'Man of Steel' Revealed: Your first look at Henry Cavill in his Superman suit!

Look! Up on the Web! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Henry Cavill as Superman! Warner Bros. this morning released the first official image from Man of Steel, director Zack Snyder’s now-shooting reboot of the Superman franchise starring Cavill as the iconic DC Comics superhero.

Our thoughts: A classic, retro-flavored Man of Steel, filtered through Snyder’s techno-sleek, hyper-pop aesthetic; somewhere between the drama of the Christopher Reeve Superman and the more subdued Brandon Routh Superman. The shield on the chest is thick and BIG. They ain’t shying away from that “S” this time, are they? The crimson cape is long and flowing, made of thick fabric. Look forward to seeing it unfurled and billowing when Supes goes soaring through the sky. The suit: tight, textured, muted blue. I love the wrinkles at the wrist. The boots are red. Cool belt buckle. But is he wearing the red underwear? Hard to tell from the strategically placed shadows. (BTW: Superman is losing his undies in his forthcoming comic book relaunch. Check out the pic here.) Cavill radiates an all-business, decidedly adult visage. The posture is telling. Often when we get “hero shots” of Superman, we see him standing tall and upright, chest out and puffed, hands balled into fists and at the waist, eyes looking toward the horizon. Yet this Man of Tomorrow is meeting our gaze, confident and defiant. Hunched and coiled, a hint of bad-ass Batman in him, he looks like a wrestler ready to rumble or a brawler ready to charge, which again harkens back to the original, pulp hero conception of the character created by Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel. One question: Where’s the curl? Bottom line: A steely cool Superman; a meaty tease in advance of clearer, cleaner pics to come.

Snyder is now shooting Man of Steel in Chicago with a cast that also includes Amy Adams, Laurence Fishburne, Kevin Costner, Diane Lane and Michael Shannon. The movie –produced by Christopher Nolan and written by David S. Goyer — is scheduled for release June 14, 2013.

UPDATE: Warner Bros. also confirmed that Russell Crowe and Julia Ormond will play Superman’s Kryptonian parents, Jor-El and Lara. Additonally, Antje Traue will play Faora, the “evil partner” to Shannon’s General Zod.

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  • Paul

    Difficult shot to really judge…

    • Matt

      That does not look good. Sucker Punch kind of crushed my hopes; if Snyder has brains, he totally ignores the messages they send.

      • ed

        He looks more like a mobster than Supes.

      • UGH


      • Brett

        Enough with the “I want Routh” and “They should have cast Tom Welling!”

      • @ed and UGH

        He looks a bit like Sonny from General Hospital.
        Yeah, but Brandon Routh sans that horrible Superman outfit he was stuck with.

      • Temp

        John Travolta’s looking pretty good!

      • ERNIE

        I don’t get why the new Spiderman outfit has a cape and big red S?

      • Altair

        This one shot looks like it will take up a third of the movie – Snyder sure loves his cheesy slo-mo shots.

      • luthor

        The attitude and background in the shot is great. The original 40s Supes was a tough bruiser. But the suit looks Tim Burtonish and the little holes-texture looks wrong. I was hoping for a Dark Knight realistic reason for the costume. It should look alien, not “fantasy.”

      • Satan

        “Sucker Punch” was Snyder’s ode to rape fantasy. The most juvenile, misogynistic movie ever made by someone other than Michael Bay. I do NOT have high hopes for this Superman reboot, and this image only makes those hopes fall further. This will no doubt be another Zack Snyder slow-mo rock video fluff movie. I wish we could just clone Christopher Nolan and have him do all the DC Comics adaptations.

      • wsugar

        Great now they made Superman Gay!

      • Brad H

        Routh sucked!!! He was a skinny little kid. Basically.. yes if you want your Superman to look like an emo hipster. He didn’t even have blue eyes!!! (and the contacts looked fake as hell).

      • Beavis

        I wouldn’t let Sucker Punch get you TOO worried about Man of Steel. The biggest reason that Sucker Punch sucked was that Zack Snyder wrote it. This is written by David Goyer who helped bring us Nolan’s Batman movies so maybe let that bring you a bit of hope.

      • Dante

        Brad H, Cavill is skinnier, shorter and his hair line recedes. Routh, though I don’t care for him, fits the role more then this guy. I prefer Welling, at least then I know what I’m getting into

      • Tom Strong

        This is terrific. You people are idiots with no taste.

      • Brandon Routh IS Superman

        I’m sorry, this guy looks ridiculous – too short, the curly hair is wrong, and he looks really old in this photo. Brandon Routh was perfectly cast as Superman for my generation – a nice homage to the ultimate Superman Christopher Reeve. I personally loved Superman Returns and think it deserved a sequel with a different director, different Lois, and a different villain like Brainiac. Routh was the man, Snyder and this new film will be bad, his track record speaks for itself

      • Brad H

        Dante – Cavill is way more jacked already, and has barely started working out for the role. (Note the articles about his 6000 calorie diet) Just Google image Routh as Supe – NO MUSCLES. I will agree, though, that I was hoping they were just waiting for Smallville to end to use Welling.

      • RMS

        I don’t have any faith in Snyder. The movie will be over 2 hours long because 30 minutes will be in slow motion. Also, Zod again? Give me Braniac or Darkseid or someone new.

      • DC COMICS…

        …must really want to have Superman go out in an epic fail.

      • luthor

        oh and by the way, i don’t mind the idea of the suit being some sort of body armor–not because he needs it, but because it would need it to withstand HIM (his speed, flight, friction, heat, bullets, etc…)

      • lyle

        He needs the spit curl, it should have been Tom Welling, and they went a little too large with the giant “S” but otherwise it looks pretty cool. I remain hopeful.

      • Blonde South

        After Sucker Punch I think it’s time Zack Snyder retired that whole slow motion thing for a while, he owes us. Then maybe we’ll all try to forget that he made Sucker Punch in return. Seriously though, it seems like a lot of super hero movies are trying to go darker since the Dark Knight came out, I was kind of hoping this one could stay a little more on the lighter side while still being well written.

      • The cape looks dumb

        The cape looks like a wedding gown train – too long

      • you’re dumb

        he’s crouching down, almost on his knee–of course the cape looks long.

      • Greg

        I cannot believe it we are going to waste millions on Superman comes to Earth story? I have lost faith in anyone who owns any say it what a Superman movie should be like. Don’t any of you people get it; it has been done and this director is an idiot who has Hollywood fooled. The public wants Sups to kick SOME *^% man. I can’t believe that these idiots who run Hollywood are so clueless that they don’t know what we want. Go ahead and continue remake-ville; oh joy.

    • poop

      I have a feeling this is not what he will actually look like in the film. We must remember that the movie won’t be out for another two years.

      • Saline

        First of all emmasmile this isn’t a dating service blog so get off of it and look for hot guys your own age not those older guys. As for Goyer, as long as he stays where he belongs by being a writer and not venture off ever again into the director’s chair like he did with that horrible movie Blade Trinity, than Superman Man of Steel is in good hands.

      • MaryJane

        I also agree, this shot looks more like a gangster than a hero. Besides, why waste our time with this when they should have cast Tom Welling! He’s my Superman!

      • omg

        he looks like anthony weiner!

    • Nathan

      Looks a 100% better than that brandon routh bulls**t, at least Supes looks like a man this time, I think we’re in for a pretty good Superman movie this time for a change.

      • luthor

        agreed. i have no doubt it’ll be better than the singer misfire. the costume isn’t what i had in mind, but he looks a million times more interesting that routh.

    • Jono

      I think he looks awesome. The curl is too dated now, he looks better with his hair like that. It’s a solid update of the costume; the less-bright colors are more suited for today’s aesthetic. And he looks ready to rumble. I’m sold. Don’t know what you other haters are complaining about.

      • Ryan

        I agree, the suit could be kryptonian that gets damaged by the fight with zod and maybe he get a more traditional one either way it looks alien which is fine bc hes alien people! I also like how he looks pissed off and ready for a fight, i also wouldnt be surprised if this is just a test shot to see the reaction of fans

    • Jean Guy Levesque

      Looks terrible. The S is too big and plastic and when did Superman look even a bit ITALIAN? Vive la Quebec!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Nathan

        I think that last line you wrote pretty much nullifies everything else you said haha

    • GregR

      It looks okay, but the cape seems waaay to long and it doesn’t look like he’s wearing the red panties. Thank Zod. But it also looks like he doesn’t have any eyebrows. I hope it’s just the picture, because that is NOT a good look for anybody.

    • cohen549

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    • Ann

      Kind of disappointed. Hopes he at least gets the Midwestern accent down. Brit actors these days are mangling the accent.

  • Rebecca

    I don’t like his hair.

    • Paul


      • wsugar

        He looks like a girl.

      • Jon

        What kind of girls do you hang out with?!

      • Tom Strong

        Haters gotta hate.

    • Elizabeth

      I thought I was the only one who noticed that first. Henry’s hair is way too thick to slick back. Maybe chop it pretty short and then apply the product for the shiny look.
      Who died and told me I was a hair dresser? Yeesh!

    • KC

      Where’s the spit curl?

      • Lily

        Good question! Also, after Batman, Iron Man, Spiderman, Thor, Green Lantern, Captain America, The Green Hornet….. I’m done with Super Heroes for a while.

      • Becky

        The spit curl is gone…along with the jitterbug, sockhops, and everything else from 50 years ago. It was outdated and silly and it needed to go.

      • KC

        Yet, somehow they kept Becky around…

    • lawyergirl77

      Agreed. Supes shouldn’t look like he’s trying to grow a kryptonian fro…

    • MWC

      He’s SuperGuido.

      • UGH

        Lois Lane should’ve been played by Snooki.

    • ST

      Ditto, don’t like this look in general so far.

      • Villanova

        Funny joke UGh!

    • Valley Girl

      ITA. He’s a gorgeous guy, but would prefer if he his hair wasn’t slicked back like that.

    • MaryJane

      Looks like he bathed in haircream. “Brylcream, a little dab will do ya…”

  • BabyBird

    Wow! Almost didn’t even recognize him there! Can’t even picture him in The Tudors, looking at this pic.. (I think it’s the hair..)

  • Cin Salvatore

    It doesn’t look like Henry Cavill. Is he supposed to look slightly demented?

    • Judy

      He does look demented! I thought it was meant to be Bizarro at first glance.

    • Stacie

      Yeah. This is maybe the wrong first picture.

    • Liz Lemon

      He’s supposed to look like Superman not Henry Cavill. And he does look like Superman.

      • Nathan

        Superman needed a makeover so he wouldn’t look like such a goody goody, this is much better. No more of that Reeve/Routh/Welling boyscout crap.

      • Mo

        This Superman looks like he’s ready to smack down somebody. About time. As far as I can remember, the movies’ action was mostly about him grabbing airplanes and missiles and helicopters and Lois Lane to stop them from falling, which gets pretty old after a while. I admit it’s been a while so I’m probably wrong (they’re not movies I’d care to watch a second time), but I only remember two real fights in all of them – one with the Kryptonian guys, and one with himself. Yawn.

    • Brian

      Yeah, my biggest concern was that he looks so mean here. Granted it’s one frame out of context, but still, I was expecting a lighter Superman than this. He’s not supposed to be “badass” in the same way Batman is.
      Costume’s OK…Hollywood loves to add texture to the uniforms, so as long as the undies aren’t there and there’s an \S/ on the cape, I’m fine with the suit.

      • MattyB

        How is Superman not a total badass? He’s every bit as tough as Bat-Man (in a streetfighter kind of way) and has his own heavy angst to deal with. But clearly in this pic he has been thrown into that vault by a badguy and is coming up ready to rumble!

      • Brian

        I didn’t say he wasn’t a badass, I said he wasn’t a badass in the same way Batman is. Batman’s all angst/anger/lash out at the world. Superman is badass in terms of his sheer power AND the restraint not to use it when he doesn’t have to, as well as his inspirational abilities and the fact that he always looks for the good in everyone. By “lighter” I meant that Superman’s not swallowed by tragedy like Batman is.
        But you may be right, this could be mid-battle, which would make his meaner than normal expression just “bring it on!”

      • Sean Elliott

        Did it ever occur to the greedy stuffed suits at Warner Bros. that Zach Snyder is the WRONG director?!

    • Deb

      He looks like he should be trolling truck stops for hookers to kill…….this version of Supe looks like Dexter with a cape.

  • brian

    I’m into it. Has the classis Superman feel.

    • brian


    • Liz Lemon

      I agree. I think he looks bada*s and non-cheesy. Superman is a superhero that can easily look lame in his little tights, but they’ve chosen someone who looks realistic and believable. I’m excited!

  • JRWolfe

    Looks more like a painting than a photo. Is that CGI ? He could trip on that cape.

  • frugalisa

    The suit looks plastic and too dark in color

    • aaron

      Maybe they are doing it as a remake of Superman III? The costume is dark because he’s infected by synthetic Kryptonite and that’s a shot of him breaking into a bank after a drunken bender.

      • Jeremy

        It more of looks like Supes was thrown into the bank vault. Considering he’s supposed to be going up against Zod, I find the odds are in favor of that.

      • Villanova

        Another funny joke!

  • Jen

    ::gasp:: holy hotness…..uber like!

  • Mr Wu

    Looks pretty good! I wish the lighting was better. Seems like the blue is a bit too dark. I like the big red “S”. Classy. And, SUPERMAN HAS MUSCLES AGAIN!! YEA!!!

  • Joel Schumaker

    Mildly yummy but not gay enough

    • Joel Schumaker Fan

      Nipples! We’re missing super nips over here! Somebody gay this suit fast!

    • GregR

      yeah, he needs nipples on his suit.

  • Mike

    Well one thing’s for sure, there won’t be any complaints that they didn’t take the movie franchise in a new direction. Of course, I’m sure they’ll be replaced with complaints that they DID! Jury’s still out for me.

  • Tony

    They purposely hid his waist. I bet they haven’t decided on whether to have the “undies” or not, probably going to based on the DC reboot. Also the “S” is very old school, from the 40’s and the old Earth-2 Superman.

    • MattyB

      Yes, I love the Max Fleischer inspired look of his suit and of the whole shot.

    • Tucker

      You can find bigger versions of the picture and he’s clearly not wearing the trunks. This is inspired by or inspired the new DCnU version of Superman.

      • Ryan

        i wouldnt say that just yet if u look really close u can almost see red beneath the belt so im guessing hes wearing the briefs

    • Dante

      The reboot was probably to favor this movie. Seems obvious now that was the intent, cuz this is crap. DC trying to be like Marvel

      • Carl

        DC needs to be like Marvel for continuity of characters. As far as the super hero movies go they should stay true to their books and looks. Welling should be the new Superman. We don’t need another movie joke like the Green Hornet was. Bruce Lee would kick Rogens but for that one.

  • Bones

    Can you believe the size of that S???? ;)

  • jake

    Wow, the man of steel is balding. Nice hairline. This movie sucks.

    • Brian Wallace

      Where in that picture do you see a bald spot? Where in that picture do you see a receding hairline? Do you really feel that way or do you just like making negative comments to make you feel cool? Do you really like the lamp? Based on this picture you can tell “This movie sucks?” Jeez, Jake. Life is going to be REALLY tough on you when you move out of your parents’ basement and lose your virginity. But both of those are a BIG “if.”


      • DB Slayer

        I love you, Brian Wallace. Best reply to a whining jag I’ve heard all week.

      • Brent Legunn

        Takes one to know one B wallace!

      • dave

        Takes one what?

    • Liz Lemon

      Wow @ you and your superficiality.

      • Brent Legunn

        Liz the lemon. That’s a good one.

      • Brent Legunn

        To know one Dave you Dope!

  • lawyergirl77

    *sigh* I want to love this… Superman? check! Henry Cavill? CHECK! (and drool)

    But I can’t. Why oh WHY do TPTB insist on making The Suit look like it’s made of rubber/plastic? Didn’t they learn anything from Superman Returns??!! (Oh, wait, it’s Hollywood… nevermind)

    • Tom

      They’re missing the underoos. Is this that ugly new Jim Lee redesign?

    • JLC

      Cavill himself looks okay to me, but you’re 100% right about the rubber suit. I know they’re trying to get away from the tights, but he’s Superman. He doesn’t need body armor or a wetsuit.

    • Liz Lemon

      It’s a modern Superman. You don’t seriously expect the suit to look like the one Christopher Reeves wore do you? Let’s be real.

      • GregR

        Christopher Reeve

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