'The Dark Knight Rises': Sneak a peek at Anne Hathaway's Catwoman

Christopher Nolan is in a giving mood, and fans of superhero cinema couldn’t be happier. Yesterday, we got a first look at Henry Cavill as Superman from Man of Steel, which the Inception helmer is producing. Today, the filmmaker is giving us our first peek at Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle, aka Catwoman, from his next directorial effort, The Dark Knight Rises, starring Christian Bale and due next summer. The image — hidden within the movie’s website — comes on the heels of the third Bat-flick’s teaser trailer and our first first glimpse of Tom Hardy as back-breaking baddie Bane. Welcome to Nolan’s own secret, slower-moving Comic-Con! 

Baby, you can drive my Batpod! But do I really love this shot of Hatha-Cat? Not sure. The first thing that popped into my mind upon beholding the actress in crinkly tight leather and midnight black shades straddling a chopper: Trinity with a ponytail circa The Matrix Reloaded. (See the scene here.) That’s not bad, but it is a bit ‘been there, done that’ as a piece of character design for this kind of geek pop archetype. I’m intrigued by the high-tech implication of the glasses — Bluetooth enabled? A.I. enhanced? — and I’m curious why this conception of the comic book cat-burglar doesn’t feel the need for a more concealing disguise than just eyewear and lipstick. Where exactly is she? Is she swiping the Caped Crusader’s motorcycle from a museum or something? (My fanboy theorizing: She’s racing away from a caper at The Roman’s neo-palatial mansion.) On the whole, though, Nolan’s Catwoman seems consistent with his gritty-functional-cool take on the Batman universe. And for me, Selina Kyle/Catwoman is more about psyche and attitude and her relational chemistry with Bruce Wayne/Batman than her look; I’m eager to get a sense for all of that in the next trailer. Being a Hathaway fan, I hope she’s nothing less than purrr-fect. (Groan, I know.)

UPDATE: Thanks to Twitter follower @lostqu4d for making the good point that this may not be Hathaway’s official Catwoman look. After all, the image at the website is labeled: “Selina Kyle.” Perhaps we’re seeing the character at a point in the film before she’s gone full criminal, costumed feline.

Your thoughts are wanted. Meow or hisssss? Va-va-voom or crash and burn? Sound off below.

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  • UGH

    I dunno about this…
    Is Selena Kyle a supposed “secret identity”? Are we supposed to suspend belief much like we have to do with Clark Kent/Superman and his glasses? She really needs a cowl of some sort. I know Nolan is basing these films in reality but Batman has a mask.

    • Temp

      This looks so very much like Talia Al Ghul. Selena Kyle must be a cover to get close to batman!

      • Jeff

        How do you know that is her in a Catwoman costume? Even in Batman Begins, they show Bruce out in his earlier forms before the Batman suit.

      • jay

        if Talia was posing as someone it wouldnt be Selina Kyle that would completely buttf*** the batman mythology…. im guessing Coltien as Miranda Tate if anything.

      • AcaseofGeo

        Didn’t Hallie Berry just do Catwoman like 10 years ago? Is Hollywood down to recycling things that soon now? Oh wait, HULK recycled in 5 years. Batman and that wretched Joker from the Dark Knight, recycled less than 20 years after a recycle that was just 20 years from TV. Yuk. I adore Ann Hathaway but she’s not a good Catwoman choice. Not when there was Julie Newmar, Eartha Kitt, and Lee Meriweather…..just not good.

      • Vicky

        I love her, she has a beautiful body

      • Peter

        The halle berry cat woman had nothing to do with the cat woman in batman. it was basically a different character that has no relation to the dc universe

      • CS

        BORING!! @AcaseofGeo, you took the words right out of my thoughts.

    • Flip

      I agree that she needs a mask.

      • dave

        Catwoman needs a mask maybe, Selena Kyle does not.

      • jeff

        she needs more than a mask. This girl is so boring ,and about as a yam!

      • Liz Lemon

        @jeff: I agree. Boring.

      • Vicky

        I hope the outfit is skin tight and Baldmatchmaker.com was amazing

      • phatcat82

        it’s selina not selena

    • Cygnus

      It’d be nice if one of these leading ladies in a superhero flick would show some skin. Hathaway has a history of showing it, maybe we could get some nude Selena Kyle. Not likely, considering they love to keep these rated PG-13. :-P

      • dave

        I was going to make a comment about The Dark Knight being R but I just looked and it was PG-13. How’d they pull that off?

      • Sam J


        All comic book movies are PG-13. Only “Graphic Novels” like The Crow or Sin City are rated “R”. One exception, The Punisher movies.

      • Lia

        sam j @
        Don’t forget Blade. R-rated

      • Greta

        In other news, it has been a long time since Cygnus had a date.

      • fish eye no miko

        You know, Cynus, you can find nudity for free on the internet these days. If you’re really so desperate to see boobies, do a Google search…

    • Ti

      You do know Selina Kyle is Catwoman in the comics and that for as much realism Nolan gives to the series there’s a point of no-real-thing about a rich guy that wears a bat-suit and goes around the city in a militar car…

    • j

      I’m more worried about Anne Hathaway being able to pull this off than her costume…remember Katie Holmes? *shudder*

      • murley

        anne hathaway is much, much more charismatic than katie holmes. i can’t wait to see her as catwoman.

      • gpalmz

        Yeah, I’m not sure either. I think her acting’s pretty self-conscious and “acty.” I’m not impressed.

    • Some Guy

      If this was based on reality then she would be wearing more of a ninja-esque suit rather than fashion boots and sunglasses.

  • Jesse

    Assuming the glasses are just for when she’s riding the, um, bike, it’s not much to go on. Black, check. Leatherish, check. Tight, check. Boots, check.

    • Peter

      I hate when people list things and say “Check” as if they’re reading off a checklist when they’re really just saying “Check” after things they see.

      • KC

        Peter b!tching about something irrelevant.

      • Nate

        Peter, the idea is that there are certain basic things that a Catwoman outfit should have, and that we can check those things off the list. What bothers you would be something more like this: Are you an insufferable jackass? Check.

      • JD

        Check. Check

      • The Beastie Boys

        Check Your Head was an awesome CD.

      • JRockMovie

        Looks like you need to hire Larry David, “The Social Assasin” lol. He’ll put Jesse in his place

      • sumdude

        He’s just a troll.

      • dave

        Peter, you better check yourself before you wreck yourself.

      • LiLi

        checkered suits make you fat.

      • lady cawcaw

        Check…√……… lol

    • abadstroller

      First reaction: Sweeeet shades, Annie! Second reaction: NOT the Catwoman cat’s-tume (I think they’re still waiting to make the big “reveal”). Third reaction: I wish I could look that hot in black on MY bike (sighhhhh).

    • Tom

      Big boobs… Check! Plot complication… Check! No Dialogue with more than two syllable words.. Check! Over use of CGI effects.. Check! Product Placement… Check! Predictability.. Check! Unnecessarily Loud. Check! 7-11 Super Sized Drink Cup with advertisements.. Check! Good and Evil unrealistically defined… Check! Wearing my Batman Logo Underwear to the movie theater. Check!!! Double Check!!!

    • boo boo


  • Bethany

    I think she looks great!

    • kc

      No matter how hard they try product placement, I will not waste my money on a 3D television!

  • Jacob

    I like it. Its out of context, so we cant judge the suit (or anything else) based on this picture alone.

    • snicker


  • Jeff

    usually I trust Nolan’s vision…but Catwoman needs a cowl. She just…does.

    • Mike

      Well there’s nothing saying that she’s dressed as “catwoman” in this picture or has become catwoman yet, whatever that means in Nolan’s film lol

    • Benjamin

      Hopefully this is just a Selina Kyle costume and not a Catwoman costume. If it is a Catwoman costume, it’s not selling the image very well. She looks more like a character from the Matrix movies than one from a Batman movie.

      • Flip

        The suit is similar to the one she wears in the comic, right down to the zipper at her chin. She does need a mask,t hough.

    • Bobby’s Robot

      But Nolan has never said she will be “Catwoman”, only “Selena Kyle”. And why would Catwoman need to look EXACTLY as she does in the books? Frankly, I’d like to see her in something less super-villain-costume-y.

    • Blonde South

      I don’t think that this is Catwoman I think this is just Selina Kyle. Catwoman has to have something… cat like about her. She needs some sort of cat ears or something. Otherwise shes’s just another crazy chick in leather. Even if it is Selina Kyle though, I still don’t like where this is going based on the looks of this pic.

    • Skip182

      She DOES have a mask in the film. It’s been confrimed on several sites, so stop complaining.

      • Treesus

        Just another crazy chick in leather? what are you some PETA junkie? Chick in leather = Hottttt! Oh and who can you base a movie on one picture? If you take a snap shot of Titantic you could think its a porno….

      • Blonde South

        I think you were replying to me. And I wasn’t saying she was crazy because she’s in leather, I was saying she’s crazy because Catwoman/Selina Kyle is crazy. Of course chicks in leather are hot! All I’m sayin is I want some cat ears!

  • Jay

    I’d rather see her in a standing pose because you cant really see much in this shot… But I do like what I see

  • gob

    damn it this looks so stupid….crap, please Dark Knight Rise, don’t blow, please.

    • obviously an idiot

      I am so f*cking nervous dude the teaser wasn’t amazing, the badguys are racking up the way spiderman 3 had like 4 badguys and this is starting to look like Nolans godfather where the first is the sh!t the second is even better and the third is ehh just there. F*CK! please be good…

  • JerryL

    If this person was spotted in Gotham City, no one would give her the nickname “Catwoman.” “Morcycle Lady,” maybe.

    • Carrie

      Yeah, I’m not a purist or anything, but they call her Catwoman because she dresses LIKE A CAT (just like Batman dresses like a bat!) This is a tight outfit with sunglasses, not a cat costume.

      • k

        She’s called Catwoman because she’s a cat burgler not because she dresses like a cat. In fact, the first appearances of this character in the comic books, she did wear a custume. Just a black outfit so not to be seen when stealing things in the night.

      • Carrie

        Well I still think the glasses look stupid. And any girl who’s ever ridden a motorcycle knows she should have braided her hair; it’s going to be in a huge knot when she’s done.

      • LiLi

        I agree about the glasses. Man! I dunno about AH as cat woman….

      • Eric

        We don’t know why she’s on the motorcycle, but I’d say the odds are good that she needed to get somewhere as quickly as possible. Is she really going to have time to braid her hair?

      • @Eric

        Dude. Joke.

    • UGH

      Maybe she has a tail?

  • brittany

    i want to super excited but i cant get my hopes up cause i dont want to walk out of theater crushed like i did when i saw spider-man 3 that broke my heart

  • Jenn

    I just can’t get into Anne Hathaway as Catwoman. This pic does nothing for me.

    • Carrie

      I agree. Anne Hathaway as Catwoman seems extremely lame. There are tons of sexy talented actresses who could pull it off, and they chose her?

      • Icon

        I feel the same way, even in this pic she just looks out of place to me.

  • John

    WTF? Shouldn’t she look like a cat? It looks like she’s wearing 3D glasses. There’s only room for so much “realism” in a superhero movie.

  • Katie

    Ugh. I just don’t like her at all.

    • UGH

      I didn’t make her costume!

      • muhahaha


  • marc

    i love dark night franchise but yes this picture does reak of X-3 (and all other X movies thereafter)

    • Jono

      This year’s X:Men movie was actually pretty great.

      • Matt

        Indeed it was.

  • Bones

    She looks purrrrrfect. I’m in love with Hathaway so I’m biased.

    • adam west

      you’re cheesy.

    • fred

      you just like the actress so much, that she could NOT even look like a Catwoman or even deliver the word of PURRFECT on cue and you’d be in 7th heaven over this flick? That’s wrong on a lot of levels Bones !!

  • TKS

    Is she stealing the Batpod? This is actually the first time I’ve seen “Catwoman” mentioned. Everything I’d read said she was playing “Selin Kyle.” It would be just like Nolan to do that. Can’t wait for this movie.

    • kc

      Did you get in trouble for not including your normal spam on this one?

      • Mike

        Actually, the spammers just copy comments that are already down below and post it higher up to everyone sees. I’ve noticed this trend over the past couple weeks. I’m sure that speaks to me being on here too much, but these spammers are ridiculous! lol

    • dave

      EW needs to lose the Catwoman description. It is really annoying that they insist on calling her that despite the fact that nothing connected with the movie calls her that. This is a Selena Kyle picture, not a Catwoman picture.

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