Lindsay Lohan offered role as Sharon Tate in Manson movie, says director


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Four months after she was let go from the Linda Lovelace biopic after violating her probation and checking into the Betty Ford Center, Lindsay Lohan has been offered a role as another iconic actress: Sharon Tate. Photographer Tyler Shields tells EW that the actress is in talks to star as the Valley of the Dolls actress in his upcoming film Eyes of a Dreamer, a film about murderer Charles Manson, who famously killed a pregnant Tate in August 1969. (Tate was married to filmmaker Roman Polanski at the time.) Though Lohan is not yet locked in for the role, Shields — a friend of Lohan’s who is set to play Manson in the film — says if “the timing is right, it will happen.”

“We’ve worked together many, many times,” Shields tells EW. “She asked me about [Eyes] … And I said, ‘Oh you should be Sharon Tate.’ And she was like, ‘That would be amazing.'”

Lohan’s reps have yet to respond to EW’s request for comment, but Shields says he’s courting the actress for the film — produced by Brad Wyman (Monster) — because of audiences’ familiarity with her troubled background. “Sharon Tate was a movie star,” he says. “So I want [an actress who] you already have a backstory with. People have a backstory with someone like Lindsay. And I think it’s very relatable.”

Some audiences, however, may want to think twice before buying a ticket for Dreamer — Shields says he intends to “go all the way” when it comes to showing the horrific Tate murders in the film. Lohan, he says, wouldn’t balk at acting in such scenes. After all, she’s already been the subject of some violent-minded photos taken by the director. (See here.) “I’m just going to be directing people to do the craziest s— they’ve ever done,” he says. “[But] I’m going to find a way to do it where it doesn’t turn people off, but it gives you the feeling of it. I want this to really hit people in a really specific place.”

Shields does, of course, admit that even if Lohan wants the role, Dreamer might just be a dream. The director hopes to begin filming July 15, a date that could be problematic should Lindsay Lohan find herself facing a prison sentence at a possible upcoming trial. (Lohan’s next court date, attached to her felony grand theft charge for allegedly stealing a necklace from a Venice, Calif., jewelry store, is scheduled for April 22. It will be determined whether or not she’s heading to trial then.) So if she is sent to prison, will Shields have to offer the role to a different actress? “I don’t know,” he says. “We have to shoot the movie this year, so I don’t know. We’ll have to cross that bridge when we come to it. Hopefully that’s not the case.”

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  • m1

    If she does not have another “issue”, then yes, please cast her.

    • LOL

      Free Lindsay!

      • Your Queen

        Listen to the pathetic sheep whining in this thread.
        These IDIOTIC fools don’t think movies should be made about FAMOUS people? – or dark subjects???
        Bunch of simpletons.

      • Perez Radisson

        I don’t think they’re as concerned about the subject matter as they are that Lindsay Lohan will be starring in another movie

      • Monptichat

        he may not have been the best talent, but thats what amreica wanted! it seems to me like amreica wanted nice clean cut kids to win this year. do you think thats an indication that their getting sick of all these other guest artists come on stage and have their pole dancers shake their booty in your face?? I think so. and they say it’s a family show?? I think NOT! just watch steven tyler’s new song. an old man singing about doing a 20 year old girl?? pathetic.

    • Romantic Fool

      She is under medical care and on lock down for her own safety and the public. I for one don’t want hammered or stoned people driving around endangering innocents and driving up insurance rates. Lindsey is a dead ringer (no pun intended)for Tate but how many chances does this girl get before people say enough already?

      Did you know that when Lindsey filmed Georgia Rule with Jane Fonda, the director and others reprimanded her for effecting filming due to her partying? Did you know that Garrett Hedlund of Tron & Country Strong fame played Harlan in it? Thanks in part to bad pr and this dipstick, the movie bombed. The only person who shined in it was Garrett. The movie would have put him on the map and made his an A list actor years ago (it was after he did Troy with Brad Pitt)if Lindsey had been professional and sober. It was filmed 2006 & released 2007. She said he was sweet and a gentleman to her. The point is, her bad behavior during the movie that effected her looks and performance, effected his career path and did nothing for the other stars either. LINDSEY messed things up for them. Stars that behave badly and don’t use their fame to help charities and others should find another occupation.

    • Jethro

      Who’ll play Leslie Van Houton?

  • Joe

    Bad idea with or without Lindsay. Who green-lights this crap?

    • Dee Jones

      Yeah I agree I don`t think they should go there with this film.

      • Ditto

        I can see his point in trying to get the audience in a very specific place emotionally, but something about his approach (mainly in the way he verbalizes it) comes across as very insensitive, it’s in his comment “I’m going to direct people to do the craziest s*** they’ve ever done”. I hope he is able to approach the film with some class (that he seems to lack). Manson isn’t cool. This guy sounds like the first problem with the film – he’s immature.

      • Amy

        I agree, Ditto. I have always had a morbid curiousity about the Manson murders. I have read and watched a lot about them. However, this isn’t Saw 15. Real people were brutally attacked and murdered. He should have picked a more sensitive way to discuss the topic. Show some respect.

      • Ditto

        Ditto Amy. I’m interested in the time and setting more than anything (1969 in Southern California !!!). In my opinion, it should be a cross between Spike Lee’s ‘Summer of Sam’ and Emilio Estevez’a ‘Bobby’. There’s no real need to even include Manson in this film. Shields (who has a good eye) needs to focus less on actual events and more on the characters that surrounded the events. ALSO – the producers shouldn’t let Shields talk to the press, none of this really sounds final or like he’s even THOUGHT about this project (if he has, then he just isn’t able to articulate it). I guess I have a different movie in mind. I don’t know why I returned to this, I can’t believe it bugged me.

    • Emma

      No wonder Roman Polanski is so messed up. I didn’t know his wife (and unborn child) were murdered by Manson.

      • Brooke

        Dude. Seriously? Read about it. Or better yet, don’t. It’s horrific.

      • Z

        He is also a Holocaust survivor- it doesn’t excuse what he did at all, but it does show the immense horrors he went through in life beforehand.

      • NJ EJ

        Manson was found guilty of conspiracy to commit the Tate/LaBianca murders carried out by members of the group at his instruction.

  • RT

    Do we really need a movie made about this?

    • Anne

      My thoughts exactly.

    • megan

      no we don’t

    • Carrie Prejean

      More importantly, do we really need another movie starring Lindsay Lohan?

    • anna

      there already is one, its called Helter Skelter and it stars Jeremy Davies as Charles Manson. Its a fantastic film and it handles the sensitivity and brutality of the real-life story very well. check it out. As far as another movie being made, I’m interested to see a new cinematic take on the Manson family legacy and the Tate/LaBianca long as its done well and respectfully, of course.

    • abadstroller

      Making a Manson movie that could glorify that sick bahs-tad and having any connection with it…bad juju…negative karma…whatever you want to call it, I’d pass on the whole thing.

  • Harvey Dent

    This horrible pretentious photographer wants to act /direct now with this crackhead loser…good luck….looks like someone hit LiLo with the ugly stick too many times

  • Miss Talk

    Wow would someone make a movie on this anyway? The whole story is still frightening me.

    • Your Queen

      Nice sentence. You’re a bright one.

  • Kris

    I must agree that this is in bad taste but I do think Lindsay wold make a great Sharon Tate.

  • Sambo Ronson

    So Tyler Shields is a photographer & friend of Lindsay, and he has been cast to play Charles Manson? Sounds like a real Oscar contender… Lindsay and talent should fit in perfectly with this one

  • Carrie Prejean

    Sharon Tate died at age 26. Lindsay looks way too old to play this part. Maybe she could play her mother.


    Can someone please look further into this? Does this have backing? I feel like Tyler is doing this for press… it’s his first movie as a director (and second? as an actor), and the lack of details behind the actual film other than this Lindsay casting are sparse.

  • Chad

    I know she was murdered and all but Sharon Tate didn’t leave behind a body of work extensive enough for her to be referred to as “an iconic actress”. I think people toss arounds the word “iconic” a little too freely these days.

    • bill

      Agreed. She’s an iconic murder victim, maybe.

      • Lance

        The girl in the dormitory next to mine has posters of Audrey Hepburn and Sharon Tate on her walls. She’s no Audrey Hepburn, but she was in ‘Valley of the Dolls’, so she’s definitely at cult status. I think iconic is too much, but she’s definitely an embodiment of a certain point in time (hippies, drugs, Hollywood, auteurs, sex, rock and roll, Southern California).

      • Misspriss_1

        Lance, the character of “Anne” from Valley of the Dolls was portrayed by Barbara Perkins, not Audrey Hepburn. But in all fairness, the two actresses DO look a lot alike!!

      • Lance

        Thanks Misspriss_1, but the girl next door actually has individual posters of Sharon Tate from ‘Valley of the Dolls’ and Audrey Hepburn from ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ on her walls. The point is, my neighbor holds both actresses in the same iconic light. To my neighbor Tate is just as iconic as Hepburn (which could be a stretch).

      • C

        Well, if you’re talking about in terms of her acting career, she isn’t. But I definitely think she’s an icon of the era. Look at a picture of Sharon Tate and you’re looking at a picture of the 1960s. She embodied the era very. The beauty, idealism of the 60s, and of course, with her death, the violence and turbulence.

  • bill

    Charles Manson didn’t murder Sharon Tate. The crimes were committed by his followers.

    • MsSuniDaze

      I was going to say the same thing too. Lindsay should play one of the followers instead of Tate. She looks like she would fit into the Manson family nicely.

  • waiting4godot

    what a way to mar the memory of Sharon Tate – and thinking about casting Lilo in the role is just adding insult to injury.

  • jury’s out

    Sharon seemed so ladylike and Lindsey is tomboyish. She’s a good actress, but I don’t think this is a good idea. And why bring all of this up again?

    • Jason S

      Tomboyish? What are you talking about? She’s a bombshell!!!

  • fish eye no miko

    For those of you wondering if this is appropriate: There have been movies about 9/11, the Holocaust, the tragedy in Guyana, and any number of horrific real life events. Why is this one more taboo than those?

    • Jason S

      My only problem with it is there have already been two or three manson movies.

    • bootsycolumbia

      My problem is less with the subject matter, and more with the crass way the director described the project. He was talking about people doing “the craziest s**t they’ve ever done”, as if the movie is part of the Saw franchise. I know the murders took place over 40 years ago, but they did happen. Living, breathing people were brutally murdered and this guy sounds like he wants to make a popcorn flick. That’s what I object to.

  • Molly

    Stop trying to make Lindsay happen. She’s done. She’s a pure tabloid celebrity by now

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