'The Hunger Games' picks its Octavia and Portia, as fans hold breath for Cinna


Lionsgate announced that Latarsha Rose and Brooke Bundy have joined the Gary Ross adaptation of YA dystopian thriller The Hunger Games. Rose, whose resumé includes guest turns on All My Children and Bones, will play Peeta’s stylist Portia. Relative newcomer Bundy will play Octavia, a member of Katniss Everdeen’s beloved stylist Cinna’s prep team. As Capitol-dwellers, they’re expected to have garish, heavily stylized appearances — from their clothes to their skin dye. Meanwhile, Hunger Games fans pine for news of their Cinna.

Filming on The Hunger Games, which stars among many others Jennifer Lawrence, Woody Harrelson, Josh Hutcherson, and Elizabeth Banks, began last week in North Carolina. EW recently revealed an exclusive first look at Lawrence in costume as trilogy heroine Katniss.

For more on The Hunger Games, including photos of Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss and a guide to the film’s other characters, pick up the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, on stands now.

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  • Jeanine

    This was announced last week, not today.

    • Emily

      I’m hoping that they’ll cast Cillian Murphy for Cinna. I think he would be perfect!

      • Lauren


      • Fussboxx

        Good choice!

      • DJ

        Yes, I’ve been saying that for months!

      • Snsetblaze

        So have I.

      • Garrett

        nope lenny kravits is perfect lol!!!!

      • Rachel

        I want NPH (neil Patrick Harris) !!!!

      • Wynter

        Just Announced! It’s Lenny Kravitz.

      • Irene

        Oh man, Cillian Murphy would have been perfect . . . I like Lenny K but I am just not feeling him for the part.

  • Marcy Runkle

    Yeah, they definitely announced this all over the place on Thursday the 19th. Way to be on top of things, EW!

  • Allie

    what about president snow?

    • Wynter

      Not needed for the first movie

      • Allie

        oh right i forgot. he’s bigger in the last 2 books

      • kate middleton

        I think he’ll definitely appear in the first movie, even briefly. At the opening ceremonies and at closing ceremonies with the winners. I am hoping for Malcolm McDowell, Zeljiko Ivanek or Patrick Stewart.

      • Snsetblaze

        It depends on whether they are going for an older gentleman or a middle-aged guy — someone who does not look old but could play older – since everyone in the capital has a lot of plastic surgery to look young. If they choose the older man, I like the Malcolm McDowell or Patrick Stewart suggestion. Or perhaps Harrison Ford, William Hurt, Alan Dale, Ted Danson or Alec Baldwin. If they go with a middle-aged guy who looks younger, what about Eric Stolz, Garret Dillahunt, Christian Bale or Billy Campbell? Or even Cillian Murphy if he is not cast as Cinna?

      • kate middleton

        Ohhh, Alan Dale is also a great suggestion. He is great at being a villain.

        It mentions in the books that Snow has been President for many years, so I think it would be someone older….but I think the age could range probably from anyone 50 to 80 based on the plastic surgery in the Capitol, as you said.

        BTW, Lenny Kravitz is officially cast as Cinna, as of tonight.

    • Jackie

      It’s been several months since I read the books, but doesn’t President Snow show up at the very end? I thought he sort of implied to Katniss that he knew she and Peeta were putting on a show and that she would have to be very convincing that the trick with the berries was done out of love and not out of defiance for the Capitol.

      • Wynter

        That happens near the start of Catching Fire, I believe.

      • Britta

        yes- Snow appears in the second to last chapter of the first book. he comes onto the stage, breaks the victor crown in half and then gives Katniss the death glare when he gives her half.

      • Steve

        President Snow also makes an appearance in the Games’ opening ceremonies.

      • Rachel

        He is in the end. he has a crown and turns it into 2 for peta and katnis but glares at her as if saying “you are ging to ruin EVERYTHING!!!!!!”

    • Krys

      I think Cillian Murphy would be great for President Snow- He is almost exactly what I picture when I read the book. He might be a little young- but he does that creepy vibe very very well.

  • KT

    From the way EW covers the topic, you would think Hunger Games was the best book ever and the movie will be the best one ever!!! Seriously I had never even heard about it until it the casting news started on EW. It was like their Twilight obsession *shudder*

    • Katie G

      Except thousands of miles better than Twilight. You should read the books, they’re actually pretty awesome.

    • Cris

      I think EW’s just trying to get in on the ground floor for this. Hunger Games has a huge devoted following, so the more coverage they give it, the more hits they get on the website.
      That said, Katie is right. Read the books. They’re outstanding. Don’t be put off because they’re “Young Adult,” the characters are more realistic and the situations are more dark and believable than in many “adult” books I’ve read.

      • Kris

        Agreed. EW is looking for the new “IT” thing and they think they’ve found it so they want to be the first to cover it so they can say they were the first.

    • Jennifer

      I had never read the series before the EW coverage, which made me more interested, so I bought the books and simply could not put them down! I am so excited to hear all the casting news.

      • k23

        I’m in kind of the same boat – I don’t remember where I had heard of the books but asked my brother to buy them for my 14 year old son for christmas. I didn’t read them until just recently and absolutely LOVE the books! I am so looking forward to the movie and want to read the books again – but have started the Game of Thrones series. I encourage any and all to read The Hunger Games – well worth the time invested – not that they invest much – they are fast reads!

    • Rebecca

      Have you even read the books? They’re not even in the same galaxy as the Twilight books. I’ve yet to meet a person who doesn’t like them. Don’t let the YA label deter you from reading. Give them a fair shot.

    • Fussboxx

      You should give at least the first book a try. Much better than Twilight.

  • Rita

    I am so wondering who is going to be casted as Cinna..?

    • Garrett

      lenny kravits obviously!!!

  • Kevin

    Helllllllloooo Brooke Bundy! You are cute!

    • lefty

      for realz? she’s more dead in the eyes than a washed up p0rn star

      • Kevin

        It’s easy to discredit the opinion of someone who says, “for realz?”

  • E

    Don’t know much about this except the plot synopsis. Is this just a take on Battle Royale but for the teenybopper crowd?

    • TN

      There are definite similarities to Battle Royale; but the Hunger Games book trilogy is really good, and definitely has more of an emotional punch than the Battle Royale movie. Never read the BR book, though the movie was awesome.

    • kate middleton

      I haven’t read (or seen) Battle Royale, but it has been compared. Suzanne Collins, the author, said she had never heard of Battle Royale, and once the comparisons started, she was advised not to read Battle Royale. Either way, Hunger Games is a story about the fight to the death in the Hunger Games, but the larger story is about survival, revolution, tyrrany and love.

    • Sarah El

      similar premise for the first book in the trilogy at least, but it’s not quite the same. Not to mention that THG has had impressive grab outside the teenybopper crowd and I’m not talking about Twilight moms here.

    • whatevs

      That was the first thing I thought of too when I first heard the synopsis of the books. Honestly, I wouldn’t read Battle Royale either if I were Suzanne.

      I would say the biggest difference in the 2 stories is the amount of violence.

      • Dianne

        Granted, I saw Battle Royale a very long time ago, but it was my understanding that the “Program” was implemented to punish and terrorize young people for not having respect for authority, whereas in the Games in “The Hunger Games” was implemented to show the whole population of Panem that nobody, not even children, was safe from their rule. Small difference, but interesting.

    • Connor

      Only thing that The Hunger Games and Battle Royale have in common is that kids fight to the death. Other than that, they are different and are trying to convey different themes.

    • Rutiger

      The Battle Royale book is quite different from the movie. Imagine if the arena portion of Hunger Games was about 500 pages and you were able to get into the heads of many of the kids including some of the glorified extras. It is a depressing book (more so than Hunger Games in my opinion)

    • Allie

      @kevin, lmao so true

    • Rachel

      its more like the greek myth with the minotar

  • kate middleton

    Yeah, this has been announced a while ago. EW covers Hunger Games enough….you’d think they would be up to date on it.

  • mike

    Wes Bentley is Cinna. I thought this was confirmed weeks ago.

    • stella

      Isn’t he Seneca Crane?

      • Jackie

        He is Seneca.

      • kate middleton

        Yes, Seneca Crane, NOT Cinna. The head gamemaker for the 74th Hunger Games. In the books, he is only mentioned in Catching Fire – but the movie is supposed to have behind the scenes style stuff with the Gamemakers. Wes will be great.

    • Rita

      Didn’t know that..Thxx.

  • stella

    Happy to read that I am not the only one in the Hunger Games-verse wanting to know who will be cast as Cinna…I’m very protective of that character.

    • kate middleton

      I think it’s looking like Lenny Kravitz will be Cinna. Weird if it’s true. He was mentioned, along with Stanley and Woody, in an article about roles in Hunger Games. We know Stanley and Woody came true….

      • Snsetblaze

        While I hope it is Cillian Murphy, Lenny Kravitz would be an interesting choice – if he can act.

    • kate middleton

      As of this evening (5/23), Lenny Kravitz has been confirmed by Lionsgate as Cinna.

      He never would have been my choice, but I hope he will do well.

  • Brian

    Cinna…..two words, Mr. Jay from ANTM

    • Kevin

      You’ve obviously misread Cinna’s character description if that’s who you imagine in the role.

      • M

        I agree Kevin… Mr. Jay is definitely NOT Cinna.

      • Jen40

        I must have misread it too because I have said all along that Mr Jay would be perfect. Maybe not looks exactly the attitude would work.

  • Hillary

    ian somerhalder for cinna

    • Uschi

      While I love Ian, I don’t quite see him as Cinna.

    • kate middleton

      I would love for Ian to be Finnick!

  • Cris

    Can we call a moratorium on the word “dystopian”?

    • Mocha

      Pour quoi? “The Hunger Games” /is/ a dystopian series–how else would you describe it in less than five words?

  • jay

    wow totally not what i pictured.. i was thinking much older… opera-like divas big both physically and personality-wise

  • alison

    Still upset that Stanley Tucci isn’t Cinna. That’s who I imagined throughout the entire series…It’s going to be difficult watching him play someone else. =\

    • Kevin

      Only if it was Stanley Tucci from years ago. He would be perfect in attitude, but he’s supposed to be MUCH younger.

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