Why Robert Pattinson can't wait for 'Breaking Dawn Pt 2'


Image Credit: Andrew Cooper

 It’s clear that the stars of The Twilight Saga have become close over the years — particularly during the long process of shooting Breaking Dawn Part 1 and Part 2 (in theaters November 2011 and 2012). “Having to spend so much time with people…it’s just nice when you like them. There is a real bond. I think also there’s something humbling about wearing the makeup and contacts,” says Robert Pattinson.

But of course all that bonding doesn’t stop him from teasing one of his co-stars. “Except Taylor [Lautner]–he doesn’t have to do a thing. He’s managed [to do] no work on this last one,” Pattinson laughs. “He’s always a wolf!” However, as Pattinson is quick to point out, Lautner will face plenty of challenges when it comes to Breaking Dawn Part 2 (beware, spoilers ahead!). “He has to fall in love with a baby,” Pattinson says (kinda gleefully). “Oh, God, I can’t wait to see how that goes.”

Lautner doesn’t seem too surprised to hear about Pattinson’s ribbing. “Oh my gosh. That sounds like him,” he says. “Everyone is always complaining to me that I don’t have to wear the contacts, I don’t have to wear the white makeup or wear wigs and all that stuff. And I’m like, ‘I’m the one in the freezing rain and cold not wearing a shirt! I paid my dues in New Moon and Eclipse.'”

For more behind-the-scenes details on Breaking Dawn, plus exclusive photos — including one of Bella and Edward in a steamy waterfall embrace — pick up the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, on stands now.

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  • charlotte

    I’m so glad they have a sense of humor about it all. Because really, it is ridiculous. And I can’t wait for all the freakshow glory of it to come to the big screne.

    • charlotte

      Screen, I meant screen.

      • Rip

        I know right. The lead actors really make it a fun ride, with their quirky humor. I’d love for the promo to start so that we can have some good interviews.

    • Margie

      They should have just completely omitted the horrible imprinting. Besides the obvious creepiness of it it turns Jacob into a zombie. I know she tried to explain it away as not sexual love but it just won’t work on screen.

      • Cat


    • makenzie

      i know right i just saw the new breaking dawn like three times. i just cant get enough of her changing or the speeches that her family put on for her. i say bravo to the cast for all of there hard work .

  • Elle

    Because he’s excited to get the heck out of dodge?

  • Sith Lord J

    I bet he wants to get rid of that Edward Haircut

  • Anon Ymus

    @Elle So we can all get on with our lives (and so can they).

    • Elle

      I’ll drink to that.

  • angel


  • anne

    dunno abt u guys,bt twilight defines life fr sme of us.sounds weird or nt,its d truth

    • ME

      That is the most pitiful, most depressing thing I’ve ever read (or attempted to read). I feel really sorry for you.

      • Aaron

        Ding ding ding.

    • Anonymous

      I can tell anne this movie series must define your life, it seems to me it comes before school as well because you can not spell worth crap!

  • dominic

    It’s such a shame that a smart vampire movie like Let Me In barely makes a scratch at the box office. Yet, The Twilight Saga, a below-mediocre romance, makes millions and millions of dollars worldwide. Why is EW even giving us news of the Breaking Dawn movie? The new Harry Potter trailer is better than anything related to Twilight. The only reason why Breaking Dawn is being split into two movies is to get more money from those screeching tweeny-boppers. I read the Twilight books out of curiosity, and nothing at all significant happens in Breaking Dawn to justify two films. Harry Potter 7 needed two parts because of all the loose ends that had to be tied up. Plus, it’s a much more epic and emotional story that had to be told in its fullest. I also can’t wait fot the Hunger Games movie. The Hunger Games and Harry Potter books have a plot, which the Twilight Saga doesn’t. All Twilight has is a depressing female protagonist and vampires that sparkle and look like supermodels.

    • m1

      If you don’t like Twilight, why are you here?

      • jodipo

        to make you cry

      • m1

        @jodipo: I’m not crying, so once again: if you don’t like Twilight, why are you here?

      • Kaitlyn

        Haha I know, I think it funny all these people here bagging on Twilight…. But they are HERE! lol why??

      • Cam


      • Mojo

        Okay, I like Twilight, as far as vampire novels go…though I do think the story is a little mediocre. And I hate to break it to all you hardcore Twilighters out there…but Harry Potter is SOOO much better! The story is amazing, and beautifully written by a WONDERFUL author…not to impugne Stephanie Meyer or anything…And the movies are especially delightful…with the exception of The Prisoner of Azkaban. I’ll be happy to watch the remaining Twilight saga on the big screen, but will be truly sad to see the ending of the Harry Potter series! (Post negative responses now, I know theyre coming, LOL)

    • ME

      Don’t forget The Hobbit. That book is 300 pages long and has more plot in the first 10 pages than the entire twilight series. That, along with Deathly Hallows (and probably books 4-6 as well) is worthy of a two-part film. This trite (look it up twihards) does not deserve it!

      • CY

        While the movies are trite, I’m wondering if ‘tripe’ wouldn’t apply here too. (i.e., something, especially speech or writing, that is false or worthless; rubbish)I didn’t want the twihards to have to look up 2 words.

      • Aaron

        Too true. They wouldn’t have looked them up, though. They would have only assumed you were insulting them, and spent 3 or 4 lines of misspelled insults letting you know about it.

    • maggie

      Yea, they clearly just wanted the money. Breaking Dawn was a very boring book. Nothing that they couldnt fit into one movie.

      • Twihard

        Breaking Dawn was the best book of the saga. All of you people trying to make fun need to stop reading articles on it. Just leave the rest of us alone. So what the movie is two parts, like Harry Potter, get over it. They already made it, its going to stay that way.

    • I lied to you the minute you said i do

      interview with a vampire will always be a fave. plus anne rice is an amazing author and knows vampire folklore

      • bleh

        Although I do agree that Anne Rice was a good Author when she came out with her vampire series, the older ones are much better in my opinion that her newer ones. I enjoyed interview as well as a select others, but as you go on with her writing it kinda dies. I feel that as an author she was starting to do it for the money, instead of for the passion.

    • JULIEbut

      @dominic I don’t think Twilight is that great, but what you don’t realize is that there is a lot of money coming in for it because people like it. They like the “mediocre” romance and they like Twilight’s plot. If you’ve read Breaking Dawn, you should know that there is almost like 2 books in one so I think it makes perfect sense. There is the book about Bella getting married, going on a honeymoon, and having an child (part 1), and then there is the story about the Cullens going into battle because Renesmee was spotted and thought to be a newly-created vampire. Your long comment doesn’t intimidate me and I would appreciate it if you would get your facts straight. Written by a 12-year-old TWEENY BOPPPER.

      • Vamp In-Z#7

        I agree

  • Joseph Kuby

    I concur with Dominic.

  • hc

    “He has to fall in love with a baby. “Oh, God, I can’t wait to see how that goes.” Same here Rob, same here.

    • tipsy

      That`s actually awesome. He knows how embarrassing it is and that everyone save a few Breaking Dawn apologists think it`s embarrassing writing and plot, and he pokes fun at it. Cool guy.

  • anne

    yeah dominic,i wndr hw old u are.harry potter is fr kids.nd thnkfuly d actrs luk like supermodels,its nt tht we cn turn to hary potter fr d eye candy.nd d presence of the
    powerful performances jst makes it bttr

    • @Anne

      Repeat that please. And this time in English.

    • Kaitlyn


    • @Anne

      Huh?…Is this a real Twilight fan or someone pretending to be one?

      • tipsy

        Pretending unless it`s a genuine Breaking Dawn apologist (they are huge minority within Twilight fandom). They tend to think that text message style (conveying the message that they OMG have Iphone and texting their opinion form it) is as cool as that book about the love between pedowolf and spine-breaking demon baby.

    • I lied to you the minute you said i do

      actually harry potter isn’t for kids as you get further it is more dark. plus jk rowling based the death eaters off of hitler and the nazi. hardly child like material. but as you see it is meant for kids to learn lessons. please speak proper english fool

  • ME

    Why are they using up so much valuable space for all this twilight crap? Can’t they consolidate and put it all into one article.

    • joebecca

      because like it or not, it’s what A LOT of people want!! if you dont want it, why did you click on the article.. like it doesn’t say Robert Pattinson and Breaking Dawn in the title… dont act shocked. get over yourself.

  • anne

    maybe u should learn sme english first babe.thn surely u’l undrstnd.on second thought,i dnt thnk tht’l b too productve in ur case

    • @anne

      I think you are getting your languages mixed up honey. I am speaking english, you are speaking moron

      • anne

        ofcourse,no suprise there.jst the kind of childish behavior one expects from a harry potter fan.nd i’m nt at all interestd in being spiteful.i’m a twihard,nd i will defend it.bt dnt wory abt me,u go ahead nd be as mean as u cn b.it amuses me

      • @anne

        OMG. I’m genuinely concerned. Can you not see the keyboard properly? Please, tell you mommy and daddy to buy you some glasses. Kay?

    • Kaitlyn

      You’re a big part of the reason people are making fun of Twilight fans… So thanks

  • Cindra

    I happen to think that the last two HP books were complete tripe. JKR completely sold us out and went mental with the storyline. Stephenie was true to her story and true to her fans and never once was I ever disappointed with it. The movies yes, they cut the story up and it irked me. Especially, Eclipse some of the best parts were left out. This time the director cares about the story so I can’t wait to see it. You fall in love with the characters in Twilight. They grab you and you just get hooked.

    • @Cindra

      Stephenie Meyer wrote a book in which a fetus from hell literally destroys her mother from inside and a werewolf falls in love with said creature, and you think ROWLING’S the one who went mental? At least Rowling actually had the skill to make sacrifices and write a battle that ACTUALLY HAPPENS.
      I consider the first three Twilight books to be a guilty pleasure — guilty being the operative word, I know they’re crap — but the fourth one doesn’t even deserve to be called that. It was awful.

    • ME

      And you’re bringing up Potter, why? That’s relevant, how?

      • Cindra

        You were the ones that brought up potter and trashed Twilight. Or don’t you understand what it is that you are typing? That’s right Canon HP fans don’t believe in happy endings. They like dark as they come sadistic storylines and can’t see when the author is selling out the characters just to see how much she can torture them. The pairings in canon HP make no sense at all and really she should have just let him die it would have been more realistic that and The Dark Lord is clearly not dead, Ginny is still a part of him it’s beyond obvious in how changed she is in the books. She’s darker. So in a sense Harry married his worst enemy. Unlike Edward and Bella who are soul mates, but then you don’t understand that do you. Clearly not.

      • Heather P

        @Cindra. I don’t think you read the same HP or Twilight books I did. Ginny is part of Voldemort? What are you smoking? Dark Lord not dead? Um, that was kind of the point of destroying all those Horcruxes. You think there are more of them?

        Rowling Selling out? Let me remind you of the prominent product placement in the Twilight movies. Think anybody’s going to go out and buy a Ford Anglia because they were in the HP books? I doubt it. Volvo and Mercedes ads are very prominent in the Twilight books.

    • @Cindra

      Um..no. Your precious Stephenie sold her fans out. JK actually had her whole story planned out (does Chamber of Secrets ring a bell for you, where one of the first horcruxes made an appearance). Who knows what Stephanie was Meyer was smoking when she wrote Breaking Dawn. The first 3 books were okay, but the 4th one was just crazy. And if you really didn’t see those pairings in HP coming, it makes me wonder if you were really paying attention when reading HP…

      • charlotte

        I don’t think you quite understand the term “selling out.” Selling out would be trying to write her novel to please her fans instead of herself. Reading Twilight, I think it is clear that she had a story she wanted to tell and told it, no matter how crazy, disturbing, or gross it turned out to be. Fans be damned. That’s not selling out. No matter what you think of the Twilight garbage. That’s exactly the opposite of selling out.

      • charlotte

        I should say reading Breaking Dawn, not Twilight.

  • Cindra

    I’m really curious about how they are going to cgi snowflakes into rain. Because the shot with Jake running after getting his invatation, which should have been at the end of Eclipse, is snow falling and not rain. I’m from the North Country I know snow when I see it and that is snow. Poor Taylor he must have been freezing to death in shorts and a t-shirt with bare feet. ^^;

    • Heather P

      That is not snow, nor is it real rain. That is fake rain. Notice the sunshine lighting him from his left? I live in the Pacific Northwest. We don’t get a lot of snow, but we are very knowledgeable about rain. There is a general air of gloom when it rains here that that photo lacks.

  • jennifer

    I Like H.P. and twilight y do u come to this website to hate? Obviously something head to draw u in if u aint a fan y bother?Personally I cant wait 4 breaking dawn.Its gonna bring something new to the twilight movies.I cant wait for all the gruesome stuff!!

    • Kaitlyn

      I agree Jennifer!!

    • Elle

      I myslef completly agree with you Jennifer I dont get it some people like H.P othes like Twilight it goes both ways u dont see self proclaimed “twihards’ All over H.P crap so enough grow up lol am i right? And Breaking Dawn is going to be awesome

      • Alice


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