Lionsgate may make four movies out of 'The Hunger Games' trilogy


A Deadline report today offhandedly broke big news that Lionsgate hoped to deliver four movies out of Suzanne Collins’ ridiculously popular dystopian trilogy The Hunger Games. The move, as revealed by some Lionsgate execs in a conference call with Wall Street analysts, would follow the recent trend of splitting the final book in series like Harry Potter and Twilight into two films. But not so fast, number crunchers. Turns out that the plan is not solid yet, as the focus remains on the first film and how it performs next March. (Lionsgate has no comment.)

But even the prospect of four films has the potential to send hardcore fans into an emotional tailspin. On the one hand, this means more of Katniss Everdeen and the rest of her friends and foes on the big screen. (More Jennifer Lawrence, Stanley Tucci, Elizabeth Banks, Woody Harrelson, Donald Sutherland… seriously, this cast!) But the move would also run the risk of offending purists who could bristle at what might be interpreted as the studio making an easy cash grab. Surely they’ll take some heart that writer Suzanne Collins continues to assume such an active role in the screenwriting process. The original architect of this whole universe would ostensibly remain at the center of creative decisions, which means the best interests of Katniss’ story should remain in good hands.

In the meantime the studio is staying mum on their four films fantasy, let alone where it might split up the action. So fans will have to debate in a vacuum about which book might be lopped in two. With the requisite SPOILER ALERT! flashing red and making siren noises in everyone’s mind, allow me to make my own humble suggestion: Leave the relatively slimmer third book, Mockingjay, alone. Instead dig deep into meaty Book 2, Catching Fire. I always thought Collins cut the scene in the hunting cabin with Bonnie and Twill, the runaways from District 8 who spoke of revolution, a little short. There’s more tense fun to be had with them and their revelations. Perhaps a natural gut punch of an end to a second movie could follow Snow soonafter dropping his bomb on Katniss that he’s tossing her back in the arena. Boom! Jennifer Lawrence herself said this was her favorite scene of the entire trilogy, and the one she could not wait to bring to life.

What do you think?

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  • colin

    No, no, no. The books are short as it is.

    • Ryan

      agreed, I was thinking they should just make 2

    • wantanabe

      They can’t even get Josh Hutcherson’s hair blonde or his eyes blue and they think these movies are going to be a hit? There is not enough material to make 4 movies. Don’t count your chickens before the hatch. Remember what happened with The last Airbender. Focus on making sure the first movie works, firing Josh will be one improvement.

      • charlotte

        Give me a break. Peeta is more than his hair color. Josh Hutcherson is a charming actor and will do fine in the part. They could elaborate on what happens in Mockingjay. There is a lot of things that happen out of Katniss presence in that story. (The whole rescuing Peeta from the Capitol for one.) I’m skeptical about them making 4 movies, and I agree that they need to focus on the first one right now.

      • Stella

        So, by that theory, then Daniel Radcliffe is a terrible Harry Potter because he has blue eyes and is short? In the books Harry has green eyes and is tall and skinny. Shouldn’t it be about the actors ability to bring the character alive on the screen, not physical characteristics?

      • Dee

        Maybe it makes me a shallow person, but yes- the fact that Daniel Radcliffe’s eyes are so not Harry Potter’s much-described green eyes, really made it difficult for me to see him as Harry Potter.

      • Liz Lemon

        @Dee: Really, the eye color wasn’t that big of a deal to me. The only importance was that they looked like his mother’s. Now, if they had given Harry blond hair then I would have had a problem with it. Or gave Ron black hair.
        With the Hunger Games, again, if Katniss was blond I would be upset, but I think they can get away with giving Peeta light brown hair.

      • myra

        I agree wantanabe, hair color is important here because it shows if a character of merchant or seam.There’s a message of class segregation in the book that won’t be part of the movie.

        Hair color also makes remarkable that Katniss’s mom (merchant) fell in love with katniss’ dad (seam) withouth never ever noticed that another merchant was pinning for her. It also makes remarkable the star-crossed lover story line. A very small starving girl from the seam and a very strong (hahaha not josh but peeta is strong) boy from the merchant class. Caesar even asked Peeta about this in an interview. he asks if his parents will be ok with his choice of a girl of other social status.

      • Jesika

        Peeta is not supposed to be strong, just a little more built than Katniss. Peeta was not as well fed as Katniss believed. He still lived in District 12. He doesn’t need to be a huge guy with muscles…that’s left for Cato and Thresh. Peeta is still supposed to be pretty thin. They may have been bakers, but they were still poor and had to eat the stale bread most of the time. Plus he’s supposed to lose a lot of weight in the arena. And I think Josh will do a very good job, blond or brown hair.

      • erin hawkins

        dude ur soo rite i think liam hemsworth should play peeta. he’d beeee wayyy better

      • LOL

        I am totatlly aggree! I <3 the Hunger Games making a movie will be the BEST! I also <3 the Last Airbender (watching it right now) But I never bothered to see the movie after the nagitive responses.

      • Lillie

        They made Josh’s hair blond! I DO NOT agree with firing Josh he makes such a great Peeta! I DO agree that they should NOT make 4 movies! I was looking forward to watching what I read but I guess i’m going to be watching Harry Potter and Twilight

    • Rita

      Exactly, they aren’t long books. I can understand it in terms of Harry Potter and those books are much longer. Four movies in no way is necessary and lets face it its the money they want to make has zero to do with the books.

      • BuffyJunkie

        I actually just finished reading ‘Mockingjay’ today and this news comes as a shock to me. The only reason they would expand the film series is to make a buck. This film could honestly be made into two films and perhaps work even better. There is so much filler. This third book is basically filler until the end when it starts to get exciting, and it my opinion, the ending falls flat. Just like ‘Breaking Dawn’ has zero reason to be turned into two films, the same can be said about this book series. It is totally justified for the Harry Potter series to split the final two up, but for the Hunger Games. No way. Stick to three please…

    • Rachel

      I assumed they would break the 3rd book into two movies. The story works if they did, plus who wants to sit through a 3 hour long movie where thy cut ever last detail you love?

    • myra

      Who will they cast as buttercup?
      a) a very old geriatric cat that is also a great actor because after all in movies and tv old cats always play kittens.
      b) a red or black cat with acting experience and awards nominations because after all color is not important they will dye its hair and acting is more important. Plus it’s impossible to cast a yellow cat that also has acting talent.
      c) a black old cat that became famous not because his acting but its singing but had a 5 minute role in a movie and gary ross liked his acting.
      d) Cate blanchet! She is an oscar winner actress and because of that she can pull off anything. If you don’t think she is the right one watch all of her previous movies. She even played BOB DYLAN!
      e) a yellow mashed-in nose,half of one ear missing, eyes the color of rotting squad.
      f) a squirrel or a dog because there is one thing called makeup and there’s also Hollywood magic.
      G)None of the above they will just cut out Buttercup because he is a minor role.

  • surprise

    oh dear. I’m not sure if I like this idea. But if it means they won’t have to cut as much out of the books, then it might be okay.

    • kate middleton

      I think they’ll split Mockingjay and expand the rebellion and everything in that book. There’s so much that’s rushed with that, I can easily see it being two movies.

      • amanda

        yup and frankly, i just don;t like how things ended with Katniss and Gale. They’re the best of friends, there should have been more than that.

      • kate middleton

        I agree with you, Amanda. Gale deserved a better ending. I still wanted Katniss to be with Peeta, but I didn’t like how Gale was totally written off. Even after everything, he didn’t deserve that.

      • wantanabe

        Gale designed the bombed that killed Katniss’ sister. You think you would stay friends with the guy that was indirectly responsible for the person you love more than life’s death. Gale apologist like you make me sick. The guy was a terrorist. It’s like saying you should stay friends with Osma bin Laden.

      • Lindsay

        Wantanabe, calm down.
        “Gale apologist like you make me sick. The guy was a terrorist. It’s like saying you should stay friends with Osma bin Laden.”
        This is FICTION. Gale, Peeta, and Katniss? They are not real people. Gale is not a real person, he never killed anyone who actually exists.

        Voice your opinions, but lighten up about it. Yeesh.

      • tad

        Never liked Gale. He didn’t bug me in the first two books ’cause he was barely in them, but holy shiz, Mockingjay? I kept hoping he’d die! What a whiney baby.

      • charlotte

        I liked Gale, loved Peeta more though. I was sad to see Katniss and Gale’s friendship end, but I can totally understand why it did.

      • Jennifer

        @Tad – LOL
        I felt a little annoyed with Katniss most of the time b/c she was clearly in love with Peeta but she wouldn’t admit it to herself. I understand it was meant to be a specific character flaw of hers with her trust issues and whatnot though.

      • Kevin

        Peeta is a fruitcake and you know it. Gale deserved Katniss, not that lady-boy Peeta.

      • Dani

        Actually kinda saw that type of ending coming. Gale wasn’t terrorist-like, but he had that take-no-prisoner mentality as well as the means-to-ends-don’t-matter view on the war. Which were the complete oppostite of Katniss’ views. So, I can see how they fell apart. Besides, in a war, things never come out pretty. Even Peeta and Katniss had to grow back together.

      • el camino

        Add in the Peeta,Johanna,Annie rescue. The amount of time needed to show the warehouse with the wounded. Time needed for showing the nut and capitol battles. I can see 2 movies instead of cutting them.

  • Kay

    Or, you know, just make three films. But if they have to do four, I agree the second one makes the most sense to split. Although the first one could potentially be split, but there’s no way Lionsgate will split the very first film on the slim chance it doesn’t perform well and they can’t release Part II.

    • charlotte

      I don’t agree with a Catching Fire split. I don’t believe the first half of the story would have enough action to sustain a whole movie. It’s really just them visiting places in Panem. Mockingjay on the other hand, had a lot of things happening that they could expand on.

      • Wesley Crusher

        Agreed. The first half of Catching Fire is actually quite slow and boring. Each book had the build-up that led to the action. Splitting into 4 films is stupid….just because Harry Potter and that lame vampire book-movie series are, doesn’t mean EVERY BOOK-TO-MOVIE does!

      • lulu

        omg wesley i agree. Catching Fire was good but it tended to drag on to me. not enough action or movement until the end when they are called back into the arena. So i think the third book should be split because there are so many things that were left in the open and need to be added. Like gale and katniss’s relationship. saving peeta/annie and others. and what happened to gale when they reached the capitol. and what happened when katniss was on trial for killing coin? these things need to be addressed w/ the help of Collins. that’s why the third book can be split

  • Elli

    Why on earth would they want to do that? They are short and sweet to the point. I never understood why twilight got split that last book is a disappoitment anyways. But HP made sence.

  • Nikki

    I don’t think they should split them. The books are not even that long. The seventh Harry Potter book had seven hundred something pages which needed to be split.

  • anonymous

    I vote no. These books do not need to be divided into 4 movies, the movie executives just need to execrise a little restraint and realize that artistic integrity should be more important than grabbing for more money.

  • nana

    I guess I see it as an obvious money grab, just like Potter, but to that I say, “who cares?!” That means more Hunger Games, more Potter, more Twilight (for fans of it, lord knows I’m not). More of something I adore and love? Um, yes please!

    • lulu

      agreed. i love THG so i wouldn’t mind a fourth movie. (and the sweet lord knows i would burn the twilight books and eat em before i would read them) more of what i love. as long as they don’t split the second book.

  • charlotte

    I don’t like the idea of splitting the books. I’ve been hearing the idea of splitting Catching Fire, but I don’t think there would be enough action in the first half to grab the box office it needs. I think there is so much that happens off screen in Mockingjay that there are more areas that they can expand in that story. It could end with Katniss getting shot in District 2.

  • Laura

    I hate the hunger games the story line is amazing but i hate how the books are wrote. I hope the movies are good

    • Katie Fitch

      I hate how that sentence was “wrote”.

      • kate middleton

        WINNING. Love this.

      • charlotte

        Like. Extreme like.

      • Jennifer

        Yall are mean

    • Gabe

      The irony of this post is amazing!! How the books “are wrote”? Really?

    • Tom

      deez b da best books on da planet earph baby ever wrote by any one

    • Katie

      Whatever you know what I mean. You are all a bunch of 6 year olds. Get a life

      • jodipo

        cmon, you come in and criticize the writing in a novel all pompous and you say you dislike how the books are wrote? Yes, you will be teased… and with good reason

      • Meg

        No, I do not actually know what you mean . . . unless you first posted under the name Laura and then changed your name to Katie. Or are you responding to Katie Fitch? It’s all so confusing!
        Oh – and telling random internet posters to “get a life” makes you seem . . . about 6 years old. Just so you know.

      • Todd

        No se9 vosotras, pero yo no lo veo como Peeta. Peeta tiene el pelo un poco me1s largo y ademe1s es me1s mayor. Bueno, yo no se9 que9 edad tiene el Peeta de e9sta foto, pero tengo claro que para med no vale. Lo digo sin e1nimo de odnefer. Sf3lo digo que para med no se parece en nada a Peeta. Lo siento. Todaveda estoy a la espera de que salgan me1s candidatos.Haber es original la idea de al aire pues parece que salga por la tv durante el programa de LJDH como uno de los candidatos. La idea ha sido buena.

    • Liz Lemon

      Yeah. I’m not a fan of the writing. The author rushes the story too much. Truth be told, if Suzanne didn’t rush the story and took her time with it, there could have been 4 books. So, I’m not against the idea.
      However, I think they should wait and see if this first film is actually successful, before they plan out 4 movies.

      • kate middleton

        I know what you mean. Mockingjay is definitely rushed and could be fleshed out more. Suzanne clearly wanted the books to all be of similar length – 3 parts each with 9 chapters in each part, roughly 300 pages each (at least on my Nook, pagination could be different on hard copies). It bugs me when authors do this when there’s more story to be told. So glad that JK Rowling expanded the books as the series got further along.

      • Jennifer

        YES! Mockingjay is extremely rushed! Especially the ending. I am still in love with the series as a whole. But Mockingjay by itself would be my least favorite of the three.

      • Nik E

        I agree about Mockingjay being rushed. I wanted more from Katniss and Peeta being together! It just sort of ended… I still really liked the series. Does anyone know if they’ve said what the ratings will be for the 1st movie?

      • kate middleton

        Nik E – they are planning to make it PG-13. Will be interesting to see how they do that.

      • Nik E

        @ Kate-Thanks. I think that will be interesting as well. It’s seems like they won’t be able to show much of the killings being PG-13. Needs to be R! I know they’re trying to get the teen audience.

      • burf06

        Agreed. Mockingjay was definitely rushed. SPOILER..especially the part where Katniss and the team go to the capital, in the underground characters that I had come to care for were dying with barely a mention that they were gone. Not saying I wanted gory drawn-out death scenes, but I felt that those parts of the book were very rushed.

      • kate middleton

        @ Nik E – totally agree with you. It’ll be interesting to see them walk the line between keeping it PG-13 and depicting the harrowing violence accurately. Gary Ross (director) really seems to care about the books, so I think if anyone can do it, it’s him.

        @ burf06 – I definitely agree with you. The whole battle in the Capitol was so integral, but felt rushed in the book. I can easily see that being 30-45 minutes of a movie. They’ll need to expand it to really focus on the deaths and I’ll shed many tears for Finnick, and Boggs.

      • Kevin

        Isn’t Suzanne Collins overseeing the screenplays? I agree with everyone’s assertion of the third book. SPOILER: I liked the time they spent in District 13, but the detor she took to the “avalanche at the mine” section seemed to lead into a writing rush at the capital. I don’t know if they could fit all three of those locations in one good film. They’ll break up the third book.

      • Liz Lemon

        @Kevin: I think she wrote them or at least co-wrote the screenplay. I agree, around the part with the Avalanche and before they went to the Capital, the whole story was just on fast-forward. She was skipping all over the place. I really have no idea what happened during that battle at the Capital. The writing was really convoluted, so I didn’t even realize Finnick had died until it’s actually said by one of the characters.
        And then the whole part with Katniss being crazy and then…yeah…it needs to be 4 films.

      • ?????????????what? Huh?

        Ok liz ive seen you post on like EVERYTHING concerning the hgs. And now your just going to decide u hate it?? WTF!! If u dont like the books then why r u even looking at thing blog?!

      • kate middleton

        Kevin – Yes, Suzanne and Gary Ross co-wrote essentially. Apparently Billy Ray did a first draft screenplay, but it was supposedly reworked a LOT by Suzanne and Gary.

        Totally agree with Liz and Kevin that Mockingjay needs to be 2 movies – the Capitol battle needs to be enhanced a lot, kinda like how HP is enhancing the Hogwarts battle some.

      • Liz Lemon

        What are you talking about? I’ve always said that I’m not a fan of the writing and that she rushed the story. lol.
        And I don’t hate it. It’s still an excellent story, just not the best writing.

      • lulu

        while i love the trilogy, i agree w/ you liz lemon. the third book was a bit rushed. so many things could have been elaborated on. that doesn’t make suzanne a bad author. she is exceptional because MAN this story had a great plot. but yea i hope she elaborates in the movies. lets hope the first one is a smash hit!

      • Aly

        The writing was awful, the story was flawed, and this “all powerful truth” that the authored attempted to put in the book was hidden by her freakish need for violence. I think that instead of getting praised for these books she should be locked up in a mental hospital. Just my opinion.

    • Wesley Crusher

      I hate how your comment were wrote and how you were not schooled enough in english for wroting.

    • erin hawkins

      wtf is wrong wit u. u need to learn wat the difference between good and bad r. i’d like to see u write a trillogy better than suzannne collins!!!!!!!!!!

  • jm

    It makes sense and I agree….split Catching Fire. I would like to see exactly what happened to Bonnie and Twill and ending the film with Katniss going back to the arena would be awesome!.

    • :/

      they dont need to split catching fire to elaborate on bonnie and twill

  • Ale

    Currently reading book 1, but I checked and the 3rd book is basically the same length as the other 2, and it’s not that long compared to HP and Twilight. That’s lame and an obvious cash grab.

    • charlotte

      Well, the split for Breaking Dawn was an obvious cash grab too. Harry Potter admittedly had more plot, but splitting it wasn’t entirely necessary either. Let’s face it. Making these movies is all about the Benjamins.

      • :D

        who’s benjamin? jk lol

  • brettny

    I think it best to make four movies out of three books. After all, one book contains a lot of extreme happenings. No doubt they have to make four instead of three.

  • jm

    Although…there is an argument for splitting Mockingjay because of ALL that happens in D2….it could end with Katniss getting shot while trying to liberate D2. Actually, no it’s Catching Fire that should be split, right when Katniss is called back to the arena and I can’t wait to see Jennifer Lawrence play Katniss (that scene among many) especially considering that’s her favorite scene!.

    • kate middleton

      I think they’ll split Mockingjay and split it around when Peeta returns or when Katniss is shot in D2. I bet they’ll expand on all the rebellion stuff, and throw in more about what’s happening to Peeta and Johanna in the first part. And expand the battle in the Capitol, and perhaps the last couple chapters and epilogue.

      I don’t think splitting Catching Fire would be that terrible, but if it ended right when Katniss finds out she has to go back, the first movie would be pretty short. There’s the victory tour, Gale’s troubles, Snow’s threats, the Peacekeepers cracking down and Katniss meeting folks while hunting, but I still think it would be a short movie without much action or climax. The Quarter Quell announcement would be a good cliffhanger though!

      • charlotte

        Completely agree with this analysis.

    • Harriet

      “Actually, no it’s Catching Fire that should be split, right when Katniss is called back to the arena and I can’t wait to see Jennifer Lawrence play Katniss (that scene among many) especially considering that’s her favorite scene!.”

      while i suppose that would be a nice ending, the movie after that would be short. They do not need to spend so much time focusing on the tour of Panem. Show the important parts. show haymitch’s video and get back to the arena. simple and sweet.

  • joblo

    BAD IDEA. Unlike HP7, which had so much plot it was impossible to fit into a single film, The Hunger Games are short and lend themselves easily to a regular movie. To try and make 4 is a pure cash grab and, thus, insulting to the fans.

  • Kahta

    Agreed…leave it at three. I didn’t really like Mockingjay (compared to the rest of the triology) and don’t need to see more of it.

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