Confirmed: No big panel for 'The Hunger Games' at Comic-Con


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Throw another big film in the pile of high-profile franchises that won’t be making a major splash Comic-Con this year: Lionsgate has confirmed to EW that next year’s highly-anticipated adaptation of The Hunger Games will not be holding a big Hall H presentation. (The Los Angeles Times first reported the story.) Games had seemed like a shoo-in for a big Comic-Con appearance: Based on a beloved book series, starring a cast of all-stars (like Woody Harrelson and Donald Sutherland) and up-and-comers (like Jennifer Lawrence as the central heroine Katniss Everdeen), with extremely geek-friendly subject matter. But the film’s intense North Carolina shooting schedule simply made a legitimate presentation impossible. The studio is, however, planning a major presence on the Comic-Con show floor, including exclusive Hunger Games giveaways and a contest for a fan to visit the set.

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  • ashley

    Look EW. I love you and everything but let’s stop the BS. The real reason is not the shooting schedule but the fact they would be called on their attempt NOT to cast POC in their film. Sure the characters race was never stated but that does not give an excuse to cast all White actors and then giving them sun tan lotion and a hair dye job. This would be a perfect time to cast a POC but no, like The Last airbender they didn’t.

    Heroes can be minorities too.

    But I doubt EW would care about that since they glossed over the fact.

    • LOL

      I think that’s a stretch. Racebenders are silly. You’re like the PETA of movies. There was a point with The Last Airbender but PLEASE don’t lump this in with that steaming turd of a movie.

    • ashleyisanidiot

      The people in the book are white except for the actors that are described as other races. There are minorities cast in the movie. The Hunger Games has enough hype and doesn’t need Comic Con. Leave it to the sparkletards and trekkies.

    • Pikko

      Hunger Games does not have an all-white cast.

      • wd

        Rue and Thresh are African American.

      • Krystal

        && HELLO Cinna is playing Lenny Kravitz. This cast is hardy a white wash.

    • Angie

      While reading the book I don’t really remember it jumping out of me that the main characters were different races. A few were described as being so, but from what I’ve seen of photos they were cast as they were described. Settle down.

    • Jaded

      Ashley is a TROLL!

      • AliB


    • K.I.R.

      one of the tributes is also ASIAN

      • Miranda

        Yeah actually FOUR so how is this white-wash?! Ashley is an idiot

    • kate middleton

      You’re nuts. They have cast a lot of minorities in the film. Rue and Thresh are both African American, as clearly stated in the books. They also have a lot of Asian (and perhaps some Latino) tributes – kinda hard to tell from the headshots for sure. Also, Lenny Kravitz is Cinna.

      I don’t see how anyone thought Katniss was black or mixed race. It said she has olive skin. But her sister has light skin, blonde hair and blue eyes. How could she possibly be mixed?

    • Shh


    • wtf

      what are you talking about? what’s a POC? ummm no, have you seen all the asians and black people they cast for the tributes and stuff?

      • steph

        Don’t people know that POC is Point of Contact? That sure made the post interesting to read.

  • PaulH

    What’s with all these movies bailing on San Diego this year? Did the epic fail at the boxoffice of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World spook studios that much to stay away from ComicCon hereaftermore?

    • Frances

      I think that has a lot to do with it. Everyone thought before that Comic Con would guarantee a big box office. I think studios will be more cautious now.

  • matt

    CC is a geek party and an expensive one. Focusing on social media efforts can benefit a movie more.

  • Heather P

    Big deal, they’re busy shooting the movie. They’ll still have a presence there, just not a panel. I’d rather have them continue to shoot the movie and keep it on schedule than tell a bunch of fan boys and girls what their favorite thing about the book was.

  • KE

    I really cannot believe the ridiculous outcry over the casting of the film. Suzanne Collins was involved in all of the major casting decisions. It is her story and her vision, if she thinks that the casting is perfect, should the fans not give her the benefit of the doubt? Considering that SHE created it, not them?

    • steph

      I don’t think there really IS an outcry over casting. Just one idiot above.

      • Trey

        Have you seen the comments on here when Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson were announced to be playing the roles they’re playing? lol

      • steph

        @ Trey -eh, I think that was more people not being happy with who was cast in general – the only thing “wrong” with Hutcherson physically is that he naturally has brown hair..Peeta I believe was supposed to be white. I’m still iffy on Liam Hemsworth…mainly for the dating Miley Cyrus thing LOL.

      • kate middleton

        I think people are mostly over the Josh/Liam thing. Kinda like Twihards hated Pattinson at first….look how that turned out.

        I think Josh will be great. I’m with Steph on Liam, but I haven’t seen him in anything and I think he can be the part physically at least. Agree that dating Miley is ick, hopefully they’ll break up again.

    • Miranda

      YES!! I am SUPER happy with the casting. There isn’t ONE person I am mad about. If Suzanne okay’s it then I OK it too.

  • Emma

    I love the casting. I was actually really relieved when I was the list of actors in this film.

  • likemalls

    fdasgher cdsagwergh

  • Peter Vee

    Comic-Con has become a miserable experience – people line up in the wee hours of the morning only to get told they won’t make it into the room. Or, if they’re lucky, they get to get shoved into a hot, uncomfortable room packed to the gills and see the stars and directors as tiny pin pricks on stage. I don’t blame the studios for skipping.

  • kate middleton

    Anyone else think Comic-Con has jumped the shark? There’s no need for every tv show and movie to be there. Hunger Games has nothing to do with comics, and the movie won’t be out until March 2012. I don’t get why everyone is compelled to go to Comic-Con.

    • steph

      can we retire the phrase “jump the shark”?

      • Emily

        Nuked the fridge?

      • DogBoy

        S#~t the bed?

      • kate middleton

        Yeah, jump the shark has jumped the shark a bit. But it’d be so wordy to describe jumping the shark without using the words “jump the shark”.

  • Dani

    This is expected seeing as to how they are filming right now in North Carolina. I really wish the cast bashing would stop. But honestly, what I am waiting for is any announcements on whether or not the creators of Avatar: The Legend of Korra will be at Comic-Con.

  • allie

    that’s good they won’t be at comic-con. in my opinion, too much publicity is a bad thing and people will start to hate the movies. and i agree with kate. why have shows/movies that have nothing to do with comics? it’s called comic-con for a reason lol

    • ted

      allie, Who cares about tour opinion.

      • muhahaha

        Don’t be a d*ck ted.

      • Sally

        Ted if you really didn’t care about Allie’s opinion, then why respond?

  • Shh

    Brown people can’t act. That’s why this movie rather spray tan Jennifer Lawrence until she looks orange rather than hire a POC. Way to go!

    • Cookie

      The Hunger Games Movie obviously doesn’t think so. -Psst- Look at the whole cast list, so you won’t look ignorant.

      Also, why do people conveniently forget Katniss’ mother and sister are blond, blue eyed people?

      • Vienna

        Thank you cookie

    • Miranda

      What!? Why woudl that be the reason they didn’t cast a black Katniss. THEY DIDN’T CAST A BLACK KATNISS BECAUSE KATNISS. WASN’T. BLACK. She is described as “olive skin” (which is like Jessica Alba skin tone for example) and GREY eyes. I don’t know many African Americans with grey/blue eyes. Besides many black people can act. Will Smith? Morgan Freeman? Jennifer Hudson? Halle Berry? Don’t be such a troll.

      • Miranda

        PLUS Katniss’ mother and sister are

      • Miranda

        (cont.. (it cut me off)- @Shh Katniss’ mother and sister are BLONDE HAIRED, BLUE EYED, FAIR SKINNED people. Lets not forget that

  • zozo

    I can’t wait to see The Hunger Games…the cast is fantastic and now I hear that Danny Elfman AND T. Bone Burnett will be collaborating on the score/soundtrack!. As far as Comic Con is concerned, I’d rather that the cast and crew keep to their schedule in North Carolina rather than break and take a rather pointless trip to San Diego for a couple days…that’s wasting time. I’d rather watch the official trailer than what would amount to a 30 second clip at CC. Frankly, that’s a better way to build excitement for what is already a highly anticipated film.

  • Miranda

    PLUS Katniss’ mother and sister are blonde hair, blue eyed, fair skinned people.

    • Miranda

      Oops that was a supposed to be a reply to @Shh

  • tresorparis

    Great article. I cant wait to hear more about your research tool. If it is as good as your other products, then you will have another winner. Your article pretty much summed up what I have been seeing too. Great to see some hard data.

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