Disney announces release dates for two Marvel projects and a Pixar film -- what could they be?

Disney, you’re a sly one. The studio announced today the release dates for five new movies, but four of those movies are shrouded in mystery. The film we know the most about is the fantasy drama The Odd Life of Timothy Green, which stars Jennifer Garner and Joel Edgerton as an infertile couple who wish for a child and, lo and behold, magically wind up with a 10-year-old boy (C.J. Adams). It’s slated to hit theaters on Aug. 15, 2012.

More exciting, however, are those four other projects Disney is teasing us about: An untitled 3-D film from Coraline director Henry Selick (Oct. 4, 2013); two untitled Marvel movies (May 16, 2014 and June 27, 2014); and Pixar’s summer 2014 offering (out May 30). No further details are known at this time, although Disney will likely pull back the curtain at its D23 Expo on Aug. 20. Until then, we can only speculate on what these enigmatic movies might be.

In regard to the two Marvel flicks, we already know that The Avengers is set for May 4, 2012, Iron Man 3 will debut May 3, 2013, and Thor 2 will swing its hammer on July 26, 2013. One of the two new films will probably be a Captain America sequel, and an Avengers sequel is also a possibility. Other options: an adaptation of Ant-Man, Doctor Strange, or Guardians of the Galaxy.

As for Pixar, the Scottish fantasy adventure Brave will be released next summer on June 22, 2012, while the prequel Monsters University will arrive on June 21, 2013. Then we have an unnamed Pixar film on Nov. 27, 2013, and all we know about that one is that it’s an original film. (There have been rumors that it could be the next project from Up director Pete Docter, and that it might have something to do with dinosaurs.)

As a result, I have an inkling that Pixar’s summer 2014 movie will be a sequel. When I chatted with Pixar head John Lasseter earlier this year, he discussed how much his studio longed to make sequels but couldn’t under Pixar’s original distribution deal with Disney. “We had a deal with Disney at the time [in which] we had to do five movies, and sequels did not count,” said Lasseter. But then Disney bought Pixar in 2006. “And boom, we got control of our characters back,” explained Lasseter. “Disney says, ‘We want you to do the sequels,’ and we have these pent-up ideas. We love making sequels because we love our characters — they’re like family members to us.”

Personally, I hope I’m wrong and the 2014 movie is actually an original story. But if we assume it’s a sequel of some sort, what could it be? If any Pixar film seems to be begging for another chapter, it’s The Incredibles. But I doubt Pixar would move forward on an Incredibles sequel without writer-director Brad Bird, who’s currently deep into post-production for Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol and also has the disaster movie 1906 in the works.

I’m sure no one would complain about a Finding Nemo sequel, either, but I’m placing my money on Toy Story 4. For one thing, when Tom Hanks was asked about a possible Toy Story sequel, he responded, “I think they’re working on it now.” And considering Toy Story 3 grossed $1.1 billion worldwide, it would only seem inevitable that another Toy Story movie is around the corner. Finally, if there is a Toy Story 4 and it’s released on May 30, 2014, that’d represent a four-year gap between Toy Story 3 and Toy Story 4. And how long of a wait was there between the first two Toy Story pictures? Four years.

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  • petek

    im really pissed that disney owns marvel cause now were never gonna see a Deadpool movie -___-

    • Nathan

      At least that’s one less Ryan Reynolds movie we’ll be forced to sit through commercials for.

      • SNIKT!

        Yes, Disney ownng Marvel is NOT a good thing for the grittier side of the Marvel Universe. Deadpool, Moon Knight, Daredevil…these characters would all be watered down and turn out silly. A lot like Daredevil did on the first go round.

        I wonder if we’ll ever see a cool version of ALPHA FLIGHT either? You know, where Guardian gets blown to bits in the end, and including an over-sexed, crazy Aurora and a gay Northstar? And NO Marinna. Probably not

      • Cuz

        If Disney can release something like Kill Bill, I dont see why they wouldnt release something tamer like Deadpool (seriously, the vast majority of deadpool comics are PG rated, excepting the few MAX comics)

      • SC

        Disney is not just Disney Studios. It’s the largest entertainment conglomerate on the planet. It releases R-rated films.

      • Abe Froman

        @ SNIKT! Fox still has the rights to Deadpool and Daredevil.

      • Meli

        Are you forgetting that Disney also owns Touchstone? The grittier stories can always be distributed under the Touchstone banner, but considering all these superhero movies are getting pretty formulaic, I wouldn’t hope that the darker stories are going to be any better.

    • cohen

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      • Marvin

        MY Daughter went to see this movie and was so excited she has told evyreone on face book that its the best picture that she has seen in a very long time and that evyreone should get into see it and take the family this movie is for the young and the not so young you wont be disappointed

    • Ian

      Fox still has the rights to the X-Men characters, so Deadpool’s still in development.

    • fox

      I think Fox has the rights to deadpool with all the rest of the x-men characters

    • baerman

      More comicbook movies? Je-sus H.

      • Vegas

        If you don’t like them don’t watch tehm. It’s a simple idea.

      • Namreab

        More movies based on novels? Musicals? TV shows? Stage plays? Songs? Historical events? Folktales? HOW DARE THEY?!?!?!?!

    • Mark

      disney has nothing to do with deadpool. he is an x-men character and the rights are oned by fox

  • Nathan

    The Pixar one is likely Monsters University.

    • Meta

      Did you not read the article, they addressed that its not MU because that already has a seperate date.

      • Regina George

        Toy Story 3 was ended perfectly. They can’t do another one when it can’t possibly be better than Toy Story 3. When Tom Hanks said “they’re working on it now,” maybe he meant the Toy Story shorts, like Hawaiian Vacation. At least I hope so.

    • Mac

      Ugh. Too bad about the Monsters, Inc. prequel! The first movie was terrible and gets way too much praise. It’s the most sickening, syrupy-sweet piece of trash… much worse than any of the other “bad” Pixar movies including Cars and Cars 2. I love Pixar, but I HATE Monsters, Inc. Anyone else, or is it just me?

      • Jerry

        Just you.

      • lostfan

        Just you. Most people I know rank Monsters Inc pretty high on their Pixar list. It may be slightly more “kiddish” than films like Incredibles and Up, but it’s freaking hysterical and Boo is one of the most adorable characters ever put to animation.

      • dirk

        I thought it was good….

      • Nathan

        Yup, it was a good movie by Pixar standards and a great one by everybody’s else’s standards.

      • mary q

        Pretty sure you’re in the definite minority on this. It definitely ranks high on my Pixar list. I thought Cars was a boring, self-indulgent (on the part of Lasseter) piece of marketing gimmickry. The only ones I would rank above Monsters, Inc. are the first Toy Story, Wall-E, Up, and The Incredibles. I even liked it better than Finding Nemo (which I still loved), thought I think most people wouldn’t agree with me on that one.

      • BG 17

        Sorry, but I have to somewhat agree with Mac on this one. Monsters Inc. was a lot of Billy Crystal schtick with a gooey centre. Interesting premise, but an execution that could have been any animation studio – to me it was Pixar’s first misfire (I loved Bug’s Life). IMHO, of course…

      • sean

        Monsters Inc. was pure, unadulterated Pixar genius. It was flawless from concept all the way to the finished product. Great voice-casting (Coburn and Buscemi were great supporting roles and Crystal and Goodman knocked it out of the park) and awesome set pieces involving the doors. One of my all-time favorite animated movies.

      • Lori R

        Guess we’re in the minority because I didn’t love Monsters either. Worst part was Goodman and Crystal as the leads. Been there, done that. Let’s get some original stories out there!

      • SNIKT!

        I didn’t like it much either. Worst Pixar movie out there. Until Cars 2 came along.

      • Kari

        Just you Mac. Monsters, Inc. is one of the top films by Pixar.

      • JayMo

        Monsters Inc is one of the best PIXAR movies ever! And Cars is right up there too! How can anyone say those two movies are terrible? What is wrong with you?

    • Aidan

      I hope the 2014 one is a true sequel to Monster’s Inc. it could be Pete Docter’s secret project.

      • Mariana

        Right. There is a place for Planes’ and that’s with children. There is no rsaeon why DisneyToons can’t make a children’s movie based off of Cars characters. Pixar, rightfully, is staying far away from this project. But I 100% support Disney’s decision to make a children’s movie out of Planes. Children love the characters, so why not give them more of what they love? And if they can make more money off of it, then that means more money for quality films like Pixar’s films and Tangled by Disney. Remember, it’s a business and they need to run it like one. Planes isn’t being made for YOU, it’s being made for children. Pixar films are for EVERYONE and don’t skew to younger kids, for the most part. I think people are going to be blown away by Cars 2 and a lot of doubters are going to have their foot in their mouth once it’s released good reviews are already pouring in.

  • Its um

    Brave is the only movie I look forward but since kids go to theaters I’ll wait for dvd.

    • Newt

      I can’t wait for Brave. But, what ever happened to the film they were doing about the newts (maybe salamanders)? It was supposedly a love story… which I thought was interesting since the characters didn’t have a sex (according to the old article about the movie). I thought that would have been an interesting statement… Pixar telling a love story that wasn’t defined by chromosomes… just love. Sounds like something they could tackle in the future. Too soon? Does anyone know about this?

      • Cassie

        They canceled it because it was too similar to movies other studios were putting out before it. If that makes any sense…

      • Jose

        It was canceled because it was to similar torio, don’t know why that would’ve been a probelm since Newt would’ve probably been better.

      • Taylor

        Not to knock your vision, Newt, but from the research I did (and, being a PIXAR nut, I did a fair amount of research), there definitely was a guy and a girl, who were the last of their species. The premise was that they needed to mate in order to carry on their species’ survival… precisely like “Rio”. So, I think PIXAR made a smart move in avoiding it, even if (like Jose said) it would’ve been better, because the last time the ‘similar premise’ thing happened, it ended up with Bugs Life going against ‘Antz’, and it made very little profit.

      • Meli

        Sounds like the salamander movie has morphed into the dinosaur movie that’s supposedly coming.

    • bb

      Go to a very late showing of it in the theatre….no kids that way :)

  • Ryan

    No Toy Story 4 PLEASE. #3 was such a perfect and bittersweet ending that I can’t imagine what #4 would be about. Incredibles 2 would be better, or a Nemo sequel. I work at an aquarium now too so I’m DYING to see Nemo come on Blu-ray

    • Sharlin

      Yeah I agree. I thought they said the Toy Story characters were gonna be in cartoon shorts from now on. I don’t think Nemo should be a sequal – it’s more of a one movie type of thing. Wall-e I would love!!!

      • mary q

        My husband also said he would like a Wall-E sequel, but I think it’s great as is. I also don’t think they should do a sequel to Finding Nemo, as I agree with you that it was also perfect as is. The Incredibles has been an obvious choice for a long time, and I was absolutely astounded/irritated when they announced a sequel to Cars instead. I really didn’t like Cars.

      • Heather P

        I agree with you about Nemo, but I think Wall-E, Ratatoille(sp?), and Up also should not have sequels.

        Would love to see an Incredibles sequel.

    • Lauren

      I also think Toy Story should be left alone aside from the short films. The ending was just so good. I generally dislike it when studios lean heavily on sequels, even though Pixar does them so well (that being said, haven’t yet seen Cars 2 and wasn’t big on the first). An Incredibles sequel would be welcome though.

    • Sarah El

      I agree. I feel like it would lower the value of the ending to Toy Story 3 to me if they made a fourth one. It wouldn’t be so bittersweet.

      I’d be down for an Incredibles sequel, although I too would prefer original material. What’s wrong with making your beloved family bigger?

    • John

      Funny…I remember when Toy Story 3 was announced everyone complained about how terrible it would be and it turned out pretty good.

    • L

      ITA. It was a great trilogy. I feel like the last film kind of tied everything together. There’s no need for a Toy Story 4, it’s good the way it is. I hope this new film is an original film, not a sequel. And if it is a sequel, I hope it’s to The Incredibles or Finding Nemo.

  • Jose

    The one from the coraline director will be released on my birthday, so yay!

    As for the Pixar 2014 film, I hope its The Incredibles 2. I would love if it were an original film though, but if it turns out to be another sequel to a less then deserving film (Finding Nemo? Toy Story? Sorry but they already had great conclusions) then I’d be ticked off.

  • Gregoire

    Howard The Duck remake!

    • Jeff in Illinois

      Actually, if they made it like the comic book instead of the train wreck that was made last time, it could be good.

  • John Smith

    Maybe the Henry Selick 3D film is the Haunted Mansion movie produced by Guillermo del Toro. Perfect release date.

  • Person

    Why would Pixar release 2 films in 2013? They’ll be against themselves at Oscar time.

    • Jose

      Unless they make one a crappy cash cow movie similar to cars 2 and the other a good Pixar movie

      • mary q

        Your comment makes me sad, because I just realized that Pixar finally made its first ‘crappy cash cow’. I thought Cars sucked, but it still felt like a lot of heart and soul went into it, just like every other Pixar film they’ve made. But the sequel was exactly that: a ‘crappy cash cow’. This worries me. A lot. Pixar has been this gold standard since they came on the scene, and I hate the thought of them giving up their reputation all in the name of the mighty dollar. I mean, they’re making buckets of it already with good films! Maybe the paltry returns (compared to the others) will convince them that we expect quality.

      • John

        I’m pretty sure the goal of all Pixar movies is to make money. Actually, I think that’s the goal of all movies made.

  • vin

    I honestly hope the PIXAR one is an adaption of Rhold Dhal’s “the bfg”. seems perfect for pixar!

    • mary q

      Didn’t they already turn that into an animated feature film? Also, I would hate to see Pixar jump on the ‘adaptation’ bandwagon, because it would signal a stall in their famous creativity.

    • Lala

      That would be Roald Dahl.

  • Corey

    God! Can you imagine how bad the Marvel Sequels will be now that Disney is taking over. Those queers will have Captain America jumping out in a thong, black leather boots and a pink parasol, and they’ll have Iron Man talking like that flippity-flop cartoon dog droopy, yelling at the other superheroes, “get it girlfriend.” Face it folks the Marvel Universe is about to crash as soon as Paramount loses control.

    • Arvin

      disney is just the distributer marvel is still making the movies

    • Ronnie

      Sounds like someone is protesting just a bit too much.

    • M

      I seriously do not understand your post

  • Mac

    If Pixar filmed The New Mutants, I would be happy. Doctor Strange would be very cool, too. I can see Guardians of the Galaxy because the characters are mostly non-human and a space adventure would be great.

    • Jose

      Pixar released a statement a few months back saying they wouldn’t do any Marvel adaptions. Such a shame because after Batman: Mask of the Phantasm I think we need animated threatical comic book movies.

      • jcarla

        You do know Batman is a DC property?

      • L

        Seriously if Pixar made a Marvel comic book adaptation that would be wicked cool. Too bad they’ve already said no.

      • Jose

        Do you not realize how I was using that as an example?

  • Jay

    I hopes its the sequel to the incredibles… Its the best pixar film… IMO

    • amy

      I liked the Monsters movies as much as my son did. Hope they do make a new one. If they make a Cars 3, hope it’s better than Cars 2! That sucked!! Waste of money!!

      • mary q

        There’s only been one Monsters, Inc. movie.

  • Fatima

    I’m kinda sad that Pixar seems to want to be swamped down by sequels now. I know they did Toy Story right, but considering we only get one a year, I’d rather have a slate of original stories. Nemo, Monsters and Incredible sequels just don’t seem very exciting at this point.

    • Lala

      I’d rather have them skip a year than release all these sequels to be honest.

    • steph

      Ditto. Pixar was known for creative original stories. I’d rather see more original movies than sequels.

  • alexkenji

    I’d love to see The Incredibles sequel and I think its the only Pixar movie that needed a sequel! Because since Superhero right now is IN..

    • BJohnson

      Plus I just wanted them to all beat up the moles.

  • Dave

    I hope it’s not Toy Story 4. Toy Story 3 was so perfect, and the trilogy as a whole is so well done and it just feels complete.
    The Incredibles is the one that is most begging for a sequel. But If Brad Bird isn’t involved then I wouldn’t want it.

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