Robert Pattinson on 'Breaking Dawn': 'I just can't see how it's going to be PG-13'


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Next month, Robert Pattinson will finish filming Breaking Dawn parts 1 and 2, the final installments of The Twilight Saga (in theaters November 2011 and November 2012). And he says it’s been a long time coming: “I literally feel like we’ve been doing it my whole life,” he laughs during his sit-down interview with EW last week.

Breaking Dawn, as anyone who has read Stephenie Meyer’s best-selling book can tell you, poses a lot of challenges for the big screen — not the least of which involves the very bloody and graphic scene with a half-vampire baby (with teeth!). “There’s some interesting and weird stuff going on — really very, very, very strange. It’s great. For a big mainstream movie, it’s the most obscure story line and really outside the box,” Pattinson says. “It’s just a horror movie. I’ve seen a few bits, and I just can’t see how it’s going to be PG-13 … unless they cut everything out,” he laughs.

Another challenge? Getting Pattinson into shape for the scenes in Breaking Dawn where he must appear shirtless. “When I start [getting fit], I just go crazy about it,” he says. “It’s like the only thing I can talk about to anyone. So I was like, ‘I’m going to keep this up the whole time, so for whatever movie I do afterwards I’m going to be so buff.’ And then literally one day after my last shirt-off scene I started being all [mimics eating voraciously] nom, nom, nom. And I didn’t realize I had one more [shirt-off] scene, and you can see it one of them — I’m clearly [exaggeratedly sucks in his stomach and cheeks].”

For more on Robert Pattinson and Water for Elephants, including how the beloved book was made into a movie, pick up the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, on stands now.

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  • Sally

    Love him, and his sense of humor, he represents a different type of actor rare in Hollywood
    and hot too

    • Hannah

      hahhaa I agree! He’s so down to earth, you can tell he’s still not completely used to interviews and the whole fame thing.

    • Matt1

      And the dumbing down of America continues. Say hi to Snookie for me you aimless souls!

      • sadtroll

        That’s either a nice and concise trolling attempt or a very high, smug horse you’re sitting on.

    • Jackie

      He is as funny as a heart attack. A bloody delivery of a vampire baby with teeth is not enough for this silly series to get an R rating. This movie is for tweens and teens. There is nothing in it worth giving an R rating.

      • R rating

        The “with teeth” part isn’t about the baby–it’s about Edward cutting through Bella’s flesh with his teeth in order to deliver the baby.

    • miss k

      He really is funny when you read/watch his interviews! He definitely seems to have more of a personality than Kristen Stewart.

    • pablo rodriguez

      good rating

    • Liz

      I agree. I wanted to resist his charm because he was in Twilight but he’s so funny. He’s got this really great self deprecating humour that you don’t see a lot of. I remember his first cover story in GQ or Details he talked about how he had never had a microwave until he came to America so he microwaved everything. Then he rattled off this list of things he cooked in the microwave and it was like hamburgers, popcorn, carrots. He’s really self aware.

  • Lilly AC

    Breaking Dawn is like a cheesy supernatural soap opera. I wanna see if they can do, at last a regular movie with the script of the worst book of the saga

  • Felix

    They should have one scene in Breaking Dawn where Edward goes “nom, nom, nom”

    • Rica

      They do. It has to do with the above-mentioned baby. Love Rob. Hated the last book.

  • jpratm99

    YUM Robert !!!

  • Sharon

    Sorry, but how does that blog post warrant the statement, “For more on Robert Pattinson and Water for Elephants”? Nothing in there was about Water for Elephants. It was just the usual Twilight junk.

    • Lettcie

      This is only an excerpt of the article/ interview with him from this week’s EW issue. The interview covers many topics including Water for Elephants. Why they decided to post an “article” here out of only one quote from that interview is annoying.

  • Lynn

    As much as I hate Twilight and everything to do with it, I can’t bring myself to dislike him. If anything, I like him more because I often get the feeling he hates being associated with it, too.
    That said, Summit would be hanging itself financially if it cut Breaking Dawn to R specifications. I’m not entirely convinced it will do better than Eclipse anyway; an R rating for it would be a disaster.

    • Hannah

      “It can get a little boring. The good news is that the whole thing is done in seven months.” He said that in a NYTimes interview and it made my world. Saved it on my computer and everything. I think he is getting annoyed with all the obsession, which is nice for a change.

    • Alex

      It would be a disaster considering the author’s religion and her followers don’t watch R rated movies at all.

  • Katie

    First off, I DON’T dislike the guy, so all the little fangirls can save their breaths. I’m just pointing out how dumb it is that EW keeps posting non-stories like this. First it’s what he thinks of The Hunger Games (who cares?), now it’s what he thinks Breaking Dawn will be rated (as if he’s the one who edits and rates it). Neither is anything he has any real control over, so why does it warrant a story? Is there nothing else going on in the entertainment world now?

    • Jenny

      Actually, this is only a snippet of the original article in this week’s issue of EW.

      • @Jenny

        Then they should run ONE tease for the full article, or just run the article in its entirety. This piecemeal stuff looks ridiculous.

    • steph

      this rating of Breaking Dawn is such a non-argument. Two married people have sex and then there’s a monster baby. Hardly R worthy. If Sucker Punch managed a PG-13 there is no seriously no argument here.

      • musica1

        Well Blue Valentine almost got an NC-17 rating because of two married people having sex. It’s not about the marital status of the two, but how much of the act is shown. Also, a vampire ripping through a pregnant woman’s bulging mid-section with his teeth would probably get an R rating on its own if they show it completely with the actual amount of blood there would be. I’m thinking they will only show their faces during the sex scenes and we’ll hear the ripping of the skin and then see the baby but not actually see the scene of the “birth”.

    • Diana

      Why did you read it?

  • dominic

    This series is horrendously bad. The books are badly written, and barely anything happens in the movies besides cheesy dialogue and Kristen Stewart’s stammering habit. It’ll just be another Twilight movie where the three leads get all the screentime, and the lesser characters awkwardly stand around and wait to say their one line and collect their paycheck. Also, vampires are supposed to be malevolent, not sparkling supermodels. Stephanie Meyer, please take note. And if they’re filming both Breaking Dawn’s at the same time, why are they being released a year apart, instead of six months apart like other two-part movies. They don’t need time to improve the special effects, because their budget is always around $70 million, so the effects will be bad no matter what. I don’t know why they chose to make it into two movies anyway. It’s not like there’s enough content in the book to justify two movies. At least Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows deserves two movies, because there’s actual content that cleverly ties up all the loose ends. The Hunger Games and Harry Potter series will always be better than Twilight, because they have something Twilight wishes it did: a fantastic story. Harry Potter is about overcoming evil. The Hunger Games is a great political and social commentary. Twilight is nothing but an uninteresting girl who teases two guys. The Twilight series has nothing over Harry Potter and The Hunger Games.

    • Maelina

      And here come the haters… Seriously, why do you even bother? Accept it: Some people like Twilight. Period. Some people think Twilight is a fantastic story, even with the sparkling vampires. I’m sick of people like you who try to tell us that we shouldn’t like Twilight. I don’t care about Harry Potter but that doesn’t mean I go around HP articles and tell how much I don’t like the series. So why do you?

      BTW, Breaking Dawn part 2 will be realeased a full year later because of the special effects. And the budget isn’t 70 million, it’s twice that much.

      • TayMads

        Nowhere in this person’s review does it say why people shouldn’t like it. Now in all honestly, Twilight is a horribly written story. You can’t really say that about Harry Potter because J.K Rowling is a good writer. I don’t really care for either of the series but I can at least say that much. If you are a fan of Twilight than you are fan. But don’t get mad because people are bashing it. It isn’t written well and the story is one that has been told a billion times, just not with vampires and werewolves. I think you need to get over the fact that not everyone adores Twilight just like you advised the person to get over the fact that people like the series. It goes both ways and people are entitled to their opinion.

      • xoanito

        And yet another useless person saying how bad the Twilight films are books are, but who seems to have seen and read all of them (that’s you dominic). If you didn’t like the first film/book, why did you carry on with the series? Have you got no personality to say “sorry, not interested in the follow-up”. By the way, I like the 3 series mentioned for different reasons, but I don’t need to compare books/films that have nothing to do with each other anything else but their success, if only people stopped doing something so stupid to feel good about themselves…

      • Lynn

        Hey, I read all four Twilight books and I still think they suck. Mostly to see what the big deal is.
        If they hadn’t read the Twilight books, you’d say they couldn’t judge without having read them. But if they have, you say they shouldn’t have. So which is it?

      • Maelina

        Never said people aren’t entitled to their opinion. I don’t give a shyte if you don’t like Twilight, that is none of my business. What annoys me is people like dominic who go around bashing something they don’t care about. Why use so much energy in negativity? I really don’t get it… And just like you said, I have the right to feel this way. It’s so tiring that Twilight is bashed because it doesn’t fit in the typical fanboy fantasy category. So it’s different, so what? Stop talking about it if you don’t like it.

  • christina

    I do NOT want to watch those two having sex. *shudder* Those pasty bodies could bring up my breakfast.

    • Mother Nature

      Wow what an ignorant comment, on so many levels. Can they help they’re pale? Should vampires tan? Should they paint them Snookie orange? WTF?

      • christina

        my point was, they’re incredibly unattractive. I don’t wanna watch those two bodies. what are you, the thought police?

    • noh

      dude..speak for yourself..are you that pretty??

  • Jack King

    Patinson said he can’t see how it’s going to be PG-13 — and yet it will be. This is more non-news BS to promote the film like the so-called (non) “topless” scene in Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows.

    • Alex

      Yeah, it will be PG13 only because of the author’s Mormon religion because I understand Mormons avoid R rated movies whether they deserve it (Expendables) or not (King’s Speech).

  • Liz Lemon

    Though I once despised the series, after spending the past 24 hours devouring the books, I’ve come to appreciate the cultural and literary contribution that Twilight brings. Maybe that makes me a Twi-hard, but I don’t care. My love for Edward and respect for Bella has softened my heart.
    And OMG! Robert Pattinson is SOOO hottt!

    • LOL

      The real Liz Lemon on these message boards would never write that. Who are you?

      • Liz Lemon

        I know it’s hard to believe that it’s really me, but it is. I decided it wasn’t fair for me to attack the series without giving it a fair shake, so I read it all and discovered that I misjudged it. The raw emotion I felt while reading has broken down my walls of anger and led me on the path to acceptance and understanding.

      • Liz Lemon

        Haters, I implore you: Stop Making Negative Comments. When you judge fans, you judge me.

      • Chelsea

        The books are addicting and fantastic. However, the movies are trash. Seriously some of the worst adaptations I’ve ever seen.

      • Anna

        Thank you Liz Lemon for pointing that out. I commend you for reading the books instead of judging. The books are soooo much better than the movies. And you’re right, there is so much emotion in the books that jumps off the pages. The movies are okay. I only see them once out of curiosity.

      • DRG

        Liz Lemon loves crap!

    • Hannah


      • DRG

        Too bad Cedric Diggory bought it. Pattinson hasn’t been in a decent movie since.

  • Kelsey

    Empire just scooped you on the Lois Lane casting announcement, and all you guy can do is write another fluff non-story about RPattz. Says it all.

    • Dave

      Completely agree. This is a total non-story. He can’t see how it will be PG-13, but it will be in the end. So why does this opinion matter? And why does it need its own article? Ugh. All the while, there’s reported casting news that people have been waiting to hear for weeks now, and EW is giving us this.

    • Chelsea

      I know how you feel! I keep refreshing the page thinking someone, somewhere at EW will write about the Lois Lane news. But nope, here’s another R-Patz article.

      • fwr

        There is one you dummy

      • Chelsea

        Why thank you, genius. What we’re saying is there wasn’t one for a good few hours when other news sites already broke the news.

  • Lee Harvey

    Pattinson has been reading LOLCats again. Nom nom nom nom.

  • shea

    Logically, if they wanted to be as true to the book as possible, they wouldn’t make it PG-13. The scene where Bella gives birth is insanely violent, and to cut that down or even out, would destroy a major part of the book. But if they do make it R-rated, they run the risk of losing a large amount of their viewing audience. Although, odds are that the younger fans will get their parents to take them. Either way, I don’t care, but my best friend will make me go anyway, because I’m still being punished for dragging her to Inglorious Basterds.

    • LOL

      They couldn’t give less of a you-know-what about “faithfulness to the (complete crap) book.” They want female butts in seats, and if they want under-17 female butts in seats, they’re not going to release an R-rated film. End of.

    • @shea

      If your friend thought Inglourious Basterds was bad and that Twilight films are good, you have terrible taste in friends.

      • Michael Scott

        Boom! Roasted!

      • shea

        she didn’t think it was bad,she’s making me see them because i forgot that she doesn’t like gore.

  • TayMads

    You know I read the books and the sex scenes aren’t even that graphic to warrant a R rating. And just because there is one disturbing scene doesn’t mean it will warrant a R rating either…there are PG-13 movies that have disturbing scenes that weren’t rated R. As for the sex scenes even in the book they fade to black….she doesn’t describe in detail. She just describes Bella’s body afterward.

    • sassyfras

      That’s what is SOOOOO annoying about the book! It would have been better to have a romping good sex scene and leave all that gag-inducing stuff about the vampire birth out of it. Pattinson is saying the movie will be R for violence, not sex.

      • Chelsea

        What I hated most about Breaking Dawn was that they deviated from Bella’s POV. One chapter, MAYBE, would’ve been okay, but I hated being stuck in Jacob’s perspective for so long. It was tedious.

      • TayMads

        True but the only really violent scene in the book is when Reneseme(I don’t think that is spelt right) is born. Other than that the book itself isn’t really violent it still wouldn’t get an R rating. Plus wouldn’t the birth scene only be in one movie? So wouldn’t that mean only one of the movies would be rated R??

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