'Transformers: Dark Of The Moon' bumps up to a Tuesday 3-D and IMAX release


Image Credit: ILM/DreamWorks/Paramount

Looks like Bumblebee and Optimus Prime will be taking their talents to Tuesday night. After the $16 million success of the Tuesday night opening of 2009’s Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Paramount announced Friday that the third installment of Michael Bay’s franchise, the first of the series to be shot in 3-D, will debut in an exclusive 3-D and IMAX engagement on Tuesday, June 28, one night before its previously slated national release. The studio thinks the robotic boom-fest will attract enough moviegoers to merit a rare Tuesday opening, giving the film seven days to rake in box office returns during the lucrative July 4 holiday weekend. Those who wish to ogle new star Rosie Huntington-Whiteley without the assistance of 3-D glasses, however, will have to wait until Wednesday.

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  • AE

    Sorry, Harry, this summer belongs to the Autobots.

    • jordan

      Yeah, not at all. The final Harry Potter movie vs. a horribly written, terribly acted, only going for the money, plotless explosion-fest that is Transformers 3? Which one will get the good reviews?

      • AE

        Which one will have the greater attendance?

      • District 12

        HP will of course have better attendance if only for the fact that most HP fans will see the movie more than once on opening weekend.

      • john

        Which one will have the greater attendance?

        Well, it all depends if you’re one of those idiot Americans (no offense, I know 99% of you are NOT) who think the world’s borders begin and end in your own country. If not, Deathly Hallows will piss all over the Toy Fair Advertisement in attendance and gross box office.

      • Jo

        HP and the Deathly Hallows couldn’t even make 300 million.(Which Eclipse did) I bet even Breaking Dawn will gross more than the latest Potter crapola.

      • To Jo

        You’re right. HP and the Deathly Hallows couldn’t make 300 million. It only made 295.

      • @johnma

        Your argument makes no sense. Even though the Transformers movies are, for all intents and purposes, a US movie, Hasbro was and still is a Japanese company.

        Additionally, more than half of the world wide gross of the first 2 movies (and no doubt this 3rd one too) came from outside the US. So that means people outside the US (including those from your precious country) who flocked to see these movies are just as dumb and idiotic as US audiences, whom you have such disdain for.

      • Jason

        I’ll be seeing HP7 probably 3 or 4 times the first week

      • EC

        Both will do well. why bicker?

      • HJ

        Potter has long left Transformers in the dust. Worldwide it is close to 1 billion.

      • DRT

        Which one will people still care about 10 years from now?

        Harry Potter, or course

    • LOL

      Gotta hurry up and get this CRAP out to the Great Unwashed as soon as possible.

      • Tom Strong

        haha totally

      • m

        lol yet if lars von trier shows a girl cutting her cl** off with a pair of scissors, or willem dafoe getting hit in the sack then j@cked off and shooting out blood, it’s art.

      • LMFAO

        It is?

    • jordan

      First of all, I can’t see into the future to see which has the better attendance, second, the attendance doesn’t make a bad movie good. If I had to prediction though, obviously Deathly Hallows Part 2 will have more attendees.

      • AE

        So you can’t see into the future, but somehow you already know TF3 is a bad movie?


      • Nostradamus

        Having seen most of Bay’s previous films, which all suck, tells me that this will be no better.

      • District 12

        I agree with ya Nos, after seeing Transformers 2 and being so disappointed my hubby and I are skipping T3

      • jordan

        @AE: I’ve seen the other two, and read plenty about what the third one is; it looks awful. Michael Bay only wants money, that’s all.

      • Woot

        AE, perhaps this Transformers will be an improvement over the 2nd… but because it’s Michael Bay and it’s a movie about Transformers it’s very limited. It really only be so good. Harry Potter has an actual story that’s very involving, along with three dimensional characters. Even Transformers makes more money, it won’t be the better movie.

      • Jonetta

        I went to tons of links before this, what was I thikning?

    • dee123

      Um…. Not if you have once ounce of taste or more then a single brain cell.

      • dee123

        I was replying to AE’s moronic first comment.

    • Joe

      Right On!!! Go Autobots. There’s not enough mindless fun and robot violence in the world.

    • tom

      If anyone truly things transformers 2 was better than 1 your out of your mind…..now mind you….I also think Harry Potter was much better in the beginning as well…..CANNOT WAIT FOR NEXT SUMMER AND YOUR THOUGHTS ON IRON MAN 3…..now i will puke!

  • Anthony

    Well that’s just prime.

  • Ronnie

    Well, at least this one was shot in 3D. maybe it will “look” better than those conversions. But it is a Michael Bay film, so…

  • DDubsolider

    Hell yes!!!!

  • Shashank

    When will hollywood learn not to release a film only in 3D on an opening day because the 3D fad is all but over and kung fu panda 2 and pirates got affected by it.had it been released in good ol 2D more people would have gone to see it because personally I know many people who wouldnt watch a movie they would like because it is in 3D.Just because Avatar and alice in wonderland were suceesfull dosent mean all movies will be.
    PSMy personal research showed me that the tickets for the keenly anticipated Potter is selling faster in 2d than 3D

  • del taco

    this is the greatest news of my life

  • Henri M.

    I just learned that Transformers 3 will be 154 minutes. Michael Bay has officially lost his mind. Personally, I like action movies that are thrilling, not exhausting. What’s wrong with a fast 90 minutes? It’s not like there’s alot of story and characterization going on.

  • m1

    This looks awful. Why do you guys want to see this?

  • Michael Bay’s coke dealer

    I am rich, B!tch!

    • Aidan

      Good one

  • mephysto

    Knowing Bay’s style of “film making”, and now adding 3D into the mix will be a disaster… Be ready to bring some Tylenol and a barf bag

  • In Brightest Day…

    Hmmm little kids running around with magic wands or big @ss explosions? Well it is summer time. Explosions it is. Just not in 3-D. Mmmkay?

  • Jester

    I cannot wait! For this franchise to get rebooted… I am looking forward to hopefully see a real Transformers movie someday, directed by someone with actual talent.

  • john

    looking forward to seeing this (not in 3D) but CAN’T WAIT for HP7 PT. 2!

  • Neoavatara

    HP and the DH Part 1 was released in November…which makes a big difference. Generally summer movies make more money. It is going to be a race to see who makes more this year.

    • Jo

      “summer movies make more money.”

      Yeah, tell that to Avatar and Titanic.

      • Woot

        Jo, you forgot to quote the key word in Neoavatara’s comment… “Generally.” No need for your pompous sarcasm.

  • lifeafterlost

    i dont think Michael bay is so bad that he makes me wanna throw up… i watch his movies as action movies not oscar movies i think that its actually because of his tentpoles that some indies have backing from studios. ive never thought bout bay dreaming “i cant wait for t2 to come out im gonna be an oscawinna biotch” haha

    • Alicia

      I agree with you. His movies are nothing Oscar worthy nor should they ever make any best ever lists…but if you want a fun, mindless action movie, Bay’s great for them. I can’t wait to see T3.

      • tom

        i could care less about both of them

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