Chris Hemsworth offered the role of the huntsman in 'Snow White and the Huntsman'


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It’s certainly been a big few days for Chris Hemsworth: The Australian actor is the star of the number one movie in the United States — thanks to Thor‘s $66 million dollar opening weekend (making it the second biggest opening of the year after last week’s Fast Five)and has been on the receiving end of positive reviews. And now EW can confirm that he’s been offered the role of the huntsman in Universal’s Snow White and the Huntsman.

Hemsworth, 27, is a good deal younger than either of the actors previously in talks with the studio (Viggo Mortensen, Hugh Jackman) but thanks to his performance in Thor and its strong opening, he’s certainly looking rather heroic. Kristen Stewart told EW she’s “almost positive” she’ll be playing the role of Snow White, and Charlize Theron has long been committed to playing the evil queen in the Rupert Sanders-helmed film.

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  • Yesenia

    They lost me with KStew and won me back with Hemsworth.

    • bruno

      and charlize theron has nothing else to do…

    • Hillary

      ditto. ugh on the Kristen Stewart.

      • Ally

        yeah..Kristen Stewart kinda looks like her with her really pale skin and dark short hair- but Kristen has an attitude and bad demeanor that I don’t think fits with Snow White. And Im not even a KS hater..

    • Ace

      Agreed. I’d put up with her for his sake! Yum.

      • Serra

        Totally agreed. I’d put up with ANYONE for his sake… <3

    • Katherine

      That’s exactly what I thought when they clarified which one it was. I may not see it in theaters, but I’m no longer opposed to renting it.

    • Haters

      You’re an idiot. You’re a nonsten posting on EW. We know the type. Traveling around the internet posting on every blog with a KStew story trying to make her look bad. But it’s not working.

      All these females posting on this. OMG all of you are KStew hating nonstens.

      Message to all you robsessed ninnies: Rob doesn’t want you. He will never want you. He loves Kristen. He will be on set with her when she makes this movie so get ready to cry. LOL!!

      • bb

        you’re assuming that the only reason people don’t like Kristen is because she is dating Rob. Might be time for you to realise that not all people’s opinions are decided based on who is dating whom. I had the misfortune of sitting through one of the Twilight movies. Based on that I dislike both Kristen and Rob’s acting. And like me, many people dislike their acting abilities. Nobody here has said anything about disliking Kristen because she is dating Rob.

      • @Haters

        One word for you: Bearding.

      • Fridge

        What are nonstens? Is that even a word?

      • Mother Nature

        And I had the misfortune of sitting through Adventureland. She is an awful, one-not actress whose hair flips and pouts wear thin after twenty seconds. I don’t care if she’s dating my Daniel Craig (who is really hot to folks my age) , I can’t stand to watch her on screen.

      • kate middleton

        I dislike her because she’s a bad actress with a bad attitude. She acts so put upon that she’s so “famous” and she always looks pissed to be at any event. She should be thanking her lucky stars that she is able to work as an actress.

      • Liza

        I agree with the other posters, Kristen Stewart is disliked because she CAN’T ACT, I know it’s hard to believe but just for one second get your head out of your a** and really “see” her acting, don’t just “watch”. I know it’s tough when your life is built into an elaborate fantasy world where the only thing that matters is Twilight and how great it is when it really isn’t at all. I happen to have a great boyfriend who has an actual nose and doesn’t look like a Neanderthal. Seriously Robert Pattinson is not hot, or even handsome, especially in profile so no need to be jealous. She could be dating Brad Pitt and I still wouldn’t be jealous because she’s fugly.
        Also nonsten means a person who doesn’t believe that Kristen and Robert are dating and it’s just a rumor. I don’t give two f**ks if they are really dating or not, actually it’s great. I hope they get married, have lots of babies who can’t act to save their lives and they get old and die in each others arms. Just as long as they promise to never make another movie again. Just be happy and leave us alone.

      • jackie

        @kate middleton: what make u say she had bad attitude?you dont even know her.

    • Haters

      As I sit here and watch Rob & Kristen on Oprah. Just the hottest thing around.

      Boy, wait until Taylor’s “Abduction” comes out and Kristen’s “On the Road” comes out this fall. BTW, one of the producers on “On the Road” is Francis Ford Copolla. Kristen didn’t audition by the way. Kristen didn’t audition for Snow White. As a matter of fact, this major Hollywood studio wanted Kristen, didn’t want to make without Kristen and she didn’t have to audition. Not bad for an actress who can’t act. LOL!!!

      • ash

        Well, if the studio didn’t make her audition, they won’t have anyone but themselves to blame when this flops, because she really can’t act.

      • macy

        i agree. all kristen’s hater wer soooo jealous of her cus she got the hottest man on earth. she is beautiful and very intelligent.period.

      • kate middleton

        So true, Ash. They deserve to have a flop and lose tons of money if they didn’t make her audition for a role.

      • Kae

        Honestly, the entire movie reeks of star casting…it doesn’t matter if the actor can act or is actually a fit for the part, it feels as though the casting director is just trying to haul in the names that will get butts in the seat. Not really the best advertisement if you’re looking for a well-made film.

      • Liza

        First of all they are just trying to get all the twihard knuckleheads to go see this Snow White movie and figure,hey she can’t act but she’s popular for some reason so why not? Also I always think it’s funny when twilight fans show much much they live in a bubble where everyone loves twilight and it’s so huge and will forever be loved. I know plenty of people who don’t like it or are indifferent to it. Please wake up and realize that many people hate it very much and not just because it’s bad, because it warps the mind and destroys the soul. That may sound over dramatic but it’s the only way to make you people understand since you obviously love melodrama.
        Also, “On the Road” is not a “Kristen Stewart” movie, she’s far from playing the main character so get your info straight.

      • Lara

        Kristen Stewart just won the best actress award for her role in Welcome to the Rileys at the Milan Film Festival. Js.

      • husky

        Glad she won for something considering her last three films lost money big time because her so called “fans” didn’t bother to show up. All three were released after her twilight fame (the runaways, the yellow handkerchief & welcome to the rileys). Look up the box office figures on these and they all were “limited releases” where the distributors backed off due to total lack of interest which cost the studios millions in lost revenue. Can’t keep the career going for long after twilight if her films continue to lose that kind of money. Check out and see what these films really did.

    • macy

      u cant do anything about it.. kstew is the actress not you.!so whatever bad words ul doesnt make any

      • shania

        yeah Kristen stewart won as a BEST ACTRESS in the lilan film festival… so kristen haters! leave her alone.! she’s a good actress..

    • steph

      hopefully they’ll find a way to work in a shirtless scene of Hemsworth. ;D

    • debadwolff

      that’s exactly what i thought

  • Gina

    I’ll see him in whatever movie he does. Great actor… and those abs!!

  • kate middleton

    Stay away from this one, Chris! There’s a reason Viggo and Hugh dropped out.

    • Realangst

      Word is that the role of the Hunstman is actually a supporting role. For Chris, who is new to American audiences it could be a showy role, since his character is title billed, and could spark further interest in him as an actor, albeit he would be carrying another tool. I say go for it Chris!

      • kate middleton

        Yeah, I think this movie will bomb though because there’s another Snow White coming out as well (with Lily Collins, Armie Hammer adn Julia Roberts). That one seems to be further along and hasn’t had the casting drama this one has.

        I just can’t see K. Stew as Snow White. I’ll admit I am not a fan of hers at all though. I bet there will be a ton of roles for Chris soon – he deserves them.

      • Sue

        Snow White and the Huntsman are the main roles, hence the title.

    • macy

      u stay away from kristen. if dont like her.well she doesnt like you too for sure. so stop saying bad words about her.u look in the mirror before judging people.

      • kate middleton

        You’re insane. I’m not near her and I’m entitled to my opinion of her being a terrible actress with a bad attitude.

      • Movie Buff

        Unless you are her best friend, which we all doubt, calm down! It’s not like someone is plotting to kill her, we are only voicing our opinion. I like her but not to the point where she needs to take out a restraining order. If you can’t handle a blog as a mature person then please, stay off.

      • jackie

        kate middleton:what about your attitude?dont judge someone u dont even know.

      • macy

        look whos talking..ur insane not me. dont wath her movies if you dont like her.your not the director here. so u cant do nothing whatever ul say..its nonsense.

      • macy

        Movie buff:ok whatever.LOL. GO complain to Universal studios..not here lol.

      • ron swanson

        This is a forum for thoughts and opinions. If your 12 year old psyche can’t handle it, then stay away.

  • joe luck

    Don’t do it. Red Riding Hood bombed and this one will too.

    • Haters

      New flash: This ain’t your momma’s Snow White. Keep your Lilly Collins same ‘ol same ‘ol Snow White and I’ll take Kristen’s version. It’s different and darker. You idiots are forgetting that Charlise is in this and she’s no idiot. You all are just stupid haters and this Snow White version will be successful and successful internationally.

      Julia Roberts doesn’t have the same juice as she once did. Her last movie bombed (Eat, Pray, Love) and she hasn’t had a hit movie in ages. The only reason why this movie will make money is because it’s going to be kid friendly. It’s not the adult version like Kristen’s. Kids movies always make more money.

      So keep hating as we Kristen fans will laugh you all under the table when the movie is a success. LOL!!

      • macy

        yeah… kristen stewart is the most famous actress in america.!!!! who is lily colins by the way?lol

      • My son is also named Bort

        Kristen Stewart is the famous actress in America? I think Jolie, Bullock, Diaz & a few others would disagree.

      • LOL

        “kristen stewart is the most famous actress in america

        Nah. Angelina, Sandra Bullock, Meryl Streep, Betty White and a host of others are way more popular. TWILIGHT itself is the selling point of those films, not Stewart.

      • kate middleton

        Haters – Charlize Theron is not the star she once was. If you say that Julia Roberts (who has chosen to take breaks in recent years from film work) “doesn’t have the juice she once did” – you have to acknowledge that Charlize doesn’t either, and probably never really did.

      • Liza

        Charlize hasn’t always made the best choices (Reindeer Games anyone?) especially for big actresses and when did she get a reputation for being so smart? She’s trying to have a career here and thought she’d make some money by being a big bad guy in a high profile role, doesn’t takes smarts, just takes wanting a big pay check.
        As far as being a famous actress goes, If my boyfriend still calls her “That ugly skinny chick from those stupid vampire movies” than she isn’t famous, well known sure, notoriously bad actress definitely but most famous? give me a break.

      • Alyssa

        Oh…Yeah..Maybe in your head, but back in reality we beg to differ. Even Twilight is running on empty. It came and went ( THANK GOD) like all fads do.

    • pirahscorpion

      GOD! that’s what i thought! this is gonna be another FF “fairytale Flop”

  • Ben Dover

    It’s a shame that Hollywood is too stupid to come up with anything orginal these days.

  • anti

    yeah and thor rotten tomatoes reviews dive to 78%. It seems the site has been hidding the rotten reviews to help sell the movie

    • Ruby

      Nah, it’s more like later reviewers want to seem ‘cool’ and not jump on the Thor-loving bandwagon (despite it being an actual good movie).

      • Yesenia

        Exactly because it was a really great movie.

      • Alyssa

        I loved it. Im seeing it again with my brother. ( Just for the ab-tastic shirtless scene) WHOO!!

    • Thea

      78% is an excellent rating, especially for a mainstream movie.

  • Demond

    Thor is a very good movie and he is most definitely is on the brink or very much successful due to Thor and the upcoming Avengers.So regarding this;Chris don’t do this film.Nothing involving Kristen Stewart looks or sounds great as far as movies go.

  • lea

    I don’t think he should do the snow white movie with kstewart as she is a horrible actress. He is a great actor and really made the beginning of Star Trek movie a couple of years ago. Thor is true to the comic book so its going to be tongue in cheeck seriousness.

  • Just say no, Chris

    Kristen Stewart has Snow white? This is a joke, right? LoL Chris hemsworth is too hot for that mess.

    • Just say no, Chris

      Has= as lol

    • Mikey M

      She is very bland to me.

    • macy

      yeah kristen stewart is too beautiful for this movie lol.

    • macy

      its not a joke.she ddnt even audition for this movie..shes one of the famous actress so dont say something bad about her. she is just making her job.

    • jackie

      you are the mess not her.

  • Chris

    Isn’t there already another Snow White with a much hotter actress Lily Collins?

    • macy

      Lily collins is not that Hot lol. kristen is much hotter and more beautiful.

      • kate middleton

        Ugh, I don’t think Kristen is beautiful at all. And even if you think Lily Collins isn’t “hot”….she certainly has a Snow White look.

  • Alyssa

    Im sorry I think KStew is as bad as her character Bella Swan. One is a Mary Sue, the other is just not attractive personality wise or looks.

    Chris you are beyond hot, your wife is a lucky woman. Dont do it. Even as the huntsman, dont. If you were playing the prince, I would have to hurt someone.

    • shania

      why dont you video yourself doing her movie and upload it to youtube.lets see who is much better you or kristen..u are just very jealous of her.

    • Alyssa

      UM..NO. Sorry, I don’t get jealous of female movie stars very often. And when I do its not for very long and it sure as hell wouldn’t be Kristen Stewart. I just think her attitude stinks, and she isnt attractive. But you want to act like a middle schooler with your catty comeback ” OH, your just jealous” fine …..whatever. Whats to be jealous of? I don’t like Rob P. either.

  • Um

    Those are saying she’s bad actress, Have not seen her as a joan jett.she’s decent actress, i think people need to see her movies beyond twilight.

    • kate middleton

      I haven’t seen the Joan Jett, but I’ve seen several of her other movies and I still think she’s a bad actress. Granted, she is at her worst in Twilight.

      Even if you like Kristen, do you really think she’d be a good Snow White? I just can’t see it.

      • shania

        if you dont like her..why u are keep watching her movies?if u dont like her acting just dont watch and stop saying bad about her.that is really bad

      • kate middleton

        Well, how on earth would I spend my time if I didn’t watch Kristen Stewart movies all day? I’d have nothing to do!

      • shania

        see it like her hahahah…cus u keep watching her movies.

      • ron swanson

        Shania – isn’t it past your bedtime? Maybe they’ll teach a lesson on sarcasm in 7th grade tomorrow for you!

      • shaina

        @Ron’re not my dad..yeah im only a kid but i have a good heart than you. you are so arrogant.

  • Beauregard

    Well for one thing, the mirror is gonna be lying when it claims that Snow White (Kristin Stewart) is fairer than the Evil Queen (Charlize Theron), unless Ms. Theron is planning on gaining weight and looking like she did in her Oscar winning role.

    • lemondrop

      RIGHT? That’s what I was thinking

      Srsly. CHARLIZE THERON who’s like supermegabeautiful..
      and KStew..who’s..ugh..rather not attractive at all..

      Snow White is lovely and fair. KStew is a dead, wooden person.

      • shania

        oh yeah?thats why twilight is very popular….because of kstew and rpatz. u u haters just admit it that they’re famous.

      • em

        Ok, I admit it, they are famous. Does not make them good actors. Makes them people who got cast in a series with a built in audience thus multiplying their fame far beyond their capabilities.

        I can see why they cast KStew originally but it’s like she just stopped caring. I am very sad that she will be in “On the road”

      • duh

        The huntsman is gonna be the prettiest of all

    • kate middleton

      SO true – Beauregard.

    • Nap

      The mirror has been saying that the evil queen was the fairest of them all for a long time. Meaning, Charlize Theron fits the bill nicely. Maybe the evil in her mind finally catches up with her physical beauty and causes the mirror to change. Who knows. I don’t think asking the mirror ‘fairest of them all’ question is as simple as it sounds. I’m guessing the movie makers will deal with this part adequately. I am not going to get worked up over who is beautiful anyway. It’s all subjective. But personally, I do think Charlize Theron is prettier than Kristen Stewart. But then she is prettier than most other women in Hollywood. I would rather have a beautiful queen than an average one, so that the Snow white could be easily made to look fairer.

      • Larry

        Which begs the question, who is better looking among Charlize Therons contemporaries. I think Charlize Theron is prettier than Julia Roberts, Amy Adams, Angelina Jolie, Natalie Portman, Cate Blanchett or come to think of it, everybody else. I am sure others have their own preferences. Just goes to show that these lists are subjective.

    • Kae

      I know…it’s not that K-Stew is ugly, it’s just that she’s looks exactly like 22% of the college students I see everyday. There’s nothing EXTRA there. I know that was the idea with the whole “Everygirl” Bella, but it doesn’t equate to “fairest of them all.” Charlize has an actual sparkle about her, not one added in post-prod.

  • Mikey M

    Now they need to release the movie he did, Cabin in the Woods. He is a selling point and the Director is Joss Whedon who is helming The Avengers with Chris.

  • Encore

    Perhaps this Snow White’s good heart and soul are as important to her being fairer than the Queen as her looks.
    No, what am I thinking? Look who they want to cast as Snow White, the face of the shallowest series of all. Poor Snow White, the story (the real Grimm’s Version) deserves better than this.
    But, to be fair to what’s her face, there are few actresses whose beauty surpasses Charlize Theron.

    • kate middleton


    • Lara

      So, you basically think that she shouldn’t get roles because she is in a shallow movie according to you. That is a bit lacking in logic.

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