Box office update: 'Rio' tops Friday with $10.2 mil, 'Scream 4' underwhelms with $8 mil


Each time Hollywood appears ready to break out of its 2011 slump, it doesn’t. Many in the industry were predicting this week’s Rio and Scream 4 to really shake up the box office, but while the former performed better than the latter, both movies fell a bit short of expectations. Fox’s tropical bird adventure Rio snatched first place with $10.2 million on Friday, according to early estimates. The $90 million 3-D animated film, starring Jesse Eisenberg and Anne Hathaway as the world’s last pair of blue macaws, should benefit from a large family-audience spike on Saturday and finish the weekend with around $37 million. The G-rated movie still has a shot at topping the year’s best opening (Rango with $38.1 million), but right now it looks like it’ll just miss that figure. However, Rio earned a solid “A” from CinemaScore audiences, so word of mouth could push the film’s tally a bit higher.

After an 11-year absence, Ghostface returned to the silver screen but could only muster a middling second-place finish. Dimension Films’ Scream 4 performed well below industry expectations, slashing just $8 million on Friday. That puts the R-rated horror flick on track for a $19 million (or possibly $20 million) opening — far below the debuts of Scream 2 ($32.9 million) and Scream 3 ($34.7 million). CinemaScore moviegoers gave the $40 million picture a “B-” rating.

In third, Insidious continued to hold up particularly well for a horror film, especially considering its new competition this weekend. The PG-13 film dropped only 29 percent for $2.33 million. Produced for just $1 million, the FilmDistrict release should add $7 million this weekend, pushing its cumulative total to about $36 million. Right behind Insidious was the Easter Bunny comedy Hop, which slid 59 percent for $2.29 million. Thanks to an expected Saturday boost from family audiences, the PG movie should pass Insidious and finish the weekend in third with around $9 million.

Three other holdovers virtually tied for fifth place: the assassin thriller Hanna ($2.14 million), the surfing biopic Soul Surfer ($2.13 million), and the comedy remake Arthur ($2.12 million). All three movies are headed for weekend results of about $7 million. In semi-limited release, Robert Redford’s historical drama The Conspirator earned a decent $1.1 million on Friday from 707 theaters. And from an objective standpoint, the Ayn Rand adaptation Atlas Shrugged: Part I grossed $683,000 from 300 locations. Check back here on Sunday for the complete box office report.

1. Rio — $10.2 mil
2. Scream 4 — $8.0 mil
3. Insidious — $2.33 mil
4. Hop — $2.29 mil
5. Hanna — $2.14 mil
6. Soul Surfer — $2.13 mil
7. Arthur — $2.12 mil

Box office update: Rio and Scream 4 look to revive a struggling Hollywood

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  • Jwhit

    This year is just miserable, we’re still down 20 percent from last year, and there’s just no end in sight.

    • LOL

      Wait until the summer season is a bomb. There is nothing to get excited about this year.

      • Tangled

        I can’t remember the last time my kids clamored to see a movie about birds; probably because it’s never happened. Birds. Really?

      • LD

        Go See “Atlas Shrugged: Part 1″

      • Adam

        dude, the summer has like four super hero, long awaited, releases. NOT to mention the 4th pirates movie, and the hangover part II among others…the summer is going to be huge

      • David

        Pixar films are cinematic gold and modern day classics!! Dreamworks flicks, Ice Age sequels, The Incredibles knock-offs and Happy Feet as owls or macaws are pure pop trash!!

      • Rashy

        Tree of Life is going to be the road to awe…

      • josh34

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    • David

      Pixar films are cinematic gold and modern day classics!! Dreamworks flicks, Ice Age sequels, The Incredibles knock-offs and Happy Feet as owls or macaws are pure pop trash!!!

    • takakupo

      The last two years were one of the best years for movies to date. This year isn’t doing bad, just by comparison. I’m getting sick and tired of people saying that it’s not doing well based on the numbers of two years where we had a recession (which typically sees the passion for movies arise) and brilliant blockbusters (The Dark Knight/Avatar).

      I think this year is doing just fine if you put it into perspective.

  • Jake

    well considering Scream is rated r and Rio is rated g, i think that 8 mil to Rio’s 10mil is pretty impressive.

    • Joey C

      and considering everyone gets bootlegs now instead of going to the theater $8 Million is still very good!

      • Latka

        Nice try with the spin, but no, an $8M Friday for an established, profitable franchise is not good.

        I am sure it will make its money back, but I can’t imagine Weinstein is particularly happy with this result.

      • Mike

        I loved Scream 4 but it looks like is going to under perform and horror movies don’t hold up very well in later weeks. Then again there’s Insidous, but even then it’s doing a modest amount.

        That being said, Rio producers are probably not thrilled with their numbers either, considering the 3D charge.

        This year looks like it’s going to be a weak one for the record books.

      • LP

        I’m curious to see how the audience age bracket breaks down for “Scream 4″. I’m betting that teen demo The Weinstein’s were hoping for didn’t show up. It’s a straight up sequel to a movie franchise I’m guessing most under the age of 21 haven’t seen. So why would they care?

      • DTO

        Good point, LP. If you aren’t a Gen-Xer who’s feeling a little nostalgic for your twenties or perhaps your teen years, why would you care at all? Is loading it up with CW stars going to help that much?

    • David

      Pixar films are cinematic gold and modern day classics!! Dreamworks flicks, Ice Age sequels, The Incredibles knock-offs and Happy Feet as owls or macaws are pure pop trash!

      • tom


      • KCC

        seriously david shut up!!!

    • Doug

      Me and all of my friends are DYING to see ‘Scream 4′, we’ve been anticipating it for months. Unfortunately for the studio, we our buried beneath our final round of papers and exams before final exam week. HORRIBLE timing.

      • Flip

        Oh please. When I was in college, I would have found 2 hours of time to see Scream 4 on opening weekend.

      • Dave

        @Flip…it really shouldn’t be that hard to fathom. Some of us college students are not only buried in exams and essays at this time of year, but some of us have jobs too. Between juggling work and all the schoolwork and studying I have to do over the next few weeks, I don’t have two hours to spare. And if I did, I would use them to get some much-needed sleep.

      • Flip

        Give me a break, Dave. I graduated two years ago and college is NOT that hard. I MADE time to do things I liked, which in this case would’ve been to see Scream 4.

      • Dave

        Okay, Flip. Because everyone else’s college experience is exactly like yours.

      • David

        What program did you graduate from? Perhaps Dave is getting a Ph.D in Engineering while you got a Bachelors in business (and the school you went to also makes a huge difference).

        From experience, I can understand where both of you are coming from– I have a degrees in both Biochem and accounting. When I was getting my Biochem degree (bachelors), I did not have 2 hours of extra time. At the end of the semester I was getting about 3-4 hours of sleep a night (if I was lucky) due to exams, labs, and projects that were due.

        However, when I got my accounting degree (Masters), I had plenty of free time, such as see Scream 4 on opening night.

  • Lenny

    Of course Rio was gonna be over Scream 4, it’s in overpriced 3D. Take away the 3D-inflated tickets and it would be neck-in-neck. Heck, Scream 4 might even be in the lead then.

    • CaptainDelicious

      I must agree. I think it’s the 3D charge that gave them the advantage but given the fact that family movies almost always perform better than teen-targeted films, I’d say Rio was always going to win.

  • Mephysto

    Scream is just an over hyped series.. It clearly shows that no one is asking for more of this garbage

    • Joey C

      it is not over hyped there hasn’t been 1 in 11 years and considering all the good reviews its getting and hype it has received this past year obviously some people do want more of this so called garbage as you put it but hey everyone is entitled to they’re own opinion i personally loved it i’ve been waiting sooo long for it

    • Tyler

      The Scream films are some of my favorite movies, and are far more clever than people give them credit for. I’ve already seen number 4 twice and it’s very good. I would appreciate if you wouldn’t talk for me, because I for one have been asking for it for 11 years.

      • Moviefan

        I guess most moviegoers didn’t scream for Scream 4, lol.

      • Joey C

        well from what u said it seems like u could give 2 sh*ts for scream

    • Adam

      garbage compared too….what? all of the cheesy creepy-japanese-child movies that we’ve seen so many of. Or houses that aren’t what they appear to be. face it, the Scream franchise is still one of the most original, simple horror franchise of the past two decades…

      • Joey C

        true that adam!!!!

    • DTO

      If this had come out in 2003 or 2005, things might have been different. As it is, people have moved on to other things. Few–not all, of course, but very few– people care about Ghostface anymore, and the SCARY MOVIE franchise didn’t do it any favors. I’d also say that much of the original fanbase for these films has grown up and does not care anymore. Also, people talk about the excellent reviews this has been getting, but Rotten would say otherwise. Also, if the movie company had thought this was going to be a mega-blockbuster, they’d have released it this summer or maybe during Christmas. While April isn’t January or February, it’s not the blockbuster season either. I’m sure this will ruffle the feathers of fans, as everyone who comes on here and says they didn’t like it gets insulted and called a loser for merely stating their opinion, so let me just preemptively say, “F U C K you.”

  • Matt C.

    I loved Scream 4, and I’m shocked at how underwhelming it’s doing at the box office. It was scary, hilarious, and by far the most entertaining movie I’ve seen so far this year. If any movie deserved to put an end to 2011’s poor box office, it was Scream 4, but I guess that isn’t happening now…such a shame.

    • Dirk

      I enjoyed it, it was fun and had some good scares. I think the only way to get it higher than a 20 mil opening would be releasing it around Halloween.

    • Flip

      I loved it too! I hope we get a fifth, although I liked how things ended with the fourth.

      • katie

        Their plan is to do another trilogy (starting with 4) so conceiveably there would be a Scream 5 and Scream 6. I guess it depends on how much this one makes though.

      • Ellen

        At this rate, this film won’t even make what the third one did. And what makes it even more awful is that even if Scream 4 matched the series’ low that was Scream 3’s box office, it would still be a decrease in tickets sold, due to inflation. I can’t imagine part 4 making more than 60 million in the USA…a real underperformer.

      • b

        You may be right, Ellen. And that sucks because Scream 4 is so much better than Scream 3.

      • kevin

        Scream 4 was far better and 2 and 3. Hopefully it will have legs due to word of mouth like the original, but the “B-” is puzzling to me.

      • Flip

        Not worried about it, Ellen. If the film at the very least makes back its budget we’ll get another one.

  • Jose

    Weinsteins will probably edit and re-release Scream 4 in a PG-13 cut to make up for any losses.

    • Sam

      In one weekend it’s set to make up half of it’s budget. Re-editing to make it pg-13 would make the movie an hour long. I’m sure in the long run it will do juuust fine. Especially with such good word of mouth.

      • Latka

        I think you missed Jose’s “King’s Speech cut to PG” joke.

      • Joey C

        this is true sam

    • DTO

      LOL, Jose. LOL

  • katie

    Wow, that’s pretty good for Atlas Shrugged, huh?

    • LOL

      Teabaggers need a movie to embrace every so often.

      • DamonsDemon

        Whereas libtards remain content to keep playin’ with themselves…

      • LOL is a Derper

        Liberals are terrified we’re going to take this country back and they’ll have to go to Europe or Greece to build their dysfunctional utopia.

    • cc


      • kk

        I think it is – considering the low theater count. Better per theater than The Conspirator at least.

    • Will

      Actually that is not very good for Atlas Shrugged. Doubtful there will be a part 2 and 3.

      • DamonsDemon

        And you base this pulled-out-of-your-butt opinion on what, exactly? It had limited release, the buzz is HUGE, and only people like you with diminished attention spans remain clueless to these facts. Part 2 has already been green-lit, and 3 was never planned. It did excellent in such a limited release…300 theaters? And you think that’s not a very good boxoffice? Really?

        No, REALLY?

      • Ted

        If the buzz was “huge” as you say it would have opened much bigger. $683,000 on 300 theaters is not that impressive. Consider, Fahrenheit 9/11 made $23 million in its opening weekend on less than 900 theaters. So no Atlas Shrugged opening is not very good. Really. But I bet its all a big conspiracy by the liberal media, right?

      • Julie

        Atlas Shrugged’s 5% rating on RottenTomatoes does not suggest great buzz.

      • cc

        Wow, DamonsDemon is really looking stupid now, LOL!
        Yeah, REALLY, that box office for the limited number of theaters isn’t very good. It’s not bad either, but it’s not great. But at least it was better than the FOLLOWING weekend, right? I love it when people who don’t know what they’re talking about try to sound so sure of themselves.

  • Matt

    This was just bad scheduleing on the companies part. Scream 4 should have been released around Halloween. That would have allowed for replays of 1-3 on multiple channels. Most people need to be reintroduced to the series, since its been 11 years. I was in elementary school when 3 came out, now I’m in college. Most people my age haven’t seen 1-3.

    • Jeremy

      I agree. It’s like when they released The Wolfman right before Valentine’s day. The Heck?

    • CaptainDelicious

      Don’t use the “I’m a teenager, teenagers don’t know about Scream” excuse. I’m 19 and I saw all of the Scream movies when they came out and I don’t know anyone my age who hasn’t seen atleast one. Scream was THE franchise of the 90s, anyone who grew up around that time couldn’t escape them.

      • Will


        So you saw Scream when it first came out when you were 4 years old? Unless you were a demented child you saw the movies much later on video, after the 90s.

      • Aaron

        Oh come on, I’m roughly CaptainDelicious’s age (I’m 21), and I saw ALL of the Scream movies before I was in the 7th grade (in 2001)…the Scream trilogy was the $hit in the late ’90s early ’00s…I saw the first one in probably ’99 or ’00…my friends and I loved them, and it’s still by far one of the best movie franchises ever, in my opinion. I’m very pumped to see Scream 4 with the main cast reunited.

      • @Aaron

        Will was implying that captaindelicious didn’t see the movies in theaters as he seemed to say when he stated he saw then when they came out.

    • tom

      I agree…..however….I also think….many of us in our 30’s and 40’s NOW….across the country….are afraid to pay 10 bucks a ticket when they need a job….halloween would have been better….but probably when they started planning it SAW (1-7) and PARANORMAL ACTIVITY (1-2) were kicking and taking those frames. In any case….I will see it….but lets face it….my 10 dollars need to go to the rent!

    • Ed

      Scream 4 is simply 10 years TOO LATE.

      The popularity of the series came and went.

      Unless you have a huge brand name/massive blockbuster success like Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Toy Story – actual quality of the inevitable sequels aside – don’t make a sequel ten years later.

      • DTO

        Very good point, Ed. It’s like when BEVERLY HILLS COP 3 died at the box office. It wasn’t the “80s anymore and Eddie Murphy wasn’t EDDIE MURPHY anymore, thanks to a run of bad movies.

  • Brock

    The public have no taste! Scream 4 is gonna end up grossing less than all the horrible remakes it was making fun of and besting.

    • HPotter

      Scary movie was way funny and beat the box office for any opening weekend gross for Scream movies.

      • Jose

        Scary Movie was an atrocity.

      • Tyler

        Scary Movie made fun of Scream, which was a movie making fun of horror movies. It’s the dumbest thing ever.

  • Annie

    Like I pointed out before, it was unwise to release Scream 4 in mid-April. A lot of college students are gearing up for final exams. I certainly don’t have time to see it now. I’ll be waiting about 3 weeks before I see it.

    • Rubeus

      I normally don’t make excuses for why movies do poorly at the box office, but I have to agree with you. College-age students are a huge target demographic for a movie like Scream 4, and they chose to release the movie at the one time of the year when college students are the busiest. My friends and I don’t have time to see it this weekend either. We’re seeing it in two weeks when our semester is over.

  • Jeremy

    “RIO” cost $90 million dollars to make?!

    • Will

      $90 million is actually on the low end for an animated movie. For instance, Tangled cost $260 million.

  • Brian Wallace

    I’m starting the rumor now (For those of you who have seen “Scream 4″. No spoilers.):

    The ending of the movie with ten minutes left is the TRUE ending to the movie. It tested poorly with audiences and they went back (the rumored “reshoots”) and filmed the tacked on ending.

    Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson will deny it but I think that’s clearly the case. If you know the point I’m talking about, it is such a PERFECT, startling ending that there’s no way, artistically, that they felt the last 10 minutes would improve anything.

    Another piece of evidence to my theory is that the VERY end of the movie (the reporters) doesn’t make as much sense with the tacked on ten minutes.

    At some point this will come out.

    Does anyone else agree with me? “Scream 4″ is pretty good the way it is. But with those last ten minutes cut off, it’s EXCELLENT.

    Thank you,

    Brian Wallace

    • Flip

      You liked that ending? Are you insane? The last ten minutes is kick-ass and the BEST part of the entire film!

      • CaptainDelicious

        Agreed. LOVED the ending.

      • Tyler

        Amen. Best ending of the series, in my opinion.

      • Blake

        Agree, the best ending

    • CaptainDelicious

      The reshoots had nothing to do with the ending, they re-shot Allison Brie’s scene.

    • DTO

      I don’t know about reshoots or whatever, but I did feel like the movie came to a logical conclusion and then just kept going. Also, very atute observation about the reporters. Those who get upset about what you’re saying who think that might be too dark apparently don’t care for ballsier movies like SEVEN and really shouldn’t get their panties in a twist over your opinion. Plus, if the moviemakers really were trying to reboot a new trilogy, that would have been good b/c surviving characters could have spent the next ones trying to catch the killer. However, I’m kind of done with the series, so I’m just disappointed the place didn’t burn down with everyone inside. F u c k fans of this crap.

      • Flip

        Hahaha! You’re sick, wishing death on Sidney the main heroine. If that’s the kind of crap you like, go watch hopeless, depressing, psycho garbage like Saw.

  • Mephysto

    Love to read all the excuses these people are making for scream’s horrible performance.. The truth is, the movie is horrible and the general audience is not buying it

    • Jose

      Well the first three movies weren’t really as good as everyone said they were and they were still sucesses.

      • HPotter

        Yeah, but people have changed. There was no social network to speak of when those movies came out.

    • Jose

      Lol, you are desperately stubborn.

  • oo

    Maybe Courtney and David Cox turned people off with their therapy session on stern

  • Mya

    Seriously? Courtney & David’s therapy session turned people off? Who gave a fck about their therapy session?

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