'The Avengers' begins: First set-photo from Day 1 of filming


Image Credit: Zade Rosenthal

Ah, absence makes the heart grow fonder…

Joss Whedon has spent one day shooting this little movie known as The Avengers, and right now all we have to see from it is this pic from the set. Apparently the actors have chairs that identify them not by name, but by character. (Just me, but I think they should have made Hulk’s twice as big and kind of broken.)

You know the players: Serenity and Buffy the Vampire Slayer geekdom cult-hero Whedon is directing from his own script, and Robert Downey Jr. reprises the role of Iron Man, with Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Chris Evans as Captain America, and Mark Ruffalo joining the Marvel universe as the human half of the Hulk.

Marvel Studios confirms some other casting tidbits: Tom Hiddleston, who plays the villainous, trickster god Loki in Thor, is confirmed to join the cast, along with Stellan Skarsgard, who co-stars in Thor as Professor Eric Selvig, an astrophysicist researching the celestial link between the god-world of Asgard and Earth.

Cobie Smulders, from TV’s How I Met Your Mother, is another newcomer to the Marvel world, playing SHIELD agent Maria Hill, while Clark Gregg, the thread linking many of these movies, is once again playing Agent Phil Coulson. As previously reported, of course, The Hurt Locker‘s Jeremy Renner is in as the archer Hawkeye, and Scarlett Johansson returns as her Iron Man 2 character Black Widow, while Samuel L. Jackson, who kicked off the whole thing with that post-credits cameo in 2008’s Iron Man, is back as the man with a patch, SHIELD mastermind Nick Fury.

The movie is currently shooting in Albuquerque, N.M., and will later move to Cleveland, Ohio, (Why? Does Hulk need something to smash? Kidding, Cleveland!) and New York City. The Avengers will be out May 4, 2012, though we’ll be seeing a lot more about it between now and then.

Meanwhile, what do you think of this snazzy new SHIELD logo?

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  • weaponX14

    Wow i love it, moments like these are why i still love the movies. Makes me feel like a kid again with a new to to play with. Now Whendon dont mess this up, u know no presure….

    • Adwina Lambert

      scar-ho is soooo Over-rated and over-exposed!! tee-hee!!

      • John

        Sucks that there’s only one female superhero in this, and a non-super-powered at that. If she barely had anything to do in Iron Man, I bet she will be virtually invisible here, with all the better-known male characters, who will not get short-drift over a woman. Sad. I wish this had been just Cap, Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, the Wasp, and the Scarlet Witch.

      • Baba Booey Can’t Throw

        I only WISH Scar Jo was “over exposed” if you know what I mean!

      • Sean

        If Whedon’s past work is any indication, the female roles in this movie, few as they may be, will still be non-throwaway ones. He so does like his female empowerment!

      • AcaseofGeo

        Any Avengers that does not include Diana Rigg as Emma Peel I will not watch. I don’t care if she is over 70.

    • Friday

      Joss will rock it… I bet my collection of BTVS graphic novels on it!

  • Thad

    Just can’t wait

    • JBD

      When does Spider-Man join the Avengers? I’ve only read the first 30 or so comics, and I know Hawkeye and Black Widow aren’t in them yet. I’m wondering if there’s any chance they’ll add Andrew Garfield to the list.

      • Angelo Barovier

        Zero chance. Avengers and the other movie subsets (Hulk, Thor, Cap, Iron Man, etc) belong to Marvel Studios. Spidey belongs to FOX. Those two studios don’t like each other. Movie rights are a funny thing.

      • Paolo

        Marvel/Disney doesn’t have the film rights to Spider-Man (I think Sony owns them) so they can’t feature Spider-Man in any of the Avenger movies until the rights go back to Marvel/Disney

      • rm

        Spider-man is licensed to a different studio, so it’s unlikely that the Andrew Garfield incarnation of Spider-Man will join in any sequels (but, hey, deals get made, crazier things have happened). However, Spidey has only very recently been a full-time Avenger in consideration of the long history of the team; i’d rather they plumb some of the great stories which rely on the interpersonal dynamic of the other characters without using Spider-Man just yet.

    • nancyD

      And I thought it was the return of Mrs. Peel and Steed. Darn.

  • Brett

    What new logo? Isn’t that the S.H.I.E.L.D. emblem?

    • Nav

      I think its going to be great and if you keep up with the Avengers the bad guy from Thor is one of the main Villains and one of the more powerful foes. The treailr looks good but I didn’t see the Hulk, one of my favorite characters on the Avengers team I will be very disappointed if he is not in the movie. And as far as villains go I think they should stick too the originals .. Thor brother, bad guy from Captain America or great Villains in the series.

  • JLC

    I am torn between wanting to know everything about this movie, and wanting to know absolutely nothing about this movie, if you catch my drift. I want to be totally surprised by the movie, but the waiting will be agonizing.

    • M

      I feel the same way! But I think I’m going to try to avoid information (just like I’m doing with the Hobbit!)

  • Hugo Hefner

    I hope Loki will not be in ‘The Avengers’ and Hulk should not be a villain. They should include some of the following villains:

    Baron Zemo, Collector, Count Nefaria, Egghead, Grandmaster, Graviton, Grim Reaper, Immortus, Kang, Korvac, Legion of the Unliving , Lethal Legion, Master Pandemonium, Masters of Evil, Morgan le Fay, Nebula, Space Phantom. Super-Adaptoid. Supreme Intelligence, Squadron Sinister, Taskmaster, Thanos, Ultron, Zodiac

    • X-23

      I actually liked Loki as a villain, and I think it’s going to be imminent that the Hulk turns into one.

    • Karl

      A Count Nefaria reference. Nice!

    • AV

      Your list is missing Marvel’s most notable villain, Dr. Doom. He’s not only a Fantastic Four villain; he’s pretty much battled everyone there is in the Marvel Universe, from the Avengers to the X-men.

      To bad those god awful Fantastic 4 films ruined any legacy on film he could have had.

  • Bryan Gosling

    The Avengers is going to be even more overstuffed and bloated with more major characters and multiple storylines than ‘Spider-Man 3’ and ‘Iron Man 2’ combined.

    Iron Man, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Thor, Hulk, Captain America, Nick Fury, Agent Phil Coulson, Maria Hill and soon many more.

    Ant-Man and Wasp might be in this.
    From the teaser trailer it seems that there will be several major villains in the film too and there are many possible supporting characters from each of the individual films of Iron Man, Hulk, Thor and Captain America who may appear as well.

    If you include too many noticeable characters, then they’re all going be vying for attention from the audience and then none of them would get the screentime or character development they deserve.

    This movie will have problems like ‘Spider-Man 3’ and ‘Iron Man 2’ with too many storylines, too many key characters, too little screentime for certain characters, etc.

    • Coredy

      Yeah, but in those other movies most of teh villains and characters had to be introduced as well as factor heavily into teh plot. This movie has teh luxury of already having full movies dedicated to these characters (so no character introduction is needed), and tehrefore they can spend time on actual plot. Also, Whedon is great with large casts

    • Quirky

      The problem with Spiderman 3 wasn’t too many characters, it was too many origin stories. But for the Avengers all of the original stories will already be done so this should be no different than X-Men 2.

      • Etty

        Thank God! Someone with bairns speaks!

    • irwan

      i agree on Iron Man 2. it’s too much stuff goin on in soooo LITTLE time. THAT’s WHY The Avengers should have the proper time length to make a more coherent storytelling involving all these big characters epic plot. it can’t be RUSHED. and with disney now having a major say in this, i just hope they won’t KID-ify this whole thing and making it more family-friendly or campy or anything stupid like that.
      ps: let’s just think of this to be The Godfather of all super hero movies (for now), and if you recall The Godfather does have several multiple major characters..so, i guess you can mainly focus on the big 4 (cap, tony, thor and banner/hulk) plus Fury and Loki (the villain), the rest would be more in supporting capacities, even scarjo’s widow and renner’s hawkeye (who should be officially part of the team and NOT just a shield operatives). the rest should be considered cameos. so, don’t worry, it’s not THAT many characters to focus on.

  • al

    That is not the Avengers logo. That is the Shield logo for Nick Fury’s covert agency. Read a comic book.

    • Mike

      HAHAHA… wow, not everyone sits around all day reading comic books. How about you go outside.

      • Jay

        Uhm… I knew that and I haven’t read a comic book since the 1990’s.
        You are obviously upset because evey one else gets laid more than you. Maybe YOU should get a life

      • KC

        Your mothers called and said for the 3 of you to shut the door to the basement on your way outside.

      • Jay

        @KC: I guess you dont know how to count, so I’ll point out how stupid your reply is:
        I stated I had not read a comic book since the 90’s. I was 14 in 1991…. since that time, I have defended our country (as a US Marine) gotten married, and now I have kids who play in the basement. My mother lives several towns away.

        Why do you have mother issues..? Did your mother rape you or something?

      • Angelo Barovier

        …said the guy on the internet.

      • KC

        Seek some counseling.
        It would appear YOU are the one with issues.

      • Jay

        @KC: so you are comfortable with the fact that your mother raped you as a child? Wow, deep troubling issues I have, dont I?

      • Jay

        @KC: I will get the last word… I’m getting paid to instigate this fight, so please…. reply again

      • KC

        Why not confess that you were booted out of the Marines for coming on to your commanding officer?

      • KC

        If anyone happens to be in the same movie theater as Jay during Captain America, you might want to sit away from him since he’ll be spanking his franklin to Chris Evans. I hope he brings some Kleenex.

      • UGH

        I’d have to give KC the edge on this one. Jay seems to have some issues of some sort. Do as KC said, get some help.

      • Ben Linus

        As far as I can see KC instigated the fight so technically he’s the troll that should be seeking counciling. Just because some one chooses to defend them selves does not mean that they have a mental disorder. That’s what’s wrong with this country; every time some one stands up for them selves they’re shot down (unless you’re a conservative).

      • Erica

        No, Jay made some sort of error with KC’s ability to count. It appears that Jay first posted as “al”, “Mike” made the first instigation and “al” then posted as “Jay” to retort. KC put his nose in everyone’s business there and Jay snapped.

      • Jay

        I’m sorry to anyone who actually wanted to discuss the Avengers story (above) on these posts. I have nothing going on at work today and I decided to defend myself against a troll. I actually thought it would die that first time I actually TOLD him to come back with more…. you know, reverse psychology and all. I guess he’s not smart enough to figure out that I am enjoying the troll beat-down.

        @KC: I’m still bored… still at work… reply so I can blast you again

      • Ben Linus

        I see now that what Jay did was actually honorable as he defended al’s comment by blasting Mike’s Trollish response. KC then proceeded to to troll in response by generalizing all 3 comments with out using any form of reading comprehension. At this point Jay defended him self against KC. As for the continuing argument back and forth if you are attacked as Jay was with out provocation then if he backs down he becomes a victim of cyber bullying. I commend you Jay for standing up for your self; I too never back down when attacked because I am not a victim either. Go back under the bridge trolls.

      • KC

        Bored too. I guess I’ll really churn up the gutter and hope there’s no highjinx going on with you with those kids in the basement.

    • DDubSolider

      Jay seek some help. Remember when u called me a stupid idiot on 1 of the transformers 3 posts?? Yes and why are you no longer in the marines???…

  • krayzeman

    I think we’re ALL praying Whedon doesnt mess this up…

  • al

    If you read the origin you know who the major characters should be. Wasp and Antman are not major players in this film. Loki and some traditional marvel bad guys like the Skrulls are fine to fight these heroes. It will not be a fiasco like spidey 3 so relax. Whedon knows how to coordinate many characters so that it works well. It won’t be anymore bloated that a Justice league movie coming in a few years.

  • UGH

    I wish Ultron was the villian.

  • scott

    The only reason I’m excited for this movie is Joss Whedon. Growing up, I loved Marvel comics. I liked Thor, Hulk and Iron Man, but The Avengers were never my fav. I can’t think of one classic storyline on the level of, say, The X-Men’s Phoenix Saga, or the FF’s Coming of Galactus. I’m hopeful about this, however. I’m such a Whedon fan, I think it may even redeem a few characters. Say, if Thor, or Captain America sucks as much as the Hulk movies did, at least they’ll get a second chance with Whedon’s spin on it. Now, if only he was the one rebooting the X-Men franchise.

    • J J

      The new xmen movie isn’t a reboot, just a prequel. And yes they took liberty with characters and history of the comic, but the comic has done that itself many times.

    • Rock Golf

      If you’re looking for genuine classic Avengers tales, try the Kree-Skrull War saga (issues 89-97), the Korvac saga of the 80s and particularly the “Nefaria Supreme” story. (He steals the power of enough other supervillains that he is effectively Superman. Written by Shooter, drawn by George Perez. The last-page appearance of Thor in issue #166 is the only time in 40 years of comic books where I literally felt the hair on my neck stand up.)

      • brad in ohio

        The Kree-Skull war was one of the best Marvel stories (with one of the most satisfying endings) of the 60s and 70s, with great work from Roy Thomas, Neal Adams & John Buscema, ranking right up there with The Dark Phoenix saga and the Galactus story. I also love the Invasion of Avengers Mansion story in #273-277 from 1987. Its not epic in scope but just one of the best good guys vs bad guys story and amazing art by Buscema and Tom Palmer.

  • J J

    I just can’t see a justice league movie working out. Unless Nolan is going to direct it, I doubt we’d see Batman as we now know him.

    • Angelo Barovier

      Already confirmed by the studio we won’t see Nolan’s Batman in JL.

  • crispy

    I just do not picture Robin Sparkles in a superhero movie.

  • JRWolfe

    Loki was the villan in the very first Avengers comic book,it was his actions that brought the team together.

    • JBD

      Loki was one of my favorite villains, probably for this reason.

  • Clayton

    Hoping to make it in as an extra in Cleveland. Whedon is my hero

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