Comic-Con 2011: First look at 'Snow White and the Huntsman' -- BREAKING


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“I’m ready for it, bitch. Let’s go.”

The real competition may not be between the two rival Snow White films, but between Charlize Theron’s Evil Queen and her fairest-of-them-all nemesis Kristen Stewart.

That quote is from Theron to Stewart at the start of the Comic-Con panel for Snow White and the Huntsman, which begins filming next week and will hit theaters June 1.

Check out the full array of photos:


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The first thing that jumps to mind is that, obviously, this isn’t the typical Snow White in a fancy gown — this is more Joan of Arc territory.

“This girl has the amazing ability to channel fear, things that people are typically afraid to do, into this really focused, really charged, driving energy,” Stewart told panel moderator (and EW senior writer) Dave Karger.

“She truly does not let her heart cloud her mind,” the Twilight actress added, breaking into a smile: “Also I get to have a sword and stuff, and really cool weapons.”

Stewart was playing nice, but Theron, appropriately, was the one showing her teeth.


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“It’s important to find out where she came from and how she got to where she is,” Theron said of her Evil Queen, who sports a stiff collar made of feathers and looks ready to plunge that curved dagger into something. “She’s dark. She’s a serial killer. I’m pretty much preparing to play a serial killer, and that’s interesting, trying to ground it and make it clear.”


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Sam Claflin, previously seen as the noble missionary in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, turns up here as the Prince, though the actor hinted he is not the “some day my prince will come” type. “The prince is not necessarily as charming as one would hope,” he said.


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Finally, Thor star Chris Hemsworth as the other title character — a mercenary who decides to spare Snow White rather than follow the queen’s orders to cut her heart out, leading to a desperate escape and — eventually — a counter-attack on the wicked ruler of the kingdom.

Among the other revelations: There will be eight dwarfs, not seven, which director Rupert Sanders said was due to legal issues (sounds like Disney has issues with that?) and also because — SPOILER ALERT — one of the dwarfs may not survive.

Producer Joe Roth (Alice in Wonderland) also showed off some of the action commercials made by first-time feature director Sanders, as well as a concept trailer (featuring stand-ins for the actors) with the type of imagery the film will feature: sprites crawling out of forest creatures; gargoyle-like trees; a chilling queen bathing head-to-toe in what looked like thick white paint; and a Snow White wandering lost and alone through the wilderness.

It featured intriguing (though sometimes inscrutable) voice-over: “Death is a hungry mouth and you are the apple” and “Is your heart made of glass, or of a pure snow white?”

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  • Nikki

    Not much of a KS fan, but this looks interesting.

    • Joe

      I hate KS, she has zero talent. Since when is snow white a warrior?

      • Miranda

        Exactly. Hollywood is trying to kill us by casting Kristen Stewart in more films. Shes the single most WORST actress of this decade.

      • Marg

        Kristen is actually really talented and continues to impress her co-stars and directors. I think they are more suited to judge her talent so I’ll go by their assessment.

      • Nora

        Kristen rocks!

      • Olivia

        This movie looks really interesting and Kristen Stewart is rocking that warrior princess look.Fantastic.

      • Traci

        Hopefully she won’t be playing with her hair and looking down the whole time.

      • Indi

        Kristen is an amazing actress anyone who says she just plays with her hair and looks down obviously is not very adept at judging acting talent.

      • Stake

        I am a huge Kristen fan and I think this role and movie will be fantastic.

      • Summer

        Ugh. Twilight fans, exit stage left please.

      • Nope

        Kristen is beautiful and talented. She wins as always.

      • JourneyWrites

        Kristen Stewart is very talented actress. Aside from people judging her character in the Twilight Saga, she actually captures the obviously odd girl who stumbles over her feet and words, written in the series. It’s in the books people, that is her doing what it says…hence good acting. People should stop watching Twilight and basing her acting on that when in fact she has other roles… The Runaways, Panic Room, in the land of women; get a clue people. IN the marketing aspect of it all, there are 2 Snow White movies coming out soon, and obviously they are trying to capture the millions of fans of Kristen Stewart based on the Twilight Saga and cash in… Jeez… IT’s business people!

      • Woot

        I am not a Twilight fan, I hate Twilight actually… but Kristen Stewart is a good actress… Twilight doesn’t really give anyone an opportunity to show acting skill because all the characters are cardboard cutouts. Still she was great in Adventureland and The Runaways. Also, this film looks like it has potential. It looks like it will dark and stylized. If the trailer impresses I may check it out.

      • vida

        jealous much. and you would make nice human being i bet.

      • Kay

        You HATE someone you don’t know because you think they have no talent? Britney Spears can’t sing for sh*t but I don’t hate her. You have issues dude.

      • Sam

        @Joe – this movie gets its roots from the Brothers Grimm version of Snow White, this isn’t supposed to be a Disney remake. And if you know anything about their stories, you’d know its bound to be dark and would more likely than not turn a princess into a warrior. Here, here.

      • daryl

        I totally agree about KS. I don’t hate her but sure as h*ll won’t pay to see her act (if that’s what she calls acting). I find her completely annoying, untalented and way overrated.

      • Nat

        If you notice all the movies she has done they are the same character, never anything different. She always plays that rebel girl that’s wants to be different from everyone else (generally how she is in real life which i have no problem) I liked adventureland but she needs find a different character. All great actors are able to play something different than what they really are in real life and make believable which is why they are recognize by critics and audiences.

      • Stephen Hawking

        @Sam You either don’t know the meaning of the phrase “more likely than not”, or you don’t have as enlightened a grasp of the Grimm works as you think.

      • Liz

        I think Kstew is a decent actress who made a terrible choice to be in Twilight. I mean yea it’s super popular with the fangirls but it has marked her as a non-talent. Too bad.

      • Will

        In what bizarro world is Kristen Stewart more beautiful than Charlize Theron?!

      • elsa

        I’m sure she will act the exact same way she does in every other film she’s on. She will never keep her mouth shut, and will stumble on her words and look high all the time.

      • Tiffany

        I am not a Twilight fan at all, but I think Kristen is very talented. I really like this take on the story. It is more brutal like the ORIGINAL story…where the queen dies from having to dance in white hot iron shoes.

      • glamwriter

        i agree, so bad.

      • monica

        i think that Kirstin Stewart is the best so live here a lone

      • LittleMo

        I AM a Twilight fan – and, at 56, an older Twilight fan. Kristen did a marvelous job playing Bella. You can’t have an awkward depressed character being portrayed as smiling and slap-happy. As for SWATH, Kristen looks to be as marvelous in this, as well. As for the person who asked who said SW was a warrior, Kristen Stewart did not write the story, she is playing the character as it was written. She has the regad and respect of not only millinos of fans but her peers which include Jodie Foster her co-star in Panic Room and a Hollywood heavyweight. Kristen is wonderful. Leave her alone.

    • Suzy

      Kudos to Kirstin Stewart! If all of you were to look at the movie website statistics, Kirstin is in the top 100 spot when she brings in the audiences to the movie theatres. At least she’s no tramp. Kirsten earned her way in the business.

      • Mia

        I TOTALLY agree with you Grace she did earn her way in to the business she did no have to have a sex tape to be famous.

      • Rose

        She’s famous for being a terrible actress who only knows how to act awkwardly. I’m interested in the movie, yes, but not at all for her. She’s pretty, but she doesn’t look like how one would think snow white would, wigs and make up or not. I just hope she doesnt mess up what could be an interesting movie.

      • Tabby

        Don’t worry Rose. She will be great as always.

    • Grace

      Kristen is awesome no matter what the annoying bashers insist on saying over and over again. Why reading up on and commenting on someone you claim not to like is fun for these people I will never understand. How pathetic really.

      • terra

        you realize that there are probably like…4 nonstens posting and reposting the same negative comments cause they fantasize about her bf? This is what happens when twihards get frustrated at kristen for having to sleep with a full body edward pillow every night.

      • Um…

        And it appears that it’s the same few people supporting Miss Stewart posting the same type of comments about how awesome she supposedly is again and again.

      • Will

        Because people may be interested in the movie but not Kristen Stewart. She is a turn off for a lot of people.

    • Miranda

      No. This movie would be interesting if K Stew wasn’t in it.

      • steph

        I know! So conflicted…Chris Hemsworth pulls me in, but K Stew pushes me away.

      • gv

        @Steph: I feel the same way!! Chris Hemsworth and Charlize are a win, KStewart is a meh.

      • Liz

        Yeah with you guys all the way. She is so awkward to watch. I think they should have just based it on the grimm stories and gone with a different name.

      • SCBR

        Agreed. I’m really interested in this concept, but I cant stand KStew (or RPatz for that matter and I am a total Twihard.) She’s way too awkward and her speech is too breathy to play a warrior.

    • Valerie

      This looks fantastic! So different than what I expected and I LOVE the entire cast. Charlize and Kristen were great today!!

    • Patty

      I think this will be a very interesting role for Kristen. So far I am liking what I’m seeing.

    • Jolly

      This movie looks great. Looking forward to seeing all the cast in their roles especially Kristen.

    • @Miranda

      @Miranda-would you mind taking some kind of pill to take the edge off. Seriously, you are a DEBBIE DOWNER! What a buzzkill. We got it the first time, KS is not your cup of tea. Duly noted. Jesus! This film looks amazing and I loved the panel fun!!

      • Nat

        Kristen Stewart is a terrible actress because of those twilight movies. The books were terrible and the movies are worse. All the actors in those movies are terrible.

      • Lindsey

        Kristen is now and always has been an amazing actress. Take your Twilight hate somewhere else please. So annoying.

    • Sharlin

      This definately looks better than the other Snow White movie.

  • Mike

    Stewart looks silly and shouldn’t Snow White be beautiful?
    Theron, James Franco and Thor look fine.

    • Justin

      You could always go look at the Tarsem version. It’s a comedy full of laughs and eyebrows.

    • stan

      Is it too much to ask Hollywood to come up with some original ideas in exchange for these outrageous ticket prices they charge us?

    • tara

      and by “mike” do you really mean “rpatzzfan4everkristnsucks?”

      • dee

        all you anti twilighters, get rid of the hate i don’t want to here it! Kristen was great in Twilight, the perfect Bella! Well i love, love Twilight! Take that you mean and hateful person! i am sick of people like you and keep your dang comments to yourself! and you all better stop calling us names!

    • Blah

      Thats not James Franco. Can’t you clearly see the pic says “Sam Claflin”.

      • Ha Ha Ha

        Ha ha ha.

      • Kal

        Yeah, and the other guy isn’t Thor. I think the person was kidding…because that dude totally looks like James Franco in that picture.

      • Kal

        I should clarify, the man in that photo is not ACTUALLY the Norse god Thor, despite what Mike said. Tongue-in-cheek, you know?

    • Liz Lemon

      I agree. This look doesn’t fit her. She’s too skinny and not tough.
      I could see it working on someone like Saoirse Ronan or Abbie Cornish, but not on Kristen and her skinny legs.
      Chris just looks like Thor with an AX instead of a hammer, Charlize’s costume looks so cheap, and the “prince” looks like one of the twilight boys.

      • Bob

        Kristen’s legs are awesome!! I like!

      • I’m ready!!

        Hemsworth is so hot! I was on the fence until today. The costumes did it for me they are so cool and so different than what I was expecting. So bring it SWATH! I’m in!! Love it!!

      • Michelle

        That’s the point. Snow White was never supposed to be a warrior, she’s delicate and frail. The whole point of this movie is taking that frail girl and turning her into a fighter. Why would they cast someone who already looks like they can kick ass?

      • nina

        lol, you realize saroise has some pretty skinny legs? I never heard how someone’s legs shape could predict if they would make a good action star or not.

      • Tara

        We havent seen her images from the beginning of the movie yet now have we.

      • LizzieK

        True, I prefer Sam Claflin’s rugged look from “Pirates”…my friends and I were swooning over him in the theatre! This makes him look less attractive than what he really is.

      • Nessa

        Ok, negativity much? I mean I’m all for ppl being able 2 express their opinion but u r just a black hole!

      • Liz Lemon

        @Nessa: Lol. I’ve never been called a Black Hole before. Thank you. I’m honored.

    • Adam

      Kristen is so beautiful.

    • Shellibelli

      its not James Franco and the Thor guy is hot hot hot

    • Dan Too

      Looks like the queen is the fairest one of all

  • LOL

    I can’t wait to see this one. The one with Julia Roberts sounds like a bore.

  • Chris

    Wow, this looks interesting! I’ll have to keep an eye out.

  • Ian

    Looks awesome, especially the evil queen.
    I expect they’ll begin the movie with scenes of Kristen looking like a princess, but then I’m betting the film’s tag about the fairest of them all becomes a metaphor for beauty of character.
    I do hope we get some image of Kristen looking good though. Neither her nor Lily Collins in the other Snow White film are being done up beautifully for these promos.

    • Ljo

      KS looks like Alice in Wonderland against the Dragon

  • JohnDoe

    I fully expect this movie to suck, considering Stewart is not a very good actress, in my opinion. The Snow White movie with Sean Bean however…

    • glan

      ok gurl, bye.

    • Liz Lemon

      I agree. I mean compare the posters.
      This is Snow White we’re talking about not LOTR. This one is a joke in and of itself.

      • Hillary

        I think it is brilliant that they are making Snow White less of an incompetent little weakling and giving her some real strength of character. Kristen looks amazing in the picture too.

      • StewyFan

        Thank you Hillary.

    • huh?

      Charlize is one of my favorite Oscar winning actresses. Then add in Hemsworth, Stewart, and cute Caflin and I’m sold! Today they made it crystal clear the two Snow Whites are not in competition. The name Snow White is in both titles, but they are NOT the same film. Can’t wait for SWATH!!

    • daro

      ha, sean bean just needed to pay his mortgage with that job. The first picture of snow white for the other looked like mariah carey vomited all over her dress and now it’s full of rainbows and unicorns and glitter. It’s SW glee style.

      • LizzieK

        And it’s “Glee” style because why? Don’t associate everything you think is “gay” with “Glee” and there’s no word on that version of SW being a musical so unpack your adjectives and find a better descriptive word.

      • LizzieK

        Arrgh that came out wrong! Find another word that better describes that Snow White besides “Glee.” Your otherwise saying it’s Snow White Happy-Style since the actual definition of the word glee means happy.

  • dano

    woohoo, bring on charlize and kristen wrestling in jello and swords, and I”m there. Both are looking fine these days.

  • rolly

    Hate twilight, but stewart was great in runaways and adventureland. I like the idea of a little joan jett inufsed into snow white.

  • tania

    striking visuals of them all. Charlize was born to play the evil queen. she looks amazing. Sam and Kristen look great too.

  • John C

    Looks like a Tim Burton rip off.

    • Justin

      Tim Burton hasn’t done epic or gritty since Batman Returns.

      • Liz Lemon

        What was Alice in Wonderland and Sweeney Todd then?

      • LizzieK

        And what was “Corpse Bride?” That movie was beautiful!

  • sarah

    the two snow whites definitely look differently. Lilly collins looked lovely in her colorful dress. But I really like this more stark imagery, it gives of a dark fable vibe nicely.

  • dachief

    she got super hot in the last couple months. Wasn’t into her until I saw her lately in tight jeans.ha

  • lola

    I didn’t get the point of doing two snow whites, but this one looks really cool

  • malia

    yo, chris- how you doin’?

  • mia

    wow…sounds promising and the cast is really good

    • LOL

      Snow White with a pack-a-day cig habit? Yea, right.

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