'Fast and Furious' 6 scheduled for Memorial Day, 2013


Image Credit: Jaimie Trueblood

It looks like 2012 Hollywood Walk of Fame inductee Vin Diesel will have another Fast and Furious installment to add to his increasingly diverse resume. Universal Pictures has announced that Diesel and his Furious friends will return to theaters for the 2013 Memorial Day holiday weekend, after this spring’s Fast Five posted the biggest opening weekend in the studio’s history. Fast and Furious 6, which the studio says in a release will contain the most dangerous adventures yet for our speed-racing heroes, will be produced by Neal H. Moritz and Diesel and directed by Justin Lin.

Universal also announced the release date for the supernatural comedy R.I.P.D., starring Jeff Bridges and Ryan Reynolds as two zombie cops dispatched by the R.I.P.D. (Rest In Peace Department) to maintain law and order in a world threatened by pesky creatures who refuse to move on to the afterlife. RED‘s Robert Schwentke has signed on to direct the film, which is set to debut on June 28, 2013.

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  • dead horse

    Keep beating me

    • LOL

      America loves crap!

      • David R

        And that’s why we love you!

      • Angie Tempura

        I wish Vin Diesel would take a fast walk into a furious woodchipper.

      • Tom

        Oh no!

      • Sean

        Just because America loves F&F doesn’t mean they love crap. We love entertainment and that’s all the F&F are. Entertainment. Everyone knows they’re not Emmy worthy. Grow up.

      • Juan Marco Polo

        You do realize that Fast Five made just under $400 million outside of North America. So it would appear that everyone loves crap.

    • Who Craig?

      Comment of the year goes to you. A+

      • Tom

        Was it always this ridiculous or did I just forget they were always this bad?

      • balzac

        you forgot

    • Sure

      I love how everyone says America loves crap, mgo look at Fast Five’s international gross, its higher the U.S. gross. The world loves “crap” as well.

      • Lauren

        Everybody loves crap!

      • Jenn

        …especially lazy EW shills.

      • My son is also named Bort

        Um… MORE people + MORE cinemas = more chance for $$$$.

      • Karine

        Hey, as far as leave your brain at the door entertainment and not sweating the blatant liberties taken with the laws of physics are concerned, it was pretty good. It was worth the movie ticket. The world doesn’t need a 6th version but if it’s well done, why not?

      • Dead Horse

        more whipping.. oh boy,.. more more more!

      • Kevin

        typical hipster drivel

    • LMFAO

      America loves monkey CRAP…

    • jeiner

      eso es una pelicula muy baca me gustaria volver a verla

  • Smallville

    Oh lord.

    • Heather

      since youseam to have a problem with it go jump off a bridge

      • Who Craig?

        He’ll learn by example. Show him :)

      • Jenn

        Stop whining Heather, you cow.

      • Jenns Miserable

        jenn stop whinnying,you horse troll!!

      • Dead Horse

        new whip

        and I’m still here

  • America Loves Crap

    who is keeping this franchise alive?

    • biob

      god is fnf 4 ever

      • julie

        I hope soooo

    • Ambet

      Obviously those that enjoy action movies are keeping these films alive, if you don’t like it you don’t have to watch it

      • John Mclaine

        I like good action movies. The Fast and Furious films are not that.

      • no u didnt

        @John Mclaine your faces is not that!!!
        FOr those that keep saying America loves crap, you do know that the total is including Canada to for domestic. Also if you look at the world totals people all over the place like crap.

        Since POTC4 will break a billion dollars cause of the world totals, jst to point that pointless information out.

    • Heather

      to keep the movie business alive are people who actually watche the movies and LOVE the movies and if you dont like them THE GO THE HELL away and quit putting bad feed back on the page people like you SUCK

      • Jenn

        Listen to this psychotic shrew Heather popping off.
        What a piece of gutter trash.

      • sean

        Jenn why are you obsessed with Heather lol?

    • julie

      I don’t understand….if your not a follower of this movie, than why bother clicking on the link in the first place???? It really is that easy!!!

    • The Hypnotoad

      People with no brains or taste.

  • Annie

    As long as the F&F franchise makes money, they will still make movies. I have a feeling Paul and Vin will be collecting Social Security and still be making these films.

    • Heather

      there is no reason for those men to need to collect SS they are hard working men and they are good at what they do plus they are HOT AS HELL

      • Annie

        What I meant was that Vin and Paul will be in their 60’s and still be making these F&F movies. If the franchise continues to be successful, it could go on for another 20 years.

      • Jenn

        Heather is a bona fide ditch pig.

      • Jessy Andres Torbicio

        haters are hater heather, We did it, the hip hop community will support it, and these clowns will keep watching boring crap, Go Vin the dynamic duo did it with help worked hard and made it, let them watch Timerberlake and Anniston (ugh)

      • Kylie

        Just breath sweetie, breath.

      • @ Kylie

        Before making a smart a** comment, know what the h*ll you are writing. I think the word you are looking for is “breathE”

      • Dead Horse

        Boom! Roasted

  • Justin

    God these movies are crap. Stop making them and make something good for once.

    • doug

      Your crap ^^^^^^^ i love these movies along with millions of other pepole

      • LMFAO

        “Your?” Learn English, crap lover.

    • Adabesee

      Its always somebody hatin… Dats iight dey makin dey ends, you betta get yours…

    • joe

      Justin, if any 1 is crap it iz u. if u dont like them then y are u even wasting ur time 2 watch them or comment on anything 2 do wit them??

    • Ambet

      Justin, obviously you are one of those that is the jealous type, just because you can’t do what they do in movies without getting killed doesn’t mean you should hate on the movies

    • Heather

      Let see justin, I am guessing you ae either GAY or you ae just jellous. And when I say that you are gay i mean you want one of them and sinice they are with someone that makes you pissed off so you are going to lash out at the movies becasue you are either to ugly or to stupid to figure out that you are not worth it or you just dont have th TALENT they do to keep doing what they do. They make RACING movies which is what the world is into right now

      • Jenn

        Shut you’re ugly mutt face, Heather.

        Why do you care that other people don’t like the same garbabe movie that you do.
        Shut your tramp hole and GTF0.

      • Sven

        You all got trolled and will continue to get trolled. These comments entertaining to read just for that purpose.

      • Dead Horse

        ouch ouch ouch

    • julie

      I’ll say it again….I don’t understand….if your not a follower of this movie, than why bother clicking on the link in the first place???? It really is that easy!!!

      • Jenn

        Pathetic 9 year moron.

      • Jenns Miserable

        Hey jenn the farmers calling,I heard he just poured some new slop in the barn for you!

    • maxine

      well dont waste ur money on watching these films and u wont feel so bitter its ur choice 2 watch watever u want i love f&f films and cud watch them all over and over u cant beat the acting and stories sod u all u haters ur opinion doesnt matter the films speak 4themselves

    • alex

      i love fast n furious

  • ks

    Guess I’m the only one-count me in :)

  • Tess

    i can’t wait (:

  • Marshall

    Can’t wait for 6th the 5th was the best one outta da franchise

  • nisa

    i miss him now…!

  • mego

    Get ready!and waiting

  • Suz

    Soooo. Frickin hApPY!!!!!! Can wait. Have fast five marquee poster on wall with life size cardboard cutouts from theater of Vin, the Rock n Paul Walker. Yeah!!!!!!

  • Ambet


  • Joe

    @Justin , thats your opinion, personally i think there movies are great.

  • Nykol

    I can’t wait ’til this comes out. I love fast and furious ever since the first came out.

  • Erudis

    The grammar and spelling from the fans of this series tells me all I need to know.

    • Who Craig?

      I’m 100% sure it’s just the same fan using Different names. Kinda sad if you ask me

    • Hex

      I’m a fan of the movies… but God dammit I was thinking the same thing!! Lmao!!!

    • Dirk

      You have like 15 of the same movies already you can choose from.. you need another one?

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