'The Tree of Life' starring Brad Pitt -- Watch an EXCLUSIVE clip here!

We’re just a few weeks away from the May 27 release of The Tree of Life, the new drama from director Terrence Malick (Badlands), starring Sean Penn as a man struggling to understand the meaning of life and his complicated relationship with his father (Brad Pitt). But aside from that simple synopsis — and some confounding, cosmic vignettes provided by the movie’s official trailer and website — the project has been shrouded in secrecy.

Today, we get another small peek behind the curtain courtesy of a new clip of the film (below), given exclusively to EW. In it, a trio of brothers (one of whom is presumably the younger version of Sean Penn’s character) torment their mother (Jessica Chastain) with some kind of small lizard — a salamander? — while their father (Brad Pitt) is away. The footage has a dreamy, remembered quality to it thanks to fluid camera movements, soft light, and jump cuts. It’s beautiful, no doubt. But what does it mean? Is it simply setting up an idyllic childhood for Penn’s character? What kind of “trip” could Pitt’s character be on? And could the lizard have a connection to the dinosaurs (yup, dinosaurs) seen in some of the movie’s promotional materials? Check out the clip, and then leave your theories after the jump!

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  • Rene Moncivais

    very Malicky

    • lover

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      —-Brad’s been a bad, bad boy. It appears to me that he is an overbearing father and they are celebrating their freedom while he is away.

  • Chris

    This movie is going to rule.

    • Cheery

      No doubt, can’t wait.

  • harry


    • Juju

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  • Awardcontenderscom

    Brad’s been a bad, bad boy. It appears to me that he is an overbearing father and they are celebrating their freedom while he is away.

    • JIM

      That is exactly what I thought.

    • Traci


    • pickle t1ts

      Wow… Thank you professor obvious.

      • Mark D

        No need to be an ass about it. The person who write the article didn’t make this observation, so someone else did. Its what discussions is for, not smart ass comments.

      • Ash

        I didn’t think it was obvious. I’m glad he made that observation. I think you should get that stick out of your @ss

    • harry


    • NEIL

      Naw, it’s just that he is a bit of a hard case and the boys are more playful with mom. So looking forward to this and what comes out of Cannes.

  • Barry

    Good to see an adult themed film coming out amidst all of the sequels & comic book fare.

    • Radzinsky

      Exactly. “The Tree of Life” seems to be one of the very very few movies actually worth going to see this summer.

      • Mad Ness Monster

        But.. but… CGI dinosaurs!

        (Technically, “The New World” had CGI dinosaurs — of the flight-capable persuasion, to be fair — in it too; what’s your point?)

    • Stefania

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  • Seth

    Wow. I could watch that clip 12 more times! If I wanted something to lull me to sleep.

    • Daniel


  • lol

    can’t stand brad pitt’s acting.

    • meme

      nice of you to call it acting. i call it Being Brad Pitt.

      • Radzinsky

        Both of you are idiots. And why are you even commenting on Brad Pitt? He’s not even in the freaking clip. Go away and watch “The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford” and realize how talented the man actually is.

      • Michael

        Thank you, Radzinsky. Jesse James is DEFINITELY Pitt’s best acting role, and I think he should have gotten an Oscar for it. That movie is fantastic. I’m really looking forward to Tree of Life. It looks excellent!

      • Tritium

        Let’s not forget Pitt’s incredible performance in 12 Monkeys.

      • Cheery

        ^^^Or Seven and Legends of the Fall.

      • micoy

        or fight club, or Burn After Reading…

      • LoL

        I agree meme. I am getting the same Vibe from Robert pattinson. All I see is rpatz when watching remember me. LoL

      • sheila

        Or Benjamin Button or Snatch.

      • good movies decent actin

        he’s been in good movies but his performances are never the best. usual the worst in the cast.

      • NEIL

        So, don’t watch the film then if Brad is so hard on the eyes. My opinion; Brad is underrated.

    • Liz Lemon

      He’s one of my favorites. I love his acting.

    • Mike

      You have a deep bias against Pitt. It is your problem, not his.

  • Howard_Dalton

    I have no bleeping clue but still want to see it. Bad.

  • ElVinYo

    I live on the street (Burleson) where the scene was shot. It was a totally impromptu moment of chasing mom around with lizard, from what photo assistant told me. Smithville is full of them and Malick spent half a day on lizards.

  • Big Walt

    I thought that was Claire Danes.

    • Brian

      I thought it was Julie McNiven

  • Radzinsky

    Please give Emmanuel Lubezki that Oscar already.

    • Harry

      Seriously! The camera work in this scene swoons me right off my feet!

  • Marten

    OH MY GOD I CAN NOT WAIT! Screw Thor, Green Lantern, and all the rest of the drek coming out this month. THIS is the movie I’ve been waiting 6 years for!

    • Seth

      @Marten. What you meant to say was: “This is the movie for which I’ve been waiting six years.” Please, when you dangle your participles, you hurt me personally. And you’re not that type of person.

      • aladinane

        @Seth. Oh please. Does your pedantry know no bounds? Go and take a course in linguistics and realise how wrong and futile your comment is.

        *puts on stuffy posh accent* “This is the movie for which I’ve been waiting six years!”

        Oh god, do you really speak like that?

  • zaviar wun

    That was absolutely beautiful. The languid but propellant tracking shots coupled with that elegiac piano tune add up to a mesmerizing, wistful piece of work. If the other 130-odd minutes are as wholly transporting as this, we’ll indeed have an instant-classic masterpiece on our hands.

    • hannah86

      Hand fart… as they would do in HIMYM.

  • Matt

    The mom saying to put the lizard down symbolizes a higher power “putting the dinosours down, or killing them from existence” using an asteroid. Then you see the boys or men in the bathtub which symbolizez the rise of men as the dominant species and at the top of the food chain.

    • lost

      reading in a little?

    • chris

      seriously, dude. there’s a statute of limitations on when you can write a thesis on a movie. i don’t know the actual length of time, but i do know the movie has to come out first.

      • NEIL

        The best comment so far. LOL

  • SatBrumane

    must be a brutal dad, they went from quiet to 60 in 3 sec XD

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