'Human Centipede 2': First image from the controversial horror sequel -- EXCLUSIVE


It is less than 18 months since writer-director Tom Six unleashed his shocking horror movie Human Centipede (First Sequence), the tale of a mad scientist and his fondness for stitching people together rump-to-mouth. But Mr. Six is not a man to rest on his gore-drenched laurels. On October 7, IFC Midnight is releasing the Dutch auteur’s black-and-white sequel Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence) and you can exclusively see the first image from the film below. The photo shows the franchise’s latest villain, Martin, played by newcomer Laurence R. Harvey.

Human Centipede 2 seems destined to be one of 2011’s most controversial films and has already been denied a certificate in the U.K. Of course, the controversy is being stoked by Six himself, who in 2010 released a video in which he proclaimed Martin to be “the sickest bastard of them all” and who told EW earlier this year that the sequel will make the original look like My Little Pony. Just today, an Australian teaser hit the Internet which purported to show a man throwing up while watching the film. Tomorrow, IFC will release another clip featuring actual footage from the movie.

What do you think of “Martin”? And of the whole Human Centipede brouhaha?

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  • DJ

    Disgusting. There really is no other word for it.

    • Cygnus

      I smell a South Park sequel coming for Human Cent-iPad.

      • President Boo

        From your booty to my lips!

      • steph

        You know….the South Park episode was more disgusting than the original Human Centipede! I found myself turning away from the South Park ep much more than the movie, which didn’t really SHOW anything worse than a particularly gory episode of Grey’s Anatomy…the idea behind it is definitely more gross than the execution. That said, I’m not planning on seeing this one!

      • Jenn

        Clark Collis is a degenerate sicko.

      • KLH

        I need to see both South Park and Centi 2. I really hope Charlie Sheen is in the middle position. Followed by some reality “stars”. Yeah, that’s it. Let’s make this a reality show :)

      • Matt W

        I hope Tosh does another run down of this movie.

      • Chris

        Get your head out of your a$$! Oh wait, your head’s in someone else’s a$$? Sorry, my bad.

    • LOL

      The field of GOP presidential candidates should be joined together in this fashion.

      • LOL

        Of course…that being said…anything with the actors from FAST FIVE would be great! I wanna see them stitched together…and I’ll love them. Love them, love them, love them. I loved the first Home Alone. that was good crap for the American people. Dont ya think? Isnt it ironic? AMERICA LOVES CRAP.

      • doug

        I think this movie makes a good metaphore about the lack of creativity in Hollywood for the last few years.

      • LOL

        I want to be stitched together between Vin Diesel and Paul Walker.

      • anne

        u r a moron

      • Johnnie

        You’re obviously a close-minded and disgustingly anti-American Marxist…why would you go to the trouble of wishing a$$-to-mouth on ANYONE when Barry Hussein Obama, Pelosi, & Ried have been stitching the average American citizen into the middle and last position for three-to-five years already?!?

    • Kevin

      You know what’s disgusting? The Help. Racist revisionism packaged to make white people like myself feel good about how far we’ve “progressed.” Christ, I hated that movie.

      • tim

        Come on Kevin. You didn’t see that movie.

      • Lorraine

        Since The Help features black people in prominent roles, I shall not be seeing it. Everyone knows all truly great movies only include white actors.

      • Lolita

        Prominent roles as maids. Oh boy, arent we proud.

      • Sean

        I read an interview with Viola Davis, who plays the lead maid in that film, and she said she gets sick and tired of hearing people – who aren’t black actors – deride actual black actors for playing parts such as maids/slaves/whatever. Here’s a quote from the recent Time Magazine article on her: “Worse, she’s got to take crap for it. Scan the comments sections on articles about Davis and you’ll see complaints that she’s selling out by playing a maid instead of a doctor, a scientist, Rosa Parks or the Virgin Mary.
        ‘The thing about the African-American community compared with the white community is, we are more concerned with image and message than execution,’ she says. ‘I don’t play roles that are necessarily attractive or portray a positive image. They are well-rounded characters. When you squelch excellence to put out a message, it’s like passing the baton and seeing it drop.’

      • Dalton

        I would like to say that I loved the movie and thought it was hilarios. So, to anyone who disagrees. Blow me, it’s America.

  • jpratm

    Where is the ART in this. I don’t understand why a studio would back something so disturbing and really with no purpose.

    • m

      it’s entertainment. If you watch movies for the “art” you are pretentious to the 10th degree

      • Nick

        Actually, there CAN be art in disturbing the audience. Look at how people reacted to Frankenstein, for example.

      • Kevin

        If you only watch movies for the “entertainment,” then you’re a nitwit to the 10th degree. Film IS art AND entertainment. That said, I found Human Centipede to be both entertaining and artistic. It’s a Grand Guignol film… it’s artistry derives from it’s repulsiveness. Read Shakespeare’s “Titus Andronicus” or look at any Francis Bacon painting and you’ll realize that “disturbing” and “art” are not far removed from one another. However, Human Centipede is not a movie I care to see again. But if ever there is a Hostel 3, sign me up!

      • James S.

        To enjoy film for either art or entertainment is great: at least you’re watching. But to say that anyone who watches a movie for the “art” is pretentious indicates you have little or no capacity to understand and appreciate artistic cultural, and statistically means you’re most likely destined for a career in waste management.

    • @James

      Pot/kettle. Original poster said the film had no purpose. Since you need to call names from behind your keyboard I would say you are probably a bigger loser.

    • Yep

      Art is in the eye of the person who wraps barbed wire around their junk and goes to town on a Human Centipede.

    • Sonya

      Human Centipedes were not produced by regular studios, or movie producers but his sister. Tom Six movies, even before, (didn’t do well, bad movie making, but not horror), were backed by Six Entertainment, studio which is owned by his own sister, Ilona Six. So, it is like having a book self published by a vanity press.

      And please, don’t compare Francis Bacon to it. Bacon was an artist, great artist. Six just has disturbed fantasies, and this piece doesn’t even serve as an act of art therapy for him: he so stuck in this immature idea of his fantasy world of anal sadism. And even so, art therapy is no art. But this is not even art therapy, just mental diarrhea. This guy seems to be childish and obviously has some unresolved conflicts. This exhibitionistic piece gives insight in limitations of his mind.

  • Templar

    Ah, a chance for Lady Gaga to find romance.

    • me


  • LW6657

    Oh come on, it’s all in good fun. It’s awesome!

  • Robert Tyson

    I find it all pretty sad. Artless schlock with no purpose other than to see how low we will stoop.

    • Mike

      Have you even seen the first one? You might want to watch a film before writing it off as “artless schlock”. It’s actually a very good horror film and not anywhere near as exploitative as the marketing campaign.

      • James S.

        Well, Mike, you’re right…to a point. Of course one should watch a film before writing it off as trash. I’m a die-hard horror junkie of 30 years who has pretty much seen it all. But based on the “marketing campaign,” I’ve chosen not to watch THC. Why? Because it sounds like “artless schlock with no purpose other than to see how low we will stoop,” and Six’s determination to make a name for himself through shameless self-promotion (I’m looking at you, Adam Green) is incredibly off-putting. Plus, the subject matter just sounds repugnant.

      • @ james

        Well aren’t you special. So don’t watch.

  • Will

    The hell with Tom Six and his shock just for shock trash.

    I’m seeing Almodóvar’s The Skin I Live In the weekend this plays instead.

  • Sencho

    Did any of you actually watch HUMAN CENTIPEDE or are you just talking out your azzes? If you didn’t see the movie, you don’t get to have an opinion about it or its sequel. Why? Because if you haven’t watched it, you don’t know what you’re talking about, and if you don’t know what you’re talking about, you need to not form an opinion. Dig?

    • Robert Tyson

      Why do you assume that people who think it’s trash haven’t watched the first one? In fact, I would suggest in some cases (like mine), watching the first one is the reason why people feel so adamantly repulsed by it.

    • Hobbes

      I don’t need to pour gasoline on myself and light a match to know that it is an experience I want to avoid.

  • This is REAL horror

    And in our retardd, sellout culture we are brainwashed into thinking real horror are movies like Halloween and Scream where idiotss with masks run around killing co-ed chicks. Wake up… those are thrillers. Real horror films are meant to HORRIFY you (House on the Left, Dawn of the Dead, Audition, Human Centipede). Cheers to this!

    • Kevin

      If Halloween is a thriller, then Dawn of the Dead (either the original OR the sequel) is definitely a thriller.

      • Dont agree

        The graphic display of cannibalism and a society that has fallen apart amidst such a gruesome threat truly was (and in some way still is) real horror. Some idiott in a hockey mask knifing people is silly, not scary.

    • Mike

      You put Human Centipede above the original Halloween? Really? Speaks volumes about you.

  • Jay

    And they made a sequel to this movie because…

  • m

    that guy has a long career ahead of him in film as a villain with those eyes. Those things are gonna sell tickets

    • Cris

      Reminds me of Arnold Schwarzenegger about to explode on the surface of Mars before the air is released.

      • Maria

        Reminds me of Arnold Schwarzeneggar about to explode inside his housekeeper.

  • scott

    even bad press promotes this movie. if this was not on the main page of yahoo this movie would be getting almost no coverage so please no more articles on it

  • george

    the first was horror torture camp w/ horrible acting..i will watch 2 on nf , just out of curiousity to see how bad it is. we r all adults and should be allowed to see whatever they have in store

    • Jaxon

      That’s a genuinely ipmresvise answer.

  • Paul Landry

    I love horror, but seriously, f–k Tom Six and his gross-out garbage.

    • Flamer McFlames

      I would f–k Tom Six, but there are three actors stitched to his arse ahead of me already.

  • Hells yeah!

    I want to see Anderson Cooper stitched to Darren Criss stitched to Channing Tatum.

  • tamati reid


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