'Mission: Impossible -- Ghost Protocol' trailer: Tom Cruise is once again a wanted man

It appears things have come full circle for Ethan Hunt, the hero of the Mission: Impossible movies, a.k.a. Tom Cruise’s one and only movie franchise. In the first film — released 15 years ago, just to blow your mind for a moment — Hunt was “disavowed” as an IMF agent after a mission gone horribly wrong. Well, now it’s 2011, and the stakes appear much, much higher: In the new trailer for Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol (out Dec. 16), we learn that no less than the Kremlin has gone kablooey. The fallout? As a grim-faced Tom Wilkinson explains, “The president has initiated ‘ghost protocol,'” meaning every single IMF agent everywhere has been disavowed. Burn.

After that, the trailer is a whirlwind of international action and intrigue, including appearances by Mission: Impossible III alum Simon Pegg, and M:I newbies Jeremy Renner, Paula Patton, and a blink-and-you’ll-miss-him Josh Holloway. It all ends with an extended look at what is sure to be a climactic stunt on the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world — which is to say, no, that building is not CGI. Check out the trailer for the film, produced by J.J. Abrams and directed by Brad Bird (The Incredibles), below: 

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  • not a cruise fan

    … but this looks awesome

    • Josh


      Wonder if his wife from the third film is in it?

      • Jose

        Wonder why Maggie Q isn’t in it? To busy with Nikita?

      • Anthony

        holy moley! that looks amaaaaaazing! well constructed trailer

      • Jank

        it needs more cowbell……and Josh Holloway, but overall it seems entertaining. Im not sold on Jeremy Renner – I would rather have Josh as the heir to the franchise

      • Jenn

        “Ghost Protocol”.
        They sound desperate and ridiculous.
        Quick way to kill a movie is to give it a title that only sounds “cool” to 9 year olds.

      • hc

        @Jenn – Like “Quantum of Solace.” I remember hearing that one and thinking, “Huh?”

      • Lily

        Awesome. Can’t wait.

      • Kim E

        OMG!!! JOSH F*UCKIN” HOLLOWAY!!!!!

      • JAM

        I spotted Holloway like 4 times in the trailer, the hat, roof running and jump, stairs fight, explosion scene. Granted quick clips but noticeable

      • Joe

        Now this looks very good…

    • Clarisse

      Can’t stand the midget either, but I’ll download it for Sawyer.:-)

      • Heidi

        Yes – so glad to see Josh in there, and Jeremy Renner, and Paula Patton….good cast.

      • Ugh

        Cruise still has the worst running gait. He looks likes he’s trying to hightail it to the bathroom before he sh!ts himself.

      • ree

        Cruise has a horrible running gait, but in my opinion, Matt Damon is even worse. The first time I saw The Bourne Identity, I was distracted by how weird he looked every time he ran.

      • k

        Tom Cruise is 5’9″ tall. Hardly a midget. Grow up Clarisse.

      • kc

        Actually, 5’7″
        He just looks short compared to his wives….and his kids.

      • Ruby

        Agreed. Josh Holloway is really the ONLY reason I will be seeing this.

      • Frank L

        Cruise is definitely not 5’7.I met him in the 90s and i would say he is closer to 5’5. I also saw Vin Diesel and he is around 5’10.

    • LOL

      There is a chance that this might not be crap.

      • dung beetle

        I love crap. Just like Roger Ebert.

    • anya

      i’m in love with the trailer simply for using “won’t back down”. hate tom cruise but might have to see this one….

    • HD

      Where’s Ving Rhames?

      • REA

        my thoughts exactly!

      • Monica

        Mine too! They can’t leave him out. At least I hope they didn’t…

      • Will

        Where’s Michelle Monaghan?

    • jon

      does anyone really believe that Cruise is gonna pass the torch to anyone?

      • kc

        I don’t know. That torch is nearly flaming!
        I don’t see the need. Is this series really that big of a franchise?

    • gucciaaabelt


      t s h i r t s -12

      s h o e s -35

      b i k i n i -17


  • FrankTheTank

    This cast is stacked. It’s produced by JJ Abrams. It’s scored by Michael Giacchino. It’s directed by Brad Bird.

    Can I buy my ticket right now?

    • jon

      Can you go ahead and put on your nerdy glasses too? What a dork you are LOL…yeah go ahead and buy the ticket

      • TheIntersect

        Says the guy commenting on an online message board.

      • Lena120

        @Jon, you try too hard. #FAIL

      • Brian

        @Jon I’d rather be friends with the “dork” than the @sshole

      • DaDawg

        Reading your comment Jon immediately made me picture the comic shop guy from the Simpsons. Are you the comic shop guy?

      • dave

        Nah, nah, it’s cool to put LOL in your posts.

    • ltchy

      l’ll be right behind you in line, Frank, for all of the same reasons!

      • Kat

        I’m there in line too! Love the entire cast. Looks terrific!

  • Sandy

    OMG…I can hardly wait for this movie. It looks great.

  • Ryan

    Could this trailer show less of Cruise? Not hard to understand why, given his lessened star status and now mostly negative baggage (and this was the case to some degree with advertising for Valkyrie as well), but it’s funny to see a trailer apparently put so much effort into deemphasizing its purported lead.

    • Brian

      The Mission Impossible movies are always at their best when it focuses on the dynamics of the team anyway. It doesn’t need to be all Cruise. It’s a great trailer. I’m excited to see it when it comes out.

    • PJ

      I’d watch it again. He’s in it a lot.

    • Jose

      Then again this movie is supposed to pass the torch to the Renner character so that he can headline the next M:I movie should this one be succesful.

    • Lindsay

      See, and I was wondering why only Tom Cruise gets billing? I know he’s the star, but would it really have killed the studio to list a few of the other actors?

    • BG 17

      At first I thought Jeremy Renner was Nathan Fillion (due to the quick editing) and I thought that would be cool. After I came to my senses, I thought I noticed Cruise wearing ladies’ capri pants while he was climbing the Burj Khalifa…

    • Mallory

      I actually thought to myself that it had too much of Cruise- I wanted more Renner. (And then I remembered that it’s supposed to be a Cruise flick…)

  • MaryUTah

    WOW, love the trailer! MI plus Bond type feel. JJ Abrams is golden, and I love Tom Cruise and Jeremy Renner is a great addition. Can’t wait!

    • Dan

      JJ Abrams is golden? Did you SEE the last Mission IMpossible? Yikes.

      • Pittner

        I thought the first one was by far the best. It wasn’t so in your face and over the top like each one has become subsequently.

      • Eric

        Third was better than the first, and citizen kane compared to the second.

      • ree

        He might not be golden, but he is pretty damn close. The third Mission Impossible was the best so far, in my opinion.

      • Luke

        I loved the third one. As great an action film as the first one was a spy thriller.

  • Eric

    Looks cool, better than another superhero flick at least. BUT! Holloway better be in it for a hell of a lot more than the trailer implied.

    • Ruby

      Agreed agreed agreed. Love that man.

      • Ryan

        ME: worked up to 85#DumBell x2 had some shldeuor pain and dropped to 70#DBx5 (5 sets)S&C:21/10/5= 3619/11/16=4617/12/8= 3716/11/9= 36 Total=155**Still need some work with DU. Should have used them in my warm-up. I am uncoordinated.CFE: none

  • graeme


  • Mae

    looks great!

  • webnutt

    Looks promising. I’ll definitely check it out. MI3 was grossly underrated due to everyone hopping on the Tom Cruise hate wagon.

    • Don

      Agreed. The third was my favorite by far.

    • sunsetsnow81

      Very underrated and I am always rooting for him.

  • Sofia

    This looks sooooo good. I loved the second MI, and the third one sucked, but this one looks like a winner!!!!!!!!!

    • Mark

      The fact you loved the second excludes any comment you ever make from being taken seriously in perpetuity.

  • jimmy

    looks great but wheres ving rhames?

  • Tracey

    Holy crap, this looks good.

  • V

    That is a helluva trailer. To paraphrase the Eminen lyrics, this is what Cruise does and he does it well.

  • Rick Hunter

    The reason IMF got taken apart is because Obama pissed away their funding.

    • Mike

      Nah, all the funds for IMF (and schools, and parks, and healthcare, and…) were blown by Bush, his ego, and his wars.

      • Schadenfreude

        Nah the IMF was disavowed because they were getting too close to the truth about the Bush family’s connection to the same Saudis who funded 9/11.

      • brett

        Rick, Mike, While you 2 squabble the Bush’s have and the Obama’s are stealing and p*ssing away everything you work hard for. When the public actually understands that instead of fighting with each other, perhaps we’ll have a chance. Fighting about who’s worse is idiotic considering they’re both only interested in themselves and their cronies.

    • Aneta

      I was one of the fortunate ones to see the April 10 cocrnet and can’t believe how great Cher looks for her age! Her legs are absolutely gorgeous and her voice was as strong as ever! She had so many costume and wig changes and had a great lime green dress and red wig on as she belted out That Old Rock and Roll. She wore 3+ inch platform shoes throughout the cocrnet and did not move around like a 63 year old. I’ve been a fan since I was 3 (which makes me 48) and I was as impressed with this cocrnet as I was at the other 4 I attended over the years ( once during the Believe tour and 3 times during the Farewell tour). Cher, you still got it, Babe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!VA:F [1.9.16_1159]please wait…VA:F [1.9.16_1159](from 0 votes)

  • ziggy

    Smart as hell to play Eminem and Pink’s song as the backdrop to half the trailer; that is a badass song and the movie looks fresh.

    • Justin P.

      I disagree, ziggy. I don’t think the song fits well with the scenes.

      • C Men

        Well then you’re a moron

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