'X-Men: First Class' deleted scene: Is THIS the reason Magneto hates Prof. X? -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Sometimes being an arch-nemesis is a real drag.

Exhibit A: Consider this deleted scene from X-Men: First Class, included in the Blu-ray edition out Sept. 9. It all starts innocently enough: Eric Lehnsherr (Michael Fassbender) and Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) are on a recruiting mission for their new, government-sanctioned mutant strike force.

Angel (Zoe Kravitz) is working as a stripper, and they want to get her to reveal how her dragonfly tattoos actually emerge from her body to form real wings. Magneto levitated a champagne bucket to show her his power, but Angel never quite got a demonstration of Professor X’s mindbending abilities. Now we see why that was left on the cutting room floor. Check out the clip below: 

Say what you will about what an ugly broad Fassbender is, but what does this tell us about the characters? Magneto has no idea what’s going on, of course, but Professor X — wow, kinky. He’s the one dreaming of his work colleague in fishnets, red hair, and go-go boots.

Angel asks, “How did you do that?”

I’d be asking, “Why did you do that?!”

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  • JCM

    No snide comments from the sheeple yet (except mine of course)?

    • Monty

      Ooo! Ooo! I have one!
      Michael Fassbender in drag would have been a drastic improvement over January Jones as Emma Frost.
      Boom. Roasted.

      • Mother Nature

        Oooh, good one!

      • Skip182

        that’s what she said!

      • sean

        nice!!! and oh so true!!

      • Lizzen


      • Sin

        Oh snap!

      • Olive

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      • POES

        A box full of old shoes would have been a drastic improvement over January Jones as Emma Frost.

      • divinemissM

        HA. zing #1

      • DDubSolider

        A piece of paper with eyes drawn on it woulda been a dirastic improvement over january jones as Emma frost.

      • SjowallWahloo

        A blonde wig on the end of a broomstick would’ve been an improvement over January Jones.

      • Amy

        Nice. And true. I don’t really have anything against January Jones in general (I’m sure she’s good in Mad Men, though I don’t watch it), but she was terrible in X-Men.

      • Liz


    • Nick

      I love that by all reports January is nasty, PLUS she can’t act. So what is the point of her?

      • Jack The Lad

        Let’s see…Emma Frost is also a wanna-be who has to mindf**k men into thinking she’s hot. Which…would make January Jones PERFECT for the part.

  • harry


    • Ellen

      Yeah, I’d still hit that

      • Betsy

        Even after watching this strange clip, I’m still just as much in love with Michael Fassbender as ever.

  • george

    Those arent fishnets, just hairy legs

  • Brett

    He originally auditioned for the role of Moira MacTaggert.

  • Tommy

    Yeah, he isn’t wearing any fishnets.

    • jvitriol

      He is, actually. You can see it in higher quality screencaps.

      • Dragneto

        Now why would anyone wanna do that? lol

  • Rebekah

    The cast talks about this scene with such humorous fondness in interviews. I am glad this will be included with the DVD extras. This just make me enjoy this take on the characters even more. Love McAvoy and Fassbender in their roles. They are wonderful actors, both together and each on their own separate merits. I hope they do sequels!

  • sil

    yup.. this doesnt lessen my obsession with fassbender.. i kind of want to stalk him

    • Chelsea

      I’d still get on that, even in drag. Love me some Fassbender!

    • Alyssa

      I third that! Drag or Dude Fassbender is a HUNK! So is McAvoy. I want to be in the middle of them on that bed.

      • melissa

        Ditto. Those 2 are so amazingly hot!

      • Michael

        Alyssa would like some DP action.

      • Vera in CA

        Amen sister! It’s not gay if it’s a 3-way…or maybe it is…

    • Daisy Steiner

      Agreed. Still hot.

      • MesoSoup

        Is it just me but i really wanted to see Xaiver and Magneto make out.

      • bill

        Not just you!

      • Hiron

        Yes please.

    • I lied to you the minute i said i do

      I know i’m obsessed with him and it has only intensified since watching jane eyre. He was just unforgettably alluring and seductive in the role of mr. rochester.

      • Grey

        Oh, Rochester. ♥♥♥♥

      • Betsy

        I concur. Oh my good golly gee. What a foxy gentleman.

    • IrishBlonde

      I’m wishing he plays the vampire in A Discovery of Witches. I read the book and pictured him the whole way through.

    • Melanie

      I thought I was the only one who had an obsession with this guy!

  • sean

    This scene just reminds me of how everyone else in this movie couldn’t live up to the great chemistry and sheer awesomeness of Fassbender and McAvoy. It should’ve been 2 hours of them.

    • Lyndsey

      I would pay triple for 2 hours of just those two in a movie! They were awesome!!

    • Rebekah

      AGREED. :-)

    • Ruby

      Agreed! I love Michael Fassbender to death. Seriously.

  • Lucy

    This scene should be like this in the movie!! It’s awesome…

  • mhevie


  • darclyte

    That’s hilarious! They should have left it in, hehe.

  • Saphron

    Man, the casual derision in this article is depressing. You know, not everyone sees drag as something “gross” to mock, you know. There wasn’t much irony or sarcasm in Professor X’s voice when he said “you’ve never looked more beautiful, darling”.
    Maybe he did it because he likes it.

    • Ava

      Back then it would be seen as pretty radical. And though mutants are a good role model for cross dressers and other people that aren’t “the norm” as they are seen as outcasts in society I don’t think there is an underlying love here. Besides crossdressers already have Eddie Izzard. It doesn’t get much better.

    • Alice

      I absolutely agree.

    • jvitriol

      Agreed as well. Even the title of the article is a little ridiculous. Magneto certainly doesn’t hate him and projecting him as a drag queen for all of five seconds wouldn’t change that.

    • Jim

      But isn’t the humor of the scene that he put him in TERRIBLE drag? I’m pretty sensitive about these things but think you have to be looking pretty hard to find something transphobic about this article.

      • Johnification

        Seeing it as “TERRIBLE drag” requires a level of subtlety of thought that people looking to be offended do not possess. They simply see “cross-dressing as comedy” and immediately decide that it’s in bad taste and insensitive.

      • Luca

        He uses a way over the top ugly drag because it stands out more. If he’d gone for something more subtle she might not have realized that something changed.

        And the other choice was to make him naked and the film wanted to avoid the XXX rating that full frontal nudity would get them, so crazy ass ugly drag FTW

        I actually wish they had left it in

    • Edina

      Professor X TOTALLY did it because he likes it. Come on! He puts Magneto in drag while they’re sitting on a bed together drinking champagne, says he looks beautiful and calls him darling? THEY ARE SO DATING.

      • Sarah

        Minor spoiler (possibly) ahead: There’s a reason people call their parting-of-ways on the beach the “break-up” or, my favorite, the “divorce.” They are so dating.

    • Alonetogether

      I totally Concur with you – this scene is just the very proof of their love ” more Tea Vicar” Originally made me loose it, but this added bit.. <3 3

  • Alyssa

    I think its hilarious! James and Michael have a great chemistry as Charles and Erik. You can totally see them as young versions of Patrick and Ian. We have had a good summer of Superhero movies. X-Men, Thor, Cpt.America, all have been great.

    • Ionut

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  • usuck

    this article is full of FAIL. probably written by some 4chan douchebag.
    in fact only a man could write something this offensive and stupid.

    • JessK

      “only a man could write something this offensive and stupid.”

      Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, pretty much any woman from the WBC, female Fox News presenters…. need I go on?

      • Betsy

        How you could compare Palin and Bachmann to those mother effers at the WBC is beyond me.

  • Vader47000

    Technically the scene won’t be on the DVD. It’s on the Blu-ray version.

    • Andre Perry

      hahahaha that was a truly great scene. It’s no wonder you can’t trust Prof. X. Who know what else he”s done like this

      • Lyn

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