'Breaking Dawn - Part 1' first sneak peek: What did you think?


Image Credit: Andrew Cooper

For Twilight fans, the super-short snippet for Breaking Dawn Part 1 was a teaser in every sense of the word. But now that MTV has just played another peek at the film, here’s what we know: Bella and Edward marry, honeymoon in Brazil and make sweet vampire love, Jacob takes his shirt off, and vampire fetuses kick much harder than human fetuses. Take a look for yourself after the jump:

What did you think? Do you expect this next installment to be the juiciest yet?

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  • Caribou

    I want to go see this movie simply for the scene with the headboard-breaking sex.

    • JustSpeakingTheTruff

      Anyone who enjoys Twilight obviously loves penises.

      • Rica

        Um, duh.

      • Tom

        We have some audio clips of Breaking Wind too

      • Bazinga!

        Yes I do – very much!

      • hazmaire

        nah, just check out vampires after dark or Lords of the underworld, really there are a lot more books which are better than Twilight or sexer.

      • jacelyn

        omg do some people always have something stupid to say

    • kate

      me too! i loved the bed-breaking sex scene….come on november 18!!!!

    • Valencia

      Right!! That’s the kind of sex I need.

      • Hiro Kitty

        American women love garbage!!!

      • Heather

        Hallelujah, where is that kind of sex when you need it??

      • chadder

        thats funny, what your hubby not doing it for yah or something?

    • hazmaire

      Honey if sex is what you want, you are reading the wrong books.

  • Kate

    I’m sorry, but that was ridiculous.
    Epic battle music playing during a WEDDING and passing out invitations like it’s some kind of life or death thing. No real conflict of any kind, unless you count the emo alpaca. Random honeymoon shots. And Kristen Stewart treating a lifesucking pregnancy like a normal person would treat constipation. This really needed to be two films, huh?
    The series’ fatal flaw has always been the fact that it takes itself too seriously and tries to be more than what it is. This trailer — which all but begged, “PLEASE take us seriously, look how epic we are omgz!” — demonstrated that in spades.

    • deedeedragons

      Thread closed. Kate is 100% correct.

      • Amy

        Alright everybody, back it up. The internet is done. Kate has said everything that needed to be said. Well done.

    • Jessica

      Truer words have never been spoken.

    • Riri

      Seriously, you summed it exactly.
      In fact, the only way this movie could work is if it owns up to it ridiculousness instead of shying away from it. Then it could be considered good.

    • Don

      Bravo! Bravo, Kate!

    • ari

      Have you read the books? If you havent Breaking Dawn has to be two movies. Too much going on to be one movie. However I don’t like Kirsten playing Bella

      • charlotte

        I’ve read the book. There is no way that Breaking Dawn needed to be two movies.

      • Kate

        Actually I have, and I still think it’s stupid to split it into two films. “Thickness” (as in, the book’s physical length) should not ever be confused with “stuff of import actually happening.”

      • Dani

        Ditto @ charlotte. Other than the wedding and Bella’s pregnancy, nothing happens in the book.

      • Dash

        Charlotte is correct. There is plenty of nothing in the 4th book that could easily be cut, especially from the middle sections. Plus a lot of it will go faster in movies than in the book (Bella’s first hunt, the wedding, etc.) I can’t imagine how difficult it must have been to stretch this into two movies.

      • Green

        If you go on the Breaking Dawn ratio of number of pages to number of movies, Lord of the Rings should have been made into 10 films

      • Laura

        There is actually nothing going on for the majority of Breaking Dawn. The plot in that book is so thin I can’t imagine how they’re going to stretch it into two movies.

      • keepcalm1918

        From reading various interviews and articles about Breaking Dawn II the Director/writers have built in quite a lengthy fight scene at the end of the movie. Since most movies produced today almost ‘require’ action/fights as part of their formula to be green-lit it is no wonder this book was divided into two.

      • Michelle

        If they left out most of Book 2 and Jacob’s internal whining, this could’ve been done in 1 movie.

      • hazmaire

        But people you are missing the most important part. They make more money with two movies!!!!!

    • charlotte

      Of course Twilight takes it too seriously. But does that mean we have to? I love Twilight for the joke that it is, even if it’s not in on the joke. Bring on the headboard cracking sex and bloody vampire birth scenes!

      • Anya

        I agree. This trailer was so funny. The dramatic music for the wedding invitations, the headboard breaking sex. And that baby is going to tear out of Kristen Stewart… seriously can you imagine her acting that scene out based on that little clip we just got of that baby kicking the crap out of her? This movie is going to be hilarious.

      • the_girl

        I totally agree with Charlotte. This series is complete ridiculata. The best part is that it doesn’t seem to realize how ridiculous it really is. I will probably go see this but that doesn’t mean I can’t admit how corny and hilarious this is. It just means I’m glad this is coming out in November and it won’t be too hot to wear a hoodie to the theater so no one will recognize me.

    • belyou

      you r such a hater.so why dont you drink your haterrade ok!!!!

    • charlotte

      OK, Kate, I’ve got to ask, what is emo alpaca? Because that has got to be the best visual ever, but I still don’t know what you are referring too.

      • Kate

        Google “Taylor Lautner alpaca.” That’s all I will say.

      • charlotte

        I just did. I literally laughed out loud.

      • Anya

        Wow. I just googled that, that was hilarious. Thank you for that.

      • MojoJojo

        Kate you are so bad! I just choked laughing!

      • Lucy

        Well, I’m still going to see the movie, anyway. I hate Kirsten and her Poker Face for everything but I’m still a fan of Twilight, ’till the end! But after this alpaca thing all NEVER look at Jake the same way again. LOL.

      • Michelle

        OMG…that is flippin HYSTERICAL!!!!!

      • Liz

        Kate FTW……AGAIN!!!

    • Emma

      LOL I did. It was funny. Thank you.

    • Lore

      Girl, you said it all

    • BuffyJunkie

      You go girl… You hit it on the nail. As someone who detested the four books but who kept on because once I start a series I can’t stop, I’ve actually enjoyed the films, partly because I applaud them for coming up with something half-way decent to show for the source material, I am not looking forward to these films at all. I don’t know how they are going to make this work. The last book was insufferably bad and there was zero need to make this last film into two. Who do they think they are? Harry Potter? Answer: Not in a million years.

    • District 12

      well said, this movie will suck, there was no need for it to be split into two

    • Stef

      Kate, very well said. That actually made me laugh out loud.

    • Natalie

      THANK YOU!! I started laughing during the invitation montage.

    • holly

      OMG….OMG…Man you have me laughing so hard!!!!!!!LOL… times 1000. I am a die hard 27 fan of the saga……but I have to admit everything you said is true. I have to concede. Man I was laughing so hard I was crying….Random honeymoon shots, lol, life or death wedding invitations. You are soooooo right, lol times a billion. I do not particularly prefer the movies, as they are a little boring but I love romance and I support them for the love idea.

    • DJS

      It’s Hollywood. All trailers are over the top as to peak your interest to go see the movie. It’s no different than any other trailer out there I have seen for every other movie, good or bad, I fail to see your point.

    • Emeri


    • carrie

      now in all fairness to Bella, I don’t think she has had the displeasure of reading the end of the book yet…..

    • ariee

      iknow right

    • Meg

      If you don’t like it then why the freak did you watch the freakin trailer ?? duhh.

    • michele

      wow twilight is so pathetic you took all that time to right a book about it…dummy anyone some of us actually like the movie young, teens and old me (20 in between) and love it hater

  • mary

    I loved it. Can’t wait for the movie.

    • Molly

      Can’t wait for you to grow out this teenage crap and get a real life.

      • charlotte

        Is this really necessary?

      • Karen

        What I don’t get is: If you don’t like the Twilight series than why did you bother even glancing at the trailer? If you’ve commented that this movie stinks so bad, use your time to watch something else! Let’s face it: if you are a fan, you’ll love it. If not than, comment about another movie that interests you. I personally am upset that I have to wait until Nov to see it! Can’t wait!

      • @Molly

        And you have a life, bashing someone anonymously, online, for liking a film you don’t?

      • Dani

        Seriously, that’s so mean and unappropriate.

      • Dani

        I mean inappropriate.

    • Mellissa

      Molly, you clearly went from twelve to twenty. Unless you care to admit what teenage crap you liked (and I admit I liked NKOTB.)

    • keepcalm1918

      Ditto Mary. I had never read a teen romance book until my daughter (in college) was given Twilight by a Twi-Hard friend of her’s. My daughter never bothered to read it and, as a lark, I picked it up and thought ….hmm? Oh what the heck and read it. I admit that I got hooked and read all the rest of the series. Take these books and the movies for what they are …. just as the actors do. They are simply a means of entertainment….yes, you can laugh a them….cry wiith them….sigh with them….or, if you are not into even trying to identify with them….why bother to expend your precious energy ‘hating’ them? Those are the folks who “should get a life” and take it down a couple notches. Go watch other movies and read other books that YOU enjoy.

  • Marten

    It looks like nothing happens in this movie. Everyone goes to a wedding, and then they go on a honeymoon. Exciting stuff.

    • Mellissa

      Don’t forget that Jacob rips off his shirt, and the strong vampire breaks a headboard. OMG!

    • michele

      and she possess a blood sucking vampire lol cant wait to far!

  • Stephanie

    You spelled peek wrong, EW.

  • hc

    well that was just silly. but Jacob running in the rain omg!!! ahhh!

  • anita

    i long for the day when this drivel finally goes. away.

    • Terrence@Anita

      And then what? You know an easier way for it to go away? If everytime you saw any article about it, you didn’t click on it. And if you go to a film that just happens to feature a trailer for any Twilight-related film, just get up and go to the bathroom. Or better yet, grow the frick up. It’s a trailer.How in the hell does it affect you that there are trailers for films you don’t care about out there? Jeez

      • Dani

        Wow, really? Another person on the internet trying to sound so smart, and ends up coming out as really annoying.

      • DJS

        I agree, don’t understand why you would watch a trailer of a movie you already know you don’t want to see. I don’t think the movies are oscar worthy material but I read all the books like most of the people who want to see the movie. some you the comments on here are clearly from people who don’t read.

    • L

      It will just be replaced by something else you will detest and feel the need to click on anyway.

  • Amanda W

    To the negative commentators…fans don’t care if you love or despise the movie……but for those of you who do despise it for your own reasons, how about refraining from writing rude comments on pages that are meant for the fans. YOU all need to get a life if you’re taking the time to write your comments on an article about something you hate so much. Sorry, but you’re giving it more publicity just by clicking on the link. If you love it, enjoy it. If you’re a hater, get over yourselves and if you see an article/preview, ANYTHING about it, IGNORE IT.

    • Kate

      This isn’t a fan site. You want a site like that where dissent isn’t allowed, go to the Lexicon or something. EW asked people to give their opinion on the trailer, and I gave it.

      • Terrence

        Funny how all the Twilight-hating fanboy trolls come here under female aliases in order to make us think that the troll comments aren’t coming from typical overgrown, undersexed comicbook, Transformers-lovinf nerds who hate Twlight

      • Kate

        Um, I’m a 24-year-old woman, but OK? Can I safely presume then that if Transformers fans are undersexed nerds that Twilight fans are either illiterate teenage girls or fat virgins in their 40s? See, I can stereotype too.

      • Hiro Kitty

        Good god this series bad. And the fangirls are even worse!!

      • Woot

        Terrence you need to back off Kate. She OWNS this page. OWNS it. Did you not read her post at the top of the comments?

      • Nik E

        Go Kate! I agree with everything you’ve said!!

      • Jessica

        Terrance, you should know by now that Kate owns this page. She said it all at the top of the page and managed to do it all over again.

      • Amanda W

        Well…I never said this was a fan site. I said this page was targeted towards fans. Second, if you want to give an opinion…then give your opinions where they matter, and on more important subjects. My goodness it’s a MOVIE. Let the fans be. Once again, if you hate it so much, don’t click on the links and make comments in which you are just trying to make the people who do enjoy the books/films feel like they have no brains. People just can’t respect the fact that everyone has their OWN interests and ideas. There is absolutely no wrong in enjoying a little guilty pleasure, we all have our own. Just stop the bashing.

  • ginger

    I think this is going to be best out of all of them. Just a glimpse of that headboard scene has me drooling!!!!

    • annie


  • Dani

    That headboard scene was just disturbing and weird. The only good thing in this trailer is Taylor Lautner’s sexy body.

    • Kristina

      If he just stood there and not said a word, I’d actually sit through a “Twilight” film. Dude cannot act, but he sure is pretty.

      Wait, he’s 18, right? I seriously don’t want Chris Hansen knocking on my front door for this comment.

      • Adalynn

        Haha! He’s 24 or 25. I think. I’m pretty sure he’s my age (24). He’s actually really intelligent and funny in his interviews it’s too bad he’s chosen a medium that he’s not very good at and roles that make him look like a git.

      • L

        @Adalynn — He’s 18. RPattz is 25. Kristen is…overated.

      • charlotte

        He’s hilarious. Maybe if he did comedy? I have no idea. He’s pretty though.

  • Felecia

    i loved it it was awesome cant wait November needs to hurry up and get here already

  • jessica

    wow for a lot of ppl who say they dont like the movies…really? thats why yall took the time to watch the tralier for the movie then complain about it…really yall really….and not even after a while of it being online THE FIRST DAY it was posted yall just had to look it up and watch it…lol wow dont hate just cuz yall dont like the movies doesnt mean the books are bad…i like both but all yall that hate it why would you even waste your time to watch the trailer?? Umm who knows…i guess yall dont wanna be left out of the loop..yall will prob. watch the movie and then post how stupid yall thought it was.FYI a lot more ppl injoy the movies and books then thoses who dislike it.

    • Natalie

      I have no idea what you just said.

    • L

      I’m a Twlight fan, but seriously…Study Hall is for you to actually DO your English homework.

      • Rho

        Ain’t y’all ever seen a southerner write something before, LOL?

    • Cody

      Learn some grammar before you try to make a point. You’re not helping your twilight fans.

  • Sammiec@la

    Omg!!! I cant wait! I hope this one is much better than the last one.

  • Susan

    I feel bad for Kristen Stewart/Bella. If Edward breaks headboards when he has sex, I’d hate to be on the receiving end of that. Did none of them think while making this movie that that was going to be just a tad ridiculous?

    • Amy

      Um, they did think it through, as it’s in the book. Bella wants to experience every human thing she can before she’s changed, so, yeah. He’s breaking the headboard because he doesn’t want to break her. But, you know, great, insightful comment there. A+

    • Anya

      Well, on that one, it is written that way in the book. He breaks headboards and pillows and everything.

    • Dani

      In the book, he breaks the headboard and bites the pillow so that he doesn’t hurt Bella. But, you’re right. The headboard breaking is the most ridiculous scene in the trailer.

      • keepcalm1918

        That’s a key scene that Twi-hards wanted to see in the movie! Look up the Comic-Con coverage where they are asking for it to be put in the Breaking Dawn film! The ‘headboard scene’ just illustrates how strong the character vampire Edward is…and one of the reasons he didn’t want to ‘be with’ Bella before their marriage….i.e. so worried that with his vampire strength he would hut her. Yes, it is tongue-in- cheek to the most extent…I laughed when I saw it and then sighed when I saw his muscles….yep, a proud Twi-harder!

      • BuffyKilledEdwardTheEnd

        Hmm, old Edward didn’t have sex with Bella before marriage because he didn’t want to hurt her, so he waits until they’re married to have sex with her and hurt her. It’s scary reading comments from little girls swooning over Meyer’s twisted garbage.

  • Lindsey

    It looks lame and like absolutely nothing happens except she gets married, has sex, and gets knocked up. WOOOO. lame. The 4th book was lacking in plot depth and it looks like the movie is as well. There was seriously no need for 2 parts…except to weasel more money out of people.

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