Box office report: 'Transformers: Dark of the Moon' wins weekend with $47 million; 'Horrible Bosses' starts strong, 'Zookeeper' decent


Image Credit: Robert Zuckerman

Comedy and robots — that’s what sold this weekend at the American box office. A major action sequel topped the chart, with four comedies following close behind. Transformers: Dark of the Moon easily held on to first place, firing up an optimal $47 million. That number represents a 52 percent decline from last weekend, and gives Dark of the Moon a 12-day total of $261 million. The original Transformers had earned $212.3 million at the same point, while Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen had pulled in a stronger $293.4 million.

Word-of-mouth does appear to be helping Transformers: Dark of the Moon, though. One week ago, the threequel lagged behind its predecessor by $37.5 million. Today, it trails Revenge of the Fallen by a smaller $32.4 million, which bucks the trend of sequels dropping faster at the box office and signals positive audience response. It appears that the “A” grade from CinemaScore is helping the robot/alien extravaganza. At this point, Transformers: Dark of the Moon looks like it’s headed for a finish in the $370 million range,  but we’ll have to see how the 3D blockbuster holds up against a little wizard named Harry Potter next weekend. Internationally, Transformers pulled in another $93 million this weekend, boosting its worldwide total to a gargantuan $645 million. We may have a new member of the $1 billion club soon.

Horrible Bosses finished the weekend in second place with a robust $28.1 million debut, continuing this summer’s streak of successful R-rated comedies. The Warner Brothers film had a healthy $9,247 per-theater average, and it opened within the range of Bridesmaids and Bad Teacher, which started with $26.3 million and $31.6 million, respectively. Bosses marks the best ever debut for stars Jason Sudeikis and Charlie Day, and it bodes well for Jason Bateman, whose next comedy, The Change Up, debuts on August 5. Bosses also becomes Jennifer Aniston’s second successful comedy venture this year following February’s Adam Sandler collaboration, Just Go With It, which earned $103 million.

Horrible Bosses had broad appeal with both men (51 percent of the audience) and women, and audiences gave the comedy a good CinemaScore grade of “B+”, which should lead to solid legs at the box office. (Heck, Bad Teacher earned a “C+”, and it has been holding up very well — Americans are just craving comedy!) Amusingly, 35 percent of people listed “subject matter” as their reason for seeing the edgy comedy — I guess a lot of Americans really do hate their bosses!


Image Credit: Tracy Bennett

Zookeeper opened in third place with $21 million, joining a long list (Alvin and the Chipmunks, Yogi Bear, Beverly Hills Chihuahua, Cats and Dogs, Dr. Dolittle, Hop, G-Force, Garfield) of talking-animal features that earned weak reviews overall but still performed reasonably well at the box office. What can I say? Audiences love cute critters and Kevin James — 41 percent of moviegoers listed “Actor in a leading role” as their reason for seeing Zookeeper, and the comedy, which played primarily to kids under the age of 18 (46 percent) and adults over the age of 35 (39 percent), earned a “B+” from CinemaScore.

For Kevin James, Zookeeper marks a decline from the $31.8 million bow of 2009’s Paul Blart: Mall Cop, the last movie for which James was the sole lead, but there’s no need for Sony to worry just yet. Family films tend to have great legs at the box office, and if the $80 million film can match the endurance of Paul Blart: Mall Cop (which finished with $146.3 million), it should have no trouble getting into the black.

After a huge 60 percent drop last weekend, Cars 2 slowed down a bit, falling into fourth place with a 42 percent drop to $15.2 million. The Pixar film has now earned $148.8 million, less than the $156.6 million that the original Cars had earned at the same point. Bad Teacher came in fifth place and enjoyed the smallest drop in the top ten, falling only 38% to $9 million and pushing the Cameron Diaz comedy to an impressive $78.8 million total.

Two other box office tidbits: The Hangover Part II added another $1.2 million to its cume and crossed the $250 million mark domestically, while in limited release, hip-hop documentary Beats, Rhymes, and Life: The Travels of a Tribe Called Quest earned a terrific $120,000 out of just four theaters.

1. Transformers: Dark of the Moon — $47.0 mil
2. Horrible Bosses — $28.1 mil
3. Zookeeper — $21.0 mil
4. Cars 2 — $15.2 mil
5. Bad Teacher — $9.0 mil
6. Larry Crowne — $6.3 mil

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  • Frank

    Transformers… less than meets the eye.

    • LOL

      America Loves crap…and so do i cause it was not that bad to be honit.

      • pogpog

        hmmm, you got a point there. ^_^

      • Will

        No. It was still bad. Just not as bad as the steaming pile of crap that was Revenge of the Fallen.

      • craig

        every week I see the same comment on here when the Box Office totals come in, trust me it is not just America that loves “Crap” …Crap loving is Global…. have you ever tried sitting through “Mr. Bean” or “Benny Hill”

      • Tom

        did he just compare transformers with benny hill? craigy boy.. get a grip

      • DogBoy

        Craig is right. Crap loving is univeral– ask the French about their Jerry Lewis Film Festivals.

      • harry

        Glad to have you on board “LOL”.

  • PapaRazi

    LOL loves crap…CGI crap to be exact.

    • roblo

      Horrible bosses is a good movie.

      • Miranda McCurdy

        LOL. Your comment is funnier than anything in the movie.

      • Q

        Miranda, I’m guessing you didn’t even see the movie, so no one gives a crap about your opinion. Find something more productive to do instead of trolling.

      • Will

        @ Q,

        Sensitive and angry much?

      • PapaRazi

        When did I say it wasn’t? I’m currently living in Mexico and I want to see Horrible Bosses, but it won’t be released till August 5th. :-( On the bright side, we do get Deathly Hallows Part II one day earlier than the U.S. and Canada. :-D

      • Liz

        Horrible Bosses was really good! We saw it this afternoon. Charlie Day needs to be a huge star like yesterday. Loved it, much better than Transformers but I guess it plays to a different crowd.

  • Scrooge McDuck

    the dumbing of America continues

    • LOL

      America bathes in crap.

      • Claire

        What is your problem? Aren’t you tired of writing the same thing every Sunday? Besides, Transformers is number 1 all over the world so it’s not just America. I bet you wish you lived in America.

      • Pinchy McPunam

        Fast Five is OK, but it’s no Troll 2.

      • LOL

        I do live in America, that’s why I expect more from Americans. Yes, they got it right at the beginning of this summer with Fast Five, but since then, nothing but a parade of crap. If we want quality films like Fast Five, the American public has to support them.

      • LOL

        There’s 300 million people in America, and I expect them all to like exactly the same kind of movie and have the same high standard I have, which is… Fast Five. OMG, I just realized I sound like a complete douche with no credibility whatsoever. I mean, if I’m going to pick one movie that Americans should hold most dear, it’s Fast Five? What am I thinking? I need a Twinkie. MOMMMMMMMMM!

    • Miranda McCurdy

      Actually films that have an appeal outside the U.S. are the only films being made today. I wish we would have films that were primarily American appeal, you know, back when the films were good.

      • JD

        K Miranda, they still make good movies in America, however cynical you try to be. Transformers wasn’t even bad, it was enjoyable and surprisingly well done. Not a very important or moving thing but really fun. Of course most people will jump on it after the last one, but that’s not exactly fair.

      • Liz

        JD you are right. I don’t know what people were expecting from Transformers but it delivered on what it promised. There were robots, explosions, cool stunts, and a smoking hot girl. Let’s face it, Transformers isn’t some highly intellectual movie series, it’s summer fun. People need to get over themselves.

    • The Rest Of The World

      Hey! give us some of your money!

  • Mya

    Transformers 3 has the nation and really the world transfixed at the moment. That 2nd weekend gross is bigger than most films opening weekends.

    • DRG

      Because America loves crap.

  • jon

    wow Grady is working for EW now. Congrat Grady you are one cool dude. And Transformer 3 was awesome. I prefer the 2nd one though but this one was awesome too.

  • Vin

    Wow. Transformers 3 is at the top of the box office again, and audiences at CinemaScore gave it an “A.” That really speaks for the poor taste in movies for some audiences when this is making more than the wonderful Super 8. If a 2 1/2 hour movie of endless explosions and bad storytelling is popular, then that’s a shame. I’m glad I’m skipping Transformers 3. I finally saw The Tree of Life yesterday and loved it. It’s definately one of my top favorites of the year so far. I’m seeing Horrible Bosses this week, and then Harry Potter next weekend!

    • Bob

      I liked both Transformers 3 and Super 8.

    • Michael

      Tree of life was the most pretentious, disjointed, self-indulgent piece of crap that I’ve ever seen. If we’re talking bad taste…you apparently don’t come out far ahead of those who enjoyed Transformers.

      • JD

        Tree of Life was critically acclaimed…the movie itself is basically the total opposite of Transformers. So you fail. I enjoyed both movies.

      • TheCrazySamurai

        Malick does tend go get a bit pretentious, I feel. I mean, have you seen Days of Heaven? It looks good, but it’s SOOOO BORING.
        Give me Escape from New York any day, at least that had a badass sound track.

    • David

      That last Harry Potter was the worst movie I have ever seen. Boring as hell. Like watching paint dry boring.

  • LOL

    I’m crap.

    • LOL

      I can’t really outdo that post—you win. :)

      • Crap

        No, I’m Crap

      • TheCrazySamurai


  • Duane W

    Bag on Transformers all you want, there is a reason it is making this much money

    • Mephysto

      Because people are idiots.. Yeah, we know

      • LOL

        Exactly. I don’t know a single person who liked the film. It sucks, and will always suck, no matter how much money it makes.

      • LFMAO

        I agree with the fact that you don’t know a single person.

    • Woot

      Because people would rather watch explosions than be challenged intellectually? I don’t mind dumb action movies… but Transformers takes it too far. It’s far too long, and it treats it’s audience as if they are dumb, rather than having fun with it. Personally, I need more than awesome action sequences. Oh well, it’s still gonna make more money than any other movie (Not looking good for Harry Potter… Transformers will probably make more money.)

    • Miranda McCurdy

      They understand that the youth group that watches this film is among the dumbest generation the world has ever seen. That’s true but its no reason to exploit them.

      • Skipper McNuts

        Are you insane? That is EVERY reason to exploit a group. America is a capitilist nation, which means that if you have a product that people like, then it will sell, which makes me happy since I love robots and explosions. Also, quit whining that movies “used” to be good. People have been saying that since talking pictures came out. You’re looking for a dumbest group of people? How about the people that go into a movie about incredibly advanced robots that can turn into vehicles and have spent years on the damn moon and then whine when its not as good as Millers Crossing or City of God.

      • TheCrazySamurai

        So true, man. I think the fact there are always more good movies from the past than more movies coming out is because, simply put, there are more movies in the past. There are still tons of crappy old films out there that no one knows about. Like “Cannibal Hookers”. No one but me knows about that flick.

  • Mike

    I dont get how movies like this make so much money and are so bad but Scream 4 which was actually good didnt make a lot of money.

    • Simon


    • JD

      Scream 4 wasn’t much better than this. Now Super 8 deserves this much money, though it still pulled in a great amount.

  • Lisa

    I liked Scream 4 also…i dont think it was a total flop, they are working on a 5th so it must have made some money.

    • LOL

      They are making another Scream movie??? That just made my day, i thought the last one did not make enough for them to greenlight a 5th film.

  • Simon

    Insidious and Scream 4 were the best horror movies to come out in years…they should have made more money.

    • Grady Smith

      To Insidious’ credit, it only cost $1.5 million to make, so it’s $53.6 million haul was almost all profit.

      • Lisa

        Wow really? I dont understand why it cost them so much to make Scream 4 though. It made more overseas then it did in the usa.

    • Woot

      The Descent, Rec, Let the Right One In, and in some respects Black Swan beg to differ with you (though Insidious and Scream 4 are not bad movies.)

      • m1

        Black Swan is terrific and I LOVE Let the Right One In and Let Me In as well.

      • TheCrazySamurai

        I like how most of that list is non-American made films…and Aaronofsky is just a genius.

    • David

      Insidious was awful. Lame half assed Poltergeist ripoff. Not scary in the slightest degree. And what was the dorky Darth Maul clone doing in it??

  • Larry David

    Most of these movies did well becuase there are no black people in them i guess. There was one black person in transformers but i wish they would have not brought him back…he makes the move bad.

    • black rob

      you have to be kiddin young hitler

      • Miranda McCurdy

        “Young Hitler???” Hitler killed Jews not blacks. There weren’t a lot of blacks around for him to kill. Just wasn’t an issue. Your lack of intelligence is why films like TRANSFORMERS is bad, they teach nothing.

    • Natalia

      I think it’s more because you’re not in them, Larry David. I’m pretty sure that Transformers, Bad Teacher and Larry Crowne prove you wrong. I could see those from the ads. You racist prick.

      • David Larry

        Natalia, are you tired from dancing with Casey Anthony all weekend?

    • Heinrich

      I agree. Black people have their own movies — they’re called “Tyler Perry Presents His Latest Pile of Crap.”

      • David

        One thing for sure is that seeing a movie with a black audience will ruin ANY movie.

  • TiffBaby

    I LOVED Scream4 Insidious was okay also…those were decent movies, this stuff all sucks, except Bad Tecaher which was funny.

    • Nancy Grace

      The last time I went to the movies, some lady brought her little baby that screamed through tthe whole show. I thought, Where’s Casey Anthony when you need her?

  • Ericccc2011

    I love that Scream 4 is still trending after all this time, i hope dvd sales help greenlight the 5th film thats in talks.

  • Larry David

    Scream is like the new Saw i guess…way to many movies.

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