'The Hunger Games': District 4 tributes cast


Welcome to The Hunger Games, Ethan Jamieson and Tara Macken.

Keeping in line with its tribute casting choices thus far, Lionsgate has brought two more relative unknowns to the big screen adaptation of Suzanne Collins’ dystopian novels. The studio announced today via its official Hunger Games Facebook page that Jamieson and Macken will play the unnamed tributes of District 4, one of the more affluent areas of Panem known primarily for its fishing industry.

Jamieson will make his transition to the big screen from television (he enjoyed a bit role on an episode of One Tree Hill). Macken, meanwhile, whose previous work includes both acting and stunts (something that should definitely come in handy in the arena), could get a fair amount of screen time, as her Hunger Games character forms an alliance with the careers, the District 3 boy (Ian Nelson), and of course, Peeta (Josh Hutcherson.) Jamieson and Macken join a cast that includes Jennifer Lawrence, Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, Paula Malcolmson, Willow Shields, and Elizabeth Banks, who confirmed just today that she will play Effie Trinket in the film.

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  • Suua P.

    I think that these two are perfect! I love how this casting is going so far!

  • jk

    i am seeing how they are casting the rest of the tributes and am even more convinced that Jennifer Lawrence is way WAY to old to play Katniss and so is the girl they cast to play prim..

    • s-k-s

      Yeah, everyone else actually looks like a child – it will just make her stick out like a sore thumb.

      • Liz

        I don’t know- I think that yea, she looks older, but we dont know how they are going to do make up etc and the ages could look more closely together.

        Also, the tributes that have the most screen time (glimmer, thresh, etc) look much closer in age to Jennifer, so I think where it matters the most, there won;t be a huge disparity

    • Elaine

      It’s true. Katniss was to be small in size and look young. The complete opposite of JLaw. We are also seeing that there ARE natural blonde hair, blue-eyed male actors so that hiring of Josh Hutch. who is just average as an actor is bunk. They screwed up with the main three now they are trying to make it up with the rest of the cast. but it looks even worse now with JLaw and Josh H. looking like they are in a different movie. I like the pick of elizabeth banks for air head effie.

    • millie

      The girl playing Prim is ten years old..

  • jets

    I think they went for slighty unattractive by movie standars here so no one would become attached to them. Because they’ll be dead within seconds of first showing up on screen.

    • Tribute Girl

      True, the boy tribute dies in seconds, but the girl stays alive for a while longer, forming an alliance with the careers. If you read the article, you would’ve known that.

      • lauren

        The look on Ethan’s little face when cato stabbed him. He looked scared to death. I hope it was quick for him. i with they gave him a name. He looks like a little Felix to me (Dont Ask why. haha )

  • Jeanine

    Does anyone think that some of these girl tributes are coming from the unknowns that were allowed to audition for the Katniss part, pre-Jennifer Lawrence. They physically resemble Katniss as she was described in the books. Doesn’t bother me – and,as a side note, I love Jen Lawrence as Katniss! – just wanted to point it out.

    • Mallory


    • Elaine

      True. I was just thinking “man, that girl would make a great Katniss and the boy a good Peeta.” Everything we see them on screen, the other tributes are going to look more like Katniss and Peeta than JLaw and Josh h.

    • lauren

      whoops……….. i ment i wish they gave him a name

  • Logen

    Oh the boy is so cute and little!
    Curse you Capitol and your evil children-murdering ways!

    • ethanfan11

      yeah! him and rue were my favorite. i was mad when that male tribute came up and killed him. he looked so terrified (good acting, he has potential.). the capitol is crazy wanting to see kids kill each other like that, district 11 had the right to be mad when rue died! i would have had a riot too!

      • Melodie

        i love ethan jamieson soooooooo much, just applied for his autograph lol \<<<3333 ;D

  • Becky

    how old is the girl tribute (from district 4)? She looks like she is 29…. I know she probably won’t be seen much in the movie but still isn’t she a bit old? J
    ennifer is in any way to old for Katniss….i honestly think she is the perfect katniss.

  • Becky

    whoops typo… Jennifer is not to old to be playing Katniss…

  • katie

    I think they will be great. I think they need to have some of these younger kids (like Ethan) to really drive home the point that these are CHILDREN. In the book, the boy from 4 is probably stronger and older, since Katniss is surprised he dies early. But, I don’t think that matters in the scheme of things.

    • Katy

      Katniss is surprised he’s killed because he’s a Career. not just because he was strong.

  • Sarah & Kate

    I’m just hoping they have Ariana Baio for Clove because she would ROCK as clove. and Robbie Amell for Cato

  • jk

    katniss is 16…pick up the latest GQ…jl is clearly not event remotely close to looking like a girl in her mid teens

    • elcamino

      Say they cast Steinfeld even if you could get her with her hair to spend 3 to 4 yrs in the woods getting dirty. Her age only 6 hrs on the set along with having a tutor.Jennifer at her age the standard 10 to 12 hrs. HS upwards 8 months shooting,JL around 4 to 5 months.

  • jk

    pick up the latest GQ…jl is clearly not event remotely close to looking like a girl in her mid teens

    • Ralphie

      Because she is made up to be a sexy older woman
      in the GQ spread…that mag caters to older guys. It’s not J14 or whatever. She can look very youthful if you have not seen Winters Bone.

      Besides any actor under 16 is subject to
      intense labor laws. Choosing major characters to have actors 17+ is advantageous for production. Get over the age debate please!

  • millie

    The girl playing Prim is yen years old? I don’t understand?

  • el camino

    Its a good cast. I like Tara. She looks to be a bit of Asian decent. Its of how I think of Mags though older. She to me is asian though not sterotyping but her size in the book says asian.

  • Tribute Girl

    The boy looks like he had potential… to bad he was killed at the Cornucopia… If only Rue and Katniss had found him first…

    • ethanfan11

      i agree. it would be great if katniss and rue found him before the cornucopia. him, peeta, katniss and rue would all make a good team. he does look like he has potential.

  • lauren

    aww Ethan is soo cute and adorable. I dont want him to die in the movie. I would love to pinch his little cheeks. curse the capitol for killing little kids! !

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