Confirmed: No big Marvel Studios presentation at Comic-Con this year

In a surprising move, Marvel Studios has officially announced that they will not be holding a panel presentation in Hall H at this year’s Comic-Con. That move is noteworthy, since the star-studded introduction of the complete cast of The Avengers closed Comic-Con 2010. (Avengers is currently slated for a May 2012 release.) A rep for Marvel Studios noted that the company “will have other things going on at the Marvel booth,” along with “other to-be-announced activities.” Though the Los Angeles Times theorized that Marvel may hold a presentation at August’s D23 expo — an event run by Disney, Marvel’s corporate parent, which will supposedly feature Comic-Con-like presentations of The Lone Ranger and John CarterĀ – it’s unclear whether there will be any Avengers footage at D23. (The official word from Marvel Studios: “So far all perception about D23 has been from the media and not something that Disney has communicated about either way.”)

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  • Joanne

    I have a hunch that “The Avengers” will do a Green Lantern. Hugely, expensively marketed behemoth-of-a-would-be-blockbuster directed by a well-regarded, usually well-reviewed director, that completely tanks with critics and audiences.

    • Kat

      Don’t care. Want Chris Hemsworth in Thor gear. Will totally see repeatedly. That man = gorgeous.

      • Wiggling my Finger

        You’re fat and ugly, aren’t you Kat?

      • Topher

        Wiggling my Finger you’re a miserable troll aren’t you?

      • Jessie

        Kat, totally agree with you!

      • Heather

        Oh Kat, I’m with you as well!! That man is simply beautiful!

      • BrendaNery

        Topher is Awesome!

    • KaBoom

      Green Lantern is DC…. and Avengers is Marvel – literally a whole different Universe and comparing the two is like apples and oranges. The studios and what’s behind them are very different.

  • Meg

    Well, if a solid, talented auteur like Martin Campbell can fail with a superhero film, I can only imagine the epic fail that a overrated, mediocre genre hack like Joss Whedon will be at trying to do a big blockbuster franchise wannabe.

    • MesoSoup

      Maybe your should see a movie before you talk sh*t about it. Trolls

    • Steve

      Martin Campbell, “auteur?” Which film demonstrates his singular vision best, The Mask of Zorro, The Legend of Zorro, Goldeneye, or Vertical Limit?

      You were correct in assessing Campbell as both solid and talented, but in terms of creating and developing intellectual properties and basic conceptual world-building, Whedon is far more accomplished and certainly not an “overrated, mediocre genre hack.”

    • jodipo

      uhoh, someone has Whedon envy. So, are you a True Blood fan, or a Twilight fan?

      • Meg

        I like my Vampires sparkly, not dusty. And SMG is way cuter than me so I’ve always been jealous.

  • Kaelyn

    This reeks of corporate bull shiz

  • Tom

    They have officially given up. It means the end of comicbook movies as we know it.

  • Michael

    Come on its not like Marvel Studios was doing any good movie

  • Morgan

    I figured as such since The Avengers will probably be filming by the time Comic Con comes around. I was excited for it though. But I mean what else would they have to present?

    • KaBoom


  • larryk

    I think more and more studios are realizing the fans at Comiccon aren’t supporting the movies once they come out.Weak openings of Xmen and Green Lantern to name 2.

    • Lori

      I think you are right. Look at Jonah Hex, Green Hornet, The Werewolf, Push, Watchmen…the list goes on and on

  • rerun

    Ummmm, X-Men wasn’t at Comic-Con last year. Please try again.

  • Jeff from Jersey; yes New Jersey

    Marvel/Disney will not be doing itself any favors by not haveing a group panel discussion at Comic-Con. Though I haven*t gone there, I*m an old Creation Convention fan, who left it after it established a reserved seating program. I*m sure that the Distinguish Competition will think of something special for their discussions (New #1 titles, anyone?) Marvel/Disney cannot afford to dissed their fan person base.

    • thin

      Sure they can, because that “fan person base” vastly overrates its own importance. We have seen time and time again that Comicon buzz can mean next to nothing for box office success on a movie’s opening weekend.

  • JT

    Backing away from a sure-fire promotional opportunity like Comic Con proves that they have no confidence in their movie. Its also sad, because Comic Con fans made Marvel Studios and Joss Whedon what they are today. Way to support your core audience, guys. I know which movie I won’t be seeing next summer.

    • Eric

      The Dark Knight Rises isn’t doing a panel either. Warner Bros. must have no confidence in that either. Or maybe both Warner Bros and Disney/Marvel are sitting out doing panels because they realize they don’t need to do them for these films. Either/or.

      • thin

        It’s a wonder any movie succeeds without pandering to the Comicon goon squad. How have they managed to do it all these years?

    • Kevin

      JT’s probably already in line for the Avengers premier in his Micronauts underoos!

    • KaBoom

      they have something brewing with Disney… and their expo. Guessing here : Disney 23 Expo needs something big to bring in new life… having Marvel as a part of their event in a few months is a win / win. Brings new people (which makes their parent company happy), takes the pressure off of having footage etc for Comic Con, etc.

  • Kevin

    Why people continue to bash Joss Whedon defies my logic. True fans know he will deliver the goods. He has a dry sense of humor and writes excellent banter between actors that Avengers fans will appreciate.

    • Kevin

      If Buffy was on NBC currently, it would be a hit. He was ahead of the whole teenage vampire genre and he did it right! So, he might just be doing stuff we weren’t ready to watch as trends go, but many of us have appreciated what Joss has done and will do, including the Avengers.

  • Kevin

    Why they think Ed Norton is not a “team player” and replaced the Hulk role with Ruffalo is the real query. Norton did an amazing job that even visionary director Ang Lee failed upon. Give Ed his dues!!!

  • Kevin

    Teasers and presentations are great for fans, but a quality film beats that forever! Secrecy in itself generates the intrigue that we’re chatting about. F%*k Comic-Con’s expectations! Grab that Hero-clix limited edition figure and ALL the other nerd-stuff, but leave the movie making to the movie makers…

    • Kevin

      EXAMPLE: I’m typing this as I watch an episode of Breaking Bad that I’ve seen a few times, just hoping for a taste of the new season. They’re not previewing it, but I have NO doubt that the new season will kick my ass!


    It is still unthinkable to belive
    that Disney(i refer to them as
    Buenna Vista,since the name of
    Disney has been badly tarnished by
    these corporate people)own Marvel.
    i don’t see the connection at all-
    but of course,i’m not looking at the bigger picture here,since it is
    likely that Marvel will be a most
    profitable arm for Disney’s Enter-
    tainment,,but Warners and DC are
    decades ahead of them-so this will
    be intresting in the years to come!

    • KaBoom

      your way off. Go to box office mojo and read up on the numbers of who is making what. Then you’ll understand the dynamics better.

  • BrendaNery

    My son will surely cry. Lol

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