Kristen Stewart on the 'Breaking Dawn' baby decision: 'I'm so on Bella's Side'


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We won’t get a chance to see Breaking Dawn until it’s in theaters in November, but in this week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly we got a first look at some of the action, as well as hearing from The Twilight Saga‘s cast and stars (warning: spoilers ahead!).

On one of the most anticipated scenes described in the final book — the birth of Edward (Robert Pattinson) and Bella’s (Kristen Stewart) baby, Renesmee — Kristen Stewart says, “This could really happen to anyone my age. I mean, maybe not the whole vampire thing, but everything else. It didn’t feel like, ‘Oh, how could you have possibly played this? It’s so beyond your years!’ It’s like, ‘Not really, dude. I could get f—ing get pregnant tomorrow.”

Stewart also defends her character’s choice to keep the baby, even though it threatened Bella’s life. “I’m so on Bella’s side,” she says. “The idea of destroying something they made together that could never happen again…. It has nothing to do with the pro-life thing. I just love the idea of her fighting.

She’s been willing to die for so much, but now you actually see her, well, literally die for it.”

For more behind-the-scenes details on Breaking Dawn, plus exclusive photos — including one of Bella and Edward in a steamy waterfall embrace — pick up the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, on stands now.

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  • Ptnyc

    It doesn’t matter what side of the issue Kristen Stewart supports because she is a horrible actress and there is no believability in her performance. I didn’t read the books but the Twilight movies were awful, mostly because of Stewart. She should have been a vampire because she drained the life out of the movies!

    • Jenny

      You really can’t judge the movie without reading the books… You get the whole perspective of how Bella acts through the storyline. Have you ever watched any of her other movies like Adventureland, Into The Wild, The Runaways, Welcome to the Rileys, Yellow Handkerchief and Cake Eaters? If you haven’t seen these, then your comment about her acting is a moot point! She’s a phenomenal actress!!!

      • Jason

        Yes.. yes you CAN judge the movies without reading the books. The movie is suppose to bring about the same emotion without it actually being TOLD to us like in the books. Kristen Stewart fails to do this. Passing it off as a “moot point” does not make the truth go away.

      • kazann

        I agree its hard to understand Kristen’s portrayal of Bella without having first read the books. That is how the character is written. A friend watched the first movie and said what a crap actress Kristen was. I recommended reading the book because the movies just don’t give you the lead up to understand Bella’s personality and the reasons she seems so different and subdued in comparison to her peers. That isn’t the fault of the actress. I lay that one completely a the screenwriter and possibly the editing. Once my friend had watched read the book she got the characters personalities better. They really rushed the build up to Bella and Edwards relationship in the Twilight movie. It has made it harder for those who have not read the books to understand some of the characters, particulary Bella. The rushed build up also gave Edward some of the corniest sounding lines and yet in context of the book they were often beautiful.

      • um I’ve seen those movies Jenny, and I thought she was terrible in those too! so what now?

      • Amber

        I don’t know, I felt like the Bella in the books was a lot stronger than the Bella in the movies. All of the scenes where Bella stood up for her self or for anything were taken out of the movies though, so I’m not sure that that’s Kristen’s fault.

      • Liz

        I think KStew is a good actress but the movies are weak(as are the books). They don’t really give her much to work with.

      • REL

        Yes, I have seen some of those movies. And she did an equally terrible job.

      • REL

        Yes, I have seen some of those movies. And she did an equally terrible job. She’s a terrible terrible actress.

      • Mick

        I don’t know about her being a phenomenal actress, but I will credit her with portraying Bella exactly as she was in the books. Restrained doesn’t begin to describe Bella. So many times I wanted to jump into the books and just shake her to get her to come to life and get a personality. She didn’t really do that until the last novel – and we know why…


      If you don’t like Kristen stewart or twilight then you should not be wasting your time commenting on this board. I mean for someone who dislikes the franchise and the actress you sure took some time out of your day to make a negative comment on it now didn’t you??

      • Rip

        Haters are gonna hate. Don’t mind them.

      • Thomas

        It’s really not that much time or effort as you might believe.

      • ha totally agree with Thomas. It really just took about 30 seconds, but if you think that’s a good portion of our day, so be it.

      • ME

        News is slow. What are you gonna do?
        But I wasn’t going to comment…until I read what she said about pregnancy. I guess, she’s right in one sense. But seriously, sometimes I wonder about this one. Her IQ level can’t be higher than the double digits.
        I know she didn’t mean it to sound like she’s supporting un-protected sex, but that’s exactly what came out of her mouth.

      • Linda

        I so agree….if you don’t like “Twilight” or the actors, instead of beig here, you should be seeking help for yourself. There are a lot of things I don’t like, I sure don’t try to find them on the internet to let people know how much I don’t like it or them…That’s just weird…imo..

      • Thomas

        you must be crazy if you don’t love everything that I love

      • Portia

        @ME: “supporting unprotected sex”? They were on their HONEYMOON. Why should they not have had unprotected sex?

      • ME

        @Portia: She was talking about everyday people. Not her character when she said “it could happen to anyone.” The way she said it was weird and could be taken out of context.

    • Tom

      Her and the rest of the cast are working with such awful material, they can’t stand above it/ krisin is a good actress, just watch The Runaways.

    • Nessa

      I think a lot of people have a bad first impression of K. Stew’s acting. I have been following her career since Lifetime’s Speak and the movie and Panic Room. Her acting may seem bad because it isn’t as dramatized. I am NOT a Twilight fine so I am not trying to be bias. If you really want to critique her, watch her other movies and I will take your opinions seriously. She just happened to have to choose such a horrible role… she was better off as underground actress.

    • Farah

      You can’t say that Kristen is a Bad actress, She’s REALLY Good and she is a wonderful person. She does anything to keep her fans happy and satisfied.. All of the actors and actresses she works with Praise her and say how amazing she is.
      You can’t criticize her that way because you are jealous or anything of that matter..
      Seriously, some people need eye glasses…

    • desy

      I find it funny when people say she’s a bad actress . I am not a twilight fan but i think she does her best with the material that is given to her. At least she doesn’t frown her face for the whole movie like Robert Pattinson.
      She is great as an actress and as a person. She blew me away in Speak panic Room the runaways and welcome to the rileys.
      Can’t wait to see her in snow white and the Huntsman.

    • sakara

      wait for the sequel: BELLA BREAKING WIND!

    • alexis

      no she didn’t she’s awesome dont be jealous about her acting sklils and if you dont have something nice to say, and you hate her soo much, then why comment??

    • Linda

      Again…one of those people to admit to not reading the books, didn’t like the “movies”, why did you keep going, hates KS so why go in the first place…Please seek help…your behavior is very odd…

    • J.L.A.

      there is no truth to this statement aside from the Twilight being awful part of said statement.

    • DEE

      Well said.

      • Lee

        I am a HUGE twilight fan, loved the books and the movies so far. But I HATE Kristen Stewards acting. SHE IS TERRIBLE! One of the worst actresses I’ve seen. I feel bad for people that haven’t read the books because they lost what Bella was supposed to be like through Kristen’s terrible acting. Shes awkward everywhere she is, giving a speech, being interviewed. She’s best to not go on the big screen again.

  • StewyFan

    Love Kristen Stewart and I agree with what she says. It’s not about being pro life, it’s about something that was important to Bella and the bond she had with her child. I will move along now because I know that people hate Stewy around these parts.

    • joblo

      If you say that has nothing to do with being pro life, you do not understand what it means to be pro-life or why people are pro-life in the first place.

      • Thomas

        We wrote a new script starring John Stewart this time, and it’s called, restoring cinematic sanity

      • Thomas

        that’s much better than working title, breaking wind

  • AB

    Stewy? really?

  • Kalie

    I never understood why anyone had a problem with Bella’s choice. She may not have wanted children before she got pregnant, but she was so young and it’s totally different when you’re actually carrying the baby. To her, this baby would have all the qualities she loved about Edward and it was worth her life to bring someone so precious into the world.

  • kiki

    I think that Kristen is an awesome person and I really look up to her and love seeing her in movie. I think shes plays bella’s character perfectly.

    • Lee

      Oh really? Do you know her? To know she is an awesome person?

      She ruined Bella’s character. Loved Bella in the book, ANY Actress could have done better on screen.

  • Victoria

    Bella rules

  • sakara

    BREAKING WIND is more like it.

    • Haha

      Bahahahaha I am totes going to start calling it that!

  • Lisa

    Dude, interviews with the Stew are so f—ing classy! I hope she talks about the Queen of England sh—ting on Rob’s face again! She is such a hardcore rebel.

  • jordan

    I like Kristen Stewart, but the Twilight books and movies are just awful, in my opinion.

  • Jordan

    GROW UP!!! LITTERALY PEOPLE. Your just stupid dont understand a dang thing about this. Kristen ROCKS…. nothing u can do about it I love the books and movies. deal with it… PEACE

  • Elizabeth

    Kristen is awesome. I am so excited to see BD.

  • Barack Palin

    Rumor has it that until just days before publication the book was to have been called “Breaking Wind”.

    • m1

      Oh, wow, that is SO FUNNY. NOT.

  • bea

    maybe u don’t understand what pro life mean, saying someone do not understand what it means u can believing in a point without being pro life pro life has to do with your religous point of view. do research. (that to u jolbo)

  • JustJessi

    at first, i didn’t like KStew… because i hadn’t have read Twilight before i saw the movie… but once i did, i totally thought KStew rocked it. Way to go Kristin!

  • Bat

    I’ve read all four books and they were just as bad as the movies. Kristen Stewart is terrible in the twilight movies. She acts so dull and depressing that makes me depress. The only movie I like her in was adventureland. Sherelated more to that character than anything else. I think she makes bad choices in movie roles. By the way I’m a movie buff and read lots of books so I’m not wasting my time reading and watching these kinds of movies because I always like to give a critique on both.

    • steph

      I actually enjoyed the first 3 for what they were; guilty pleasure paranormal romance. But, I was disappointed by the last book. The plot is ludicrous. I felt like it alienated younger readers who wanted to find out if Bella would go to college and find her own way, or give up her identity for Edward. Instead we get monster baby and Bella’s sudden devotion to it, and a really cheap device to wrap everything up. Total trainwreck. With the poor CG of the wolves, I can only imagine how busted that baby is going to look.

    • Nicky

      @Bat! I admire you dedication for reading 4 books and watching 3 movies which you said they were bad. Are you sure you hate them? I would not want to waste my time on something I don’t like.

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