'Human Centipede II' director responds to U.K. ban: 'Shouldn't a good horror film be horrific'?


Director Tom Six has responded to the British Board of Film Classification’s announcement on Monday that it is refusing to give Human Centipede II a video classification because the horror sequel was “potentially obscene.” In an email to Empire magazine, Six sarcastically thanked the BBFC for both featuring plot spoilers on their website and for banning the film. The filmmaker continued, “Apparently I made an horrific horror-film, but shouldn’t a good horror film be horrific? My dear people it is a f—ing MOVIE. It is all fictional. Not real. It is all make-belief. It is art. Give people their own choice to watch it or not. If people can’t handle or like my movies they just don’t watch them. If people like my movies they have to be able to see it any time, anywhere also in the UK.”

Human Centipede II is the sequel to last year’s Six-directed Human Centipede, in which a mad doctor stitches three victims together to make the titular monstrosity. Earlier this year, Six told EW that IFC were planning to release Human Centipede II here “after the summer.” He also said the second film makes the first look like “My Little Pony,” a boast that the description of the movie on the BBFC website would suggest is by no means empty.

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  • commentor

    Pure filth. I couldn’t bring myself to watch the first one after ready the entire plot. I don’t need to have that floating around in my head. The sequel isn’t a film, it’s a perversion of humanity.

    • not a prude

      seriously. i agree. i’m not big on censorship. but i would ask that everyone realize just how depraved this crap is and CHOOSE to not give this man your money. we’ve all heard the plot of the first even if you haven’t seen it. really not necessary to continue this crap in a cinematic form (if you would actually call this disgusting snuff type film cinema). honestly, if i knew anyone who admitted to enjoying this kind of filth, i would cross them off of my friend list.

      • Kevin

        Well said

      • binglib

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      • Tim @rural_juror

        Pardon my crudeness, but calling torture porn like this “art” is like taking a dump on a canvas and calling that “art” too.

        I think Mr. Six is in need of some serious psychological therapy if he thinks these movies are entertaining. That goes for anyone who watches and enjoys them too.

    • A

      Absolutely right on, @commentator. I’ve only read snippets of plot, and couldn’t get the images out of my head. THIS IS NOT ART. This is filth, glorification of violence – specifically sexual violence, & I honestly do belief that horror porn (whatever “this” type of movie is) does affect the mores and action of society.

    • me too

      It’s only a movie! Watch it or don’t watch it. That’s the great thing about it – you have a choice.

  • BJG

    I can’t wait to see this.

  • Six Sux

    I found Human Centipede to be a one-joke/idea drag. Its “shocking” concept was all it had going for it. Stupidly connecting even more people a$$ to mouth hardly seems likely to result in a better movie. Love when director Six said, “It is art.” Haha. If you say so, dude.

  • scott

    I like horror movies, but reading the plot details, I knew there was no way I’d be able to sit through this one. That said, Six has a point. Censorship is wrong. Partially, it’s wrong because it doesn’t work. I bet more people in the UK end up seeing it due to the publicity than would have otherwise. Also, who draws the line? I’m looking forward to seeing We Need to Talk about Kevin, having read and admired the book, but many people would find the subject matter deeply upsetting. It would suck if I was denied the chance to see it (legally)because it was deemed too painful and disturbing. I’m an adult. I resent having my choice taken away, even if Centipede II sounds totally disgusting and pretty awful too.

  • Gary

    The first installment was just silly. After all the hype I read about it it didn’t live up to the reviews. Part 2 sounds much better.
    The movie I’m really waiting for is SERBIAN FILM which because of it’s graphic sexual/torture theme may never be released here. I’ve got my fingers crossed for it tho.

    • Tim

      I saw that film, probably the most extreme non-pornographic film ever made, but at the same time, well-made, audacious cinema if you can handle it.

    • Feverish

      You’ve got a sick, twisted taste in movies. But i defend your right to see it.

  • Sandy

    I’m definitely not the target audience for this film, but the BBFC’s description of the sequel is pretty sick stuff by anyone’s standards. Of course, we all know how effective this kind of stuff is – it only ends up getting more attention for the film and usually that means more dollars.

  • Kevin

    I am not nearly for censorship at all, but I agree with the ban. I do think if people want to watch something this disgusting then that is their own issue, but I what about the rest of us you have had to hear about this? EW has covered it, it is on shelves at best buy, Jason Sudekis and Stephen Colbert make jokes about it…it is a grey area, I don’t believe in censorship but I don’t like that I have been subjected to even the premise of this. If I were a struggling actor, I would sooner do porn.

  • Jan

    He wouldn’t be the first male ‘artist’ to defend peurile depravity in the name of ‘art’. I’m glad to see that the censors aren’t falling for that old chestnut.

  • NatTheBrat

    This is going to sound crazy but after watching Human Centipede I wasn’t really bothered by it. I don’t have nightmares about it or find it over revolting. Now this is coming from someone who hasn’t watched the Saw films or Hostel part II. In fact, I liked the way the film was shot with framing shots that kinda reminded of me of Kubrick’s style of shooting a scene with the whole background in the frame. Not to say I liked the film, I just indifferent.
    My next point is f*** the director for thinking he made a good horror film and that he feels like he is getting punished for it. He’s full of as much s*** as the #3 centipede! The only reason that its a cult film right now is for its bizarre subject matter!

    • gato

      I agree with you a 100%. I hate torture porn, too. I have never seen Saw or Hostel. This movie was all hype and was funny in a bad way. I was totally revolted when I first heard of it tho.

  • brad

    I suppose I could understand someone seeing the first one as a sick curiosity. Anyone who would see the sequel, however, is either a 14 year old kid on a gross out dare or a true adult degenerate, neither of whose fantasies we should indulge

  • My son is also named Bort

    Good for the U.K, in the U.S teens can see people being abused, tortured & decapitated left right & center it’s sex we have a problem with, like Blue Valentine for example.

    • Woot

      I think it should be the other way around. I mean would you rather your children torture and decapitate people or have sex with a boyfriend/girlfriend?

  • K.

    “Shouldn’t a good horror film be horrific?”

    Ummm, shouldn’t a good horror film be, I don’t know… good?

  • Elle

    What is the point of this film??? Usually, horror movies actually have an underlying message. What’s the message here? Showing a dangerous disgusting love letter to psychotic sexual perversities and looking at these acts through the eyes of the rapist killer? Come on. This is ridiculous. I hate censorship but I truly don’t want anyone to see this “film.”

  • Darkoran

    Ah god. Can’t get this out of my mind. Such horror.

    I want to see some good news at some point, like how great the new My Little Pony is, for instance.

    • Danny

      I love ponies. They are so neato. I can’t wait for the live action Strawberry Shortcake movie with Julia Roberts as the Strawberry.

  • Feverish

    I’m still astounded by the number of people who are “against censorship” but think “nobody should be ‘allowed’ to see this film.” i will not see this film, not my cup of tea. But i defend the right for the filmmaker to make it & show it. I also defend your rights to tell people not to waste their money on this as much as i would defend a persons right to tell people they should see it. There can be no grey area here. Or pretty soon the choice to do anything will slowly slip away. Imagine someone banning “bridesmaids” because they don’t think women should talk or act that way.

    • Elle

      The only reason I don’t want anyone to see this is because the plot is about a guy watching the first movie and getting ideas from it which leads him to rape and murder women. And he’s the protagonist. There are no other characters to root for. Usually, in a meaningful horror movie, there are survivors, people we are supposed to relate to and hope they make it through. The killer is the only one we can relate to so that must be the kind of people this movie wants to attract. Actually depraved rapists and killers. I’m for art. I’m for making a point with negative images. But this is as I stated before “dangerous.” And hedonistically so. Six wants to court controversy. That’s his right. He can make whatever kind of film he wishes. That doesn’t mean it has to be distributed.

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