'Hunger Games': Wes Bentley is Seneca Crane


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Thought today would just bring more Hunger Games tributes casting? Nope! Lionsgate announced a biggie today: American Beauty star Wes Bentley has been tapped to play Seneca Crane, the 74th Hunger Games Head Gamemaker. Crane oversees the games themselves, and makes a decision at the end of the first book that sets the course for Suzanne Collins’ dystopian trilogy.

Bentley, who has been amping up his movie work since taking a short break in the mid-2000s, appeared in Jonah Hex last year. The actor joins Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Elizabeth Banks, Liam Hemsworth, Paula Malcomson, Willow Shields, and several unknown actors playing tributes in the film. The Hunger Games directed by Gary Ross, will be in theaters March 23, 2012.

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  • Kelly

    I don’t know him, but I like the look of him.

    • Flip


      • Brad H

        Too old. He had to have been a teen 24 years earlier. 24 years ago, Molina was in his mid-30s. I like the idea though.

      • lover

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        —-I was just thinking about him recently wondering if he is still acting. Apparently I didn’t bother to check his imdb page. Loved him in American Beauty

      • Flip

        They can make Molina work. Not everything will be exactly as in the books.

    • Me

      Time for my shameless promotion of my favorite Wes Bently movie – P2.

      Yes, P2. Smart cat and mouse thriller.

    • myra

      Who will they cast as buttercup?
      a) a very old geriatric cat that is also a great actor because after all in movies and tv old cats always play kittens.
      b) a red or black cat with acting experience and awards nominations because after all color is not important they will dye its hair and acting is more important. Plus it’s impossible to cast a yellow cat that also has acting talent.
      c) a black old cat that became famous not because his acting but its singing but had a 5 minute role in a movie and gary ross liked his acting.
      d) Cate blanchet! She is an oscar winner actress and because of that she can pull off anything. If you don’t think she is the right one watch all of her previous movies. She even played BOB DYLAN!
      e) a yellow mashed-in nose,half of one ear missing, eyes the color of rotting squad.
      f) a squirrel or a dog because there is one thing called makeup and there’s also Hollywood magic.
      G)None of the above they will just cut out Buttercup because he is a minor role.

  • ZR

    weird but ok

    • bruno

      ya, my thoughts too. weird, but okay.

  • s-k-s

    I feel like they have done stellar casting EXCEPT for the 3 core characters … who seem like they will just stick out more and more from their surroundings with every new announcement.

    • charlotte

      You’re crazy. Jennifer Lawrence is going to be great. And I think Josh Hutcherson will surprise everyone.

      • Nappa

        Nah, the main lead are mis-cast. Wish they had gone by the book.

    • Radoslav

      bausbhll120 on October 20, 2011 i think there should’ve been an i am legend game. could free roam the city and go through houses to find weapons, food, and medical equipment. online play could be like GTA4. im sure Will Smith would do it.

  • melissa

    I was just thinking about him recently wondering if he is still acting. Apparently I didn’t bother to check his imdb page. Loved him in American Beauty.

  • steph

    see now I have the problem of finding Seneca Crane attractive.

    • jamie cee

      You’re not the only one…

    • Elizabeth

      No kidding!

    • Sadie

      Join the club.

    • Jenn

      Yes, his dreaminess is distracting.

    • Laura


    • Tracey


    • Felix

      Gay man says ditto!

    • seattle maggie

      that’s a good problem to have though

    • Neeks

      Totally! To bad he has to die! XD


    IMO, Bentley is one of underrated actors. Too bad the American Beauty year’s (Oscar) SUPPORTING ACTOR slots were so crowded. Not to mention his recent supporting role in Jonah Hex disheartened me a bit, too.

    – –

    All the best. . .

  • Brie

    I pictured Seneca Crane older. Like late 50’s.

    • ann

      I was just thinking the same thing…

    • bruno

      so did i. guess they’re going MTV style producer!

    • Garrett

      cant blame the younger casting when it specifically says he was in his 20s or 30s

    • anne

      remember, they all had plastic surgery to look younger. the vanity of the capitol. lol

      • Ms. Chanandler Bong

        Where does it say that? I just re-read the book and everyone keeps posting these claims that it says so and so looked this way and that way and I must have a wack interpretation of everything because I pictured him older but a fresh looking older because of the surgery.

      • Brooke

        Where does it say what, that they all had plastic surgery to look younger? It’s throughout all three books, it’s mentioned many times how they alter their looks and use surgery to be more colorful or younger or sparkly.

      • elva

        It wasn’t mentioned what Seneca Crane looked like. You must be thinking about Caesar Flickerman – the interview host.

      • anne

        it wasn’t mentioned that seneca looked young, but it does explain their altering looks to look younger, sparkly, exotic, whatever. and the capitol is supposed to have the best surgeon and science which explains that they can keep their eternal youth.

  • Danielle

    Exactly how I pictured!

  • jamie cee

    What an intriguing choice– I did picture the character as being older in the book, but this is a very talented actor, can’t wait to see what he does with it.

    • Heidi

      He’s got the intensity that would be required, for sure.
      I agree with those who saw him more for Cinna, but I think Wes is a really good actor and he’ll be convincing in his role.

      • Lala

        The latest reropt I have from our development team is that they’re working on putting them back possibly by next week. Issues with other F+W websites took priority. In the meantime, as we wrote up top, you can post comments in any of the threads and post fresh comments as well. Have you been following Today’s Comics Guide?

  • shar

    It’s funny because when I saw that he was cast, I only saw a picture and thought they had cast Cinna. He’s actually pretty close to how I pictured Cinna.

    • Sarah

      I totally agree!

    • Stina

      I thought the same thing! Seems perfect for Cinna.

  • Kelly

    When I first read the blurb I was thinking Cinna and not Seneca. So now I see him as Cinna!

    • Brandie

      I thought the same thing!!!

      But I think Cillian Murphy would be perfect for Cinna!

    • shar

      Same here. I saw the picture and I was like “They finally cast Cinna!”. Now I keep on picturing Cinna when I see him.

  • Jenn

    I hope that Woody Harrelson Seneca Crane rumor was wrong and that he’s actually up for Haymitch.

    • Ralphie

      EOnline said today that Harrelson is the new fave for Haymitch.

  • MissMel

    I’ve never heard of him but he is really handsome. I guess I pictured all the gamemakers as being older but it makes sense that the people in charge would be young and hip, since physical perfection is so highly prized.

  • Heather

    I pictured him older too, but I think Bentley is an interesting choice that will play it well.

  • Allison

    I feel like I should know who this is….I looked at his IMDB page and I can’t find anything I have seen! Ugh, this is driving me crazy. He looks like Ross from Friends meets someone…

    • Jeff

      Go watch American Beauty as soon as possible.

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