'The Hangover Part II': Liam Neeson's cameo cut from film

Taken star Liam Neeson has been, well, taken out of The Hangover Part II. A Warner Bros. rep confirms to EW that the cameo Neeson filmed for the May 26 sequel has been cut from the comedy’s final draft. As Todd Phillips told Variety, the scene — in which Neeson played a tattoo artist — was snipped during the editing process when the director decided to do reshoots. Since the Oscar-nominated star was unavailable for additional filming, Phillips wasn’t able to shoot the altered scene with Neeson. The actor who filled his shoes? No, not Mel Gibson, who was cast in the role before getting axed after cast and crew members raised objections to filming with the embattled star. Instead, Nick Cassavetes, otherwise known as the director of The Notebook, was tasked to play Neeson’s tattoo artist. “We were in a complete time crunch so I called up Nick and asked if he would do the part,” Phillips told Variety. “He came in and crushed it and that is the scene that you will ultimately see in the film. [I’m excited for everyone] to see the film. It turned out great.”

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  • dee123

    So you loose Liam Neeson & get Nick Cassavetes. Isn’t that like losing 50 bucks & finding 5 cents?

    • Amy

      I don’t know, I might have to say it would be more like losing 50 bucks AND the other 5 cents.

      • Dave

        Wow, I was first pissed about hearing Mel not getting part because the cast (Zach) complained, then got a bit pumped because Liam was in it (love his acting), now they replaced him with a no-name director? Apart from a quick cameo on Entourage last season, he hasn’t acted in anything since 2001! What a drag….

      • dfgfh

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    • Color Me Impressed

      Lamest. News. Ever.

      • Channing Taintum

        No, the lamest part of this is Liam couldn’t re-shoot his scene because he’s filming Clash Of The Titans part 2!

      • Color Me Impressed

        @Channing Taintum: I stand corrected.

    • fs

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      • slutb@g

        Thank you sooooooo much!!!!

    • Le Plus LAME HIROSHI

      LOL. . . with Dee123.

      – –

      And thanks to KATE WARD for a good PR read. : ) Next headline reading: Cassavetes Cutting His Cigar in – say – the First Fifteen Years (it’s not for being funny; it’s for being lame AND drawing your target customers, IMO; most people, again IMO, remember best the stupidest commercial ads or lamest statements, like mine, lol).

    • derek

      Why not get Charlie Sheen? Seems like the obvious choice.

      • B

        that would’ve been winning duh

  • chocolateislove

    Oh wow, that just took away half the appeal of the film for me.

    • pete

      if 50% of the motivation for you to see the Hangover II was a brief Liam Neeson cameo I wouldn’t see it.

      bam. saved 10 bucks

      • Dave

        Ehm, if the movie sucks (which it probably will, no way it can top the first bachelor) seeing Liam play a tattoo artist who is probably crazy or something would make it worth the ticket price.

      • Jose

        For a retard maybe…

    • jackie d

      A cameo appearance is what you have been waiting for with Hangover II? Really? What’s your motivation to see the next Batman film? An appearance by Commissioner Gordon’s wife?

      • Warren

        Oh snap! Is Liam playing her too!?

  • Jack W Perry

    Will be a good addition to DVD. Or maybe they release now on website?

  • Teddy

    Let’s thank the director for giving us yet another reason not to see his movie.

  • Thom

    Judging by the trailer, it also looks like they cut out jokes and an original direction from the sequel as well.

  • Mikey

    I’m one of those people who really didn’t get what was so great about the first film. Yes, it was funny and Zack Galifinakis was great, but it certainly won’t be looked backed at as a comedy classic. It was just a run of the mill buddy comedy. I feel this will just take all the bits from the first film and run them into the ground in this one..just like every sequel to a popular comedy film.

    • B

      Thank you for saying for what most of wanted to say, Mikey. I too like to read an article about a run of the mill comedy that I didn’t care about and wonder why everyone else liked it. Like you, I have no life. And nothing will ever live up to the comedy classics of Larry the Cable Guy.

      • Timmy

        No one mentioned Larry the Cable Guy jack@ss. Mikey explained how overrated The Hangover is & how the sequel looks to have recycled jokes from the first one. The Hangover is a disjointed movie, parts of it are funny, but the whole movie is not. Zach Galafinakis is the star of it, followed by Ed Helms, Bradley Cooper was kinda mediocre in it & Justin Bartha was non-existent. Hopefully Justin Bartha is in the second Hangover just as much, he just sucks in everything he is in & comes off like a real d!ck in a lot of interviews..

  • Tom Hanks

    Liam is my bud, you stinking Bastards!!!

  • Jake

    “Taken star Liam Neeson has been, well, taken out of The Hangover Part II.” Lame!! Why don’t you try using a recent movie with him in for your tag line? Your a writer aren’t you?

    • Kim

      The writer used Taken because that’s the most relevant movie he’s been in the last 10 years, what was the writer supposed to use “Unknown”?

      • Joe

        Didn’t he star in “Batman Begins”?…

      • Liz

        Sooo…”Batman Begins star Liam Neeson has been, well, Batmanned out of The Hangover Part II”. Yep, I like it.

    • BIGboo

      Apparently, “you’re” NOT a writer.

    • hannah86

      He used Taken because he wanted to write “TAKEN out of the Hangover Part II.”
      Unknown star Liam Neeson has become, well, unknown in The Hangover Part II.
      Clash of the Titans star Liam Neeson schedule has, well, clashed with the reshoot schedule for The Hangover Part II.

  • gigi

    For a comedy this movie has more drama than a bad soap opera…and I like soap operas! I think the producers want me to Red Box this movie!!

  • MomC

    Still can not get over the fact that Zach was willing to work with a convicted rapist on the first film and a drug addict who served time on Due Date, but not willing to work with a run-of-the-mill a**hole for the second. No huge fan of Gibson or anything, just do not get the train of thought on this one. Logically speaking, does this mean that he would be unwilling to work with Christian Bale? Michael Bay? Trying to figure out where he draws the line?

    • nezzo

      I’m right with u there but really should Zach really be expected to have the best judgment? I mean the guy’s a slob.

    • BIGboo

      Mel Gibson is a bastion of hate, misogyny, and prejudice. (In other words, your typical crazy Christian.) IT’s not a phase he’s going through or a one time mistake he made, it is his personality and being as a whole. RDJ and, yes, even MT pale in comparison.

      • Josh M

        So the term “your typical crazy Christian” isn’t an example of hate and prejudice?

      • B

        Those damn crazy Christians. All they do is judge others, look down on people who they think are inferior, and try to impose their will on others. Sort of like what you do to Christians, BIGboo.

      • H. M.

        I take offense to that comment. I am a Christian, I am proud of being a Christian, and I refuse to judge other people. I will, however, pray that you “see the light”, so to speak, sometime in your life.

    • dizzy blonde

      anti semites and girlfriend beaters are more than your run of the mill a$$ hole. Mel is a dirt bag who tries to come off as a holy man. tyson doesn’t pretend to be what he is not!!

      • Joey McGillicutty

        RDJ is not a drug addict anymore, and he’s changed since those days. Tyson has also reformed, he did his time in prison and he’s become a better person (check out his new show) – Gibson however is, and has continued to be, a hate-filled anti-semitic, misogynistic a-hole.

    • M

      Zach has come out and said he had no part in blocking Mel Gibson from the movie. But I guess it’s more fun to believe he was behind the scenes getting people fired. I don’t see him caring one way or the other.

  • Sith Lord J

    First Heather Graham is not ask back. Then they tease a Bill Clinton cameo but nothing comes of it. Now the director didn’t think Liam was funny enough and recast his role. The orginal Hangover was funny but not a Francise picture. I think I will use my 10$ that week to buy a gallon of gas.

    • Yeah

      Oohoo “the director didn’t think Liam was funny enough”. I think you need to learn how to read. I’m not even going to explain you what I mean, because you probably won’t be able to read it.

      • Sith Lord J

        Don’t Worry Nick crushed the Cameo I sure the TAKEN Scene will be on the Blue Ray

  • petuniafromhell


    • Joe

      Now THAT’S funny…

  • Thad

    Kat Von D would have been the best casting, period.

  • Mark

    Never ever ever understood why a Liam Neeson cameo was newsworthy. He’s not a megastar – he was in the A-Team for god’s sake. Cameos are for unattainables only.

    • @Mark

      Liam Neeson has been in more hit movies than almost any other actor working today. You are as uninformed as you are ugly. And, Mark, you be UGLY!

      • Wanda

        He sure is-What a Retard Mark is

  • Brett

    Will this be the film that persuades Hollywood that Zach Gallifanakis is a minor talent at best, and better suited to webcast comedy than big budget feature films?

    • Al

      Zach is not a minor talent. He’s a very talented, comedian. Go watch his old show and how he keeps rooms full of people entertained with his banter and piano playing. Due-Date was just a small example of how appealing and useful he is to boosting the success of a film. Yes most people will say it was RDJ, but Zach was the funny man in that. All in all stop hating, the guy is funny, and this movie whether you like it or not is going to be a mega hit. I hope it will be funnier than the last one because that would be truly classic.

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