Golden Globe nominee Mel Gibson? What if 'The Beaver' had been released last year?


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One of the tough decisions Summit Entertainment had to make regarding Mel Gibson’s film The Beaver was whether to release it late last year for awards consideration or hold it until 2011. Now that it performed so poorly it its first weekend of limited release (barely earning $100,000 in 22 theaters), it’s interesting to wonder how different the movie’s fate would have been if it had come out last December. 

When I saw The Beaver months ago, I had a couple issues with it, but felt that Gibson gave a strong performance, albeit one that wouldn’t have had the chance of unseating any of the five eventual Oscar nominees for Best Actor (Colin Firth, James Franco, Jesse Eisenberg, Jeff Bridges, and Javier Bardem). But I do think that the oftentimes gutsy (and kooky) Hollywood Foreign Press Association may have considered rewarding Gibson with a Best Actor in a Comedy nod. After all, the pickings were so slim in that category last year that Johnny Depp scored nominations for Alice in Wonderland and The Tourist alongside Paul Giamatti, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Kevin Spacey. (That’s assuming the HFPA placed the film in the comedy category, which wouldn’t have been a sure thing.) “People did really like his performance,” one Globe voter tells me, “but it’s tough to say how their ballots would have differed.” Had Summit gambled on a late December release and gotten that big-ticket nomination in advance of the film’s opening, I’d imagine The Beaver would have earned more than $4,890 per theater.

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  • Marc

    What Mel Gibson said was inexcusable, no doubt about that. They were horrible things said in anger during a heated argument with his significant other. But call me crazy, i still like Mel. I don’t like his dark side, and he is a buffoon when it comes to keeping himself in check….but I still like him. Now before you rip me apart for saying this, let me ask one honest question: If someone made a recording of all the horrible things YOU have ever said in your life, and released them to the world, would you come off looking any better than Mel? I’m not saying that everyone has said what he has said, but we have ALL said things we might not have meant. The only difference is Mel was recorded and we weren’t. Just a thought…that’s all.

    • LAJackie

      I agree with you to a certain extent. Everybody is always so eager to metaphorically crucify somebody in these situations but there are no saints among us. I know I’ve said and done some things that I’m not proud of during my lifetime. The difference is they are between me and the other party, not me, the other party and the world. There is no excuse for physical violence but his ex-girlfriend milked those tapes for all they were worth.

      • gail

        True, I think many people have said much worse, myself included.

        What is wrong is that he got mixed up with a person that would betray him so badly.

        He has befriended many when they were at rock bottom, and no doubt, that big heart is what brought him down. While Britney Spears, Robert Downey Jr, and many more will always be his friend for the kindness he showed them in their hour of need, this woman betrayed him.

        What a way to repay kindness.

    • nick

      look, i like mel the actor, too. but this comparison is nuts. i’ve never threatened a woman i was going to kill her if she disappointed me, bury her, take a bat to her head, call her 1,000 expletives while she just sits there doing nothing. told her if she gets raped, it’s her fault. i never attacked every race in america just because i’m mad at my girlfriend. never told the jews they started all the wars in the world, never called a cop sugart*ts. so knock it off. i like mel. but don’t act like what he did is what we all do in private.

      • Marc

        Did you read anything that I wrote? Here, let me repeat myself for you: I’m not saying that everyone has said what he has said, but we have ALL said things we might not have meant. The only difference is Mel was recorded and we weren’t. Just a thought…that’s all

      • nick

        well, well. we have a d*ckhead. my point is that there’s no comparing what he’s said to what your average person has said. and you’re a dolt for making the comparison.

  • jobobspecial2

    No because he is trash, plain and simple.

  • dj

    Ricky Gervais would have torn him up…

    • Sweetheart

      rick gervais kissed and sucked his arse and asked Mel Gibos ofr his signature. No shlit he did!!

  • Nap

    I think the movie should get its shot at awards this year if it was worth it. I never understood why we had to pigeon-hole award-worthy movies in autumn and winter. Afterall a good movie is a good movie any time of the year. This is another reason why summer movies have become increasingly juvenile.

    • Sweetheart

      I totaly agree with you its completely silly!!

  • Sweetheart

    LA Jackie thse digital recordings where heavly edited and tampered wiht.. menaig oyu have no idea of wha tthat owmn said at the oter endna dits porven that seh added her ovice much later on.. menang hse must have said a load of all along.. alos none of thse so cal tpaesmake sense. oyu cna se thaey are cut off extract of conversations with words added here and thete.
    and no it wasnt recorded over one ight go loo tmz a week ago of oksans own specialist who look at the tapes and it show 3 datyes for february 18 , 19, and 20, 2010.. and oksanas bf and audio engeneer, jimmy Hoyson, told th eolice in his declaration made in sept 2010, that he was wiht oksana at oksanas home and slept there on february 19 and 20 , 2010, right as oksana was recordig mel gibso!! what does that tel yu huh?
    and oyu odnt know what she did she was exotrtign money form mel gibson already and theatenng his wife and kids and hse alos had bought a child in ukriane, Lucia, that she made passed as her own and mel gibsons kids without Mel Gibsons knowledge nor permisioan and he found out! and oyu think he couldstay quiet abou tit? why do oyu think tha the yile at her oyu took my manhood? he was tlaing of htis an dnot of sex!
    He never said tha the was goig to kill her in those tapes oyu lie and he never said he was going to burry her, he dont even say th eword “burrry” in any of the tpaes. HE SAID I WILL PUT OYU IN THE ROSE GARDEN and the rose garden is a psychiatric institution in Mlaibu, only 30 miles form Mle Gibosn’s home! because oksana was ans is crazy and behaved like a crazy!
    weird tha tnobody caught that one up§! also weird tha tno media and nobody caught the tpaes 8 ad 9 whwre mel gibson stated that oksan was beating him! Mel Gibosn say “WHat?oyu are beating me!” menaing that recoidng was not made by phone but real time during a fight they had where oksana was beating Mle Gibsn, an dhe never told th epolce that she beat her regulary because men do not tell that a womna bweat them not even to their best friends!!
    mel gibson never attacked any races in those tpaes, wrong, and he never called a cop sugar tits wrong, it was proven ot be a lie and can be seen in the report the internal affairs made of the polkce station made public in feb 2009. and no he never said that the jews started all wars in the world, he decalred tha the never said it in theintervirw with Rubin, he hold in february 2010, on television, moslty reminded for the “do oyu have a dog in this fight ” instead of the “i never mentioend the jews when i was arested, it was a lie”.

    and nick you do not know how mle act in private and what oyu got from traficked altered tapes extracts påublished by a dubious tabloid oline who had finacial interest in publishing those and in bringing mel gibson down, hacs little to no value. You od not know ho whe was treated privatly.
    In his shoes you wil ahve odne worse, oyu will have killed her sure and certian.
    she was alos threatenign to have Mle Gibson youngest kid, thomas, killed and threatened Robyn with that.

    • peggym

      To paraphrase your first sentence–No one has any idea of what you’re saying.

      • Sweetheart

        it wasnt ment to you retard pig.

      • California

        lmfao. Someone give Sweetheart back her meds pronto!!

  • Sweetheart

    to Dave karger, th emvie made 104.596 dolars in 21 theatwers.
    Thor made 66 milion dolars, blockbuster, in 5000 theaters in USA nad 6000 theaters outside of US, in europe, whwere it has been showing since april!! and the ticket cost twice as much because its in 3D!!
    so all in all The beaver made comparativly as much as THOR did!!
    The beaver made 5.000 dolrs by theaters in 3 days, thats 1700 by theater by day, mltiplicated by 5000 when it will start in May 20, thats 8.5 million dolars, and multiplcated by 4 days, thats 33,5 Million dolars by weekend for USA alone, for 4 weekends, thats 133 Million dolars in USA alone, you can count the same or more for europe, and opla oyu have 266 to over 300 millon dolars for tha tmovie if it is shwon only ofr 4 weeks.. if more you can dobble that amount.
    All in all that movie wil do about 400 million dolars this sommer alone, then come the DVD sales and TV sales, and oyu are up to close to 1 billion dolars for The Beaver alone.
    That movie costed 21 million dolars to produce, cost who was totlay paid by presale to foreign countries.
    So its a 100% take whatever that movie make, and it will make more than Avatgar did and that Spiderman did in 2002.. why? cause spoiderman made about 400 Milion dolars world wide but costed a bunch ot make, and because avatar made over a bilion wolrd wide but costed 3 billons dollars to make!!

    So The Beaver was a fine and is afien and wise investem,ent and is porvign it
    People who rpeoeted on those presale, dot have the slightst understanding in mathematic and in box office preview an dhow to calculate a sale.
    Limited showing same day as Thor hit the fan wasnt wiose specialy on mother dayh as the movie is about depression, and the 20 may it start same day as the pirate of the carabean, so tought competition but it will make it.Thor is after all a soap romantic comedy disguised as a tough sci fi.. lol who die after 20 minutes in the projection.. and the pirate is getting washed out.
    I predict, that THE BEAVER WIL GROSS 300 to 400 MILLION DOLLARS Wolrwide.
    And talking of Cannes festival that movie wil have won the Plame D’Or had it been in the competition. All critics in Cannes, including the director of the festival told so to the media.

    It will win oscars too.
    one for directing and one for Mel Gibson’s Best acting.

    • lifeafterlost

      hahhahahahaha when I read this I couldn’t stop laughing haha ignoring the fact that it’s harder to understand I think this by itself is a comedy routine haha “avatar made 1 billion but so what? it cost 3 billion to make” haha check your own math before you tell everyone “people dont have the slightest clue about simple math” I seriously can’t stop laughing at what is probably the funniest comment I have ever seen on EW haha

    • nick

      sweetheart is like a crazy american idol reject. here, sweetheart, i’ll type so you can understand: ouy’re lkei a cryaz amriacn iodl rjeect.

  • dj

    someone call security…

  • cali2nyproductions

    Opening weekend are usually toughness especially when its expected to do so well against box office draws such as “Fast Five” and “Thor” which both exceeded all expectation for its opening weekend. Yes the timing on releases is very important and while the performances may be of outstanding, the timing for these films is definitely science in which Hollywood seems to get it right 9 of 10 times.

    Rennie Sharp

  • Colleen

    I had to drive two hours just to go see this in L.A. Why is it not playing more places? Gibson’s performance was both enigmatic and memorable in my opinion. Kudos to Jodie Foster for having the temerity to actually stick by her friend. Not so common in Tinseltown where fickle folks throw each other under the bus on a regular basis.

  • Bob

    I defend Mel Gibson because his wife was a gold digging liar. I’m sure those who criticize him never had an argument in which they say things they don’t mean.. Yeah right…

  • Burn in hell Mel! haha

    His movie has flopped, just like his limp d***. haha.. This insecure anti-semite wife-beating racist got what he deserved. LMAO

  • wendy

    I hope Mel gets nominated for an Oscar. I saw the movie at a preview at SXSW and I loved it. It’s really an intelligent art house type film that is not meant for the cineplex.

  • cluetrain

    So tired of all the hypocritical and tendentious Mel Gibson bashing. The media now takes its lead from rags like Radar Online which is truly sad. Can’t wait to see “The Beaver” tomorrow night.

  • snarkitude

    Let’s hope that Mel Gibson does not get screwed out of an Oscar nomination just because of Hollywood politics. Unfortunately, that’s what happened to Mickey Rourke with “The Wrestler.”

  • glen

    I do admire Gibson for taking chances artistically and thinking outside the box. But I can’t in good conscience pay to see one of his films. Every time I see him I think of the vicious rants that came out of his mouth. His murder and arson threats were so beyond the pale that I feel it’s wrong to support him in any way.

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