Mila Kunis blasts 'Black Swan' controversy: 'Natalie danced her a–– off.' -- EXCLUSIVE


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Black Swan co-star Mila Kunis is speaking out in support of her friend and cast mate Natalie Portman amid accusations that the bulk of the dancing in Portman's Oscar-winning role was actually performed by her dancing double, American Ballet Theatre soloist Sarah Lane. "Natalie danced her a-- off," says Kunis. "I think it's unfortunate that this is coming out and taking attention away from [the praise]

Black Swan co-star Mila Kunis is speaking out in support of her friend and cast mate Natalie Portman amid accusations that the bulk of the […] Read the full post.

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  • Jessie jaye

    From a trained eye, its easy to see that 90% of the footwork and turns were done by a professional (sarah). Natalie’s arms and upper body were believable, but the occasional full body shot of her in pointe shoes made me cringe…her legs and feet are not professional grade in the least. But she did an amazing job acting and I think this “controversy”was blown way out of proportion. We don’t expect actors to do their own stunts, so of course we expect her to have a dance double.

  • Ted

    Oh goodness. The dancer dared speak up, who cares. If Sarah Lane wants a little publicity I say good for her. As for Natalie Portman she did not get the Oscar for her acting she got it for the same reason most people did, namely they (the they who make up voters) thought it was her turn, she lost a lot of weight for the role (always a benefit for men or women come Oscar time) and she politic-ed well for it. That’s it.

    • Kris

      It’s not that she “dared to speak up” it’s that she’s made it ou to seem Natalie didn’t do any o her own dancing when she did most of it. Yes, Sarah did most of the full-boody shots. That makes up abou 20 percent of the film’s dancing. She was a double, she was never meant to get credit so it shouldn’t be shocking to her that she isn’t getting it.

      • Erin

        No she didn’t, she actually gave Natalie credit. She just disputed what babydaddy Benjamin claimed. That Natlie did not perform 85% of the dancing. Good on her!

      • Courtney

        She was actually pretty insulting. She dismissed all of the hard work Natalie Portman put in for the year before filming (saying she’s gives her credit for losing weight) and disparagingly stated that Portman wasn’t a prodigy (which no one ever said she was) and came off as super catty, implying Natalie couldn’t dance at all: “I mean, from a professional dancer’s standpoint, she doesn’t look like a professional ballet dancer at all and she can’t dance in pointe shoes. And she can’t move her body; she’s very stiff.”

        I wouldn’t consider that giving Natalie Portman credit…

  • Carmel

    Itis a shame that another person would want to steal the limelight that is rightfully Natalie’s. Did Ms. Lane think she should have received the Best Actress Award?

    • Kris

      From the way she talks, she probably thought she’d get her own special on E!

    • Cyn

      She wasn’t talking about the acting.

  • Rachael

    You can’t diss Portman

  • dona

    What do you expect? Hollywood is defending Hollywood. They keep it within the family, the fame, the roles, the money, the sex, the pregnancies. They just get someone from outside when they can’t do it. Once the someone covers for them they toss the someone away and they take the credit and the money for it all. That’s how Hollywood works.

  • Michael

    In promoting the film (and the Oscar bid) the producers made a lot about how Portman transformed herself into a Ballerina. Now it comes out that a real ballerina (Lane) was transformed into Portman in part through digital wizardry. A lot of people feel now feel duped and rightly so. Lane was just correcting the record the producers started playing.

  • Beau

    Good for Mila!

  • Jon

    Make it stop. Enough already. Who cares?

  • JP


  • Richard Byrd

    No acting required, maybe Natalie Portman is the true black swan after all…giving no credit to dancer and blaming her at same time BRAVO NATALIE!

    • Kris

      LOL you seriously make me laugh with your ignorance. How many people thank their stunt double? NO ONE! Natalie has given Sarah Lane credit in MANY interviews but SHE did work hard for a year too. She did most of her own dancing so why does Sarah Lane deserve all the credit for making up 2 minutes of screentime?

      • Debs

        VERY WELL SAID! I couldn’t agree more.

    • Richard Byrd

      Ignorance is bliss, everyone knows that every hit dance movie. They always ask Who did the dancing and how long did it take learn. examples: Grease, Dirty Dancing, Hairspray and Flashdance and now they want to claim ignorance on who did the dancing…INCREDIBLE…REMINDS ME OF CHINESE CHILD LIP SYNC IN BEJING OLYMPICS 2008…NATELIE PORTMAN no acting is required, maybe she is the black swan after all…no credit, no oscar…lol

    • Erin

      Natalie gave credit to Sarah, and Sarah to her. It’s the douchebag not giving the credit where credit’s due.

      • Debs

        You know, I think all this is just a misunderstanding. I just don’t get it. ‘Cause Sarah has her credit for being a Stunt, a double and it’s really stupid she wants more when she didn’t act the whole movie, just the parts Portman couldn’t do.

  • DancingMama

    If she couldn’t dance on point how are the full body shots Natalie Portman?
    The movie was fantastic, she is a wonderful actress and it was not a ballet film but I completely agree with Ms. Lane that it is insulting to the profession and the artists to try to say the dancing was 85% Portman. She received her Academy Award for her achievement in acting, not dancing, and continuing on with this farce is shameful.

    • Kris

      The dancing WAS 80% Portman. Aronofsky laid out the numbers. There were maybe 15 full-body shots out of 130. Natalie did dance on point in a few of them, just not most of them.

      • liesl

        When is dancing just half a body? When the shot being counted is from the waist up — and she flaps her arms, that is not dancing.

  • ObiHave

    No matter what the truth is Lane shot herself in the foot with this. Good luck getting any jobs now. Stand on pointe on that!

    • Kris

      EXACTLY! She has ruined her career and no matter what, that’s a fact.

      • Cyn

        She’s ruined her dancing career? At the American Ballet? As a soloist? That’s one of the stupidest things post here.

        Her fellow dancers are patting her on the back as we speak.

      • @Cyn

        She absolutely shot herself in the foot as far as Hollywood is concerned. I am sure that she is very successful in her field – but after this calms down, she will be forgotten by the general public.

      • Rebecca

        @Cyn (1:06 PM)–Hollywood isn’t making anymore ballet movies. At least not anytime soon. How many ballerinas are making a transition to Hollywood these days(and no, dating Jack Nicholson doesn’t count)? This all started because Natalie’s baby daddy opened his big mouth, instead of just smiling and waving.

      • ree

        from everything i have seen, she opened her mouth first.

    • LOL

      Lane won’t have any trouble getting work. You sound like an a$$.

  • Beau

    Let’s see, how do showfolk say it?…….BREAK A LEG SARAH!….and an ankle…..and a foot.

  • RM

    Sarah Lane is a Soloist with the American Ballet Theater on the way to becoming a Principal dancer. She needs Hollywood as much as she needs a club foot. It always happens in movies where the studio tells some untruths. It is the land of make believe. The studio said Natalie Woood did her own vocals in West Side Story when in fact she couldn’t sing.

    • Sadie

      In fact, Natalie Wood could sing and did record for West Side Story. They later decided they were looking for a different vocal quality and decided to use Marnie Nixon, who also doubled Audrey Hepburn, another trained singer.

  • Sadie

    I think Sarah is overall being fair. I would think a dancer trained as extensively as she is knows where there is refined technique and where Natalie’s hard work is usable in the film. Clearly a double was used. Watch the episode of Glee where Lea Michele – a trained ballerina – dances and it is evident that you cannot fake technique.

    • WTF

      Oh, so now she’s a great choreographer too? Boy this chick is just a jack of all trades. Simply amazing! Too bad she’ll never make it where she wants to be, Hollywood. She couldn’t find a job in that town now if she paid THEM.

      • Cyn

        How the hell do you know she wants to be in Hollywood? Because she stood up for her profession, when some moron inferred that it only takes a year to become a professional ballet dancer?

        And, no, I guess we’re supposed to believe that Natalie Portman is the jack of all trades! Simply amazing!

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