Natalie Portman on 'Black Swan' controversy: 'I know what went on.'


Image Credit: Niko Tavernise

When ballerina Sarah Lane claimed last month that she had done 95 percent of the dancing in Natalie Portman’s Oscar-winning Black Swan performance, Portman’s supporters — including co-star Mila Kunis and director Darren Aronofsky —  were quick to defend their star. But Portman herself has stayed mum on the topic — until now. “I know what went on,” Portman told E! News’ Ashlan Gorse during a press junket for the new comedy Your Highness. “I’m really proud of everyone’s work on the movie and of my experience. And I’ll have that forever. So it’s nice for me to always know about that no matter what kind of nastiness or gossip is going around.” Portman didn’t directly refute any of the accusations made by Lane, nor did she address the claims that Lane was told to keep quiet during Oscar season and that Black Swan‘s face-replacement effects were edited out of the film’s promotional FX reel.

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  • mike

    Loved the movie & Natalie’s performance was thrilling.

    • LOL

      Free Sarah Lane!

      • Elan


      • Nancy

        Is anyone still confused?

      • Emma

        No. I’m with Elan. Screw Sarah Lane.

      • Liz Lemon

        Yeah that’s right. F**k Sarah Lane!

      • Jose Garcia

        If you liked Black Swan because of the dancing, thank Sarah Lane.

        I don’t like being lied to, and I and grateful to Sarah Lane for respecting the audience enough NOT to allow this lie to go unchallenged. Sheeple will cling to what they WANT to believe, but the truth is connected to realism, and it is a fact that Portman did not do 95% of the dancing. Lane did.

      • Justin

        HAHAHAHAHA @ Jose Garcia. You ‘don’t like being lied to.’ That’s the most retarded thing I’ve ever heard. You do know that Leonardo Dicaprio doesn’t invade people’s dreams, right? And Hailee Steinfeld didn’t really ride a horse through Choctaw territory looking for her father’s killer? And toys don’t talk when people aren’t around? It’s a friggin MOVIE. It’s a STORY. It’s FICTION. MOVIES ARE ALL LIES! Sorry to tell you buddy. I guess you need to stop watching movies all together, huh? I mean, all they do is just LIE to you!

        Sweet fancy Moses.

      • Razor

        “Sweet Fancy Moses” is my new catchphrase.

        You mean fiction is actually… FICTION? My childhood has been raped.

      • Dave

        Let me ask you this… Why would Sarah come out and say that if it were a lie, she’d have zero credibility and definitely would not be able to get any other film related jobs. If I did a 95% of a job, and someone claimed to have done it I’d be upset too and voice the truth. I know a co-star made the claim, but still… Give Sarah some credit where credit is due. This is just another clear example of execs pushing the little person around in order to make themselves look good…

      • BIGboo

        What a lot of you fail to understand is that Portman has been praised for “her” dancing in the film, not just her acting. Sarah Lane wished to correct that “mistake”, and spoke out on the subject.

        Think of it this way: It would be like Tobey Maguire taking credit for all the stunt and CGI work in the Spider-Man films saying that HE did all that, and everyone assoicated with the project saying “Yeah, isn’t he AWESOME?! That was really him swinging from those buildings!” Without ANY true credit being addressed to the REAL stuntmen nor special effects workers. Typical Hollywood back patting between actors, directors and producers.

    • Krissy

      Sarah Lane is a moron. When you get hired to be a body double, you are just that…a body! If she wanted fame, she should try to actually land a role that shows her face. What a tacky and unprofessional woman.

      • me too

        Lane got paid for her work. She isn’t the last one who think she got screwed with her credit and she won’t be the last. Move on!

      • maggie

        Lane wasn’t a “body double.” She was hired to do a skill that the actress didn’t have. That’s much more than a “body double.” If Lane didn’t provide expert dancing, Portman wouldn’t have looked realistic in the role. Portman should be thanking Lane, instead of letting her fiance lie and say that Portman learned to be an expert dancer in such a short time.

      • yepyep

        @maggie then thats like hiring a stunt double, since most actors dont have the skill to do what the stunt doubles do. I dont hear them crying if it wasnt for them. Get real the girl would have never said a thing if the movie didnt win a single oscar, she now wants anttention like a jealous sibling.
        So she is in fact a body double, since she was doing something a person couldnt and she was hired to do.

      • Miranda


        You do know Portman has been taking dance lessons (tap, jazz & ballet) since she was four right? And heavily being trained in ballet for the year and a half before the film. I’d say she’s quite capable of learning a lot of the harder work in so much time.

      • philip freeman

        so Miranda you personally kntow all of Ms Portman’s training to be a fact then? the fact is when the movie came out Natalie was bragging how she did all of the dancing! whether you like Ms Lane or not it is patently obvious that Natalie lied and this is a role where the dancing was one of the most important aspects of the film
        and she gets an oscar?

      • Steve

        Niice one!!!!

      • BossMum

        If she had danced from 4 all the way until now, you would think she’d know how to at least, move her arms and head like a dancer. She didn’t do that very well. She looked unrealistic at the barre for crying out loud… thin, yes, but no muscle tone. If you ever danced, you’d notice that!!

    • Dirk

      The movie was crap and Portman literally cannot act. She is terrible in everything she does… she made me cringe the entire time i
      was watching Closer.

      Oscars have been a joke for a long time with their cronyism.

      She is a paper champion and Sarah Lane should be getting the accolades.

      • belh

        Let me guess. You’re in a tea party.

    • Tom

      Oh, so Sarah did do 95 percent of all the dancing. Shocking.

    • Nancy

      See? They lied.

      • Masha

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    • Color Me Impressed

      How classy of her. Wait to go Natalie!

  • Altec Lansing

    How can anyone hate or criticize Natalie Portman. She is nice, smart, beautiful, and an overall loving human being who never puts anyone down.
    Natalie, you really did deserve that Oscar, and it was about your acting, not the dancing.

    • GG

      Sleeping around with other people’s husbands (and getting pregnant), taking credit for other people’s work, etc.

      • ME

        Was he your husband?

      • Wha’ever

        Oh, shut up, jealous.

      • Big Walt

        Too bad he wasn’t married, then your comment might have had a shred of credibility.

      • Mike


      • Jackson

        LOL at the butthurt Portman fans. Do you really thing her baby daddy is going to marry her? LOL….he’s already moved on.

      • jenn

        what are u talking about? was he married?

      • @Big Walt

        Benjamin Milipied was in a longterm, live-in relationship with ballerina Isabella Boylston when he began an affair with Portman.
        Millipied is a cheating doucebag, and that should be reason enough to deport him home to France.

      • Nancy

        All of the best values that I personally equate with Hollywood wrapped into one.

      • Meg

        @Big Walt: She was also rumored to be the reason why Sean Penn and Robin Wright divorced. Penn and Portman were seen canoodling in March 2009, divorce filed August 2009.

      • Benjamin

        Well, I do remember Portman insulting Jennifer Love Hewitt for no reason some years ago.

      • Steve

        It would have been better for her to have said nothing at all at this point.

      • Razor

        How much do you want to bet that 95% of the cheating was actually with Sarah Lane?

        Hmm? Hmm?

    • Tom

      You should learn to give people more credit for the work they do in this industry. A movie’s story should be an illusion to a certain extent, but not the actual production itself, esp when it comes to awards and praise. It’s wrong, and you know it.

    • Dirk

      Natalie is an militant Israeli who supports the murdering of Palestinians. Her taxes go towards dropping cluster bombs on Lebanese civilians that maim and kill children to this day.

      She is an awful person and a land stealing European pushing the natives off of their land and putting them in concentration camps.

      • Melokesm

        My goodness this thread is more crazy then the typical EW threads!! I can’t decide if it is entertaining or disturbing!

      • Momo

        You do know that Israel is not in Europe, right?

      • Mat

        I’m baffled. Somebody get an atlas. Dirk has absolutely no clue what he has just said. Dirk, man…. You need to get out of Your cellar. Seriously. Buy a plane ticket. Go see the world. Meet some people, ferchrissakes. And then become a writer, because You seem to be very good in creating fiction out of nowhere.

      • Dirk

        Yes, Israel is not in Europe so Natalie should leave Israel and take her European Ashkenazim family with her and leave the ‘biblical Jews’ aka the Palestinians who by this time had mostly converted to Islam or Christianity, alone, and stop bulldozing their homes and herding them into ghettos.

        Palestinians were pushed off their land by Europeans like Portman and they are not even given the right to vote in elections in their own homeland… instead they get herded into concentration camps.

  • Alrisha6

    who care? She won an Oscar among other award. At this point is uselles the controversy, at least they want the extra ad for the DVD release

    • Miss Talk

      She didn’t win just an Oscar, she won the One with the Curse. Divorces, cheating scandals and now usurpation rumors.

      • Teddy

        Why is anyone surprised? She’s always been a s lut. I’m surprised she even knew who the baby daddy was.

      • Krissy

        Divorces and cheating scandals happen to 50% of married people in the US, not just successful women in Hollywood. You don’t need an Oscar to suffer through that!

      • Gray War

        Teddy is a perv who molests kids! How do I “know” this? The same way he knows Natalie is a slut.

      • maggie

        Natalie already had a cheating scandal with her baby-daddy. Except that Natalie is the other woman.

    • Yayie

      I like the name, Alef. The name has great meaning wiihtn the Jewish/Israeli culture and it has an attractive sound when spoken. I’ll back up Natalie Hershlag-Portman in whatever she does, especially concerning her family.

  • ugh

    We’re still talking about this? All of this was brought up by some stunt double wanting her 15 minutes.

    • SarJES

      Anyone in the dance world would know who Sarah Lane is. She doesn’t need Hollywood because she is already at the TOP OF HER PROFESSION. She was defending ballet as a whole with her comments!!

      • Skip182

        If she’s such a great dancer and “at the top of her profession” then why have other pro dancers picked the performance apart? They say “passable” when describing it. So either Portman did a passable job as a pro dancer, or Lane is a pretty poor dancer.

      • Beau

        And she has proven to be a petty publicity w**** as well. As well as a disgusting human being.

      • Krissy

        If she was a true professional, she would look a little closer at her job description. It says it in the title, “BODY DOUBLE”. She was hired to be the body, not the face. You never hear the stunt doubles complaining that someone won an Oscar for a role they doubled for. Those folks are TRUE professionals.

      • @Krissy

        They listed her as “body double” because they were trying to hide the fact that Portman didn’t do all her own dancing. The correct credit should have been: “Miss Portman’s Dance Double.” That’s the standard way of crediting someone who does a particular skill for an actor.

    • Steve

      people who drag out quotes by Andy Warhol are desperate and have no argument

      • ugh

        Who is Andy Warhol?

  • Kelly

    Its not Lane’s fault Portman made ballet sound like something anyone can learn in 6 month/ year. she’s just sticking up for her profession. she doesnt need 15 min of fame. she’s professional dancer. it would have been nice for her to acknowlegde her though.

    • Woot

      I think your comment has some validity to it. Lane probably bent the truth, but she probably did it because she didn’t want people to think that anyone can train for a while and seem like a professional. Lane has put YEARS into becoming a great ballerina. At the same time, I doubt she could have gave us the performance Natalie did on film.

    • Rashy

      It would have been nice if you had the common courtesy for a reach around.

    • Krissy

      Portman DID NOT make it sound like being a ballerina was something you could do in a year. She talked openly about how hard it is, and that she didn’t do all of the dancing. Where are you getting that idea from?

      • Nancy

        95 percent dancing = 95 percent of the credit for dancing.

      • Rachel

        I’m with you on this Krissy. I’ve seen several interviews where Natalie talked about having a dance double so I don’t know where everyone is getting this idea from.

      • Steve

        When you say you did most of the dancing when you lied – what else are people supposed to believe? Use your brain.

  • Trisha

    I bet that the real ballerina did the majority of the dancing

    • Harry Q. Hammer

      Very astute, Trisha.

  • jules

    I’m old enough to remember when Jennifer Beals’ dance double went public after “Flashdance” became a hit. Nobody really cared then, and I doubt anyone cares now. Same goes for “Black Swan.”

  • jobobspecial2

    so she basically said nothing? cool.

    • Erin


    • Steve


      • Ahmed

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  • AN

    Who cares who did the most dancing? Natalie did the most ACTING and the Oscar goes to Best Actress…not Best Dancer.

  • LP

    The studio and the above-the-line players are in the wrong. What they did is disingenuous. It is all about giving credit where it is due. What they did is undermine not only the ballerina but the f/x team’s seamless work. Portman took credit for some things she didn’t do, the same way Tom Cruise took credit for stunt work he didn’t perform. Stunt people, f/x teams, and many others are the unsung heroes in Hollywood. Please don’t disparage their hard work by defend a pretty face.

    • Skip182

      I love how people ignore the shot count provided by the director. They b**** and moan how unfair Lane’s treatment was based off of a statement made by lane with zero evidence, yet when they are provided with statistics on the shot breakdown they ignore it. Oh well, I’ll take reason over faith every single time.

    • Kristen

      Let’s talk about the elephant in the room. Who was the skating double for Lynn-Holly Johnson in Ice Castles???? Why didn’t she get credit for it??

    • BossMum

      You’re right… I mean, they credit everyone in the movies right down to the washroom attendant, paalease, in a ballet movie, you credit the ballet dancer, duh! People would have understood and focused on Natalie’s acting rather than lack of dancing.

    • Yectli

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  • Anita

    I would assume that Portman didn’t do the preponderance of the dancing that a trained ballerina had done it. So why is this dancer getting her tutu in a twist?! It’s not as if there’s an Oscar category for stand-in’s.

    All Lane has done is make her self look bad. I mean, she does get credit, in the credits, as Portman’s stunt-double. THAT is the role she was hired to fill, that is what she gets credit for.

    Jennifer Beall didn’t do her dancing in Flash Dance either…once again there was a professional dancer hired as her stunt double (Victoria Vanderkloot)and at that time…she didn’t even get credis in the movie like they do now.

    Natalie earned her Oscar, she turned in an amazing performance!

  • Odavid


    • Sith Lord J

      Yeah at least they had the technology to replace her head. Unlike Flashdance where they they conceal Jennifer Beals double with wigs and wide shots.

  • Kari

    Black Swan was bad. Way too over hyped. Natalie didn’t deserve the oscar.

    • Jen

      I agree

    • Milica

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  • Nelly

    The point people are missing is that the use of a dance double was never fully advertised until this whole drama started. In her interviews, Natalie made it sound like she spent a year in ballet boot-camp and voila! The producer of the movie STILL claims that most of the dancing was done by Natalie and as a fellow artist, this is an insult to the profession. One year of training, no matter how hard, canNOT make you look like a professional. If this is how things work, then why do people bother dedicating their whole life to master an artform???

    • Danny

      Wrong. That stunt dancers and special effects were used as well as Portman’s own dancing was widely discussed in entertainment news outlets. I already knew this about it long before the movie came out

    • Beau

      Anyone with ANY common sense would have known that you don’t become a high caliber ballet dancer in a year. Natalie said it herself in numerous interviews, as well as giving Sarah Lane her due credit. BY NAME. Nobody was trying to hide anything. This twit just found out how successful the movie turned out to be and she wants to play it for everything she can. These kinds of people are a dime a dozen.

      • Rose

        As a long time Natalie fan, I cannot ever recall her claiming to have done all of her own dancing in her interviews. But you can best bet that all these Sarah Lane supporters never even saw the movie!! For goodness sakes the woman got hired and paid to be a stand-in. She not only got credit for that in the end credits but also had a another small part as an extra that she was given credit for as well. It’s really funny to me how people are talking so “serious” about the dancing stuff but at the end of the day it just a MOVIE…NOT REAL!!! So get real and get over it!!! Sarah Lane is nothing but a jealous cry baby that couldn’t handle all the attention and success Natalie received from the film.

      • IVAN

        Most of these idiot Sarah Lane fantards wouldn’t know ballet from hip hop.

      • Jose Garcia

        Actually, Sarah Lane did not start this. They did by saying Sarah Lane’s dancing was not her dancing. Now when someone claims you did not do the work you did, thats fraud.

      • Harry Q. Hammer

        Why shouldn’t Lane get what she can from a successful movie that she part of? Everyone has their hand out in Hollywood, and the ludicrous amount of money actors receive is utterly obscene!

  • yossi belinski

    natalie only made claims of hard work training and restricting diet to get into the ballerina mindset…im pretty sure she has shown nothing but total respect and admiration for the ballet profession…i actually only recently saw the movie and didnt know or care how the dancing sequences were created …….. everything fit and natalie’s emotion was crazy good….

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