'The Muppets': No nudity for Jason Segel. Kermit, on the other hand ...


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Jason Segel made a promise about his new movie The Muppets: “I do not do any full frontal nudity,” vowed the writer-actor who famously endured a stark-naked break-up scene in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. “Kermit, on the other hand,” he joked, “is always full frontal.”

Segel isn’t known for kids entertainment, but he’s determined to bring back a critical piece of family entertainment from his own childhood. “The Muppets were my first comic influence as a kid, and I don’t know if you remember, but when you’re young, Kermit is Tom Hanks,” he said at the CinemaCon convention of theater owners.

“I realized there is a whole generation of children who haven’t gotten to have the same experience I had. The Muppets never make fun of anyone. It’s all about kindness and laughter and love and friendship. That’s been missing in a lot of movies, and to bring that back for a new generation is a real honor,” Segel said.


Image Credit: Eric Charbonneau/WireImage.com

He and co-star Amy Adams revealed some details of the story, set to open Nov. 23. They play a long-dating couple whose relationship has stalled, partly because Segel’s character won’t commit. He shares an apartment with a new Muppet, Walter, who is sort of like the couple’s third wheel. “Or I’m the third wheel,” Adams says later backstage. The trio takes a trip to Los Angeles and her character’s hopes it will lead to a proposal from Segel.

When they get to L.A., they find that the Muppet studio is “decrepit and broke down,” Segel said. The Muppets haven’t done anything for a long time, but they find Kermit and attempt to create a reunion broadcast that will save their old studio “from an evil oil baron played by … Academy Award winner Chris Cooper,” Segel said, shaking his head in mock disbelief. “I somehow tricked Amy Adams and Chris Cooper into being in this movie”

Though they’ve done some television, the late Jim Henson’s showbiz-loving puppets haven’t made a feature film in 12 years (the last was 1999’s Muppets From Space,) so this movie imagines what might have happened to them in the downtime. “Fozzie Bear is doing a terrible lounge act in Reno, Nev., singing old Muppet songs,” Segel said. “It’s no Vegas. And I wrote a scene for Miss Piggy hoping we would shoot in Paris, but it turned out to be incredibly easy to fake on a green screen.”

Sorry, Kermit, but sometimes it’s TOO easy being green.

Wocka, wocka!

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  • K

    I can’t wait for this movie! I loved the Muppets growing up and I can’t wait to introduce my kids to them. And Jason Segel is just all kinds of awesome.

    • MuppetsGood

      Bought the DVD collections of the shows for my at the time, 4 year old. She loves them.

    • lover

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      you almost hope that he could recreate the template to relaunch “The Rainbow Connection”- test a lot of people in their thirties- start them off and they probably remember it.

  • crispy

    The Muppets never make fun of anyone? Clearly he’s forgotten the best Muppets ever, Statler and Waldorf.

    • Kate

      But they just made fun of the other muppets, and then they were shown up or just used if the scene going on stage was too sugary.

      • crispy

        No, they made fun of the human guest stars too.

    • Johnification

      They were used for self-deprecation, not satire. The human guests were always in on the joke, too.

      • crispy

        Doesn’t change the fact that his quote is wrong.

    • Bobby’s Robot

      I think the obvious intent is that it’s not mean-sprited and all involved are in on the joke.

  • Kate

    I am so glad this movie is being made. I mean, seriously, with all the snark out there for kids in the pre tween age, you almost hope that he could recreate the template to relaunch “The Rainbow Connection”- test a lot of people in their thirties- start them off and they probably remember it.

    • econruth

      And a lot in their 40’s too.

  • Chris

    As long as Beaker is in it, I approve.

    • Johnification

      Check out the background of the photo and smile.

      • Jackie

        Meep meep!

  • MI_represent

    Jason, you are my hero! My husband and I have just started re-watching The Muppet Show on Netflix, and the sheer child-like joy from the songs and the sketches is priceless. I will go see this in the theaters to support it and hope for a sequel or 3! Can we get this back on tv as a regular running show??? Let’s do it!

    • Heather P

      The Muppet Show is on Netflix? I gotta go update my queue.

  • Chelsea

    God, I love The Muppets. Ratzo better be in it!

    • Chelsea

      I mean RIZZO. Where on earth did I get Ratzo from?

      • Bobby’s Robot

        Probably because he was named after Dustin Hoffman’s “Midnight Cowboy” character: Ratso Rizzo.

  • Jessica

    Just last week my husband and I started singing the Muppet Show Theme, and I was amazed that between us we could pretty much remember all the words. I miss those shows and the early movies so much. I think Segel appreciates them in just the right way to do them justice. I’m excited for this movie!

  • TKGM

    Not to be picky but they did make a Muppet Christmas Carol in 1992. Can’t wait for this!

    • TKGM

      Nevermind, totally read that wrong. Thought it said 1990.

      • Snsetblaze

        Well there was a tv movie with (I think) Brandy and it was after Muppets from Space. Maybe you were thinking of that. I believe it was Christmas-themed.

  • JMB in FL

    It’s time to play the music, it’s time to light the lights…

    • Rica

      It’s time to meet the Muppets on the Muppet Show Tonight. Bum, bum, bum, bum!

      • Robin

        It’s time to put on make-up. It’s time to dress up right.

  • DavidJ

    Glad to see Segel trying to bring back the spirit of the original movie, where the Muppets actually felt like real characters, who could be sad, lonely, have dreams, etc. The recent ones were basically just dumb movie spoofs with a bunch of wacky gags.

  • Peter

    Just no Pepe, hokay? I hate that guy.

    • Flyer

      What? No! Pepe’s cool! After all, he’s a KING PRAWN.

    • Francis

      My favorite is Kermit singnig it isn’t easy being green. We didn’t watch a lot of movies when I was growing up. I won’t spend my money to watch this one either. I do have a copy of the Lion King coming my kids way. That I am looking forward too.

  • Elizabeth

    I appreciate what Jason’s trying to do: it would be nice for some juvenile programming that didn’t revolve around being a snotty twit who gets canned laughs for putting people down.

    • Anitamargarita

      I am right there with you… that describes just about every live action show currently on Disney Channel and Nickelodeon targeted at kids age 8 and older.

  • reena

    looks like everyone is just as excited as I am actually looking forward to november for a change lol

  • Mac

    Its probably my #2 most anticipated film of the year. (2nd to Potter)

  • katrob

    In the past year, I discovered HIMYM & my schoolgirl crush on Jason Segel… this whole article just wrapped up everything about him that makes him seem quite awesome and adorable.

    • Jason

      Catch “I Love You, Man” if you haven’t already. He was awesome in that, but different than he is in Sarah Marshall or HIMYM. “Give it back” is the funniest line in the movie (if taken in context and if I am remembering the exact wording correctly – sure someone will correct me if I am wrong).

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