New 'Footloose' trailer: Who's ready to cut loose?

As a child of the ’80s I admit I was skeptical when I heard about the upcoming remake of the 1984 dance-tastic drama Footloose. But now that I’ve seen the new trailer for the film, I’m feeling a lot better about it. If the preview is any indication, it looks like director Craig Brewer (Hustle & Flow) brings a hip urgency to his version, starring newcomer Kenny Wormald and Dancing With the Stars standout Julianne Hough as the rug-cutting central couple. Meanwhile, Dennis Quaid brings his usual gravitas to his conservative-preacher role, one that in lesser hands could easily fall into caricature. And it helps that one of the film’s producers, Craig Zadan, also worked on the original. I admit that it’ll be a little tough for me to buy the 23-year-old Hough as a high-schooler, but the advance buzz on the movie (out Oct. 14) is so strong that I may just let it slide. Take a look at the new trailer—does it look almost like paradise to you?

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  • Templar

    Blech. I’d rather watch a clip of Will & Jack dancing to the title track with Kevin bacon on Will & Grace.

    • alex

      agreed. at least that had a point. this? this is just stupid.

      • tangw

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    • RJM

      Haha well nothing beats Will dancing with Kevin! Nothing!

  • Michael Sacal

    This looks like a Psycho-style remake, in that it doesn’t improve on what came before, it merely reycles it for no reason.

    • Dee

      Well, they did change it a little – it has a comically misplaced, very new millenium, “badass” vibe to it that was not in the original

  • chris

    saw this trailer before The Change-Up. More people laughed at it than the movie. It looks hilarious. Too bad it isn’t supposed to be.

  • Lisa Simpson

    It looks like a crappy country music remake. Unnecessary and unwanted.

    • jules

      I know! And what was that rhythmic mess playing underneath? A new version of the title song? I don’t really like the Kenny Loggins original, but YEESH! That was awful!

      • mark

        That was an oddly bastardized version of The Kills’ Sour Cherry (I believe). Not a rendition of the original song at all .. and sounds nothing like it either..

      • murley

        that baseline was the same.

  • abadstroller

    No, no, no, no, no!

  • Alyssa

    This doesn’t happen often-BUT, I am interested in seeing this. I think it looks like harmless fun. I love Julianne. And this newcomer Kenny looks cute. THERE ARE WAY WAY worse remakes out there, In fact its the HORROR remakes that irk me. Especially Zombies Halloween what utter **** that was.

    This doesnt mean I replace Kevin Bacons. It just means I will probably like both original and remake. I do think Dirty Dancing remake is in poor taste, cause of Swayze passing away last year. Too soon.

    • Mark

      Save your eleven dollars and catch the original on netflix. honestly, is Hollywood so untalented that they can’t make an original movie. True Grit. Red Dawn. Footloose. Fame. Friday the 13th. Halloween. The karate Kid. Clash of the Titans.Nightmare on Elm Street. Some of these aren’t all bad, but between the remakes, reimaginings of TV shows and sequels, I yearn for an original story that isn’t a blasted indie flick.There is a reason why attendance is down, yet Hollywood seems to be ignoring it. Dammit, I’m sticking to a book.

  • jt

    Think we’re all pretty tired of the freaking remakes. Why keep remaking movies that people already love? And Dirty Dancing is next? Come on. The only way this crap will stop is if people wil steer clear of these movies.

    • Genie

      Remakes of movies have been being made since silent films of earlier silent films. Some have been remade many times over. Probably some films you love are remakes of older films and you don’t know it. In fact some remakes may be better or different in a great way. Don’t watch “these movies” but you may miss something great and or fun. I hope it’s a fun flick, if not well nothing ventured nothing gained.

      • kremzeek!

        the problem is the vast majority of remakes are like something squeezeed out of the back of a squatting dog.

      • Michael

        That is true, but many of the classic remakes, Helpless is Seattle from Shop Around the Corner, are different enough that they stand on their own. This trailer was ridiculous. This is basically a high school reproduction of the original, down to Ren’s tie, Ren’s car, Ariel’s boots, it looked like all the classic scenes are duplicated too, Ariel’s fight with her boo and busting up his truck. And quite honestly, the premise is off, it’s 2011 and who would believe a town ban on dancing these days? This movie would have benefited from being rewritten to a more modern story line, perhaps a school ban on dancing, or a country school banning urban style dancing(which does happen). The problem with the story is the premise is just not believable in 2011, but in the early 80’s it was very relevant.

    • KWise

      I can understand remaking a movie that was originally made 50-60 years ago, and hasn’t been seen by many people, and would benefit from new filmmaking technology. But there is no reasons to remake this 20-year old film that all of us have seen 100 times, and doesn’t need updated technology. And the frustrating thing is that these remakes *kind of* taint the original, as if it’s the original’s fault somehow. So please, leave Dirty Dancing alone!!!!

    • Will

      @jt i agree with you 110%!! i guess hollywood cant come up with better ideas! im sick of remakes and dont watch them…will not be seeing this or dirty danceing remake

  • Rusty Shackleford

    Nice try Dave, nothing is going to save this movie.

  • md


  • Nemo

    Step Up 4 anyone?

  • dee

    Hmm….. I guess every remake should add an explosion!

    Frankly my dear, i don’t give a KABOOM!

    I’m the king of the KABOOM!

    The hills are alive with the sound of KABOOM!

    See? Works every time.

    • Jenna Fawn


      • Dominic

        Explosions and extra slutty dancing!

  • Joy McBride

    This movie will be better than the original! You can’t buy Julianne playing a teenager? Keven and Lori were both 27 when they made the original. And Kenny is 25. I wish people would stop panning a movie until they have seen it, then if you don’t like it , fine pan away. Right now you have no idea what you are talking about. Give it a chance at least.

    • Michael Sacal

      We already saw this movie when it was called Footloose. I don’t care how old the actors are, I care about the story, and from both trailers I’ve seen so far, the story here is the same one as in the original. Nothing has been changed, nothing has been improved on. The only differences are in the aesthetics, which include the actors.

      There are remakes that veer off from the original to improve on it, and those tend to work far more than rehashes like this one, which, as I said above, is a lot like the remake of Psycho, which was a shot for shot rehash.

    • Genie

      Right on Joy!

      • alex

        joy, we’re panning it because there was NOTHING wrong with the first one, so why do they have to remake it? it’s called, if it ain’t broke, don’t just make an exact replica so stupid teenagers will go spend their money on it thinking it’s new and cool. sorry, but leave the ’80s flicks alone – they still stand the test of the time. next they’ll be remaking ferris (with matthew broderick as the principal or something…don’t you dare hollywood!!!) or breakfast club and then i’ll have to smack someone.

      • Joy McBride

        1st of all Ferris B. sucked. Nobody said the original Footloose was broken, the writer and director of the new one said it was his favorite movie when he was 13. He wanted to elaborate on the story more, the relatioship between Ariel and her father and the friendship between Ren and Willard, this is not a frame for frame remake. Have any of you read what the director has said about remaking this movie? He would not do anything to mess it up.

    • Pete

      Joy – what puzzles me is why you care so much about defending a movie you’ve never seen.

      • Jiminy

        Let me guess…Joy and Genie are 50 year old housewives who LOVE them some DWTS. “Nobody better mess with Julianne!!!”

    • Dr. Chim Richalds

      No, I can’t buy Julianne playing a badass like Lori Singer. Arielle was a bit nutty.

  • erin

    It looks unbearably stupid.

    • Forrest

      Stupid is as Stupid does.

  • frank

    The only reason i would go see this is because of Julianne Hough. I want to see if she is a actress yet, although she does seem to have more of a speaking role in this movie. And at least she is dancing in this movie. And isn’t she only 22 now or something. I totally think she can play younger than 22. I don’t know if it is necessary but i thought about something regarding all of these 80’s remakes. I think when a movie is 30 years old, it acceptable to remake it. It may not be necessary but remakes happen. So at least now we can watch this movie on dvd or bluray, back then we could only watch VHS. I hope Julianne makes it big as an actress, but if she does not , she always can rely on her super rich bf.

  • Fred

    couldve use to lose a bit more weight….just a tad overweight

    • Doctor

      Fred, may I suggest you start dieting and exercising?

      • HA!


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