All I want for Mother's Day is for 'Bridesmaids' Melissa McCarthy to be a movie star


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Whether you first fell for her on Gilmore Girls, or like her salt-of-the-Earth charm on Mike & Molly, or are intrigued by her gruff weirdness in […] Read the full post.

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  • Amy

    I absolutely adored her on Gilmore Girls.

  • Ace

    Melissa McCarthy is so charming! She brings such a strong likability to all of her roles; it’s nice to know she’s just as likable in interviews. Keep up the great work, Melissa!

  • Daphne

    She’ll always be the original Sookie for me !

  • Boone

    I just saw the preview for this tonight….they couldn’t pay me enough to sit through this piece of crap…especially with that cow Melissa McCarthy in it.

    • Otter

      Hey Boone, you have no right to call that whale a cow!!! Read all the comments here…she’s the greatest actress of our time and men would rather be with her than Jessica Alba…hell, just give her the Academy Award now and the Nobel Peace Proze while you’re at it.

  • ugh

    I dont get it. She is a “real women” and “refeshing” etc. If she was just and average jane, she would be obese, and VERY unhealthy!
    We have 1 in 3 kids obese in this country. Its an epidemic. But lets celebrate a “real” woman like this. Its sad. Celebrate being healthy! Not this!

    • jk

      You know what else isn’t healthy? Perpetuating the false belief that women like Gwyneth Paltrow, Jayma Mays, Angelina Jolie, and dozens of other actresses are examples of “naturally” healthy bodies. Not only are those women underweight, but they purport to be that thin naturally. Why is it better for young girls and boys to see an unattainably thin (and generally unhealthy) example than an overweight one? It’s okay because thin automatically means better/healthy/aesthetically pleasing/etc.? And why is it okay for some people to claim to be naturally thin but it’s not okay for others to say that they are naturally heavy? (Not saying that we shouldn’t take personal responsibility and prevent ourselves from ballooning or shrinking to extremes, but I have always been a little heavy, ever since I was a child, despite doing everything that other kids do, including playing sports and eating the same foods. There are absolutely people who are predisposed to being bigger, and their health is not necessarily worse). There’s nothing wrong with “celebrating being healthy,” but it is ignorant to claim that one body type is definitively and absolutely more or less healthy than any other.

      • ugh

        Wow! First of all, breathe…take a moment and let some of your rage out. And I will try to answer some of your frantic writings. Gweneth (among many others) never said she was “naturally thin”. She (in many many) articles talks about how much she “excersized” and “worked her ass off working out”. Rarely do I see anyone saying “naturally”. But thats just the small stuff. Moving on…You seem to be talking to yourself above and answering your own questions, and extremely set in your rage, but I still will try to say something. No one is “celebrating EXREME thin, (obviously since 1 in 3 CHILDREN are obese and diabetes in children is at an all time high!! But to pretend, that they are, using it as a yet another crutch, to stay fat, or to wonder why we are not celebrating being “naturally fat” is crazy. We are not talking about chunky. We are talking huge amounts of weight that tax ones body, ones heart, and other vital organs over time. You obviously have been a fatso your life, and you are bitter. But that doesnt change the fact that its very unhealthy. And no I am not talking about aestetics. Delta Burke, and Melissa McCarthy are beautiful! (to name a few fatties) but nothing is beautiful about people dieing young, getting heart disease and diabetes. Check the facts! And their of course are exceptions to the rule, but take your bitter (no one liked me because I was fat as a child) view out of it. There are scary statistics out there. Look them up. Celebrating being healthy is not someone of Melissa McCarthy size! And its not ignorant its CORRECT-that being obese is more harmful than being thin. Yes. My dear, look it up between rages on your computer. And then get up and go for a walk!

      • Tajah

        @ugh Sorry, but you are full of sh*t in your posts. You say that you are so concerned with the health of children and their futures in your post. How obesity kills and puts such a strain on hearts, diabetes, etc. Please. You are using the obesity health argument to validate your prejudice against fat people. You get to pretend you care about people, that you are a good person, but still rip people apart for who they are! Fortunately for you, some of us have caught on to your fat-hating perspective and we denounce it. I don’t need you to spout thinly veiled hatred at me about how I look. I don’t need your permission to be who I am and I don’t need your acceptance to live my life. Take your black-hearted bullying somewhere else. Us big girls don’t need your hate.

      • jk

        @ugh: Wow. Way to spiral. First of all, I wouldn’t call what I wrote “frantic,” but sure. And you are delusional if you don’t think that many actresses and other entertainers don’t try to claim that their very thin bodies are natural. I have heard plenty of very thin actresses say that they just “work out and eat healthy” or they have “good genes,” both of which are, most of the time, complete over-simplifications. It’s much better for actresses to actually admit that they don’t get to eat and have to work with a trainer all the time to maintain their figure, and it’s insulting to us “regular” people when they don’t. And I refuse to believe that you actually think that “no one is celebrating EXTREME thin.” Yes, that’s exactly what our current culture celebrates. Every television show I can think of featuring girls who are supposed to be the aesthetic norm and ideal – 90210, Gossip Girl, etc. – shows girls who are extremely thin and presented as “normal,” and on show like Glee, any girl who’s not extremely thin is basically so in order to prove a point. And sorry, we are talking about chunky. People pretend to be upset about obesity, but then turn around and discriminate as harshly against people who are a few pounds overweight (which is what I am, but thanks for jumping to the conclusion that I’m a “fatso!”) There’s a really telling story that I heard Kelly Osbourne once talk about, after she lost a lot of weight. When she was overweight as a teenager (not obese, but overweight), she said that people were so concerned that she wasn’t thin, but no one seemed to care that she also had a raging drug problem at the same time. Bingo! There is a premium put on thin as being absolutely healthy that does not mesh with reality. Ten or twenty pounds overweight is not obese, yet people are treated poorly if they’re not 15 pounds underweight. P.S. For someone who is so convinced that I am bitter and fat and no one liked me as a child, you certainly seem to be bitter about something yourself. Why else would you be so pissed off at people who have done absolutely nothing to you? But, just so you know, people did like me as a kid, and do like me now. I’ve always had friends and boyfriends who’ve loved my body, whether I’ve been thinner or heavier (and I have been both). The thing is, as someone who is not “naturally thin” (that prized commodity), I resent the fact that many people seem to believe that any person who’s even a little overweight is a slob who doesn’t take care of themselves. Some people simply have a harder time losing weight and keeping it off. I’ve been dieting since I was twelve and work out at least 3 or 4 times a week, and it’s still an everyday battle for me, so I really don’t need some idiot on the internet telling me that “taking a walk” would help – trust me, I do more than that everyday.

    • Liver

      @Ugh, JK was not in a rage, you, however, are the bitter one because they disagreed with you. Also, your personal attacks in your response discredit anything you could say anyhow. Oh, and developing diabetes during childhood is typically associated with Type 1 and has nothing to do with weight.

      • ugh

        If you cant see how she was dripping in anger over the fact that no one thought she was pretty, or would play with her because she was a fatty, then you are blind. And yes, lets just embrace allll the massive obese kids. 1 in 3 is OK! As long as we dont hurt their feelings. Boo hoo. Now I am going to actually get off my ass and live past my couch. Feel free to post about all the wonderful things about being fat. And enjoy being “right”. Woo hoo~ Im going for a walk. something that JK should try. Oh I forgot, its not her fault she is fat and bitter. mmmmmm K

      • jk

        @ugh: Seriously? Not to be a pain in the ass, but I actually am pretty, and not in a subjective way (that was the most obnoxious thing I’ve ever typed, but I think for people like you, ugh, obnoxious is all that gets through). And no one is saying “let’s make all kids think it’s okay to be obese,” but I love that you have no qualms about hurting the feelings of “fat kids.” It’s that double standard that I’m talking about; they’re fat so they must be inferior so who cares what we say about them? And seriously, only someone who’s never had to worry about their weight would consider a walk something that would help them lose weight. My (comparatively?) fat ass could run circles around you because I REALLY exercise.

  • Jeremy

    It’s interesting that Mike and Molly is considered a ‘hit show’ and yet I’ve never heard anything about it, never seen any previews for it, read any articles about it and don’t really have any idea what it is about. How is it successful when people don’t know what it is? I realize I’m one person, but still if it’s semi-popular it should be getting some kind of attention somewhere.

    • jk

      It gets decent ratings so it’s a hit in terms of numbers.

    • Otter

      I tried watching Mike & Molly, after 10 minutes I was in the bathroom throwing up.

    • Frank

      Its on CBS. You could pretty much say the same thing about the entire network. Everything gets good numbers, but very few of the shows actually have any significant buzz.

      The network skews older, though, so that could have a lot to do with it.

  • daniel

    Honestly, never knew about her.. Saw M&M and thought it was hilarious. The girl who plays her sister is really great. Was having a drink watching the show when she said something about sneezing on oral or something, it came out my nose.F&ck all the haters, these people are awesome..

  • MM

    Rarely comment but after a night out, came back and kicked back with before bed and was SOOO excited to see an ACTUAL INTERVIEW with Melissa. And as much as I HATE the ‘weight issue’ I was thinking: if she was on a show as popular as Mike & Molly and was Eva Longoria, she would be on the cover of countless magazines and her answers to questions as generic as her first reaction to reading M&M would be old hat to readers.

    I’ve been a fan since the first episode of Gilmore Girls. I was shocked when I found out she was Jenny McCarthy’s cousin, even though I’ve always like Jenny, but never even thought of the two together at all. Samantha Who? was brilliant and I am SO happy for her success. Thanks for a great interview EW and I hope your career really takes off! Let’s see you on TMZ stumbling out of a restaurant talking about a charity! Hah hah,,,

  • Luddite

    Love her! And love her more now – great interview!

  • 007

    I think she’s a good actress, and believe that at some point in time, she’ll have health issues due to her weight; it’s inevitable. She looks pretty winded when she’s talking.

  • Kris

    I probably won’t see this movie (not my type of genre), but I did like Melissa in the movie “The Nines” with Ryan Reynolds. I hope she does well- overweight or not, talent is talent.

  • abby1

    She is very funny. I enjoy her on Mike and Molly.

  • Kristen

    Loved her since Gilmore Girls, I’ll always be a fan. Melissa is fantastically underrated.

  • Alan Knut

    This isn’t going to revolutionize “Women’s Comedy”.

    1.) It is a Hangover rip-off. Therefore it lacks originality. Substitute getting hit in the nuts with period jokes.

    2.) Anybody is talking about this as “Women’s Comedy”. For it to be revolutionary, it needs to be transcendent. It isn’t women making a movie to make a great comedic film, it is just women making a film geared towards women. Correct me if I am wrong, but the Hangover was not a movie geared towards men, it was a movie that showed how disgusting and flawed those men were. While I am no huge fan of the Hangover, it had its moments.

    3.) This is going to be a REALLY long SNL sketch.They are long enough as they are. It is just a premise that they keep playing on and drawing each joke out way too long.

    • jk

      Just wondering, have you seen it? Because if not, I don’t really think you have room to talk.

    • Jenelle

      You clearly haven’t seen the movie. It’s 10 times better than Hangover and has a real heart.

  • Jen

    I love her so much. I first saw her in Go, loved her in Gilmore Girls and would watch her in anything. Well, well deserved success and I can’t wait to see Bridesmaids.

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