'Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows' trailer promises more explosions, exactly as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle intended

Every generation puts their own stamp on the legend of Sherlock Holmes, the Victorian-era detective with an encyclopedic knowledge of Victorian-era skullduggery and a casual preference for Victorian-era cocaine. The Basil Rathbone films shifted the action forward to the 1940s, with Holmes fighting Nazis; Nicholas Meyer’s The Seven-Per-Cent Solution portrayed the detective as a drug addict wrestling with semi-Freudian memories of his father murdering his mother (so basically imagine Ang Lee’s Hulk); Alan Moore’s The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen re-conceived Holmes as a mysterious, semi-mythic catalyst for the whole modern era of invention and imagination.

So 2009’s Sherlock Holmes — which layered in slow-mo explosions and homoerotic banter while essentially turning the detective into Neurotic Batman — is not by a wide margin the craziest take on the Holmes character. The first trailer for this year’s sequel, subtitled A Game of Shadows, just hit the Internet. It promises an appearance by Mad Men‘s Jared Harris as franchise big bad Moriarty, the English debut of Noomi Rapace, and an exciting action sequence set on a train. Also, Downey in drag. Why not? Watch it after the jump.

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  • JMB in FL

    SQUEEEE! Can’t wait!

    • Wha’ever

      I can’t wait either, I’m totally going to see it as soon as it hit the theaters – But I didn’t like this trailer for some reason. The rythm is wrong.

    • Kyle

      Jeez! That looks perfect, especially beacause of RDJ! He rocks!

  • Xena

    The new Sherlock Holmes movies are crap, sensationalized for the drooling masses who’ve never read the stories.

    • Liz

      “Drooling” is a bit harsh, but for the most part I have to agree. Jared Harris looks pretty great, though.

    • TQB

      Xena – check out the BBC series!

    • Peter

      I’ve found that most people complaining about them not being like the originals have themselves not read the originals. But that said, I don’t see much of the originals in this trailer.

      • Wha’ever

        Could you all stop saying that the movies are true to the originals ? This is simply not true. The first movie was good, I loved it and I can’t wait for the second one but stop saying they are what Doyle wrote.

      • Peter

        What issue exactly do you have with it? Doyle’s Holmes boxed, he shot holes in his wall, he had gunfights, he battled enemies to the death on top of waterfalls.

      • meg

        Actually, Sherlock in drag is very faithful to the originals, as he never had qualms about disguising himself as a woman in the stories

    • Sarah

      I love the Sherlock Holmes books. I’ve read every single story. And I think the fist movie captured the essence of SH surprisingly well. I mean, the real SH is a crazy guy who does both cocaine and morphine, shoots holes in the wall when he’s bored, and is proud not to know anything about the solar system. Most versions don’t capture that. The BBC series was also very good.

    • Big Walt

      I’m guessing troll since the first movie was very faithful to the stories. Nice try though.

  • Sven

    Too much action, too little of everything else…

    • dave

      It’s a trailer, what did you expect?

  • Thad

    I liked the first one. If the story is good, this one will be fine too.

  • TQB

    I foolishly thought this post was going to be about the next installments of the AMAZING BBC Sherlock series. When I think of
    “our generation’s stamp” I think of Benedict Cumberbach, not Downey, Jr., thanks.

    Anyone who was disappointed in the first guy Ritchie film – do check out the BBC series. It’s on Netflix and it is fantastic.

    • Andrea

      The BBC series is amazing! I completely agree w/you on that. I was sad it was only a three-parter, though I read they are making (or plan to produce?) more. So excited.

      • Stacie

        I love those too! I think I heard the same thing about future episodes, but with Freeman and Cumberbatch currently in Middle Earth I expect it’ll be a spell.

    • Ruby

      Agreed. I like both depictions though. They both bring something different to the characters.

    • MJ

      I agree, the BBC series is way better than this movies (and I did enjoyed the movie). The storys are much better and Benedict Cumberbach as Sherlock is just brilliant.

  • Kevin

    I was pleasantly surprised by the first one, though I don’t remember anything about it except the great rapport between Downey and Law (they make a great team). This one looks very good!

    • Anya

      I don’t remember anything about the original except for the great chemistry between Downey and Law either, but that alone is enough to make me want to see the sequel. And this trailer looks pretty fun to me.

      • Pittner

        I really did not like the first one and this looks like more of the same.

  • Peter

    I defended the first as being closer to the stories than people who hadn’t read the stories believed. But this one, I can’t do it.

  • graeme

    I miss Rachel McAdams already.

    • bamalam

      Yeah, I’m kinda disappointed that she only has a cameo in this film.

      • gigi

        Agree. I only saw the first one for Rachel McAdams. And I’m still upset with how much they edited down her character. She could have been amazing.

      • m1

        McAdams’ character is a lot more interesting than the first film made her out to be.

      • Rodrigo

        I saw that same Nova episode and thhgout that was really cool. Haven’t tried it yet. Also thhgout it was fascinating your brain paralyzes your body during REM so you don’t hurt yourself. And that funny YouTube clip where the dog is running in his sleep turned out to be doctors turning off that part of the brain so the dog was freely acting out his dreams. Amazing.

    • Minoguee


    • Ms. Chanandler Bong

      Me too! But I’m going to break my no franchise rule and see it anyway.

  • Tom

    The first one was horrible, and this one looks horrible also.

  • Mike

    Arthur Conan Doyle is rotating furiously in his grave.

    • Peter

      Hm, my reply has been deleted. Possibly because of a hypelink. So I’ll just say — no, Doyle would not have cared. Someone adapting Holmes into a play once asked permission to have Holmes be married, and Doyle’s reply was basically do whatever the heck you want with him. Doyle was never as invested in the character as his fans were/are.

  • Maserda

    Sorry but while the concept of RDJr in drag is amusing, he is an ugly woman, lol. I’ll still go see this though as I am curious how Noomi Rapace is elemental to the story.

    • Maserda

      And lydia the spambot stole my post!

      • gia

        Sneaky. Bi-atch. Do you feel flattered in the slightest, Maserda?

  • Templar

    Loved the cast, but not the script in the first one. Personally, I’ll take the BBC redo with Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. I prefer a more cerebral, less explosive Sherlock tale.

  • Jackie

    I enjoyed the first one very much, as well as the ‘Masterpiece Mystery’ series with Martin Freeman, so I will give this one a chance.

  • Stella

    “I’m on my honeymoon!” Love that line. Looking forward to this one and seeing Noomi Rapace tackle a big English speaking blockbuster!

  • Will

    Why is that “out of my face” line so familiar?

    • lettergirl

      it was in the first movie.

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