Mel Gibson's flop 'The Beaver': What went wrong?


Image Credit: Ken Regan

The Beaver, to be blunt, tanked last weekend. Read the full post.

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  • Tully

    I really liked Mel’s last movie Edge Of Darkness. I will go see this one when it’s shown in my area.

  • meg

    were there even any previews for it?

  • James D.

    What went wrong? What went right? It’s a Mel Gibson movie about a guy with a beaver puppet. Did someone think this would make money?

    • Sweetheart

      No. But some strong Mel Gibsons hater who hapen to work for ht emedia, saw this as a unique oportunity to smash down mel gibson “ONE MORE TIME!!” even by compairing that art indie movie to box office blocbusters like Marvel’s Thor.

  • Jen

    1) I don’t want to look at Mel Gibson’s ravaged, wrinkly face on the big screen. 2) It looks depressing. And weird. 3) I only go to the theater to watch big-budget movies that only look good on the big screen. I can watch this stuff later when it goes to OnDemand.

  • Roy Munson

    Did anyone seriously need to read an article to figure out why it flopped?

  • Casey

    Not enough Terry Gross!!!

  • shlepcar

    Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ was criticized for some anti-semitic undertones, so when he drunkedly spouted off about Jews in a negative light, it confirmed, for many, an ugly side of Gibson that could no longer really be denied. In a star system like Hollywood, we go to see films often because of who is in it, not because it looks like such a great movie. We feel like we know these people, what they represent. Jack Nicholson is more than his characters, for instance. So when Tom Cruise flips out, his career sags. When Mel Gibson goes through a midlife crisis, overdrinks, expresses hateful views toward Jews, and threatens violence toward the mother of his child, well, yeah…I don’t really care how good the movie is- he isn’t anyone I am pulling for. I never watched a Mel Gibson movie for the artful quality of his craft. He was a movie star, and he betrayed that trust between viewer and star.

    • Amy

      Well said! I could not agree more. His anti-semitism rant did not come out of left field, just confirmed what people were thinking. In addition, his father stating his views as well, did not help Mel Gibson’s case.

  • debbiew

    How about the plain fact that Mel Gibson is no longer relevant to the ticket-buying audience?

  • Sweetheart

    The marketing was late and low key, nobody knew when it was released people mixed up the dates and its incredible how low key this whole thing has been.

    on a high note, the Beaver is high ranking in europe where it will first be on theaters form june 1st, but where several theater have already announced sold out for the premirere of the movie and a whole week forward!!
    I wont be surposed if that moive will do over 400 Million dollars over 4 weeks.
    just like spiderman did in 2002.
    Oh and it was comapred to a blokcbuster like Thor Marvel disney, whihhc is incredible for several reasons. 1) its not the same genre nor was the beaver ment ot be a block buster, and 2) Thor opened in all theaters and had already open since 2 weeks oversees, and 3) Thor didnt do that well for a blockbuster, in fact it fail,…
    So maybe they used the critic of The Beaver to pump up Thor??
    its big money with Warner bros suporting it, so of course they dont like to see Mel Gibson managing it well after their systematic image destructiion they did on him, starting in 2003.. never stped.. and well to notice that Mel gibson was in desacord with warner bros because he made the apssion of christ and suceeded and made his icon profduciton, but in august 2008 he alos bought his own distribution company, whihc warner bros didnt like as they are america’s distribution company!! all by accident oksana the grifter from russia enteed mel gibsons life a few wweeks only after mel gibson ahd started his distribution comapny and was expending it to england and australia making it global..
    well, a divorce and an embarassing prengacy later, Mel gibson was seling that distribution company to lev, russian billionaire, good friend and fmaily freind of warner bros owners, same week as that baby was born..
    I am not insinuating, but if nopthing is a hasard, specialy in business, this should be a clue!
    But Mel gibosn kept a window open in england, wiht a new extension in december 2009, and opla we have that famous story from janary 06, 2010.. whihc is very interesting btw. Also how the balcmaling operated all through february to july 2010.. and who know if its realy over withthat extortion.
    the fact remain tha tMle gibson was heavily empeded in his Edge of Darkness interview promotion, form janaury to march 2010, by the ome related heavy interferences wiht blacmail and dangerous digital recordings, tmapered and edited, hanging over his head.
    enoug to make anyone nervous.. á lá “what wil the next question be??”
    Sorry for the objecotrs, ut Mle Gibso clealry said in one of those tapes, 9 or 8, that she was beating him “but you are ebating me!! oyu are ebating me!!” he siad, suggesting that it wwasnt by phone but on realtime face to face, and that its oksana who beated mel giobson.. but oyu know guys, they will never ocnfess not even to their best friend, that they get beatten by a woman!
    only one thing leave me wondering in this saga, how coem no jonrlaist as picked up over those discrepencies and doen some seriosu research jounalism into this case?
    You are judging mel gibosn a bit too fast here. In cse you didnt noticed it he is the victim. and that grifter lifted the DV charges, to can come in contact with him.. says it all.
    I do not think that anyone has the rigt to judge him becasue we absolulty ont know everythig in this story and there is big interest parties who keep a cover on the juicy stuff. partly cause it will give a 180 degee different image of Mel Gibson, and partly because it wil unveil them as part of it and their involvement in this tragic and lugubre story.
    Fort those who say its not a Mel gibosn style movie, well al wrong, maybe its exactly mel gibsons style the one he hidded under tons of smiles and laughters.
    Mayeb you shoudl have listen to some of jodie fostrs interviews. she knew him ofor over 15 years now, and chosed him because she knew from their conversation that he was fighting wiht a similar problem.
    since years.
    Mayeb they should turn it inot a business and sell soem beaverr puppets. who knows? it might even cure some of the ahters in here and distract mel gibsons beligerant agressors long enouhg for him ot can have a break and take some well deserved vacations!

    • stuart

      you realize of course that not one single reader on this thread read your babble in it’s entirety. Only the beginning and ending lines – just enough to get a laugh at the excessive amount of time you spent crafting some weirdo fan analysis, actually thinking someone might read your thesis and find your thoughts fascinating.

      • Squishmar

        stuart, I actually tried to read it all, but I couldn’t because–literally– every other word is misspelled. Either Sweetheart is dyslexic, non-English speaking, or both. I read it… I just couldn’t understand it.

  • @Sweetheart

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA!!!! Your HILARIOUS!! Try again moron

    • Sweetheart

      i did, moron.

    • Squishmar

      To @Sweetheart… if YOU’RE going to keep posting this comment, and call someone a moron, you might want to correct YOUR grammar. “Your hilarious”?? Your hilarious what? “Your” is possessive. “You’re” is the correct spelling for “you are.”

  • Kana

    Mel Gibson has a beaver on his hand= do not want. I feel sorry for Jodie Foster. I hope she can direct again.

  • azteri

    The trailer creeped me out. An adult male talking through a beaver puppet. WTF?

    • Sweetheart

      YOU SHOULD DEFINILTY SEE THAT MOVIE IF YOU WANT OT KNOW THE ANSWER… its about depresion and how taboo a subject it is in society. and oyur reaction just proved how rigth that movie is.

      • fish eye no miko

        It doesn’t sound like him character has depression, it seems more like some sort of social anxiety disorder.

      • fish eye no miko

        I mean “his character”… ~_~

  • KnightsLady

    If it had opened anywhere near me in its limited release I would have gone to see it. I will be going to the theater when it opens in my city. Sounds like Gibson did a great job and I wouldn’t want to miss that. Don’t care about his personal life, all he owes me is a good performance.

  • Jane

    Another problem? Thor opened. I’m a big fan of Jodie Foster and Gibson doesn’t bother me so much because the Oksana Gregorieva is clearly a golddigger who tried to push his buttons. But Thor opened and I completely didn’t notice that The Beaver opened.

  • John V

    I didn’t even realize it was released! A little promotion would be nice.


      the jewish hollywood ruined a good movie coz they hate mel gibson

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