Box office update: 'The Help' wins the three day weekend with $14.2 million


Image Credit: Dale Robinette

Our full box office report for the extended Labor Day weekend will be posted on Monday. In the meantime, here’s what happened at the box office during the typical three day frame:

The Help topped the chart again for a third weekend in a row (although it has been out for four weeks), dropping a miniscule 2 percent and earning an estimated $14.2 million—far better than any of the weekend’s new releases. The Help has accrued an impressive running total of $118.6 million.

The Debt finished in second place with a $9.7 million debut. The Helen Mirren thriller, which debuted on Wednesday, has grossed $11.6 million thus far. Apollo 18 and Shark Night 3D, meanwhile, finished in third and fourth place, respectively. Apollo 18 earned $8.7 million, while Shark Night 3D was close behind with $8.6 million.

In fifth, Rise of the Planet of the Apes fell only 12 percent from last weekend to $7.8 million, pushing its total to $160 million, while in sixth, Colombiana dropped 29 percent to $7.4 million, lifting its cume to $22 million.

Check back tomorrow for the full box office report, complete with analysis and CinemaScore data.

1. The Help – $14.2 mil
2. The Debt – $9.7 mil
3. Apollo 18 – $8.7 mil
4. Shark Night 3D – $8.6 mil
5. Rise of the Planet of the Apes – $7.8
6. Colombiana – $7.4 mil

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  • David

    Way To Go!!

    • LOL

      America loves crap.

      • s!

        die already LOL you dimwit!

      • The Man

        hey LOL, I’ve been trying to figure something in my head, and maybe you can help me out, yeah? When a person is insane, as you clearly are, do you know that you’re insane? Maybe you’re just sitting around, reading “Guns and Ammo”, masturbating in your own feces, do you just stop and go, “Wow! It is amazing how f—ing crazy I really am!”? Yeah. Do you guys do that?

      • Fast Five

        Thank God that America only loved me for a short amount of time. I’m crap and everyone knows it. The only one that loves the crap I am is LOL.

      • JoeBob Briggs

        an “insane” movie quote from Se7en… gotta’ love it.

    • Rashad

      The Help deserves to be #1 three weeks in a row. The movie is FANTASTIC!!

      • dancerindc

        Yes it is! Very happy to see it doing strong business through excellent word of mouth.

  • Tina Temple

    One of the year’s best films, Warrior will be No. 1 next week and there will be Oscars for all involved.
    It’s written in the stars.

    • Red

      I’m a big Tom Hardy fan, but I won’t be going to see Warrior because your attempt to market the film by posting in the comments went beyond annoying to plain old harrassing. You suk. But please, keep annoying us with your Warrior post, and keep on suking.

      • Cameron J

        If you were really a fan of any sort, you wouldn’t thumb your nose at the movie cause some poser won’t shut up about it.

      • Rachel

        I don’t see how Warrior will top next weekend with the amount of screens it will have.


      Really????? There will be Oscars for everybody involved,! WOW, I was an extra in one of the Figfht Scenes, does that mean I will get an Oscar, Hot Damn!..thanks Tina, I will be waiting Come Febuary!…not sure what I am going to wear to the ceremony!

      • ZZ

        A ” Figfht” scene, WOW, can I get your autograph?? Dope


        It maybe worth something after I bring home that oscar Tina was talking about!…but they better make a lot of them there were 800 other extras there that day,,,, but she did say everyone involved will get one, and if I don’t get mine I will come looking for her!

    • DRG

      The summer movie season is over. Time to give the fanboy spew a rest.

    • !!!!!

      Tina Temple is a filthy spambot shilling for is written in the stars!

    • Jason

      I think Contagion will come out on top for this weekend.

  • Tony

    Wow movies in August Mustve Really Sucked…

  • Carrie

    Perfect casting for The Help. So glad producers didn’t bow down to teenage girls and sold out. In terms of acting, Emma Stone is better than all the Twilight cast combined.

    • Aa23

      Anna Kendrick is already an oscar nominee. Just because she’s not a vampire in the film doesn’t mean she’s not in the cast.

    • Jeff C.

      Good call. Anna Kendrick rules.

  • Trent

    I have never understood how EW can give reliable estimates of weekend box office before the weekend is over. I understand that it’s projected data, but Sunday is a major moviegoing day–why not wait until Monday and give accurate estimates then? I just don’t get it…

    • Jose

      If Sunday is a major movie going day, why is there always a drop-off from Saturday to Sunday? Monday is when the actuals are released, plus most of the time the Sunday estimates are close to accurate to the actuals released the next day.

    • SC

      There are well-established formulas for predicting box office receipts with the first two days’ data. Once those are released, the predictions are news.

      • DRG

        The studios usually know by late Friday afternoon if a movie is going to be a hit or not simply by tracking the early showings. A lot of time and effort goes into the tracking since major bucks are involved. Once Saturday’s figures are in they can then project what Sunday’s figures will be based on trends, word of mouth, etc. The final figures released on Monday are almost always very close to the original projects. They’ve been at this game for years.

  • Dreanna

    Saw it friday! Absolutely loved it! Good job!

  • SC

    Not that people went to see either of those movies for her, but Jessica Chastain is prominently featured in both the #1 and #2 films of the weekend. Good for her.

  • kyle

    WOW Apes is doing really good. I cant wait for Warrior and I think it will get some Oscar contention

    • RT

      This pimping for Warrior is getting old and has long since lost any effectiveness it may have had. Let the backlash begin.

    • Duane S

      I love the apes too it was better then I thought it be too

  • Judy

    Wow, it’s won the holiday weekend, and the weekend isn’t over.

  • Fast Five

    Thank God that America only loved me for a short amount of time. I’m crap and everyone knows it. The only one that loves the crap I am is LOL.

  • Liz Lemon

    Maybe I should see this movie?

    • Jose

      I’ve been considering that for a while now too.

      • A

        I saw it recently and liked it more than I thought I would. (I went with a friend who really wanted to see it.)

  • Kirk

    How can it win when Sunday night is not over yet and we still have Monday left? Bad article EW.

    • Jose

      A) This article is about the 3 day weekend, it says so in the headline

      B) As I commented before, its all about estimates, its been done for years and most of the time is close. Other sites do this too, do you go to box office mofo and and say the same thing.

      C) I’m starting to get annoyed by people whining how about estimates being released early Sunday, you’re a pain in the as* Kirk.

      • Nick

        And it’s not like these articles and projections are new. They’ve been done by all entertainment sites FOR YEARS.

    • LOL

      They post these articles every week on Sunday afternoon. And since it is a 4 day weekend there will be an article about the winner of the 4 day weekend too. And you can bet I will post “America loves crap.” on that article too. BTW America loves crap.

      • hmmm

        is it just America that loves crap, what about Britain? or France?, or Mexico, or Germany? can’t they love crap too!..I mean all these Films do well overseas as well, so do they stop being crap when they play over there?..or does a British film start being Crap when it plays over here, is there a space time crap continuam? and intrernational crap zone?…we need answers!!

      • hmmm

        LOL you sould write a book called “America Loves Crap” you can ramble on about how great that fecal matter called “Fast Five” was, while you are drooling, and then talk about how your Father and Sister had sex and that how you were born! then you can give a primer on the best way to score Crack Rock…I am sure 6 people would read it!

      • LOL

        I am unconcerned with what other countries like or don’t like, I think America should have high standards. My father didn’t have a sister, so I don’t know where you got that from.

  • MSL

    How did A Good Old Fashioned Orgy do?

    • Rachel

      Yeah I’m curious about that too.

  • Melaswen

    All these movies suck.

    • eep

      Like your family, they suck.

      • Melaswen

        Melaswen = New Salem

    • LOL

      See. America loves crap. They got it right with Fast Five… that film was “pitch perfect”. They’ve been confused since then.

      • s!

        a list of Films released this summer better then ‘Fast Five”
        1.) Horrible Bosses
        2.) Super 8
        3) Capatain America
        4) Beginners
        5) Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes
        6) Bridesmaids
        7) The Help
        8) Crazy, Stupid, Love
        9) Harry Potter And The Deathly Hollows
        10) My Grandmother’s Home Movies

      • little lol

        My Grandmother’s home movies was better then “Fast Five”

      • LOL_FAN

        Don’t know why, but every week this summer I have read this same article, and every week LOL is already commenting on fast five and how America loves crap. It takes some serious dedication to keep the gag going all summer. Kudos LOL, you have made me laugh. and to all the others out there, stop feeding the trolls if you want this to go away.

  • Darrell

    How can a movie win a 3-day weekend, when it’s still the SECOND DAY of that 3 day weekend???…and it’s time that the industry starts keeping track of tickets sold instead of money made…with the yearly rise in ticket prices, total ticket sales are a much better way to see how a movie stacks up to past years…and stop calling EVERY movie that makes $100 million a Blockbuster…it should be based on profit…a movie that makes $100 million and cost $10 million to make is a Blockbuster. But a movie that makes $100 million but cost $150 million to make is NOT a Blockbuster, it’s a MASSIVE FAILURE!!!

    • Channing

      Three-day weekend: Friday-Sunday (i.e. today). You’re thinking of the holiday-enabled four-day weekend. Even with that said, the studios could probably project with pretty good accuracy each film’s four-day take at the box office by Friday’s last show. It’s just a matter of taking those early totals and plugging them into complex equations derived from observing previous releases. If a teen-targeted movie got a Cinemascore response of B- and grossed $13.3 million on the last weekend of July a year ago, with $5.6 million coming on Friday, another teen-targeted movie that got a B audience response that got $5.3 million will most likely end up the weekend around $13 million. This is a gross simplification, as the real equations would need to factor in such things as holidays, weather/Mother Nature and target demographics.

    • Channing

      As far as keeping track of tickets sold vs. box office, that’s not going to happen, at least in the public arena. While I’m sure movie studios know those figures, they have no impact with Joe Public. ” ‘The Help’ sold 1.3 million tickets this week” doesn’t have the same ring as ” ‘The Help’ grossed $13 million.” It’s like with baseball. Sabremetrics has ushered in a new realm of stats that mean nothing except to those who have the Rosetta Stone to translate them, but Joe Public understands ERA and batting average.

    • PN

      I think that The Help has won over all the movies this Labor Day weekend because the other summer movies have cooled down or declined in their tickets and money collected. I don’t see any of the June or July or early August hit movies in that top 6. So The Help won that weekend even if 2 of the 3 days have been counted.

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