Mel Gibson breaks his silence: talks about tapes scandal, his damaged rep, and why he doesn't care if he acts ever again


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After months of silence following the leak of threatening phone calls between himself and the mother of his child, Oksana Grigorieva, Mel Gibson finally broke his silence. In a wide-ranging interview with Deadline’s Allison Hope Weiner, Gibson talked — sometimes openly, sometimes evasively — about his personal shame, the friends who’ve stood by him, and where his damaged career goes from here. He also vehemently denied the notion that he’s a racist and misogynist.

“I’ve never treated anyone badly or in a discriminatory way based on their gender, race, religion, or sexuality — period,” he said.” I don’t blame some people for thinking that though, from the garbage they heard on those leaked tapes, which have been edited.  You have to put it all in the proper context of being in an irrationally, heated discussion at the height of a breakdown, trying to get out of a really unhealthy relationship. It’s one terribly, awful moment in time, said to one person, in the span of one day and doesn’t represent what I truly believe or how I’ve treated people my entire life.”

When asked if audiences were so upset with him that he wouldn’t be able to continue as an actor, Gibson, who stars in the upcoming Jodie Foster film, The Beaver, replied, “I don’t care if I don’t act anymore … I could easily not act again. It’s not a problem. I’m going to do something now because I want to do it and because it’s fun. I’ve already pulled another job and it’s going to be fun. I don’t know if it’s going to get off the ground, but I’m going to go work for [Best Picture Oscar winner Braveheart‘s screenwriter] Randy Wallace again. He’s got this script and he’s had it for years … it’s almost like Alexandre Dumas — like that swashbuckler kind of stuff … It’s total bodice-ripping swashbuckling stuff, but it’s funny. It’s funny and yet it’s got really good serious undertones too. Randy writes a decent script. And I responded to it right away. I thought this is hilarious. I’ve got to do this. And I’m not the main guy in the film — which is great.”

Regarding the plea Gibson made in court for allegations that he hit Grigorieva, Gibson said: “I was allowed to end the case and still maintain my innocence. It’s called a West plea and it’s not something that prosecutors normally allow. But in my case, the prosecutors and the judge agreed that it was the right thing to do. I could have continued to fight this for years and it probably would have come out fine. But I ended it for my children and my family. This was going to be such a circus. You don’t drag other people in your life through this sewer needlessly, so I’ll take the hit and move on.”

In the interview, Gibson also seemed grateful for the support of celebrity friends and defenders like Foster and Whoopi Goldberg. “I knew Whoopi before she was Whoopi … She’s great and I always liked her and loved her. I like her even more now because she got it.” As for Foster, he gushed, “I’d give her a pedicure every day of the week if I could. We met on Maverick many years ago … She totally surprised me. I knew she was bright, so that didn’t surprise me. She was really bright. And she was pragmatic and extremely sensitive and a good heart, a real good heart. So how could you not become friends? … We maintained that over the years. We’ve both had our different little journeys. It’s untraditional. But there are a lot of things we have in common. I can empathize with her. From four years of age, she’s been out there. And it’s not that for me, but almost, because I was a baby when I started. I was probably more developmentally arrested at the age of 21 than she was at four. [Laughs] You couldn’t get two people who are more diametrically opposed on everything that they think about religion and politics than what we do. But there is a core of goodness there that’s undeniable and I just love her.”

He also said that he doesn’t blame those who didn’t come to his defense. “That doesn’t bother me,” he said. “Why would anyone want to speak publicly and drag themselves through this crap? It seems to add fuel to the fire. Very many people are supportive, of course, but you find out who your friends are. I have many friends and they’ve been great.”

Discussing his upcoming film, The Beaver, Gibson hinted that the movie’s themes of depression and desperation specifically appealed to him. “A guy said to me one time, something really profound, and it’s so simple,” he said. “It’s that depression lies. It’s a liar and you have to shut it down. There is nothing that alleviates it more than going out and doing something for someone else. It’s almost like instant healing. Get away from yourself. People can’t even get out of bed and it gets really severe. I’ve never been at that stage. Everyone goes through low and high and low and high and some people are blessed to be created on an even keel all the way through — but not me.”

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  • Gibson is a racist, woman-hating, lying narcissist.

    WHo cares what this woman-beating, racist, anti-semetic pathetic liar says. He won’t ever take responsibility and whoever is dumb enough to defend this piece of crap is a loser too.

    It’s called “karma” Mel. Enjoy your time in personal hell. You sent yourself there, no one else.

    • Sarah O

      I can understand why you feel that way, but I will make one point — Mel has said some pretty horrible things, but I don’t remember hearing how he ever actually DID anything horrible or racist or misogynistic to anyone, except if you believe that he hit Oksana, which I’m not sure I do. People say things when they’re drunk or high that they would never say when sober, and if he does think those awful things about women and other races, then he does a fairly good job trying to live his life in a way that doesn’t reflect his inner thoughts. You don’t have to buy what I’m saying, but it’s something to think about? Jodie Foster is an awfully smart person, and she still totally defends him.

      • A Jenn

        “except if you believe that he hit Oksana, which I’m not sure I do”
        You must be the only one because even Mel Gibson has said he hit her. He gave some BS story of how she was going nuts and he was calm one who hit her to knock sense into her. After hearing those tapes, how can anyone believe he was calm in that moment? This guy has temper for days. He had to admit he hit her because there was proof even though he is still trying to deflect blame and not accept responsiblity for his actions. As for Jodie Foster defending him, she is his friend. Is it news to you that friends are often in denial about their relationship? A friend can be the worst character witness because they have such a myopic view of the person that they are blind to many of their faults. Their personal experience is eclipsing the big picture.

      • Sarah is a dumb enabler biotch

        Nuff said

      • D

        I believe this pot call the kettrle black..classy reply to someones thoughts…

      • Jackie

        I agree with you Sarah O. People have done and said much worse in this world; I’m sure he’s a good person and I’d like to see him act again.

      • Buffy Freak

        No offense Sarah but how exactly are you sure he’s a good person? The drunk driving, the tapes with Oksana, the stuff he said about Jews when he was arrested, knocking up another woman when he was married. Pretty much all the evidence points to him not being a good person at all..rather it points to him being quite an a-hole.

      • Buffy Freak

        Sorry…my comment was meant for Jackie…

      • Mike

        Wow, I’d hate to be a friend of all of you perfectly, bitter little judgmental $#%^!# who have never made a mistake or gone through hard times.

      • Hugh Beaumont

        The only problem with your argument is that you’re wrong. That and you didn’t read the article. Tsk. Tsk.

      • B

        I’m sure he’s an a#$hole… but Braveheart was AWESOME!!!

      • Jackson

        He called a jewish woman an, “Oven-Dodger”. Seriously, and you defend this person? This garbage, this man who wants a “GANG OF N-” to rape his ex? This racist, woman hating pig? THIS is who you choose to defend. Shame on you.

      • Ryan

        B, you almost said it right: I’m sure Mel is a sexist, antisemetic, violent, dangerous, drunk-driving, women beating, republican voting psychopath… but Braveheart was the bomb yo… braveheart was the bomb…

    • joblo

      Nothing Gibson said should be excused. But at the same time we ALL say and do horrible, stupid things at some point in our life, but are probably lucky enough for it to not be recorded. And, as pointed out, when has he actually DONE something bad to anyone of another race? He said bad stuff. But we all deserve a chance at redemption – if not, we are all screwed.

      • Juneau

        I, for one, have NEVER spoken that way to another human being in my life and I never will. It’s not just what he said to her (and about Jews when he was arrested) it’s the belief system that has to be in place for someone to utter such vile and hatred. Someone who is not racist or sexist would never say the things he said. No matter how drunk or high they were. Substances just enhance the true person, they don’t recreate him. He’s one messed up dude and he should hang it up because he’s through in Hollywood. I’ll never pay to see a movie of his again and I’m not sure I’ll ever watch the old movies I have with him in them again either.

      • mae

        Obviously Mel was in the middle of several serious alcoholic binges when he said those horrible things. Alcoholics have a disease, it manifests differently in everyone, Mel’s disease obviously manifests in verbal abuse. Hopefully he can stay away from the hooch.

      • joblo

        @Juneau, it’s funny the lines people draw w/ Hollywood. We’ll give a guy like Roman Polanski, who raped a woman, and Oscar and go to bat for him continually in the press. We’ll defend Charlie Sheen and his drugged-out whoring ways. Christian Bale & Alec Baldwin may get a free pass. But then Mel gets the boycott. How is Mel any worse than these other guys? How can Polanski still have ANY support whatsoever, let alone the high level that he actually has? I don’t get the randomness of it all. 2nd chances for some, but not others I guess.

      • Lisa Simpson

        @joblo – Who here is defending Polanski or Sheen? Your argument holds no water because it is based on a faulty premise.

      • Ryan

        Can’t say I’ve ever called a jewish person an “Oven Dodger” or anything of the equivalent… can’t say I have…

    • cheryl

      Oh please…you holier than thou idiots. As far as i am concerned, he is guilty of leaving his beautiful wife and children for some gold digger. Whatever happened after that was consequences for exterminating his marriage. I believe it was a toxic relationship he found himself in and the gold digger put the screws to him. So sad. But I will definitely see more movies with him.

      • Jackie

        He and his wife were separated for long, long before they actually divorced. And in the height of this drama, she went on the record and defended him.

      • Juneau

        And that makes his wife what? Impartial and intelligent?

      • Ruby

        Agreed. I’ll keep seeing his movies too. Think what you will about Gibson, but he’s still an amazing actor and director.

      • BLT

        I love Mel Gibson, the Actor. You cannot deny he is one of the best actors of our time. I’ll continue to watch his films.

      • Kayla

        I agree. Oksana is clearly a gold-digger. She doesn’t even work, she just leaches on rich hollywood actors. Besides who cares about other people’s lives. People who do are judgemental people who watches nothing but celebrity tabloids.

      • Tajah

        Like he said, he was in a bad place emotionally and mentally with Oksana who was willing/able to exploit his issues. Who has never, ever said anything they regretted? Or done something they wish they had not? I was not present during their relationship, I do not know everything that went on behind closed doors.

        I have always thought Mel was a great actor and director and applaud those who stood by him as his friends. It must have been very difficult for everyone, especially his family and ex-wife. I hope he continues to make movies because I will continue to see them.

      • Foxer

        I wish the paid apologists for this d-bag would fcuk off. Instead they hit multiple sites under multiple names asking people to “Awwww think of poor Mel who got taken in by that darned golddigger”. Oh, yeah and forget all the n-words and ‘oven-dodger’ comments while your at it.

      • bea green

        I agree wirh you. He lefr his wife and kids for a crazy goldigger and he is pYing for it dearly. Oh yeah by the way I too suffer from depression so I like seeing movies on how others handle it. But it must have at least 3 stars movies are expensive.

    • Cecebs

      And what makes you any better since you’ve decided to go on a name calling, stereotyping rant yourself?

    • mel

      you will join him after what you said moron

      • cheryl


      • Nah, Mel, because I don’t hit women holding babies, and I don’t hates blacks and jews

        So you’re the moron. LMFAO

    • Tensen Jensen

      America is all about second chances, third and fourth chances if need be. While what he is inexcusable, the man must be allowed a chance to rise up again. We are a forgiving nation. Hoping that he learned something from this, I say we all move on. A tough sell but a necessary one.

    • Bluto

      ““I’ve never treated anyone badly or in a discriminatory way based on their gender, race, religion, or sexuality — period.” Well, while sober, anyway—which as we’ve seen, is not that often.

    • andy

      what funny is Mel totally tries to excuse his taped phone call while ignoring his other episodes of out of control vitriol (remember “sugar t$ts” and the anti-Semitic drunken rant)….he is clearly struggling with serious mental health issues and also clearly avoiding dealing with them

      which means we can expect another Mel rant within a year or two

    • Tim

      Your the same type of person who would give Sean Penn a pass for all the hugg’n and kiss’n he had done on the worlds most evil dictators. Mel Gibson is Mel Gibson, he may not be chemically balanced right, but he makes good movies behind the camera and in front of it. I’ll watch them and guess what other people will to. So here’s a cheer for you seeing him more and making your miserable life a bit more miserable!!!

    • Kensuke

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  • Stephanie

    No one knows what really happened, or what their relationship was like, so it’s a little self-righteous to persecute him for behavior reported by journalists and media whose sole goal is to obtain readership. Media tends to state facts in segments so that it’s easily misconstrued and produces more interesting entertainment/news. It’s their job, it’s their livlihood.

    • cheryl

      Stephanie, you are so right. Thank you for your comments. I totally agree about the media. Good luck, Mel.

    • andy

      so blame the media for reporting Mels own words??? what a pathetic enabler you are stephanie

    • Heathbar

      Stephanie, I’m curious to know if you listened to the tapes of those phone calls? All media reporting and editing aside, he said some really horrible things! Do you forgive him for it, or did you just not hear them? Just wondering.

  • Marie

    I still like Mel, through all of this. I think that what he did was wrong, but I think that forgiveness is necessary. He’s probably very sorry for everything that has happened.

    • steph

      Me too. I can’t help it.

    • SaraS

      I agree.

      • Sho

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  • James

    This, like so many “I was misunderstood” articles is full of holes. Let’s be honest, he and Ms. Foster have a movie to sell and promote and will do what it takes to do it. He was arrested and did not contest the judgement, so something must have happened or he would have fought it. This would go a lot furhter if no movie type business was involved and he had spoken out long ago. He was not the victim in this and the other cases of bad behavior and he is whining like he was. Sorry, not buying it.

    • What?

      Did you even read the article? I didn’t see where he insinuated that he was “misunderstood”. He stated facts and seems to be genuinely remorseful.

  • RMS

    That was a very level-headed interview. He has said and done some inappropriate things but I believe that he deserves another chance at redemption.

  • Oliver

    It’s easy to label someone when you have an elevated sense of your own goodness. Mel’s just human, and any human who has spent enough time on this planet should get a little humility out of the experience. There’s something more powerful than Karma called “forgiveness.”

    • Jordan

      I agree. He’s done and said some awful things, but everyone needs a second chance.

      • K

        Time will tell. Obviously the relationship wasn’t good, but there were two people in the relationship to make it bad so it’s not just “her” fault. And there is an innocent child who is in the middle.
        I think the big problem with this episode is that it came after the previous DUI where he said some sexist, racist things while he was drunk. Hopefully he’s gotten help, but again – time will tell.

      • Juneau

        I don’t have to forgive him. It’s not our place to forgive or not forgive unless I’m the one he hit. What I can do is decide if I want to pay to see this clown in a movie again and that’s a no-brainer.

      • Mellissa

        I do not have to forgive him. I don’t have to like him. He denies an event that killed several of my family members (the Holocaust). When he refers to people of my religion as “an oven-dodger” he does not deserve my respect, my forgiveness, or my hard earned money. He should be asking the Jews for forgivness for the things he said, instead of trying to pretend he never said it.

      • @Mellissa

        You Jews always make things about you, don’t you?

      • ???

        Mellissa, you and Mark were made for each other!!

  • Ryan

    I hope that Mel can turn his life around. It sounds like he is on the right path but only time will tell.

    • Mellissa

      He’s had several chances to change his spots, after each and every one of his hateful, anti-semetic drunken rant. Yeah, it really sounds like this is the time he’s learned his lesson…until the next time he has a movie to promote.

  • Dee

    Of course Mel didn’t actually do anything that racist like treat someone bad but most of the things that happen that show that someone is racist is from them opening their mouth. It usually seeps out. It’s like Trump…that man is racist big time and I don’t care if he’s friends with Snoop who doesn’t really have a career anymore.

    • Lisa Simpson

      I agree that what people say is important, and being drunk doesn’t excuse that. Alcohol just released the latent racism in him.

      I was a huge fan of his early in his career (pre-Lethal Weapon), but I haven’t been able to stomach him much since then. He became self-satisfied in interviews, his acting became lazy, and he lost his intrigue.

      • Pham

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      • Rocky

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    • Lala

      Actully, no. Most people say racist things to other people because they know it hurts them most. Haven’t you ever been in a fight with someone, a loved one even, and cursed at them, said things you never would say because you know it would hurt their feelings but still said them because in that moment of anger you just want to hurt that person. If not, than I guess you’re just a baby without any life experiences.

      • Lisa Simpson

        Saying something hateful to someone in the heat of an argument and spewing hate and mysogyny are two different things. You have to have those ideas in your head for them to come out.

      • @Lisa

        Where did Gibson spew hate and mysogony? It WAS in the heat of the argument, so stop you holier-than-thou attitude, Lisa. God, you’re just as annoying as your namesake. No wonder you picked it as your username.

      • Heathbar

        He spewed hate and misogyny on those tapes of his phone calls to his girlfriend. Specifically, he said she shouldn’t speak unless he said so, she should just smile and blow him, and he said he could bury her under the rose garden. He screamed with such rage, it was terrifying to hear.

      • Mellissa

        I have never said something racist in the heat of the moment arguement. I’ve called people jerks, or bi-otches, but never “oven dodger” or the n word.

      • You

        @Lisa and Heathbar, it’s mysogOny not, mysogYny, learn to spell. And Mel already said those tapes were cut and paste so I don’t know why you believe every word you heard. @Mellissa, yeah right. And you never called anyone a f*ggot either, did you? Your kind always does. Hypocrite.

  • Karate Pants

    “I’ve never treated anyone badly or in a discriminatory way based on their gender, race, religion, or sexuality…”
    Suuuure. He’s obviously sick or delusional, but how in the world are ANY OF YOU buying this garbage?

    • Chichi

      Easy, because this society is going to an eternally hot place in a handbag.

      • Joanie Loves Chachi

        It’s getting a little hot in here now. I can’t believe all the mean, evil people who want Mel Gibson’s butt on top of a pitchfork. Sick. Really, sick.

    • RJ

      @Karate Pants. Your quote again goes back to what most of the other posters said. He has said a bunch of stupid things…but I don’t believe for one second he mistreated Oksana because of her gender or race. H e would not have gotten involved with her in the first place if he was really that way. I am not sure about anyone else, but when I am really, really mad at someone, I say stupid things that I know will hurt them or get under their skin. I have said some aweful crap, not because I truly believed what I was speaking, but more because I knew it would temporarily hurt them or their feelings. When we are upset and want to get even, we resort to being someone other than our true selves.

      • Mellissa

        OK, so that explains Oksana. Want to explain away each and every anti-Semetic rant he went on? His denial of the Holocaust? His How the Jews Killed Jesus movie?

        Oh, that’s right, he’s never treated anyone badly because of their religion…

      • @Mellissa

        The Bible specifically states the Jews could choose between killing Jesus and a murder and they chose Jesus. Now, I don’t believe any of the sh*t. But if you have a problem with that, then you essentially have a problem with an important part of Christianity. So don’t complain to Gibson, complain to Christians in general, but I guess you don’t want to do that. Unless you do, cause then I have got a little thing to say about the Jewish belief that the Jews are God’s Chosen people.

  • Brett

    What Mel does in his personal life is his business. This movie looks good, can’t wait to see it!

    • D-CANOE

      You’re lying Brett. If you or anyone else goes to see this movie in any kind of number, I will eat my hat. This movie will fail. Gibsons career will take its last and final desperate gasp and we’ll all be forget about him in a week.

  • Gibbs

    i boycott this man and refuse to spend 1 cent on any movie he is associated with. He is clearly an anti-semite. Yes, he is very talented. Sadly, he couldn’t keep his own beliefs to himself.

    • D

      so you boycott all of hollywood for the stupuid things they say or horrible lifestyles they live?

      • Juneau

        Yup! That’s the only way to have a voice in a situation like this. Why do you think celebs have PR machines. Because it costs lots them and others lots of money when the truth about them comes out. If people didn’t boycott, they’d all act like they own the world.

    • bea green

      I bet there are alot of jews associated with this movie. Keeping your dollar from them?

  • Sanderson

    Don’t like Mel, never have, just got a wrong vibe off him. The fact that he didn’t even consider that the conversations were being taped, however, makes me think he was having an an alcohol/drug-fueled mania. (Cuz I’m bipolar& manic rages are BAD.) Bipolars used to be called “Dr Jekyl/Mr Hyde” … He should just say that, if it’s true, and not try to … whatever this is … Take your meds & don’t drink.

  • Mark

    I hope Mel Gibson wil die of cancer like Patrick Swayze.

    • AER

      You’re disgusting.

      • Mark

        I hope Gibson gets LUNG CANCER.

      • Mrs. Crabtree

        Mark’s mother didn’t give birth to him, he just fell out of her a$$.

      • I Love Laverne Defasio

        Hey Mark, I hope you wiped your mouth after taking that big dump.

    • Brett

      Hey Mark,
      That’s just vile, worse than anything Mel Gibson has said in his life. Shame on U.

    • Cathy

      I’m not sure what’s wrong with you, but please get some help.

      • Mark

        I hope the talentless bald racist Nazi Mel Gibson will get PANCREATIC CANCER – just like Patrick SWayze did.

    • Friday

      I’m with Mark.


    @ Oliver: I’m not sure if “karma” in the borrowed Western (English) context means the same as what “we” “here” have been both informally and formally educated as part of our real life in Buddhism, ETC. Karma is about what you do, your action; n a strict sense, it’s got nothing to do with another concept of forgiveness. In our life, we’ve done both good and bad karma(s); somehow, these all (as believed so in Buddhism) will come round to us either in this life or the next one. I’m quite sure that this is what has been taught even since the previous 2,5XX years by Buddha. And the reconnaissance has been kept prevailing in (East) Asia as part of formal and informal education, in many cases, from day one of a child’s life.

    – –

    It’s not just another cool word.

    – –

    To have it related, matter-of-factly put, sooner or later Gibson, the same going to all of us, will receive the ramifications of his karma(s) in this or next life to come. @anyone: I’m not saying I buy it — his interview and all the circus — or not as I haven’t been following his curious case; I’m doing it for the sake of clarification.

    – –

    PS: I’m not religious as put in Western context. Yes, forgiveness is good.

    • Le HIROSHI

      Correction: IN a strict sense. Clarification: The concept of forgiveness is also available in Buddhism.

      – –

      The main post is directed to OLIVER, not as part of religious promotion.

  • Tim

    You know, I’m about 100% positive that every single human being on this earth has done or said something they regret dearly, in the heat of a moment. Many people have COUNTLESS regrets. Unless your life is 100% perfect, and no one’s is, leave this poor man alone and worry about your own damn life. I’m tired of everyone treating him like some kind of monster when he’s only human, just like the rest of us.

    • Juneau

      There are degrees of regret. I would never use the C- word, especially to the mother of my child. Only a D-bag would.

      • Mrs. Crabtree

        Well aren’t you special, Mr. Perfect.

      • Cathy

        Having been called that by my ex-husband, I appreciate someone who would not denigrate someone in such a manner.

      • Lisa Simpson

        @Mrs. Crabtree – You don’t have to be perfect to know when someone has crossed the line. Mel did.

      • Thomas

        I am so tired of reading your self righteous bs. You are not perfect, you have made mistakes. You have insulted people. Whether you want to come to terms with that or not is up to you. You keep on spouting that you have never said anything wrong to anyone, you are starting to sound a lot like the person you despise.
        I understood what mel said as in the tapes were modified. It was obvious that they were and taken out of context.

        You have have said horrible things to people and you regret it so much to the point that you are in denial that they actually happened. Grow up and take responsibility for your actions and quit being a hypocrite.
        Also to the people that said because he called his ex a the c word he crossed the line. For your information, some people just consider that another word. My roommate did for a while until I told him and finally convinced him it is a not a word to use loosely.
        Do I believe everything Mel said in the article. No not everything? But I do believe he is genuinely remorseful for it. He knows what he did was wrong and did take responsibility for it.
        For the record he didn’t admit in the article he hit her. He said he could have fought it and fought it and fought it but in the process he was dragging his children through it and he felt that was wrong to do so he took the hit and ended it.

      • LOL

        FREE MEL!

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