'Hunger Games': Suzanne Collins and Gary Ross talk casting Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth


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While the Internet rages with debate over the Hunger Games casting of Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth as Peeta and Gale, respectively, the important decision makers, including the books’ author Suzanne Collins, have no doubts. “I was fortunate enough to be in the room with Gary Ross when Josh came in to audition,” said Collins, in a statement. “Three lines into the read I knew he’d be fantastic. Josh totally captured Peeta’s temperament, his sense of humor and his facility for language. I’m thrilled to have him aboard.”

“When I read the book, I thought Peeta would be the hardest role to cast, and I feel so lucky that we found someone who embodies every aspect of such a complex character,” said director Gary Ross. “I can’t wait to work with Josh.”

“Gale is a young man who uses words very sparingly, so the onus was on the actor we cast to capture him by showing, not telling,” said producer Nina Jacobs. “This was accomplished so beautifully in Suzanne’s writing, and Liam was able to translate it so naturally to the screen. At the same time, Gale’s journey across the three books transforms him, and Liam’s performance left no doubt that he would take us there.”

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  • shaj

    Of course they would say that! They’re trying to assure the fans, not sure if Josh will work as Peeta though

    • Cygnus

      Horrible casting. Lets hope they realize what Peter Jackson realized in Stuart Townsend for the role of Aragorn in LOTR, and change his mind before they’re too far along. You have at least three movies riding on this, and so far the fans are not happy.

      • pam

        Imagine what a jaw a kid would have if Olivia Wilde and Josh Hutcherson had a baby together!

      • Chelsea

        The HUNTER PARRISH fans aren’t happy, sure, but let’s not lump all of the Hunger Games fans into one category. Many never wanted Parrish to begin with and are thrilled about Hutcherson being cast. I know I am and it sounds like SC is too.

      • JC

        How exactly did you become the spokesperson for all fans of The Hunger Games?

      • Elle

        I beg to differ
        This is your opinion, not a fact. So stop speaking for all fans as if it is one.

      • hihi

        Honestly, I don’t think any fan in their right mind would be okay with this cast at all. I don’t like any of the three that they’ve casted so far. It’ not that hard Lionsgate. Fans not happy=Movie bombs

      • Maya

        Have a little trust, maybe you will be pleasantly surprised.

      • HATE

        yes, fans in their right mind aren’t happy and rightfully so. If you tally up the posts from the origninal announcement it is about 10% for, 90% against. I’d say that is enough to say US FANS.

      • ern136

        Yes exactly! Remember when the fans hated Rob Pattinson being cast in “Twilight”? And we know those movies totally bombed…right?

      • mal

        Firstly, ern136, Twilight is a horribly written, unoriginal series. Suzanne Collins has spawned a more original trilogy, crafted with a certainly more pulchritudinous script than has Stephanie Meyer. Robert Pattinson succeeded in Twilight purely because he is sexy, and can pull off a completely impassive emo pretty well.

        Writing aside, Cygnus makes a valid argument: if fans cannot connect with a character in a series with such an intricate storyline delicately balanced on inter-personal interactions of the rebels in the face of oppression from the faceless Capitol, they will not be pleased. Yes, they will probably still watch all of the movies, but for the sake of supporting the author (but likely much less enthused about the prospect).

        That said, I’m not against giving these actors the chance to prove themselves, because first impressions have been wrong many times before, but I do believe the executive producers should be prepared to re-cast in the case that the movie bombs as a result of the lack of chemistry.

      • Agent K

        Cygnus, the fans are fine. YOU are not happy. There’s a difference.

    • heck No

      Very SHORT statement on Josh H. compared to the long essay on Jennifer L. The guy looks NOTHING like Peeta and has no charisma. Just watch his other movies. This is just EPIC FAIL casting and they know it. The second movie will never see the light of day because the first one will bomb so hard.

      • Chelsea

        The Hunter Parrish fans need to RELAX. Clearly Parrish choked during his audition and Hutcherson didn’t! Hunter doesn’t look all that much like Peeta, either. At least Josh has the stocky build. Josh was so great in TKAA (particularly that scene where he stops his friend from abusing the dog). IMO people who say otherwise are either just bitter or are pretending to have seen the movie when they haven’t.

      • katnissblows

        I am not a Hunter Parrish fan but I think this cast is WORSE than the Twilight Saga. I mean at least Bella and Edward looked around the same age. Peeta looks so young it will only make his creepy obesession even creepier. Don’t even get me started with Liam as Gale. He looks nothing like Gale.

      • lefty

        As far as charisma…it didn’t come through in the kids are alright…but he was great in Little Manhatten.

      • sara

        @Chelsea: I was a big fan of Hunter for the role, but not an insane fangirl. I just thought that given his past roles and having witnessed his charisma (I dare any of you to run into him on the street and not be struck by how Peeta-like he is in person), he would be an excellent fit for the role. I just have this kind of nagging feeling that if he didn’t have to film the seventh (and I’m pretty sure final) season of Weeds at the exact same time THG is shooting, there might have been a different announcement…

      • Chelsea

        @Sara, that’s fair and you’re totally in the right to feel that way. It’s the people who are being unreasonably petty and nasty about Josh that is rubbing me the wrong way. He wasn’t my Peeta (that’d be David Kross) but I’m not going to flip out about it.

      • sydney brown

        COMPLETELY agree

      • Andrea

        I will agree that a two year age difference isn’t bad but it’s another thing to say that their two years apart and look older/younger than their age. In my opinion, Jennifer looks older than her age and Josh looks younger so instead of a two year gap it seems like a 4 or 5 year difference. Given not everyone thinks this, but it’s definitley a reason why some are upset. I just wish they would have cast some unknowns for the large parts, its always nice to see a fresh face in big movies.

      • mimi

        @Sara, my sentiments exactly!

      • Agent K

        You people are ridiculous, and appear to lack imagination. As an adult reader of the Hunger Games, I’ve seen interviews of the actors and think they will work just fine. You’ve trapped yourselves into thinking that an actor HAS to fit into the physical description that the author chose, rather than thinking that the best human to depict a fictional character might look slightly different. Newsflash: They can use wigs and dye to help hair colors and contacts to fix eye colors. Otherwise, the author (y’know…the creator of the character) approves of the casting. Who are YOU to know better than HER? I will wait until the movie comes out to pass judgment on it. Regardless, they are excellent books, and a good movie will be icing on the cake, whereas a bad depiction of the movie will simply go ignored by me. Stop thinking with your hormones and who you’d prefer to drool over onscreen, people, and start thinking with a little bit of insight and creativity.

      • skldfjkl

        HUNTER PARRISH is the PERFECT peeta! He looks exactly like him! Josh Hutcherson looks nothing like a blond, blue-eyed beauty. I’m okay with Katniss and Gale, but not Peeta. I mean, it doesn’t even have to be Hunter Parrish, but really, I just can’t see Josh as Peeta. He better be a dang good actor I’ll tell you that much.

      • Stop complaining people

        Hey you should have some trust in Suzanne collins! She was the one who wrote the books and she loves the cast so obviously they must have something special about them otherwise they wouldn’t be cast

    • Liz Lemon

      Well hearing them talk about it is reassuring, so I’m going to wait until the first film to give all three of them a chance.

      • mimi

        As for me…I will require 4 star reviews from major movie critics to get me to the theatre, for fear the studios will ruin another book for me:(

      • Good job

        Good job! I think more people should be doing that. I’m all for the cast now that their hair is all dyed and everyting. And I don’t think they’re gonna screw this one up like they did with twilight. I hate twilight

    • JC

      Since when did every person with an internet connection become an expert at casting movies?

      • Kath

        @JC, i completely agree.

      • Meadow

        Agreed. I mean, calm your tits and give it a chance…

      • Ri

        You said it! People need to stop getting all worked up

    • bruno

      i’m fine with hutcerson…i just want to see him as a blonde to believe it…

    • Tracy

      I’m sure I’m not the only one who thought Hunter Parrish looked way too fem to be Peeta. As long as Jennifer and Josh have chemistry I am fine with it.

    • myra

      Who will they cast as buttercup?
      a) a very old geriatric cat that is also a great actor because after all in movies and tv old cats always play kittens.
      b) a red or black cat with acting experience and awards nominations because after all color is not important they will dye its hair and acting is more important. Plus it’s impossible to cast a yellow cat that also has acting talent.
      c) a black old cat that became famous not because his acting but its singing but had a 5 minute role in a movie and gary ross liked his acting.
      d) Cate blanchet! She is an oscar winner actress and because of that she can pull off anything. If you don’t think she is the right one watch all of her previous movies. She even played BOB DYLAN!
      e) a yellow mashed-in nose,half of one ear missing, eyes the color of rotting squad.
      f) a squirrel or a dog because there is one thing called makeup and there’s also Hollywood magic.
      G)None of the above they will just cut out Buttercup because he is a minor role.

  • wsugar

    I say yea! Now to get Sean Penn as Haymetch.

    • CaliJ

      I’ve always pictured Nic Cage as Haymitch.

      • Nick

        I have been okay with all the casting, and I trust in the creative team. However, if Nic Cage is anywhere near this movie, I will not go see it. Ugh…

      • Rebekah

        ew nick cage? HE WILL BUTCHER IT. how about an actor that can actually act? like robert downey jr!

      • Tracy

        I’ve always picked Robbie Coltran as Haymich.

      • Ri

        Oh god. I would not watch it if the cast him as haymitch. He’s in too many movies as a geek

    • nicki


    • Liz Lemon

      Karl Urban as Haymitch

  • Sarah

    Wait and see folks, wait and see! Don’t take the casting so personally, we weren’t at the auditions.

    • Ripley

      Hmm, depending on the trailer, we may not be at the theatres either.

      • Kirsten

        Hahaha, so much truth.

        At this point I want to just detach myself from this whole franchise so that it doesn’t ruin the image of the characters I’ve created in my head while reading the book. HATE. THIS. CASTING.

      • elcamino

        Us guys are totally happy with Jennifer. I know I’m going to see it.

      • whatnowsucka


      • Al

        hahahahah SO true.

    • katie

      Totally agree. People flipping out is useless.

    • Stef

      I agree, Sarah. The filmmakers saw something we didn’t see. I’m hesitant because I just don’t see these two as these characters (based on looks only, of course) but I’ll reserve full judgement until I see the movie.

    • Chelsea

      Exactly! Clearly Josh blew the other actors away during his audition, hence his casting. This nasty and bitter whining over JH’s casting is ridiculous. Really, you’re “not going to see the movie now”? Yeah, right! Guarantee most of these people will be there opening night.

  • Jackie

    I honestly have not seen either of these actors in anything, but as I did not have a clear image in my head of what these characters looked like (yes, they give descriptions, but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything), I’m all for adopting a wait-and-see approach and hoping that the movie will be as good as the book. I’m not sure where all the hate on the message boards is coming from. I understand that some people wanted certain actors to be cast in these roles, but obviously the director and author saw something in these guys that made them stand up and say “That’s our Hitler!”. Besides, did people ever think that the actors they were hoping to see in these movies might not want to be in them? It’s a three-movie deal, which is a huge commitment, and maybe they didn’t feel up for it.

    • Hunger Games I want to audition

      Hunger games I am Keith Owen and I am an actor and I want to Audition for a speaking role in Hunger games the movie.

  • Shannon


  • Cin

    They lost me on the Peeta casting. I like Hutcherson, but he’s not my Peeta and never will be. Now they have 11 months to shoot & do post production… This has become the next Twilight Saga. So line up for the cheese platter. Call me bitter & judging prematurely, but they blew they final chance they had with me in not casting Hunter Parrish. I’m done.

    • Jaded

      Well apparently he’s Suzanne Collins’ Peeta, and that should be good enough for everyone until they actually see the movie. If the movie comes out and the cast totally sucks, that would be one thing but everyone is getting all bent out of shape for no reason.

      • heck No

        He is not Suzanne Collins Peeta. She gave a short P.R. statement that I could type up about ANYBODY. They screwed up casting for Percy Jackson and The Last Airbender. Fans tried to tell them ahead of time but they wouldn’t listen. It’s the same thing here. Do you know how creepy brown eyed people look with blue eyed contacts? That’s going to be creepy Josh with the fake eyes, fake hair, and fake height elevation. Since there are no blonde hair, blue-eyed guys who can act in all of America.

      • Chelsea

        He’s the same height as JL. This acting like he’s a midget is both petty and mean. Who said he needs to be a word for word copy of the Peeta SC wrote? Daniel Radcliffe doesn’t wear green contacts in HP and that’s one of book Harry’s major characteristics.

      • Liz Lemon

        @heck no: I don’t think they will give Josh contacts or blond hair. Peeta’s hair and eye color isn’t an important detail in the story. His personality is his defining trait. Like Chelsea said, DanRad didn’t wear contacts for Potter.

      • Tara

        @liz lemon: That IS an important detail in the book! Being from district 12, Peeta stood out BECAUSE of his blonde hair and blue eyes. everybody else had olive skin, blue/grey eyes, and dark hair. NOT PEETA!! gaah

      • Laura

        Tara, no that’s not really true. Most of the people who lived in the town had blond hair and blue eyes. Katniss’s mom and Prim had blond hair and blue eyes.
        Peeta was not the only person in the entire district with blond hair.

      • Agent K

        Hair and eye color was NOT a defining character of District 12. Dark hair, eyes, and skin was a defining characteristic of “the Seam”. Prim didn’t have that look, and there were many others that probably didn’t either. In fact, pretty much the only two that we’re told did have that look were Katniss and Gale.

    • Tess

      Gotta say I agree. Josh H. is just not my Peeta. Again, I’ve been more for Alex Pettyfer with Hunter Parrish in as a close 2nd. I’m hoping we’ll be pleasantly surprised with Josh come opening night. More on this in my comment on pg 4.

    • Nanny Ogg

      I was really picturing sbdy like Chris Massoglia for Peeta. He was Josh Hutcherson’s co-star in Cirque du Freak (they are the same age) and he has the general look I had in my head for Peeta. Plus he already carried the lead in a fun over the top sci-fi/fantasy type movie. I’m sure he could have bulked up for the part if he was deemed too scrawny.

    • Kass

      I’m sorry but yes the Twilight movies were pretty bad BUT AT LEAST THE FANS ARE BEHIND THEM and will continue to do good we don’t know about this series.
      And Twilight is suppose to be cheesy IT’S A DAMN LOVE STORY !

  • blahblah

    Peeta was my favorite character in the books and I honestly like Josh Hutcherson as an actor but them together? I don’t really see how it will work. But with a little alterations I think that the actors they chose to play the roles of Katniss,Peeta, and Gale might work. These are very good actors. Lets hope for the best and that the movie won’t ruin the books like it has before

  • Anne

    I feel bad for the three actors cast in this film so far that the author and the director have had to come foward with statements praising them to the skies in order to try to assuage fan hate. I’m sure the actors were so exicted to get these roles, especially after the grueling audition process, and now they’re getting all this hate because they don’t look exactly like what the author described in the book. And yet the freaking author was part of the casting process, and wholeheartedly approved these choices! Come on, people, give them a chance!

    • Jaded

      THIS! I so agree!!! They aren’t who I imagined the characters to look like, but I’m so excited for the movies I can’t stand it! If Suzanne Collins thinks they are perfect, then I’m not sure what the complaining is about.

    • yaya

      well put anne. these people are great actors and the only thing people are focusing on is how they look. give it a chance! also, no offense but i feel like the people who chose the actors for the roles probably have a little more insight than 14 year old fangirls who are freaking out.

      • N

        Jennifer and Josh are good actors, true. But Liam Hemsworth? Really? A bad actor, AND looks nothing like Gale. I really don’t understand the decision to cast him.

      • julie

        Liam is bad actor whose being cast coz he got insiders connections.

        It’s so obvious that Gary and Suzanne disagree with Liam, but have no choice but agree with studio picks

    • Chelsea

      Daniel Radcliffe hasn’t exactly grown into the Harry that Rowling describes in her books (he’s stockier, shorter, and in particular lacks Lily’s green eyes) but NOBODY else could be Harry. Not sure about Liam, but Jennifer and Josh are amazing actors that were cast for their talent. I’m going to wait it out before flipping out like most are. If they capture the CHARACTERS, that’s what matters most.

      • Jackie

        Just an aside regarding Daniel Radcliff’s eyes. The point wasn’t that his eyes were green, it was that they were green like his mother’s. The important thing was that he had his mother’s eyes, which people in the movies kept telling him, and that was good enough (the eye color was not the primary concern).

      • Chelsea

        I know, my point is that the character’s essence is what is important. As you said, it’s that Harry has his mother’s eyes, not the color that matters. If Josh can capture Peeta’s personality, that’s what matters most.

      • Jackie

        Totally agree! Substance over style. The talent has to be there; the rest is window-dressing.

      • Liz Lemon

        Completely agree. As long as the actors they cast can embody the roles and capture the spirit of the characters then it will fine. None of the HP actors look exactly like the book characters (except for Robbie Coltrane as Hagrid), but they all do a wonderful job of capturing the essence of the character. They make those roles entirely their own. So, hopefully the same will happen with The Hunger Games. I would like for these films to go the HP and LOTR route and be successful. Not the His Dark Materials, Spiderwick Chronicles, I Am Number Four, etc route where the first film fails and they don’t continue making them. Or the twilight route where the films just suck.

      • Laura

        Totally agree! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Josh and as I read the books, I see NO ONE but him, despite the fact that he does not have Peeta’s physical characteristics. He has his charm and mesmerizing voice so the ‘looks’ thing is the last thing anyone should be worried about. Besides, they play no important role in the film, unlike Twilight where the characters HAD to have amber eyes. SO GET OVER IT!

      • Kris

        @ Liz Lemon, none of the HP actors look like the book characters? What about all the Weasleys? Or Hermione? or Dumbledore? Or Snape? I think they were excellently cast.

    • Tess

      I’m glad at least some real fans are on here commenting too. Ones that will support the movie and the author, instead of wailing tweens desperate for pretty people to swoon over.

    • Mel

      Amen my sister. PREACH! We weren’t in the auditions. These people were chosen for a reason. I just hope all of these people have to eat their words when the movie is great. And if it isn’t then I say, HELLO, When have movies EVER been as good the book?

    • Laura

      Completely agree! I don’t understand why people are acting like a movie is destined to be terrible before even giving these actors a chance. They were obviously cast for a reason.
      What really boggles my mind is people who say, “This isn’t who I pictured, so clearly it’s all wrong!” The beauty of reading is that every fan will picture something different. Of COURSE they can’t match everyone’s expectations.

    • joshhutcherson

      i m so hot right babe?

  • Christine

    Hunter Parrish is a good actor, but maybe he wasn’t the right guy when auditioning. Get over it people! I am excited about Josh Hutcherson as Peeta, I’m sure he’ll be great.

  • GaryRoss4Snow

    hmmm..Ok! I think Suzanne wasn’t fortunate enough to see Hunter in the room with Gary. Anyway, not sold with any of their statement. It’s like I have already anticipated what they’re going to say. I’ll just wait until the movie comes out before I pass any judgment to any of them. I’m still very DISAPPOINTED though!

  • MaxxFisher

    Wow it’s too bad everyone is being forced to go to this movie. All the complaints are completely warranted though. Doesn’t matter that not one frame of film has been shot yet, it is so important to make your decisions about the quality of the movie right now. That will teach them not to pander to a bunch whiny 2 year olds that throw a hissy fit when they don’t get their way. Take that movie makers

    • Katie

      Lolol. Thank you. This made my day.

  • Rebecca

    Why so much hate over this? Why would they lie? Obviously they are going to cast whoever did the best job. All of this anger is really ridiculous. Just because someone doesn’t “fit” the physical descrip you have in your head from the book doesn’t mean they can’t nail the character. These people are actors which means they can play different roles so you can’t even base it on their last role. Give it a chance. I for one am very excited! Josh is an amazing actor and can’t wait to see him play my fave character from my favorite series.

    • m1

      Thank you. I am really annoyed that most people are 100% bitter on this issue with nothing positive to say. The casting could be worse.


    The casting of this film so far has proved they aren’t trying to use actors who look like the characters the book describes. It’s ashame.

    • James

      and your name is beauty… what a shame. JEN’S HAIR IS BLONDE! AHHH!! have you heard of hair dye? JEN’S EYES ARE BLUE!!! AHHHH!!! who do you know has grey eye’s as suzanne collins described? PEETA IS BLONDE!!! refer to earlier response.

      • lois

        Maybe people are more troubled by the seeming lack of acting ability (at least as far as Liam is concerned).

    • ssdjfiwn ason

      I agree. They can only change the appearance of a person so much. These actors and actresses have to be very good at their job, or I will be extremely disappointed.

  • Melda

    You guys seriously have A BIG PROBLEM!!!!
    What’s the matter witg you!
    Josh hutcherson is an amazing actor i mean have you seen the kids are alright??
    And liam?? Ok maybe the last song isn’t the best movie of all times but his performance made me cry at the end and i’m sure that i wasn’t the only one!!
    First give them a chance to prove themselves!!!
    Then sit down for a sec and think why would they cast them if they’re not good??
    What would they gain??
    It’s not like the’re both amazingly handsome and that would attrack people to go and see the movie!!

    Soooooooo just calm down if you’re really TRUE fans of thw books then you will respect the director’s choices and wait to see the result!!

    PS and don’t tell me that is the fisrt movie is not good you want see the other two!

    • heck No

      Peeta is not as pretty as Gale but he has a lot of charisma. Josh Hutcherson has ZERO CHARISMA. I saw him in The Kids are All Right. He wasn’t even memorable. He is too short, has the wrong hair color, wrong eye color and will look like Jennifer Lawrence is his baby sitter. It’s wrong casting all around.

      • Chelsea

        STOP THE PRESSES! A two year age difference!?! Whatever are they going to do now?? JL and Josh are the same height, not the catastrophe some are making it out to be. He was great in TKAA, I don’t know what movie you saw.

      • Rachel

        I agree with Josh not having the charisma to pull off Peeta. He’d make a great Gale though!

      • Ana

        the argument about Josh not having any charisma is absolutely ridiculous. That based on another film’s role??!! He is not playing the teenager he played in TKAA he is playing a DIFFERENT character. And seriously, I’d take a good actor over a pretty face any day!

  • Sue

    I’m very happy with Josh Hutcherson as Peeta. I think fans have to really think about the viewpoints of Suzanne and Gary. I’m sure they wanted to cast the fan favorites very much (like Hunger Parrish)– I mean why wouldn’t they want to please their audience? But for some reason, the fan favorites weren’t right in the audition process. The lead actress and actor coming from two Oscar nominated films? I say, that’s a good thing.

    • heck No

      It’s not about fan favorites it’s that Josh Hutcherson is not right for the role. Did you even read the books? Peeta was a happy guy with terrific charisma. Josh has no charisma on screen. Peeta is blonde with blue eyes, Josh has dark hair and dark eyes. Peeta is taller than Katniss. Josh is shorter than Jennifer Lawrence. HE is the absolute OPPOSITE of the character. Lionsgate just doesn’t care. This is a cash grab to take advantage of Hunger Games young fans. Just like Percy Jackson and The Last Airbender. You can bet Josh and Liam came pretty cheap.

      • Will

        I’ve read the books. Josh is about as good as they are going to get. Were you in the casting sessions?

        And to your last part, no duh.

      • Sue

        I happen to think Josh Hutcherson has charisma on screen and in interviews. I have also read the trilogy and am rereading it now since I loved it so much. Yes, Josh is a brunette and maybe shorter than Jennifer at this point– but perhaps he has the essence of the character. You have a right to be upset because everyone has their own vision of a beloved character, but has it crossed your mind that maybe they’ll do a good job?

      • Ana

        heck no… I must say heck no to your argument. The physical characteristics of characters in a book are indeed important but not the essential to make a good movie. You are arguing over hair color and people’s heights???!!! Really, no. The lead actors (as someone mentioned) are from Oscar nominated films and I am pretty confident that they will give it their all as Katniss and Peeta. I trust their acting abilities and the casting crew’s as well.

      • the_girl

        I completely agree with Ana on this. In every single book I have EVER READ IN LIFE, I picture myself as the lead character. No matter that the lead is described as having blond hair or blue eyes or skinny hips or isn’t Black. first off all its FICTION anyway so why can’t the AUTHOR of the FICTION choose to take some creative license in how its depicted? We need to all have some imagination and allow this movie to come to life before our eyes rather than being so rigid and insisting that it be exactly as we say it should be IN OUR HEADS.

      • Elle

        Ever heard of acting?
        It’s a part of the actors job to embody the character no matter what. He’ll more than likely dye his hair blonde and get blue contacts; not that difficult, especially nowadays. And really, you’re complaining about height? Of ALL things, height? And Josh having no charisma is just your opinion. Others could disagree.

        Why don’t you actually chill, relax a bit, and wait until they release at least a promo of them all in character and together. And by the way, it just isn’t Lionsgate, it’s Collins herself that’s even approved of these guys. Hell, I don’t like Liam, and I can’t understand how he got the role, but I’m willing to just accept it and see what comes of it. Just be grateful they’re even doing the movie and that casting could have been WAY worse. And if the movie sucks, then it sucks. The books are always better than the movies anyway.

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