'Twilight' dominates MTV Movie Awards; complete list of winners


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Last night’s MTV Movie Awards delivered something for everyone. That is, if everyone loved Twilight. The third film in the vampire franchise walked away with five golden bags of popcorn, including the prize for Best Movie. Alas, The King’s Speech — and it’s mature cheering section — went home emptyhanded. For an entire list of winners, click below:

Best Movie Winner: 

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Best Comedic Performance Winner: Emma Stone, Easy A

Best Female Performance Winner, 

Kristen Stewart, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Best Scared-As-S**t Performance Winner: Ellen Page, Inception

Best Line From A Movie Winner: 

”I want to get chocolate wasted!” Alexys Nycole Sanchez, Grown Ups

MTV Generation Award Winner: Reese Witherspoon

Best Kiss Winner: Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Best Fight Winner: 

Robert Pattinson vs. Bryce Dallas Howard and Xavier Samuel, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Best Breakout Star Winner: 

Chloë Grace Moretz, Kick-Ass

Biggest Badass Star Winner: 

Chloë Grace Moretz

Best Jaw Dropping Moment Winner: 

Justin Bieber, Justin Bieber: Never Say Never

Best Villain Winner: Tom Felton, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1

Best Male Performance Winner: Robert Pattinson, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

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  • Lauren

    Jaw-Dropping Winner? That sucked! I guess MTV just stuck Bieber into that category to satiate the tweens that were watching. A ringer if I ever saw one. The clip they showed for the voting was just him dancing. Stupid. Steve-O FTW!

    • Tom Strong

      Fat lonely women with cats love Twilight!

      • jue

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      • Carmen

        Tom Strong and jue are a perfect pair!!

      • carolyn

        Im not fat&don’t have a cat…I am a skinny 32 year old nurse who models on the side, and would love to do sweet&sinful things to Robert Pattinson…Playing Dr. would be fun…

      • Dani

        Sure you are Carolyn, sure you are.

      • Haters

        Hey Tom, I’m a woman, I’m a former cheerleader and dancer and I’m not fat & I hate cats. Sorry I don’t fit your M. O. but TWILIGHT KICKED HARRY POTTER’S ASS!!! What happened?

        Now don’t get me wrong. I’m a huge Potter fan. I have all the books & two sets of all the movies on dvd (plain & special editions) along with the limited edition special cd package that has the theme music that you could only get via the WB website. I stood in line at midnight for the books and movies. So, you can’t go there with me babes.

        But lets be real, Twilight has a more “grown up” story line even though its dealing with a vampire. I mean boy & girl fall in love. The story has been working since the beginning of time. Or didn’t you know this?

        Sorry but after the last three years you think you idiots would have gotten a clue by now. Twilight is AWESOME!! But your biases won’t allow you to just appreciate it for what it is: A DARN GOOD LOVE STORY!

        I have some really bad news for all you Potter fans, Breaking Dawn Pt 1 is going to kick but as well. If you don’t know the story, last nights trailer doesn’t even touch what’s going to happen to Bella. When the trailer stated that this event is going to change things, well you better believe it. HUGE changes are coming. The wedding is the catalyst behind it all because if Bella doesn’t get married, she doesn’t get pregnant and well, the rest you’ll have to see what happens for yourself. But it only gets better after the honeymoon.

        The last two films will be the best of the series…trust me on this. Just wait and see. Come back to my post next year and read it when I said, “I told you so”.

        Sorry Potterheads, the “Voldemort killing Harry” thing is coming out two years too late. That delay in releasing Half-Blood Prince, then having it basically suck eggs didn’t help either. Oh, Potter’s going to make a billion at the box office but you can pretty much put a fork in it, it’s done.

      • Stamos

        Only in the U.S. and in the minds of female teenagers can a DARN GOOD LOVE STORY exist showing such a profound annoying intolerance to any expression of sexuality.

      • Tom

        Forever Alone.

      • Lisa

        I beg to differ on “Twilight” having a more grown up storyline. I think that the love story between Ron and Hermione is so much more mature…it’s not all about sex. The acting is much better (and has gotten so much better since the kids have grown up!) I can’t understand the idea behind the whole “Twilight” marriage thing…weren’t they JUST in high school? This whole vampire thing is way over, and has been since Blade Trinity killed it back in 2004.

      • Twisted Sister

        Twilight is about a girl with no ambitions who wants to kill herself after her boyfriend left her. Then they go back together, get marry and have a child and live happily ever after. (Typical Mary Sue story) And lets not forget the shape-shifter Jacod falling for a little baby. “Very inspiring” for young teenagers. Let’s show that women are nothing without men. That we become weak and hopeless without them. That we can’t stand for ourselves. After killing brain cells with with Twilight, I had to re-read a bunch of Isabel Allende’s books to restore my faith in literature.

        Now Harry Potter is about all kinds of love, not just a stupid infatuation. It is about friendship, loyalty, bravery and also about hate, betrayal, bigotry and discrimination. In the books, even the less important characters have a back story and they play an important part in the plot.

        The films are another thing. Twilight’s main cast is just plain bad, the movies are boring and corny. The only decent about the films are the soundtracks.

        HP films are not better than the books but the casting of older actors is just simply brilliant and they have nurtured a new breed of talent. The main trio Daniel, Emma and Rupert have come a long way since the first film and I consider them to be pretty good actors with the possibility to grow even more.

      • Shannon

        @Haters: Just because a series is full of sex does not make it a “more grown up story line.”

      • Maggie

        Hey, leave the cats out of it. It’s not their fault that they get associated with lonely women. But I agree, lonely women and young and immature people like Twilight. Twilight is more ‘grown up’ than Harry Potter? Really? All twilight talks about is sex and occasionally something else. Harry Potter has comparisons to some real world issues that are much deeper than a teenage love infatuation. Twilight only get recognition when the voting is ran by the fans, and twilight fans are the most annoying. Constant voting, stop voting and pick up a decent book and fill your mind with something thats not garbage. And nothing happens in breaking dawn, she has a baby that almost kills her (don’t sleep with a vampire, idiot, that’s teaching kids what safe sex is all about) and then the crazy vampires come to kill them but then they just talk for awhile. The end.

      • Miranda


        You do realize Breaking Dawn is the most anti-climactic book ever? Only one vampire dies. That’s it. They make everything out to be some big war and get all these warriors, but a battle of wits stops it. In Harry Potter, numerous BELOVED characters die. There’s an actual climax to the story, which makes it better because it’s an actual novel because of it. No climax, just fan fiction.
        Also, Twilight’s a complete tween novel with a Mary Sue for a main character.

      • Liza

        Just because Twilight won a lot of mtv awards doesn’t make it good. Did it win any oscars? Nope, or any other respectable award for that matter? At least Harry Potter movies get nominated. Just look at the characters in both movie/book franchises and try and describe them. Fact is, Meyer can’t develop a character with rich personality traits and flaws we can identify with who grow and learn. For example:
        Harry Potter: Loyal friend, brave, selfless, impulsive, loving, somewhat arrogant
        Hermione Granger: Intelligent, highly skilled, hard working, overly serious, loyal, loving, opinionated
        Ron Weasley: Funny, immature, easily scared (will be courageous to save his friends/family), loyal, kind, hotheaded, insensitive
        Ask any Harry Potter fan to describe these three characters without using their physical traits or personal histories and they will use the words I listed. Go ahead and try it, now let’s try Meyer’s characters:
        Bella Swan: Loves Edward….wants to be a vampire for some reason
        Edward Cullen: Loves Bella..uh…is way too old be with a 17 year old, in a way he’s a pedophile and abusive
        Jacob: Somehow also loves Bella even though she has no personality.
        Seriously when you ask a Twilight fan to describe Bella they say ” She loves Edward!” Okay and? Hermione loves Ron but she is so richly developed most fans don’t even mention it. That’s just one example that I’m using as a comparison. You might think “Well, Bella REALLY loves Edward!” but Hermione REALLY loves Ron and doesn’t let it run her life or define her as a person.
        Well, that’s my two cents, I’d love to see Twilight fans try to describe these characters without using their looks, backgrounds, or personal histories, just their traits. For example, you can’t say Jacob had long hair and Native american ancestry. Just the personality, you can’t do it because there is nothing there.
        For the record, I’m not a huge Potter fan. I like the movies but I don’t own them and I’m not counting the days for the next movie to come out. As a casual observer of both franchises this is what I’ve come away with.

      • Darlene

        I’m not fat yet or lonely, but I do love twilight..the books not the movies:)

  • Pat

    The show was fun, far better than snoozefests like the Oscars. The celebs were having a nice time and it showed. Liked the show all in all.

    • Michael

      Too bad crappy movies get rewarded though.

      • Nathan

        It’s pretty much just like the Razzies. Everyone gets together to honor the worst movies of the year.

      • Haters

        So Michael and Nathan I guess Lord of the Rings winning three years in a row means it sucked too? Or how about A Few Good Men that sucked too eh? Or how about Pulp Fiction or Titanic or The Matix or Gladiator? They all sucked. Every last one of them should have been nominated for a Razzie.

        See what happens when you talk out of your ass instead of using your brains. In your meager attempt to put Twilight down, you’ve insulted every last past winner of the award.

        By the way, Hollywood A listers come there year after year to get the award. So it does mean something to them even though it doesn’t to you idiots. As Joe Pesci says, “I’m through with this guy!” LMAO!!!

      • Maxine

        I think he meant just this year, what with tw*l*ght…

      • Evans

        @haters: the only one talking out of their ass is you. Nobody you replied to mentioned Twilight, or any of the previous winners (which are all 10+ years old). The MTV movie awards have been a joke for several years now, awarding undeserving people and even nominating ridiculous choices. So what if A-listers show up, that doesn’t make the show any less of a turd.

      • Liza

        I agree crappy movies do get awarded MTV awards a lot and they can mirror they Razzies many years but it all comes down to popularity. Even the Oscars get caught up in it sometimes. Titanic wasn’t the best movie made in 1997 but it still won the Oscar because it was popular.
        It all goes back to the notion that what’s good isn’t always popular and what’s popular isn’t always good.

    • anti

      yep, its fun! the oscar are so lame! give me Rick gervais anytime!

      • Titanic Fan

        I find it amussing when people hate on the TWilight MOvies. But I find it offensive when people hate on Titanic.
        Besides when can people not have their OWN tastes.

  • PJ

    Glad I didn’t watch.

    • Liz Lemon

      Wish I could say the same. I won’t make the same mistake next year.

  • Woot

    There was a time when films like Pulp Fiction won “Best Movie.” I personally like Kristen Stewart, I think she is actually a decent actress (Adventureland anyone?) but in no way did she give a better performance than Natalie Portman. I’m just hoping that since HP is ending, it will somehow overcome the Twilight fans next year.

    • SJ

      Nice thought, but there is a actual sex and a monster baby in the last Twilight flick. Oh, and don’t forget it’s broken into to films, you know, since that’s necessary. :/
      (FTR was a fan of the first 3 Twilight books, but Breaking Dawn is a hot, hot mess).

    • Haters

      Hey Woot, it was suppose to overcome the Twilight fans this year. DH1 was supposed to be the greatest thing since sliced bread. Hey, I follow Mugglenet dude for years. That’s the fansite of Potter and those fans got on there prior to the release of DH1 and were blasting Twilight like it was nobody’s business saying how it was going to break all of Twilight’s box office records the when the MTVs started voting, how they were going to crush Twilight. Go read the board for yourselves.

      There must have been a large amount of suicides in Potterland after last night. Not only did Potter not come close to taking down Twilight box office, it was swept in every category. Tom Felton was lucky Brice Dallas Howard wasn’t nominated. I bet there was was hanky panky with that. She would have won. And the Best Line, come on even the Oscars went there! They knew the best line in a move was “does he own a shirt?” That definitely would have won.

      So Twilight was intentionally left out of certain categories it clearly should have been in. But you people just don’t get it. For 3 years you just don’t understand that power of the fanbase. Twilight is bigger than what you tend to believe and this fall…watch out because it’s going to get even crazier because guys are going to coming to see this one. This will be one heck of a date movie. Wait and see.

      • George

        Are you really that ignorant? Personal opinions aside, it’s an objective fact that every one of the Harry potter films has out-grossed the twilight films at the world box office. Did you just make it up or do you genuinely believe that the twilight films gross more? Well, either way, you’re wrong. You can check at any major news or film site.

      • Woot

        Haters, I really really hope that you are just trolling… because everything you write is RIDICULOUS. In an earlier post you said Twilight has a more “grown up” story. Really? How so? Last time I checked it was the most teenage story ever written. Also, are you REALLY ignorant enough to think that the MTV movie awards is the ultimate barometer of movie/book quality? I hope for your sake you are just a troll.

      • Okay…

        I’m still wondering what box office you were looking at? Oh right, like the typical ignorant person, you’re disregarding the worldwide box office of DH Part 1 and only considering Eclipse’s North American box office. News flash: there’s a whole other box office outside the U.S; it’s called the world.

  • Fit

    Wow I am so suprised. It wasn’t expected that Twilight will dominate at all.

    • Tom Strong

      Women have the worst taste in movies.

      • Tim weak

        Well, let’s clarify – tween/teen girls have the worst taste in movies, but unfortunately the most time to sit around and vote for crap awards that don’t recognize worthwhile art.

      • Lisa

        Hey that’s not fair! I absolutely LOATHE “Twilight”!

      • hpnerd121

        Hey! I’m a teen and am personally hate this year’s result Harry Potter all the way!

      • Liz Lemon

        This female here…right here do not like that stanky stuff aka twilight.

  • natalie

    First the show sucked… also it would be great if people won who ACTUALLY had Talent…

  • Shannon S.

    I think I’m gonna stop watching these until the Twilight movies are over…it’s becoming the MTV Twilight Movie Awards show

    • Tammy

      It’s pretty much going to be that way until the movies have run their course and then it’s on to the next “big thing” like the upcoming “Hunger Games” movies, but since I’ve never read the books, I’m at least hopeful since the list of actors who have been cast are very talented. So I’ll just hope that the writing of the characters will be worth seeing, not like this Twipoop

      • Steph

        I read (and write) YA fiction, and I have to say the Hunger Games is a class above Twilight. It’s not just about boys and self-involved brooding. There is a lot more going on. I hope you give the first book a chance, it’s thought provoking and suspenseful.

    • Liz Lemon

      Same. I only watched cause Emma Watson was there. Hopefully none of the Potter cast go next year.

  • tomm

    MTV Movie awards used to be considered ‘cool’, but now are just like the “People’s Choice Awards”, boring.

  • Kisha

    This awards show has the same problem American Idol has ,tween and teens .They only care about the flavor of the month, talent and true artistry has no chance with this crowd.They are able to power text and vote online for these awards and really no one outside of what they desire at the moment has a chance.Meanwhile all the rest of us have to go along because this is what advertisers want to sell to.

    • SJ

      Honestly, that’s only a problem if you’re out of that demo. Considering most film awards don’t cater to teens, why not let them have this? Twilight is a young adult franchise, let them have their fun.

      • Rolo Tomasi

        When I was younger, actual good movies won awards.

      • Rolo Tomasi

        @SJ, that’s a cop out.

      • @Rolo Tomasi

        I know. It seems that the teens of the 80s & 90s have “better” taste in movies than the tweens of today.

  • Star Merrill

    I wanted to watch the show to see my favorite wolfboy get a trophy. I turned it off when Timberlake placed his hands on that girl’s chest. The jokes were crude and as unfunny as the bubonic plague. I felt sorry for the people in the audience who have a sense of decency. Vulgar and gross is acceptable? Not!Even Casanova would be turning over in his grave.

  • Jackson

    Didn’t even bother watching it…like everyone else, I already knew what the outcome would be. Screw you MTV and your continued shameless pandering to the narrow-minded teenage girl demographic.

    Oh, and to said demographic, it’s because of people like you that this channel doesn’t play music videos anymore. I hope you’re all happy.

  • carolyn

    The Twilight movies were enjoyable entertainment. There are award shows for ‘everything’, and ‘everything’ gets a chance, as should Twilight, for it has captured the imaginations of many thousands of fans of all ages, who deserve a say/vote, and that is why is wins. Each cast member is talented enough. Robert Pattinson could not have been better in How To Be and Remember Me, he is also a very decent, down to earth, charming, funny guy, who, if you gave him a look beyond Twilight, you could not help but like.

    • The Other Guy

      Actually, it’s not him that I have a problem with. It’s just Twilight itself, which has proven itself to be one of the worst movie series in film history.

    • Lisa

      I agree with The Other Guy…I liked Robert in Remember Me, and I loved him as Cedric in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. It’s all “Twilight” that I can’t stand. It’s poorly written, and I can’t stand the rabid fanbase and their innate ability to rip each other to shreds over “Team Edward” and “Team Jacob.”

    • ShariG

      I loved Rob in all of the Twilight movies, but he was also great in Little Ashes and Water for Elephants in addition to Remember Me and How to Be. He was also very believable in Haunted Airman. I just finished reading Cosmopolis and am excited to see his performace as Eric Packer. He is an excellent actor both in and outside of the Twilight series.

  • Jason

    I literally knew this would happen. Twilight seriously sucks. We saw the ending coming from three movies away. I wanted to see Harry potter win this one, as that movie was brilliant.

  • alan

    twilight has been winning these damn awards since the first movie right? If this goes on, I’m guessing we will never see a non twilight winner until it ends…which will be the awards in 2014

  • Anita

    Guess this means next year we should be able to just rerun the 2011 awards show since the dreaded “Twilight” will win everything?

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