Jeremy Renner offered lead in 'The Bourne Legacy'


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After an exhaustive search for the right leading man, EW has confirmed that the lead role in The Bourne Legacy has been offered to Oscar-nominee Jeremy Renner (The Hurt Locker, The Town). Written and directed by Tony Gilroy (Michael Clayton), the film is not a reboot of the Bourne franchise; Renner would play a new character within the Bourne universe, an agent in a different covert government program than the one that ensnared and pursued Matt Damon’s Jason Bourne. While Damon will not appear in The Bourne Legacy, his character will be a presence in the new film as the title suggests. (Deadline first reported the story.)

Renner will next appear this December alongside Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol, and will play Hawkeye in Marvel Studios’ The Avengers, due to begin shooting later this year. The Bourne Legacy will likely start production in September.

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  • jmcg

    Really? The search couldn’t have been that exhaustive.

    • Your Queen

      WELL SAID.

      • Christopher Nolan Should Have Won Best Director

        He does not look like a believable action star

    • lover

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      ~~Exactly !!!
      It ain’t a Bourne movie then !!!!!!!!!!!

    • Fussboxx

      Right. Thank you.

  • Sanderson

    Should be intense with Renner. Really really good choice.

    • Liz Lemon

      I agree. He’s a great actor, but no one can replace Matt Damon. However, I’m glad they went with a real actor and not one of the little boys who were also reportedly in the running.

      • A-K87

        LL, I don’t think they are replacing him. Renner is playing another agent in the same ‘Bourneverse’.

    • harry

      I agree!!!

  • Chris

    How can it be a Bourne movie if Bourne (Matt Damon) is not in it? Bleh.

    • Dustin Ingle

      Exactly !!!
      It ain’t a Bourne movie then !!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Liz Lemon

      Technically the name Jason Bourne is an alias, so I’m assuming Jeremy Renner will play a different guy that’s given the same alias. Kind of like 007.

    • A-K87

      ‘Bourne Legacy’.

      Legacy: anything handed down from the past, as from an ancestor or predecessor

      I bet they refer to what Bourne’s antics changed… his legacy for the other agents on the programme.

    • R

      Because of the definition of the word legacy perhaps?

      I liked all the Bourne movies. They’re a ton of fun for what they are- stylish action with a little bit of smarts and some good acting.

      Jeremy Renner can act his butt off so this actually makes me hopeful that it will be good.

  • Dave

    Good grief, Mission Impossible, Avengers, AND Bourne? Too many franchises for one actor. He’s fantastic, but come on.

    • sunsetsnow81

      I agree. He needs to dial it back a little. Going too commercial.

      • Mike

        Yes, he should pass on golden opportunities which would propel him into super-stardom. He’s only what, 40? lmao. Listen wanabe film student kiddies, eventually you stop caring about how children perceive you so you can make money.

      • sunsetsnow81

        Hmmm film student kiddies? Relax it’s just an opinion and not that serious. I like Jeremy Renner but I don’t want him to end up like Nic Cage. He’s an Oscar winner so to me he shouldn’t be joining an already established franchise. He should have his own vehicle. I like an actor who mixes it up, but when they start down the too commercial route they have a tendency to get typecast and be less varied in their role choices.

  • Shawn

    This was announced almost 3 weeks ago.

  • VLH

    Isn’t he like really old? Plus he has a butter face gross.

    • Ogram

      You’re right – he is not a pretty boy. He’s not even reasonably attractive.

    • Liz Lemon

      I think Jeremy is a sexy. He’s a real man.

      • Yesenia

        I’m with Liz. He’s got a classic man’s man type of look rather than the pretty boys that have become a bit too popular


      Seriously? He chimes my bells. He’s confident and we women love that.

  • JEnny

    Matt Demon is the only qualified actor for the job!!!!!

    • Ruby

      Matt Demon? Is that the bizarro Matt Damon from Hell?

  • cookie 1

    Bourne Legacy without Matt Damon,,,,Who do they think they are fooling ? It will be a total flop at the box office. Are they serious ?

    What are they drinking, smoking, snorting or chewing to even think someone can take the place of Matt Damon as Bourne ? Are they totally NUTS !

    Matt Damon is Bourne and no one can his place. It will only be worth $1.00 at the Red Box. So save your money everybody.

    • bobby

      did you not even read?

      • Rob

        Seems like a strange concept: To make a Bourne movie without Matt Damon. But then again, after enjoying the book series very much, I was confused and disappointed (to say the least) when they changed the story-line so drastically by killing off Marie! After that I tried to enjoy the movies for what they are; that being entertaining stories that are significantly different than the novels. So, I will try to do the same with this new movie, sans Damon, and therefore “loosely” a Bourne film, and certainly done only as an attempt to profit from the success of the Bourne series…

    • Bill

      I agree 100 % with cookie 1. No Matt Damon, NO Bourne Movie. I do not care how good an actor Mr. Renner is,The Movie will be a huge flop. Thank You.

  • Beauty

    The Help has a new trailer, can it get some love EW?

    • Liz Lemon

      The trailer is terrible. I really don’t like the fact that they’re taking serious issues and turning them into slapstick comedy. Plus, Emma Stone is very miscast in that role.

    • A-K87

      I’m currently reading The Help and I think Skeeter is meant to be tall and kind of odd looking. I’m sure Stone will bring warmth to the characte, mind. Viola Davis is going to take GOLD at Oscars. So much potential for Aibleen

      • Liz Lemon

        Emma’s not miscast based on looks. All her lines in the trailer just didn’t seem serious. But maybe I just interpreted it that way, because up until now she’s only played comedic roles.
        Either way, I don’t think the tone of that trailer matched the tone of the book.

      • A-K87

        I’m avoiding the trailer as I’m still reading. I have to say, Lemon, I do tend to agree with what you say so I’ll wait and see.

  • Matt

    This movie will be a flop if Matt Damon isn’t in it. It’d be like having a Bond movie without James Bond.

    • Ogram

      Yes, because we all know how Bond flopped as a series once Sean Connery left…

      • BRETT

        Um Matt was talking about the character Bond. This “Bourne” movie will not have the title character. Seems odd but I still think it will be a great movie.

      • jodipo

        Ogram is a moron. They have never made a bond movie without bond in it. Different bonds yes, but they never said “The next Bond movie, with Bonds third cousin twice removed in the lead role… cause Bond was busy that week”

  • Byron

    Way to read only the headline folks. It says in the article that Jeremy will NOT play Bourne, but another agent from another agency.

    • Dustin Ingle

      THUS !!!!!!!!
      It ain’t a Bourne movie.

      • Dahlia


    • BRETT

      That’s the point. People want a film under the Bourne franchise to have Jason Bourne in it. Jason Bourne is a “character” in this movie only through third-person conversations (maybe a phone call?). He is not a central part of the part; clearly they’re trying to make an opportunity of the Bourne franchise and spin it off. So thanks for trying to correct everyone.

  • Bill

    I think that Jeremy Renner is a very good choice to replace Matt Damon!

  • the dude

    I love Jeremey Renner and I hope to see him in a ton more movies.

  • Sam J

    The character of Jason Bourne made such an impact in this fictional universe that the actions of another character(Renner) are directly afffected. Not a sequal, but more of a spin- off. You could say Bourne’s success is part of “Bond’s Legacy”; indirectly and fictionally of course.

    • A-K87

      well said, Sam J.

  • cookie 1

    OOOPS !
    I recant my previous statement that no one other Matt Damon could play Bourne,,,,,I forgot about Liam Neeson ! ! He may be older, but has proven himself in the movie TAKEN that he can keep up with the best of them.

    • Liz Lemon

      Renner isn’t playing Bourne. According to the article, he will be playing a completely different person that has some kind of contact with Bourne. I’m assuming Bourne sends him information or something to help him.

      • MaryJane

        Do some of the people replying to this thread even read the article? Obviously not, or they’d know that the article says he will NOT play the same character as Matt Damon, he will be a DIFFERENT character from the same program that created JASON BOURNE.
        Now, having said that, I don’t know how I’ll like that, Matt Damon MADE the other “Bourne” movies something special to watch, his character hit all of the right spots and I don’t know if I would even be interested in seeing someone else in the same type of role. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how it comes out to make that final judgment.

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