Viggo Mortensen dumps Snow White ... for Superman?


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Viggo Mortensen is no longer in talks to star in Universal’s Snow White and the Huntsman, increasing speculation that the Oscar-nominated actor (Eastern Promises) might join Zack Snyder’s Superman: Man of Steel, according to Variety. Mortensen had been linked to the Snow White project, which will star Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron, but also rumored to be in the mix to play Superman villain, General Zod, in Warner Bros. superhero reboot. Mortensen and Warner Bros. did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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  • sam

    Good. The Snow White movie sounds like more Twilight trash to me. He’s better than that crap.

    • ari

      I agree

      • Clark

        True, but after seeing the garbage that is Sucker Punch, it is clear that Zack Snyder is not the man to be directing Superman, I have a feeling it will suck and Viggo should aim for something better

      • Alex Getts

        @Clark – I’ve not seen Sucker Punch, but what I’ve heard isn’t good. I’m just hoping that Nolan can set some very definitive ground rules for Snyder.

      • BigBOO

        You probably just read Lisa’s review here on EW. And if you know anything about Lisa, you KNOW she wasn’t the one to review this type of film. (She has her biases.) That said, it IS a polarizing film; you either love it or you hate it.

      • Lincoln

        I have seen Sucker Punch and it is pretty awful, the whole time I was watching I was thinking – this guy is making the new superman? FAIL. By the way EW, that is not the most flattering picture of Viggo.

      • Mike

        Clark, he co-wrote Suckerpunch. I don’t think he’s writing Superman? If you hate Suckerpunch because of the story, that isn’t the Directors fault. Zack is a good director IMO, and with guidance from Nolan I think it’ll be awesome.

      • Steph

        I wouldn’t worry too much about Superman. Christopher Nolan helped out so we should be good there.

        So glad to see Mortensen leave this film, honestly such a miscasting with Snow White.

        And I’d much rather see Mortensen in Superman!

      • sashay

        Just what I was thinking. Don’t think that Red Riding Hood update went very well either, definitely a heads-up to the quality of the material.

      • Kneel Before Zod

        I just saw Sucker Punch with 4 other people. I have a degrees in film and photography. One of the viewers is a professional artist employed by Lucas Arts. Another is an artist who has drawn book covers and is teaches sculpting. One is a video game designer, and the other is an professional music engineer. All 5 of us liked the movie. It wasn’t perfect, but it isn’t nearly as bad as some are saying. You have to realize what is going on, and the different layers of “reality.” The dream quest sequences seem to have little weight and are just for the visuals, but going in, that’s what one should expect. Snyder filmed “music videos” for each woman in the movie, but only clips of them appear during the credits. Many don’t seem to like it because the movie (SPOILER ALERT) doesn’t have the ending people were expecting. It “sucker punches” you with a twist, and a not so happy ending for some of the cast. Visually though, it’s amazing. It’s a perfect “B Movie” to just sit and enjoy the visuals without having to think too much of what it all means. But, if you don’t take it too seriously (and they didn’t intend anyone to take it seriously) there are some discussion points within the movie that are somewhat surprising. Between the 5 of us, I think this “B Movie” earned a solid B Grade.

      • John

        @Kneel Before Zod: Just because you have assorted degrees (photography?) and your friend is an artist at Lucas Film, none of these alleged credentials make either of you experts in film critique. Your opinions are as valid (or arbitrary) as anyone else’s. And, please, if you really want to lend more credence to your scholarly opinion, please take a couple of English courses to supplement your so-called degrees — because your grammar skills are lacking.

      • Shameless

        So true. Glad Viggo was wise enough to dump Snowy once it was frontloaded with cheesy actresses.

      • teekay

        @Clark, I haven’t seen Sucker Punch yet so can’t comment; but I think it’s fair to say that Snyder has a really solid track record when it comes to adapted material and should do a good job with Superman.

    • Jenny

      I don’t remember there being any vampires or high school drama in Snow White.

      • sam

        its got the same tone/atmosphere of Twilight though noob and Kirsten Stewart is in it.

        remember Red Riding Hood that came out last month? YA. Looked just like Twilight. Even had the same director

    • avenger

      Once he found out Stewart was Snow White he dumped the project, who wouldn’t, it’d ruin his cred. Superman is gonna be so awesome, he’ll be a great addition!

      • hc

        Haha. Right, because Snyder is all about street cred. Viggo, do NOT drink the Zack Snyder kool aid.

      • money

        Wrong. He dropped out because Universal wasn’t willing to pay the $8 Million plus backend for the role. Money. Money. Money. Money.

      • avenger

        There are varying degrees of credibility my friend, zac snyder or twihard crap, hmmm…I wonder which is worse

      • hc

        It’s Kristen Stewart, not Twilight. I know nothing about Twilight beyond that there are vampires and werewolves, but I’ve seen her in Panic Room (w/ Jodie Foster), Into the Wild (with Sean Penn), Welcome to the Rileys (with James Gandolfini) and looking forward to seeing On the Road (by Kerouac). As far as Snyder goes, his movies have been getting progressively worse and nothing he’s said about Sucker Punch (I put them in school girl outfits because the movie is about feminism) makes me think he’s reversing his trend.

      • Pum-El

        Nolan is producing it, Goyer is writing it, and Snyder is directing it. The casting so far has seemed very good (gotta give Nolan the benefit of the doubt here.) The script should be solid as Goyer has far more hits than misses. Snyder should give it a great look visually. This movie couldn’t have more Adonis DNA, Tiger Blood, and Winning involved in it than if Charlie Sheen himself got involved at some point.

    • nat


    • cattyfan

      He’s better than BOTH of these movie choices. He ought to be a superstar with his talent and looks…and what he really needs is a better agent.

      • Heidi

        He does as he pleases. He doesn’t want to be A list superstar. He likes to go to Europe and paint, or be with his son and his horses. He only acts when there is a part he wants to play and could care less if it is a big movie star vehicle or not.

    • Liz Lemon

      Agreed. And Viggo as the villain seriously makes this new superman movie AMAZING!

    • deedeedragons

      It will probably be as bad and poorly written as Red Riding Hood.

    • Rush

      Oooh, Viggo could do a good villian.

  • Ian

    Please not Zod AGAIN.

    I know Superman doesn’t have that many great villains but we’ve only ever seen Luthor and Zod on screen.

    • laxin

      No great villians? doomsday, darksied, parasite, brainiac, bizarro, furies, maxima….id say hes got a few

      • Brian

        Totally agree! There’s so many more out there that the movies can and should be utilizing.

      • Brian

        Metallo and Mxyzptlk too.

      • Alice

        It probably costs too much to bring those kinda villians to the big screen. Its cost effective to spend all the money on making a man fly, than CGI overload with those characters. Theyre [Warner Bros] is already taking a risk in “rebooting” what seems to be a franchise that cant be saved. Superman Returns was way over budget and hardly made its money back in sales. I say leave it alone, because Christopher Reeve was and will always be the best Superman.

  • paul

    Zach Snyder isn’t capable of directing anything anymore. Superman will just be lots of intense slo-mos with random pop songs in the background.

    • RMS

      Agreed. I hate overstylized, flash movies and unless Nolan reigns Snyder in, that’s exactly what it will be.

      • Kevin

        I was hoping for the same but Nolan dropped out of producing this about a month or so ago. So I expect 300, Watchman & Sucker Punch all over again.

      • Pum-El

        He’s said to have left to focus on DKR, but he’s still involved, just not as directly as before. He put the team together and got the ball rolling, and is still a consultant.

  • Kelly

    My guess is the casting of Kristen Stewart got a “hell to tha no” from Mr. Mortensen.

    • whatevs

      That’s what I was thinking.

      • Paulo

        Great move by the WB, but I wish it wasn’t temporary. Also wish they’d ivrpome their interface for watching the videos. I kept getting error messages, or the first part of the video would play, but then it would quit when I got to the next chapter (the full screen mode isn’t bad, though). Plus, it doesn’t work at all on a Mac. Disney does it much better on the ABC website.I really like having the Superboy episodes because I wanted to see a few of those again without having to shell out for the DVD sets. However, they have John Haymes Newton’s photo representing Superboy, but none of his episodes (he was only in Season 1). Of the episodes they do have, the first is a two-parter, but they only have Part 1. The others are also two-parters, but at least they have both parts.

    • Cindy

      Don’t think so…he is in OTR with her. So your reasoning is wrong! Read the article!!

      • perry

        He only has a cameo in OTR.

      • Kelly

        Yeah, and that was enough for him.

  • emma

    anyone want to be in the same movie as Stewart,and i understand that she can’t act

  • rorschach

    While it’s true we’ve really only seen real Superman villains (films 3 and 4 don’t count as Super villains), if they are going to use Zod, I think Viggo would be a excellent choice.

    • Mike

      Hi from Brasil , this movie is epic for me , itb4s very important to me see this aminzag pictures.Supermanb4s 78 is the best movie ever .God Bless you all ! Thank you all !Sorry my bad english !

  • auds

    smart move! that snow white crap is shaping up to be a bad joke while superman might have potential!

    • Jaded

      Too bad he couldn’t have decided this sooner and gone after the role of Roland in the Dark Tower series! He would be so much better as Roland than Javier Bardem!

  • a,

    They could go for Ryan Gosling, or Johnny Depp

  • Kris

    I dont blame him. I wouldn’t want to be in a movie with Kristen Stewart either.

  • redvector

    I wouldn’t mind Viggo playing Lex Luthor but make him more of an evil Tony Stark. Like he’s been protrayed in the comics with a kryptonite powered battle suit.

  • mc

    You all hate on Kristen Stewart only because of Twilight. Really, She was pretty good in some of the other films she has been in.

    • Alrisha6

      Twilight is such a crap that made hard to defend her. It’s going to take a long time before people go over Twidommer. She needs to do somerthing huge, like really, really huge!!

    • Hannah

      Speak for yourself. I’ve seen her in many movies and the best thing she’s done is Panic Room and she was like 12 years old. She plays the EXACT SAME type in everything she’s in and has the range of a brick.

    • ILoveZacLevi

      she’s really not. I’ve seen her in Adventureland, In the Land of Women, Speak, Into the Wild, and yes, Twilight. So you can’t say that I’m just basing my opinion on Twilight. She’s crap. No doubt about it.

      • Mm

        Dude have you seen ” the runaways” or “welcome to the rileys “with mellissa leo in it. Critics has already give her thumbs up. She is totally good in it.

      • ash

        @MM. I watched both of those movies, and she’s as crap in them as she is in the ones mentioned by ILoveZacLevi.
        (Why have I watched most of her movies when I can’t stand her? The things we do for our fiends.)

      • ash

        Crap, I meant ‘friends’.

      • Steph

        Same here, and I’m embarrassed to say I’ve seen her in even more films.

        When she plays a smaller role (like Into to the Wild) she seems like a very good actress, but when you expand a role to lead and see her for the majority of the film, you see she doesn’t have range- all her films she’s basically playing the same character. The same mannerisms, the same monotone deliver of lines. She’s a one-trick pony.

    • Dave

      It’s going to take a long time and a lot of great performances in great films to overcome the stink of Twilight on her resume.

    • Liz Lemon

      What is she good in? There’s only one movie that I’ve seen in which her performance doesn’t make me cringe and that’s her first movie, Panic Room. She sucks in all the rest. Her acting makes me uncomfortable, because it’s so bad.

  • Adelah

    Good. Personnaly, i think that Snow White sounds like a flop and it’s not even in filming yet.

    • John

      Wow, predicting a flop before you know nothing but the title and the main casting? You must have super powers of your own. Maybe they should make a movie about you, you twit.

  • Jem

    People need to stop with the “he’s above this” crap or “he didn’t like Kristen Stewart” stuff when the real reason is he dropped out because the studio realized he was not worth the 8 million plus he was asking for. So much for integrity. Plus Julia Roberts pretty much screwed things up when she used her power to make sure her version gets out first. She’s so jealous of Charlize Theron and wanted to screw her over and play the Evil Queen before she had the chance to do it much better.

    There are other great actors to fill the role of the Huntsman. The script is said to be edgy and cool.

    • tipsy

      Amen. He can`t open a movie and yet asks backend which is what they give only to proven boxoffice power. Plus duelling projects.

      I love how his defenders always say he is above money issues yet this one fell through over mo` money. Lol. All actors are the same.

    • perry

      I see KS fans can’t accept that the project sucks and he is very picky or he does projects as favour for friends.

  • Hannah

    With Kristen Stewart supposedly playing Snow White, can’t say that I blame him. And who knows what the “real” reason is, it’s probably a lot of things. But considering how godawful Red Riding Hood was, I’m not surprised people are having second thoughts about the whole fairy tale thing.
    I’m curious to see who his replacement is, though. With Theron in a smaller role, he was the only real draw the movie had.

    • Liz Lemon

      I bet they get Gerard Butler. lol.
      It has his name written all over it.
      He’s not getting a lot of work at the moment, so he’ll be affordable.


    Viggo scared the beezus out of me as the devil in Prophecy. He is going to be great in Superman.

    • tipsy

      Amen. He should do more villains and shadey characters.

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