXX movie)

    • Jam

      Who cares about the dancing…was that really her in the scene with Mila Kunis? The people must know!!

      • wilma

        I wonder that myself…

      • Dan

        Yeah, was Mila Kunis actually performing oral sex on Portman?

      • TenTan

        lol! I highly doubt that the oral sex scene was real. They are usually simulated. I mean, can you imagine the spread of STIs if even half of “non-porn” movie sex scenes were for real? Hell no!! lol

      • NS Sherlock

        Those doubles always have fun and get to watch history being made!!! (so I have heard). The good ones usually keep their mouths shut and want nothing from it, not even 15 mins of fame. This Sarah Lane is giving ballet a bad
        name and mentions it before the DVD comes out? She’ll never be hired again. I would shut my mouth because it’s not very loyal to the supervisor. Bad Karma to her..

      • DannyVice

        Sherlock, did you even read the article? And believe me… The Ballet industry is absolutely ELATED that she is standing up for the art and not allowing a hollywood agent to misrepresent their industry. Her work offers will increase because of this, asshat

      • Dee

        @DannyVice: True that! I don’t understand why people will expect such a prestigious art form to be trampled upon just because Natalie Portman or Hollywood is involved. All I seem to be getting from a lot of these comments is that people should not stand up for themselves, that they should shut their mouths and be grateful Natalie Portman is taking credit for their work. Like there is ever an exception to being treated like sh*t. What a joke!! Who here wants to sit quietly and watch other people steal their thunder? Some of you work in the corporate world. How does it make you feel when that happens, someone taking credit for your work? Not so good does it? And why would you expect any different just because Hollywood or your favourite actor is involved?

        This is not about Lane wanting 15 minutes of fame. She could just go around claiming to have had a lesbian affair with Natalie on set. Now that would give her 15 minutes alright! This is about ethics. This is about her standing up for her art, her sweat, her her industry. It is about time someone did!

        Like I said above, if the dancing played no role in her Oscar campaign then she should have had no problem being straightforward about her actual involvement in those sequences. If it was all about the acting, they wouldn’t have spent so much time hyping her “genius” ballet talent. They would have spent time raving about her acting instead. Just saying.

    • ac

      The body double in Flashdance was no secret–it was quite obvious in watching the movie.

    • scormus

      Flashdance, Jennifer Beals, Marine Jahan … yes same issue but that was at another level. MJ wasnt just standing (dancing) in for JB. She devised and arranged the dances.
      As regards acknowledgment, it does not harm to Ms. Portman’s (or Ms Beals’) box office rating to thank the bag carrier and makeup girl, but it does if people get to know they did actually do the bits their character is so much identified with.

    • scormus

      Flashdance, Jennifer Beals, Marine Jahan … yes same principle but that was at another level. MJ wasnt just standing (dancing) in for JB. She devised and arranged the dances.
      As regards acknowledgment, it does not harm to Ms. Portman’s (or Ms Beals’) box office rating to thank the bag carrier and makeup girl, but it does if people get to know they did actually do the bits their character is so much identified with.

      • Caren

        Beals didn’t win on Oscar folks, and you could tell the standin was there. No digital trickery. HMMMPH.

    • sashay

      Just saw your post, after posting pretty much the same thing myself.

  • Jerry

    The. Film would not have been a box office success without Natalie. She won the 0scar for Her Acting, not dancing. Eat a Cheeseburger Ms. Lane.

    • Dmc

      What does eating a cheeseburger have to do with anything?

      • John H

        Well played, Jerry.

      • Burger EMPEROR

        Come on Jerry – you KNOW you prefer HOT DOGS.

      • JenBen

        I believe Jerry is referring to the ultra-thinness of the dancer.

    • sakara

      eat…ME, jerry.

      • Jerry

        Natalie gave a great performance because She Used The Force. Go back to the Dark Side Lane.

    • Chelsea

      I disagree. I think a big factor in people voting for Natalie was the belief that she really transformed into this fantastic ballerina. I think it’s garbage that she didn’t even acknowledge this Sarah Lane person in her speech. Even if Natalie had done the majority of the dancing work, I think Annette, Michelle, and Jennifer all gave better performances. Natalie’s acting in Black Swan was just a repeat of her go-to “look at me, I’m crying” Star Wars face.

      • tipsy

        Oh, please, people who vote for Oscars know very well how stunt double system works. And why uproar about Natalie downplaying her stunt double when every action star claims they do 99% of their stunt and that`s bold-faced lie. And nobody calls them on it. You never see any stunt double step up and say “I did 95% and so-and-so overpaid bulls***er did 5%”. But we all know that actors doing most of their stunrs is bulls***.

      • katie

        I totally agree with you. I think Natalie’s performance was good, but the best part of it was the dancing and her transformation. Take that away, and it is clearly not Oscar worthy. Even with the dancing, I didn’t think it should have won Best Actress.

      • Eolra

        @tipsy – But what if a star was going around saying “I did all my own stunts on this film” when really it was a stunt-double. People deserve to get proper credit for their work – you can’t just have movie stars stomping on “the little people” to build up their own careers.

      • orwellives

        I agree with you. Portman has no depth.

      • SarJES

        I agree Natalie’s performance was a bit over-rated. I was definitely routing for someone else to win. But she never once said she did all of the dancing in Black Swan, and she had said in interviews that Sarah Lane was her dance double. When you win an OSCAR i’m sure so much is going through your head it’s hard to think of everything.

        HOWEVER, in SARAH LANE’s defense. There really weren’t a lot of full-body scenes in the movie, there was quite a bit of close up of just the footwork (of which I assume is mostly SARAH). I think it’s right to assume that 90-95% of that footwork and full body work is HER and NOT NATALIE. I think the director or anyone else implying anything different is just WRONG WRONG WRONG.

        They need to bring back the original special effects video showing the HEAD REPLACEMENT of NATALIE in those scenes that has mysteriously disappeared off the internet. Maybe they will release it on the DVD!! If not then they really are trying to cover it up!

    • BigBOO

      …and there would have been no film about dancing if – SHOCK! – there WAS NO DANCING, no would there? And without a REAL dancer, that is exactly what would have happened.
      Hollwood is all about smoke and mirrors, and boy do they get pissy when someone pulls the curtain aside.
      Go eat a double cheese burger Jerry.

    • Burger EMPEROR

      …and there would have been no film about dancing if – SHOCK! – there WAS NO DANCING, no would there? And without a REAL dancer, that is exactly what would have happened.
      Hollwood is all about smoke and mirrors, and boy do they get pissy when someone pulls the curtain aside.
      Go eat a cheese burger with that “special sauce” you like so much Jerry.

    • ndnwmn


    • MCS

      The simple fact is, Lane was paid to be a double. If she wants a starring role, maybe she should become an actress.

      • bea

        where did you read she wanted a starring role? she just said she thinks it’s mostly unfair to her profession, that it takes years and years of dedication to become a talented ballerina. this women is 27 and she’s been working at it for 22 years! she’s got a point.

      • @MCS

        *Sigh* Did you even read the article? Sarah Lane doesn’t want a starring role she just wants credit for her DANCING as a body double and they didn’t even give her that.

      • Jennifer

        Then she should have negotiated the credit she wanted in her contract. Was there a breach in Lane’s contract? If so, then there is real reason for her to be upset. If there is not breach in contract, then she needs a better agent.

      • Dan

        Ms. Lane is not an idiot, but her agent probably is in my opinion.
        • If she and/or her agent did not get written into her contract before she started the movie that she was to get “open and closing credit”–visible dance double credit — it is both their faults.
        • Portman’s performance deserved the Academy Award. Ms. lane is an extraordinary ballerina.
        • Ms. lane and her agent have learned a tough lesson: get the appropriate opening and closing credit written into the contract FIRST!

      • DannyVice

        Jennifer, Dan – Where in the article does Lane complain that she didn’t get opening or closing credits. She’s not asking for credit. She’s simply asking Portman agents to stop lying about how much dancing Portman actually did.

        Telling the public that Portman did most of the dancing work herself is an outright lie if she really didn’t. As a consuming public, do you want someone lying to your face just so they can get another award out of the deal? If you don’t care about being lied to, then fine.

    • goober

      Then why did they lie about the dancing? Just give credit where credit is due!!

      • Kelly

        I think crediting her as a “stunt double” is all the credit that she needs, because that is all that she did in movie terms. Sure dancing is more artistic than running into a fire, but for the purposes of this movie, the dance scenes were the stunts. They didn’t further the plot, they just added to the aesthetics. This dancer needs to get over herself and move on. If she really is concerned with the art, she should have stayed on the stage and never done the movie. It’s no secret that this is the way that they do things in Hollywood, and if she was concerned about how she would be billed, she should have said something when she signed her contract. If you wait to speak up afterwards, you deserve what you get.

      • Chris

        Exactly…can’t believe some people are giving attitude because the dancer wasn’t savvy enough to know Natalie Portman would try to bury her in a greedy grab for Oscar. Is the dancer really the one deserving of scorn. It’s amazing how some people coddle and protect certain stars while others would have been attacked and a federal case made. For instance imagine if Angelina Jolie had tried to pull off a fraud like this? People would be demanding she’d give her Oscar back. There’s a double standard for some enabled coddled stars, usually those we aren’t threatened by that by and large no one cares about. Those that we’re envious of or who make us feel inadequate in some ways, would get full on attacked for stuff like this….Natalie snoreman however, people just let skate and happily make excuses for her, attacking the poor girl who danced her asss off and helped nat when an Oscar she didn’t deserve. Nice. What hypocrites people are.

    • grampa-jim

      I am totally in agreement with your first comment Your last statement was not all needed and is very “cheesy”

    • DannyVice

      Moron… read the article. It wasn’t about who won an oscar. Lane didnt ask for an Oscar, nor did she claim Portman shouldnt have won hers. Go back and read the article.

  • DL

    For the record, Portman trained a number of years in ballet when she was a child. However, I have no opinion for or against the veracity of Ms. Lane’s claims. If I were to guess, I would think the truth is in the gray area somewhere in between the accounts of both parties.

    I will state that, in my opinion, Portman deserved the Oscar based on her acting alone, and the dance was just gravy.

    • Jenn

      95% of middle class girls take ballet as a kid. That doesn’t mean they’ve “trained.” It’s a bit like Emmy Rossum blustering that she was a singer at the Met when she was in the “run on, look cute” children’s choir.

      • Mel B

        Whoa that’s news to me! I had my doubts that a “trained” opera singer could sound like she did. I can sound like Emmy whilst singing in the shower. Was not impressed at all by her vocals.

        As for this dancer vs. Natalie, even I was led to believe that Natalie had done the dancing. Now I’m not so happy about rooting for oscar.

      • crispy

        72% of all statistics are just made up.

      • therealeverton

        They do? I’m in the wrong business. I don’t think 95% of middle class girls could train in ballet if they wanted to. Where? where are all the teachers and facilities?

      • Bob

        60% of the time it works every time.

      • Poodle

        “Statistics are like bikinis–they show you everything except what you really want to see.”

      • crabby

        Look up Emmy Rossum on IMDB, she sang in 20 operas in six different languages at the lincoln center. apples and oranges. (I’m on Lane’s side.)

      • matt

        i don’t think emmy faked the singing in Phantom of the Opera, unless i’m ignorant about the making of that one.

      • orwellives

        Portman trained at least till the age of 13, I have also read that she had trained for longer than that.

    • Chris

      Yeah, I ‘trained’ in basketball until I was 11. That doesn’t mean I can take the lead in the Cheryl miller story and look believable and make shots.

  • Say What

    Looks like somebody’s got a case of the Black Swan.

    • mqa

      That was hilarious! And I agree.

    • Dr Linus

      Yeah it does seem to be that way doesn’t it or this could be sour grapes.

    • Pop Vulture

      Ha! So true. And since when do body doubles who allow other people’s faces to be digitally superimposed onto their bodies expect public recognition?

    • lilliped

      Well, she blew her future.

    • Candacetx

      me thinks her swan is ‘green’

  • Chelsey

    What, does she want an Oscar? They’re presented on behalf of the complete performance – with or without the dancing.

  • Monica

    Didn’t Natalie take dance when she was younger? I mean I know she’d still need a double, but I thought she had some previous experience?

    Anyways, the Oscar didn’t have much to do with the dancing, it had more to do with her acting, which was incredible.

  • Britt

    Many times in reports like this, I’d believe it’s out of jealousy that a double or whatever would come out and try to gain a bunch of press about them for attention. I actually believe Sarah Lane though, nothing against Natalie. I think she’s amazing.

  • ashley

    interesting…but didn’t portman train for months and months? i doubt it was just 5% of her dancing. as it is with these things, i’m sure it was somewhere in between.

    • JR

      But that’s the point the dancer is making—it doesn’t just take “months and months” to pull that off; it takes “years and years”.

      • DannyVice

        exactly JR.

    • Ann

      You can tell when the full body dancing shots have used face replacement- Sarah Lane wears Capezio pointe shoes (a little pinker with a different way of gathering the satin under the shank of the shoe) while Portman wears Freeds (a more orange color with a seam next to the drawstring on the box). It’s kind of hard to tell the difference if you haven’t been around pointe shoes your whole life but its very easy to tell in the scene where she practices fouettes at home.
      Since I can tell the difference between the shoes (I’m a professional ballet dancer myself) I’d have to say 5% is probably accurate…

      • miyako santo

        do you like cheese burger?

      • fischbyne

        the anti-lane camp shows a strong authoritarian streak. sad.

  • Kay

    I’m inclined to believe the dancer, but what does she stand to gain from speaking out about this? She is coming across as sour grapes. It’s doubtful that Natalie or anyone from BS will come out and say “Yeah, she’s right. Credit where credit’s due. Our bad.”

    • Heidi

      She has nothing against Natalie – I’d say most of the anger is directed towards Millipied and his comments

      • dee dee1

        I agree. I would be hurt too. What is the big mystery. She danced it so what, why the coverup if so? Give credit where credit is due.

      • James

        I agree that Millipied is the villan in this piece, not Natalie or Lane. Lane was just correcting what “Mr. Natalie Portman” was saying. He was just protecting his new meal ticket. A fellow dancer should give a fellow dancer true credit. I am sure if it had been a double instead of a principle, he would have been talking too.

      • Al

        I agree as well. If he hadn’t taken a shot at Lane, she wouldn’t have had anything to correct.

      • jojot

        James is absolutely right. He’s totally protecting his new meal ticket. Natalie is very talented but Millipied shouldn’t have said what he said.

      • Ap

        James is right. Add in that it’s a safe assumption that Lane and Portman’s man knew each other for years. I’d be mighty pissed too

  • D

    As Fringe says, it’s Flashdance all over again. Kind of sad…

  • Joyce

    Natalie turned in a remarkable acting performance but you have to give credit where credit is due. Sarah Lane should be given credit for her dancing. But I guess now we all know! Shame on all involved with trying to keep it all covered up.

  • Megan

    I don’t think Lane is jealous; I just don’t think she appreciated “Mr. Portman” claiming that it was ALL Natalie. Otherwise, she would have never commented. If my dancing talents were being used and someone else was getting total credit for it, I would have been pissed, too.

    • David


    • jodipo

      He didnt claim it was ALL her, he claimed it was 85% her. Can you count? Also, if it would piss you off that much I would suggest not taking a job as a body double dancer in a movie starring someone else. If she wants the credit then she should go do her own movie

      • Bob

        Your comment=good

      • Sean

        I’m a huge Portman fan but it’s absurd to say Lane shouldn’t expect credit for her contribution and make her own film. She’s a dancer not an actress. Stuntmen and women receive credit for their work on films. It’s usually pointed out when a huge stunt is done whether a stuntman or actor has done it.

      • jodipo

        yes Sean, and she WAS given credit. Her absurd claim that the actress was only in 5% of the full body dance shots is beyond believable. She got credit, 3 times. FDid she thank her in her oscar speech? No, but then I cannot think of many who would thank their body double in an oscar speech. SHe won an award for acting, not dancing. Now, if she had gotten an award fro being an amazing ballerina then yes this dancer would have a right to be snotty about it, but as it stands she should just shut her mouth and go away

      • DannyVice

        Okay nimrod…. Next time you go to work and work the entire day… Don’t complain the next day if the boss tells you that you only worked for 5 minutes.. Obviously you haven’t grasped what the article was about on any level

    • Anne


      • Bob


      • Cate

        THE OTHER.

    • lem

      Ms. Lane is not an idiot.
      • If she did not get written into her contract before she started the movie that she was to get open and closing credit— it is her fault not anyone else.

      • DannyVice

        lem, do me a favor. Read the article and tell me where she stated that she was upset about not getting a movie credit. Go ahead, I’ll wait………

        Found it yet? No? Okay, I’ll wait….



      • Lisa

        DannyVice, you sure do protest a lot about people not reading an article that you appear to have not read: “Lane admits that she was never promised a particular title for her six weeks of work on the film, though she was disappointed to see that she is credited only as as ‘Hand Model,’ ‘Stunt Double,’ and ‘Lady in the Lane’ (a brief walk-on role).”
        So, she was not explicitly cited for “dancing,” but obviously didn’t have the sense to negotiate this at the appropriate time. Movie production is very hierarchical, if you want something, you damn well better ask for it.

  • Kate

    I believe this girl but she still sounds bitter. She was a stunt double and credited as one. That’s how it works. Her contributions were no more or less than any other stunt double but you don’t hear them whining.

    • Piper

      You’d be bitter too if some dumb b!tch took credit for all your work.

      • Alex

        Do you know what stunt double means Piper? Wait nvm, you don’t.

    • Poodle

      Just what I was thinking, Kate.

      • hummer

        are you BILLY

    • step

      She was not credited for her work.

      • Mel

        “she was disappointed to see that she is credited only as as “Hand Model,” “Stunt Double,” and “Lady in the Lane” (a brief walk-on role).”
        Read the article. She was credited for her work. Portman was getting tons of praise and now she wants some too. If there had been no Oscar she probably would not care because she did not complain before the Oscar did she. The movie came out in December.

      • L

        She probably didn’t complain before the Oscars because she didn’t want to be seen as the one who possible cost Natalie the Oscar. She could have made a stink about it before then.
        As far as the credits go, she’s not credited as a dancer, is she? The title of “Stunt Double” is not quite the same to someone who has worked most of her life on a specific craft.

      • Chris

        Obviously by crediting her as the vague ‘stunt double’ they (studio, portman’s agents, portman!) wanted people to assume Lane did ‘stunt’ work (running, jumping, falling, fighting) and NOT THE DANCING….which of course makes the fakery and deception even more unsavory in my opinion. The young woman is a trained solo ballerina with the ABT,she’s not known for crashing thru plate glass or setting herself on fire!!! Come on! Portman and co. and the producer should be ashamed.

    • Keir

      I agree 100 percent, who cares that natalie only did 5 percent. She won the oscar for the acting, not the dancing… I hear Mel Gibson didn’t kill anyone in Braveheart too, loser

      • Ap

        I disagree…as far as I know Hilary Swank trained for Million Dollar Baby and Charlize Theron put on weight and got ugly for her Oscar. Without those extra from those actresses there’s no Oscar.

      • Moe Howard

        You are right – Mel had a killer double that did 95% of the killing for him. He only killed 5% of the bad guys. Loser.

      • hummer

        this is all so trivial, are you readfy to meet your MAKER

    • DannyVice

      She was not a stunt double – she performed a majority of the dance moves in a movie that was about dancing and mostly comprised of dancing. And yes, if a Hollywood agent was out claiming that an actor did the work you actually did, you’d probably be a little pissed off too.

      • LiT

        Since it’s a movie about dancing and I don’t think there were many other types of “stunts”. I would think everyone would assume the stunts the double did were dancing stunts.

      • Lisa

        there are two versions of the story, what Lane claims and what the production team claims. So somebody’s lying. More likely the truth is somewhere in between and both sides are exaggerating. How do you know one side is telling the absolute truth? They never misrepresented Natalie as doing all the dancing, Natalie not only mentioned repeatedly she had a double for the more complicated work but complimented Sarah. She and this Dance Mag editor appear miffed that some morons in the lowest common denominator of the moviegoing public think Natalie should perform Swan Lake now. But you can’t fix stupid.

  • Lucia

    Nor surprised. Studied many years ago and you could pick out the Natalie shots. Those ungainly flapping arms in the mid-shots.

    • caroline

      true, to anyone who’s actually seen “swan lake”, the flapping was horrendous.

      • JC

        Wow, Portman was very thin and yet her arm fat was flapping? If she were any thinner she wouldn’t have the energy to “fake” her dancing. Let’s see your arms, Caroline.

      • honeybee33

        oh dear. @JC, Lucia wasn’t talking about her arm FAT, she was talking about her technique. *sigh*

      • Gabell73

        Carolina might have not been talking about Natalie’s arm fat, but I would love to see Carolina’s great technique. It is easy to critize other’s. What about all the beautiful work Natalie did. Carolina sounds a little jealous to me.

      • DannyVice

        Gabell, I don’t spend $60 at a movie theater to see caroline. With the millions of dollars these actors and movie production crews rake in, scrutiny about their work is appropriate

    • :)

      exactly. i does take a loooooong time to get your arms right for swan lake. you know, that perfect gently pulse while keeping the rest of your body perfect. *sigh* i haven’t gotten that down yet.

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