'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows -- Part 2' breaks IMAX box office records


Alright, Harry, now it’s just getting ridiculous. Don’t you have enough records already?!

In case you haven’t heard (but let’s be honest, you have), Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 has been breaking box office records left and right. The final film in the magical series now holds the title for highest midnight gross ($43.5 million), highest single day gross ($92 million, on Friday), highest domestic opening weekend ($169.2 million), and highest global opening weekend ($478.2 million). All told, the film has earned a remarkable $542.5 million worldwide in just four days.

But the superlatives aren’t stopping there. Now, Deathly Hallows — Part 2 can add one more record to its already impressive list: highest IMAX opening weekend. According to the giant screen distributor, the Potter film grossed a tremendous $15.2 million from domestic IMAX showings this weekend for a sizzling $55,000 per theater average. Internationally, the film picked up another $8 million on IMAX screens, giving it $23.2 million worldwide. That puts it just ahead of fellow 3-D blockbuster Transformers: Dark of the Moon, which pulled in $23.1 million from IMAX screenings around the world over its five-day launch.

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  • Liz Lemon

    I’ve only seen it in 2D. Is it good in IMAX?

    • A

      I saw it in IMAX, and though I think I’d love it in either form, the IMAX just gave it that extra oomph. Like readlly made it an experience. Especially the ride through the Gringott’s vaults. Plus the 3D glasses are shaped like Harry’s. SO CUTE!

      • Megan

        Enjoy while you can, Potterheads. Next year, “The Dark Knight Rises” will surpass all those records, and in 2014, “Avatar 2″ will obliterate all of them.

      • Jimmy Torrens

        True. The Batman threequel comes off an Oscar-nominated, critically acclaimed film that was beloved by audiences, and the N’avi juggernaut is the follow-up to nine-times Oscar uber-hit that not only developed extraordinary word-of-mouth among general audiences (all four quadrants, younger and older women, younger and older men) but became THE biggest-grossing film of all time, by far. 2.8 billion. With Avatar and TDKR, it’s not only the staunch fans who will watch them, but people of all stripes, even if many of them will do so just to see what the hype is all about. HP, on the other hand, is only seen by Potterheads, a large group, nonetheless, who will see it again and again. But the series is so steeped in continuity and mythos, that a casual moviegoer who never saw the other 7 films or read the books will have no interest (and will be lost anyway) Get ready for a 175-180 million dollar opening for TDKR, and AVATAR will be the first film in history to open with 200-250 million domestic. Just you watch.

      • Jimmy Torrens

        That should read, “‘AVATAR 2’will be the first film in history to open with 200-250 million domestic. Just you watch.”

      • Michael

        What is your point Megan? And who the eff cares? You seem to enjoy dumping on people for no reason.

      • Harrypotter78676745

        Are you kidding me? The only reason TDK did so well was because of Heath Ledger’s death and performance. TDKR will be lucky to get $150 opening. And who said Avatar 2 is coming out in 2014? James Cameron said at least 5 years for a sequel, and by that time, 3D will have died down, so Avatar 2’s gross will be fair this time and not super-inflated like the first one. And I’m not so sure as many people will see the second Avatar. The first one sold 75 million in the U.S., 30 million less than Titanic and 2 million less than Grease, so it really wasnt that impressive. It didnt even make the top-25. 200-250 no way in hell is that gonna happen because already that movie is becoming a joke in the core demorgaphic, 15-25. And also, the Batman movies are now so confusing that only fans will see them, so its not gonna be as successful as the Dark Knight. BAM!

      • Toni

        I agree. TDKR and AVATAR 2 are two films that will definitely make HP2’s record seem like chump change, especially AVATAR 2. The important thing is that TDK (and surely TDKR too) are films that stand alone, while HP8 is mired in endless expository backstory that nobody but Potterheads get. That’s why the films have never expanded beyond its core fans, while AVATAR and TDK appealed to all demos and ages, not just genre fans or D&D fanaticos.

      • Eunice

        I have never cared for comic books or science fiction, and neither has my circle of (female) friends. The Dark Knight and Avatar were the only two films in those genres that we saw and fell in love with, for different reasons. The sequels to those two “genre” films are the only films in the near future that me and my friends are waiting for with breathless anticipation. HP…meh, I saw the first one, wasn’t impressed, and now, everyone tells me that if you never watched all 7 previous films or read the books, you’ll be lost. So, I have no intention of seeing them.

      • Nirveeze

        I don’t think Avatar is going to do nearly as good, mostly because it’s novelty has worn off. The core demographic doesn’t like it anymore, and being front loaded will only hurt it in the long run. I think TDKR will be more likely. I think we might all be surprised with the Avengers or the Hobbit.

      • cacay21

        I wouldn’t be watching for The Dark Knight Rises. Not just yet. Not even Avatar 2(it should’ve stayed a single film) It’s The HOBBIT Potterhead fear to grab such records. But if The Hobbit or The Dark Knight RIses snag the title out of Harry’s grasp, Potterhead would wholeheartedly pass that crown as Peter Jackson, Christopher Nolan & James Cameron (obviously) does bring great quality on the big screen. (**ahem sparkly fairies pretending to be scary vamps**)

      • Jennilynn

        Absolutely. TDKR and AVATAR 2 will definitely pulverize those records, and I concur that HP only appeals to a group of people, without expanding. That’s why no HP has been able to crack 350 million domestic. In fact, the last 5 films have all fluctuated between the same or similar figures. This last one made so much in its debut week because it’s the last one and its core fanbase of fanboys are the definition of frontloadedness.

      • M.H.

        I really don’t foresee The Dark Knight Rises shattering it’s predecessor’s records. I think it will do well, very well, but not as well as The Dark Knight. For one thing The Dark Knight had good word of mouth and a special performance from Heath Ledger, that really made the movie a must see in the theater. Unless there’s a must see performance in The Dark Knight Rises and / or (don’t take this the wrong way, it’s not meant to be mean or anything), another untimely death of one of the film’s major stars, I don’t really see the film doing as well as The Dark Knight. As for this Harry Potter film, I do think that it will be the first film in the franchise to crack $350 million domestic. And that’s because, let’s face it, even the people who have no interest in the series will probably go see the last movie at least once, after it’s been out a few weeks, just to see what the fuss has been about all these years.

      • Marc

        Not true. I have never seen the other films or read the book and I have absolutely no interest in seeing this. I don’t care about the hype. I simply don’t see any interest among non-Potterites. It will most likely do a little over 20-310 million tops.

      • @ All the HP naysayers and TDKR and Avatar fans

        Who the eff cares if those movies will break the records established by Harry Potter? And do you really think any records those movies make will never be broken? Of course they will! Inflation alone will take care of that.

        Geez, how about just saying ‘WoW! Good for them. I hope we do as well when our movie opens.’

        Talk about bitter fanboys.

      • Mack Jagger

        I’ve haven’t seen the Dark Knight movies. Avatar was/is grossly overrated. It was beautiful to watch but every plot point and setup was borrowed from other movies. Avatar was a “3 dressed up as a 9″

      • Malyn

        HPDH2 broke the opening weekend records, but watch as it collapses next week. These films have a ceiling, 300 million tops, for the last what, 5 films? Clearly, the audience hasn’t expanded to non-converts. Compare 296 million versus TDK’s 531 m or Avatar’s 760 million (in America alone). TDKR and Avatar 2 will make HPD2’s opening look like petty cash.

      • Pete

        After watching Avatar, who in their right mind would want to watch Avatar 2?

      • RAHUL


      • jared

        I gotta reply to Jimmy here: The Dark Knight had the good fortune of starring a dead movie star, and if anyone tells you that didn’t boost it’s ticket sales, they’re delusional. There is no way “TDKR” will surpass its predecessor or Deahtly Hallows pt. 2. “Harry Potter” is a global phenomenon more than a decade in the making and without Heath Ledger, TDKR is just another super-hero sequel.

    • Tracy

      Saw it in IMAX 3-D and really liked it, especially for the sound quality and the sense of depth it provides. But I’m sure it’ll be great in 2-D as well.

    • The REAL LOL is crap

      Liz, I saw it on IMAX in 3D, and while the screen size is great, the 3D conversion was not good at all. Very inconsistent, parts of faces look wonky and misshapen. Roger Ebert said that the film is too dim in 3D, but I didn’t notice that problem.

    • Doctor Who Fan

      I saw it in IMAX 3D and it wasn’t very good. The people had a halo around them. Wasn’t sure if it was me, the glasses or the projection. It would have been fine in 2D but wanted the big screen and the sound quality. Not to mention that when people are paying $18 pp they tend to be quite and respectfull of others. So it was more a experiance than the actual 3D.

    • GavinStrick

      OMFG does everything have to be turned into a football game? Dark Hallows is making a buttload of cash, but beyond that, it is a good movie that appeals to millions of people worldwide. If TDK or Avatar 2 beat it, who in the eff cares?

  • Vikas Rawat

    It just had to. It just bloody HAD to! Its Harry Potter!! I’ve seen it in both 2D and 3D and it is god-awesome in both. The 3D gives nothing extra though, it could as well have been only 2D..

  • Ashley

    I have to agree with Vikas. Harry robbed (or rather I gave my money willingly) twice this weekend. I saw the 2D at the midnight showing and 3D on Friday night. I gotta agree with Vikas…the 3D added a couple of special touches but not that much.

  • Amy

    I would say the only difference between the two is that when Voldy disintegrates it looks like the the pieces float into the audience.

    • steve

      Thanks for ruining it for me.

      Just kidding… I read the books.

  • rachel

    Agree. Not much different but if you’re a fan spend the extra few bucks if you can afford it since its the last movie. The Voldy disintegrates scene and I think the scene with the dementors hovering above hogwarts also seem to give an extra floating 3dsh effect to it.

  • The REAL LOL is crap

    The Gringotts scene is the highlight of the 3D film.

  • aileen

    What does the box office matter if the films are good? Harry Potter – awesome, Dark Knight – awesome, etc… Arguing about one making a few more million than another is silly. Besides, if anyone really cares, the highest grossing film of all time is still Gone With The Wind.

    • DarkPassenger

      Agreed. Other films will break these records, and those records won’t last, but the Deathly Hallows 2, and the Dark Knight, will always be great films.

  • nemo

    Two problems with “IMAX” these days.
    LIEmax (google it)
    Two. Films shot at low resolution that look like hideous in IMAX.

    I’ve seen 2 films recently in IMAX. Dark Knight, where the IMAX sequences of the film really were magnificent, and Inception, which was at least shot in 70mm, and was dreamlike, so the oddity on a true IMAX screen is forgiveable.

    Of course, most people see IMAX in LIEmax, so they don’t realise just what they are missing.
    Really they are paying $5 more per ticket for a *slightly* improved movie experience.

  • natalie

    IMAX is awesome, the 3D was okay, but it was worth it ! (:

  • Jim

    this is a joke most so called IMAX movies arent even filmed in IMAX they just expand the picture to a bigger screen. The only true movies using IXAX are Nolan’s Dark Knight & Dark Knight Rises will destroy all these false records.

    • aina

      You really ought to come out of your mother’s basement sometime. And not just to visit the comic book store. Really!

  • Chris Johnson

    Does this “my open is/will be bigger than yours” argument have a point? Adjusted for inflation, they would ALL be trounced by films made decades ago…which sold more tickets. I saw and LOVED Harry 8. It deserves all the fanfare it’s receiving…loved Avatar, and The Dark knight as well. I’m hoping their sequels will be worthy. Is there a need for a war?

    • @ All the HP naysayers and TDKR and Avatar fans

      Boy some people are so upset because this movie did better than theirs right now. How about letting HP fans just enjoy these happenings without all the bitterness?

  • Kal

    This might be a bit stupid…but are any of the IMAX screenings for HP7b in 2D?
    Not a fan of 3D…besides, it was post converted wasn’t it?

    • Kasey

      All the IMAX showings that I know of are in 3-D. If they would have shown it in 2-D in the Imax I would have the extra just to see it on the IMAX screen. Instead I watched on a regular screen since I had no intrest in seeing it in 3-D. I’m just glad I got to see it

  • Saynab

    Deathly hallows part 2 was EPIC. The best harry potter movie ever. People can say what ever they want about this series, but harry potter fans like myself don’t care. Harry potter 4EVER!

  • A J

    Harry Potter DH P2 has lived upto every bit of expectation I had. Saw it in 2d first on midnight premier and then 3d and finally IMAX3d. I’d say 2d was superb, but IMAX gave it a bit of oomph for the sound and the big screen. Overall, Amazing movie.. EPIC!!!!!!!! special mention to the OST by Alexandre Desplat is soul stirring.

  • Calmac

    A lot of crazy comments on wht HP is doing so well. Calling those of us who go to see it, Potterheads, is insulting to say theleast.
    If Avatar and Dark Knight are so good then why dont they allready hold these records for the previous films.
    Also just watched the new Dark Knight clip and it was….boring…and my god does Christian Bale look guant and not that well at all.

    • Malyn

      AVATAR and TDK don’t need to hold those records, they already outgrossed any single HP film by a LOOONG mile. At the end of the day, AVATAR is # 1 and TDK # 3 on the all-time top-grossing films of all time list, while to find ANY HP film you’d have to go all the way down to # 26. LMAO!!!!!

      • ThatBrownGirl

        No you do not. There are sone at #9 and stuff get your facts straight

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