Comic-Con 2011: 'Voltron' feature film on the way!


Optimus Prime just got some major cinematic competition. Relativity Media confirmed Thursday that the studio has optioned the feature-film rights for Voltron, and will adapt the cult 1984 anime series Voltron: Defender of the Universe into a live-action movie. Voltron, for those who weren’t robot-obsessed children of the ’80s, was about a team of five pilots whose individual vehicles, called Robot Lions, could combine to form the ultimate universe-saving, available-at-Toys”R”Us giant robot, Voltron.

The new movie, which doesn’t have a director or release date yet, is being produced by Charles Roven (The Dark Knight), Richard Suckle (The International), and Jason Netter (Wanted). Thomas Dean Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer, who co-wrote Sahara and next month’s Conan the Barbarian, are penning the script. The movie’s announcement was made at the end of a Comic-Con panel entitled “Voltron Resurgent,” which also showed off the recently debuted Nicktoons show Voltron Force, an upcoming video game, Voltron comic books, and Mattel’s new line of toys. And now, with news of a feature film, it truly is a wonderful time to be an ’80s kid. As for the movie, just one request: Keep it under 157 minutes, please.

Fellow Voltron nostalgics, how thrilled are you by this news? Let the Voltron vs. Transformers debates begin — yet again!

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  • mark cook

    its about time that they are makeing voltron into a movie i am pumped i remember watching it on a black and white tv when i was younger

    • Matt

      As long as they stick with the lions, I loved Voltron as a kid with the Lions, but when they brought out those 36 cars or whatever, I couldn’t get into it.

      • Scott

        Absolutely, Matt! While I still watched the vehicular version of Voltron, it was never as cool as the Lion Force. Each lion being tied to an element of nature (earth, water, fire, etc), only having 5 characters to follow (6 if you count Sven who got replaced by the Princess), and having a home planet base as opposed to roaming about the cosmos just made it an altogether better version of the show!!

      • Tateros

        That’s too bad you couldn’t get into the Vehicle version of Voltron. I love him as much as the Lion Voltron.

        I truly hope they do not get an imbecile like Michael Bay to direct Voltron. He already polluted the Transformers franchise with inconsistency and his military promotion. Watching those movies was like watching an Army commercial. I’m surprised he didn’t have Three Doors Down cover soundtrack duties. I know it still generated millions of dollars, but this is no thanks to Michael Bay. People would have paid to watch Wipe-Out take a crap on the screen. And that’s pretty much what happened.

        It would be awesome if they Got Peter Jackson or Guillermo Del Toro to direct it. They would definitely give Voltron a more personable feel, as opposed to just making him another reason to promote the Marines.

      • bradleylloyd

        Get a director that is truly passionate about being true to the Voltron cartoon; as opposed to Michael Bay, who just wanted to profit off Transformers.

  • EL Ravager

    Hooray! I’m stoked, I loved Voltron as a kid (80’s boy here!).
    I wonder if they’ll even include Sven?… That accent was hilarious! Didn’t want to see the last Transformers movie (and still haven’t), But I am DEFINITELY going to see this movie! Go Voltron Force! Oh, and Aurora better be a Hot Blonde… :D

  • Laura W

    This and Captain planet its a 80s and 90s kid’s dream is coming true!! (Hey I’m from the ninties but I use to watch repeats of Voltron!!)

  • Wiggling my Finger

    I would have preferred “Starblazers.” Meh.

    • Matt

      Yeah you and about 312 other people.

    • Rod

      Amen! to that. A fantastic space adventure/conflict aboard the good ship Yamato with Captain Avatar and crew is definitely worth a live-action, big screen version!

    • jk

      Starblazers would be good, but can’t forget Robotech.

  • HD

    Where is a proper He-Man?

    • Jay

      What, the Dolph Lundgren flick isn’t good enough for you? ;)

  • rick

    Being a huge 80’s cartoon/comicbook fan as a child, I have unfortunately recently rewatched some of those old toons and they really were pretty lame. As a kid i was a big fan of voltron, he-man, and thundercats. Voltron to me was the coolest character, thundercats had the best animation, and he-man had the best storylines. Considering that voltron is a giant robot(like transformers) which is operated by people(like iron-man) it seems like a no brainer. the important thig that sets them apart from iron-man and transformers is the fact that each of the individual cats and its operator has a distinct personality.

    • jj

      so true. i ‘ve been reliving my saturday morning froot loop time watching the hub the past few weekends and cannot for the life of me see what i saw in things like Jem, Smurfs, Thundercats, etc. back in the day. They were awful. But i remember i loved all those shows back then and am nostalgic for them now. Voltron was cool, but my favorite robot soap cartoon of that era was Robotech. Do we know if they are doing the Voltron with the lions or the cars?

      • Wicked&Truth

        Lol me too I was a huge Voltron fan…and recently caught it on HUB….I was like wow I liked this schlock?? Dunno bout a movie though…but I remember when I first heard about the Transformers movie…and I thought it turned out well.

      • Val

        I agree Robotech was my favorite growing up in the 80s…

  • dee

    Leave my childhood alone Hollywood!

    • chris

      I know the feeling – the remakes have been utterly disappointing, eh?

  • pastafarian

    I’m underwhelmed by the writers for this. Yuck.

  • Roy

    I’ll form the head!

  • christie

    One of my very favorite cartoons from my childhood. I will be interested in seeing this one!

  • Cygnus

    Yay! A show with some story line. Now we can actually have shapeshifting robots with something to do other than create a bunch of explosions.

  • Sofia

    I love Voltron, I just hope that they do it justice…..give it a good story line. Don’t just have him fight and blow things up.

  • Auriana

    Still my all time favorite. I’m actually enjoying the new Voltron Force which I was expecting to hate. They modernized it so that today’s kids are interested while keeping a lot of stuff from the original. (And dark elf Lotor is kind of hot.) I have a feeling that I’m going to either really, really love the movie or really, really hate it. No in between.

  • Lynn

    Keep it w/ the Lions…very few know Vehicle Voltron (and it was so confusing!). Keep it on Arus…not on Earth. We know what Earth is like. We want to see Arus, Planet Doom, Robeasts, etc. Keep to the cannon.

  • Marie

    I’m surprised it took 3 Transformers movies before they decided to make Voltron. And I agree, as long as it’s the lions. I didn’t even know there were cars!

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