'Empire Strikes Back' deleted scene: You could cut Han and Leia's sexual tension with a lightsaber -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Hoth. Where the weather is cold and the emotions run hot.

Especially those of Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher) and her ever scruffy paramour, Han Solo (Harrison Ford). At the beginning of The Empire Strikes Back, their hormones practically ricochet through the corridors of the Rebel Alliance’s ice planet hideout–abetted by “nerf-herder” name-calling, one unwittingly incestuous kiss, and even a threatened Wookiee make-out session. But “I’d just as soon kiss a Wookiee”/”I can arrange that… You could use a good kiss!” wasn’t the original parting-shot in Han and Leia’s Echo Base lovers’ quarrel. In an early cut of the film, their squabble lasted much longer, and while that never-before-glimpsed deleted scene will be included on the Star Wars: The Complete Saga Blu-ray (out Sept. 16), EW’s got it for you first. Check out the clip below:

Is it just me, or is this a lot more sexually charged than what made the final cut? I half expected Urge Overkill to accompany Han’s line, “You’ve been so busy being a princess, you haven’t learned how to be a woman. I could have helped you.”

And poor Han. If Leia’s not likening him to a nerf-herder, she says he has “the breeding of a bantha.” Wait… Jabba the Hutt later calls Han Solo “bantha fodder” (poodoo in the original Huttese) in Return of the Jedi. Must now spend hours ruminating on a narrative and thematic connection between Princess Leia and Jabba the Hutt that does not involve a metal bikini.

Star Wars fanatics, would this have given a more adult edge to the Han/Leia relationship? Should it have stayed in the final cut?

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  • wsugar


    • wsugar

      and I mean that stupid lightsaber thing.

      • Mou

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      • Action Jackson

        WOW – that was horrible dialogue, it seems like something Lucas would write but better minds (including the director) prevailed. Let’s face it Lucas was a HACK, he got lucky with the first star wars, but what made the franchise great was Empire Strikes Back and he had minimal input in the final product

      • JPL

        I can totally understand why this was cut from the original. Why you would want to mess with perfection that is Empire Strikes Back, possibly the best of the entire series, is almost borderline sadism.

      • ded

        No, Action Jackson. Lawrence Kasdan wrote the dialogue. Lucas wrote the plot. This whole “Irvin Kirschner and Gary Kurtz saved Star Wars” is a myth.

      • SNIKT!

        Oh no, no, no, no sir. Not a myth at all. VERY on point. As for this dialogue…ick. Yes, it is more sexually charged with more of an “adult” tone, but it just doesn’t flow. The final version was more playful, light and still got the same ponts across.

      • bobby

        @Action Jackson
        Lucas had a lot of input into Empire. He actually wrote the script (which was redrafted by Kasdan). So, like ded said, Lucas basically wrote the story and Kasdan most likely redid the dialogue.

        Lucas, as a producer, also had a far more involved role in the sequels than the usual producer. He was basically on set all the time co-directing the sequels.

      • Saline

        No! You meant the light in your head wsugar.

      • elvis

        You aren’t Jabba the Hutt’s sister are you?

      • Tom

        Jar Jar was his best idea.

    • whatever

      We can see why this wasn’t in the original .The dialog is bad and not well executed by Harrison . I don’t know why Lucas keeps playing with his CGI toys and deleted scenes . I just don’t get it .

      It appears to me that he wants to completely make over the movies and this is all just practice or something . Either way , it is ridiculous .

      • Kevin

        This is just a different take, not a new scene. They’re just asking us if it shouldn’t have been in it. PErsonally, I think it’s too on-the-head (though I did like a couple of lines) to be effective.

  • Tommy

    Very awkward.

    • TQB

      ew, yes. bad bad bad. Made me uncomfy. Much prefer the wookie kissing.

    • J

      This scene would have ruined Han/Leia for me. I don’t like him calling her cold or resenting how much of her time is taken up by leading a rebellion against an evil galactic empire (the thing that made her awesome.)

      • Katja


      • SithRevenge

        I disagree…that didnt make her awesome at all…it was the metal slave bikini she wore. The scene is better left out definately, but I always like to see what they did overall, only in special features though.

    • Rush

      The original is better: “I’d rather kiss a wookie.” “That can be arranged. You could use a good kiss.” Simple, to the point, and as we got older we knew what Han meant by “kiss” was more than just a lip lock.

  • andy a

    It’s nice, but it lasts too long. ESB is dark enough. I think it works better (and more light-hearted) ending the scene with a joke about Wookiee kissing.

  • Jay

    Glad Lucas kept that scene out. The dialogue was bad and awkward, and the delivery was worse. Awful acting in that scene, especially from Harrison Ford. The whole thing just felt forced.

    • JJ

      I agree. This is a terrible scene. The dialog is stupid and awkward and horribly acted. It belongs in a soap opera not Star Wars.. The original scene is much better than this. I hate this scene!!!!

    • crispy

      George Lucas did not write, direct nor edit The Empire Strikes Back. Which is why it’s the best of the series.

      • jj

        TOTALLY AGREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Frank

        This is a terrible scene. That said, I’m surprised that Lucas did not force its it’s inclusion in the original release.

      • JulesHK

        Crispy…so true, still my favorite.

      • Shumway

        He actually wrote the first draft of the screenplay for EMPIRE. Please do some research, before you post on the web in future.

      • crispy

        Uh, no he did not. He wrote the story treatment. Leigh Brackett wrote the first draft of the screenplay. Please learn something about filmmaking before you post on the web.

      • Aaron

        Leigh Brackett’s first draft was completely rewritten by Lucas after she was hospitalized with cancer. She died shortly after and Lucas let her keep the screen credit out respect. Much of the dialogue in Lucas’s draft was then rewritten by Larry Kasdan but the scenes and structure of Empire were written by Lucas. So how about YOU do some research before posting.

      • thin

        oh, snap

      • ded

        Aaron is correct. But who cares about facts when you can just join the bashers’ bandwagon and crap on Lucas, who only happens to be the CREATOR of the movies you purport to like.

      • crispy

        Yup, I’m quite aware that Lucas scrapped Leigh Brackett’s draft (at least according to one source, which for the record, has been disputed by others including Lucas himself). Doesn’t change the fact that Lucas did not write the first draft of ESB… nor that he’s a hack screenwriter and director.

      • bobby


        Brackett’s draft is available online. It sucks. It’s not Star Wars as we know it. It bears very little resemblance to the finished movie except in some major vague ways.

        Lucas wrote a first draft, from scratch, with nothing from Brackett’s script. Kasden then worked on it from there.

        Saying Lucas’s draft wasn’t technically the first draft is splitting hairs.

        Empire’s script is mostly Lucas with Kasden’s brilliance turning it from a good story to a good story with a great script.

      • rob

        LOL…I knew there was a reason I stopped watching after the second one!

      • sandman31653

        i dont know if any body on here is really a starwars fan all true starwars fans know nothing happens to starwars without lucas giving his say i mean nothing and uhh ya lucas did write empire strikes back hello it was the fifth chapter in the book or well story he wrote so how did he not write empire stikes back the only reason he named episode 4 starwars was he dint know if he was gunnna be able to do the rest do ur home work the name of the story is starwars hence the movies being numberd ep.1 ep. 2 etc… know what ur talkin about when u try to slam a genious ya thats rite george lucas is a genious

      • Me Fail English?

        Yikes sandman. How about a period, or a comma, anything to break up that mindfart, Captain Run-On?

    • Ken

      You silly people. The delivery was awkward because it was probably a very early take, and the director decided he didn’t want the scene before they could run through it more & refine it.

      • Mac

        It’s an unfinished product, which is why it seems so awkward. Still, the movie is better without it.

      • Me Fail English?

        Either way it shouldnt be included. If we all agree that it’s awkward and unfinished, why even include it in the movie? So Lucas is just makin Star Wars Scrapple out of whatever bits he had left over, regardless of their merit?

      • Heather P

        I agree. Just like the famous cuts of Leia saying “I love you” and Han Solo saying “I love you too”. It didn’t work so it was cut. They redid the take until they found something better.

      • Tom

        I stopped watching star wars when I was 15.

    • TJ Wright

      Please don’t give Lucas credit for removing this scene – he had to be locked out of the editing room during Empire after a shockingly bad rough-cut of Empire and for going nuts about what Irvin Kershner was doing to the movie… be thankful that George Lucas wasn’t the one in charge of editing Empire Strikes Back.

      • MarAlaTho

        I love how you just make stuff up to justify your hate. Welcome to America.

      • Mark

        He wasn’t “locked out” of the editing room you nimrod. He was furious with Kurtz for allowing Kirshner to go so far overbudget that he had to go crawling back to Fox to beg for more money after trying to finance the movie himself. The edit you see is actually Lucas’ cut because Kurtz was snowed out of the process and replaced before the movie was complete for being incapable of saying no to everything the directed wanted to do regardless of cost.


      Am I the only one who sees how much that dialog resembles some of the dialog of the newer trilogy? Trite, cheesy, overwrought… Lucas’s horrible writing is evident through the entire series, especially if you read the novelization of “A New Hope,” which contains a lot of dialog that was snipped from the final edit of the movie

    • Deirdre

      I agree. Terribly wooden acting by Ford.

  • j2talk

    actually I think I like that scene better than the one that made it into the film

    • JustGoodSense

      Completely agree. I will never understand the complete and utter devotion people have for Empire as a perfect thing. It is, in fact, the second best movie after the original and no better. I’ve thought so since the day it premiered. The dialogue throughout the first act is cute at best, but mostly embarrassing.

      • johnnyquick1

        hmmm yea this scene doesnt fit….probably would be nowhere near as memorable as the final scene used…anyway the way it ended up,was fine and noone complained about it until this rubbish was released…EMPIRE STRIKES BACK! definitely the best of the series!!

  • SuperDan

    Ugh. I’ve been an admirer of Lucas since I was eight. His movies literally changed my life. But can we stop picking over the ravaged Star Wars corpse already? This scene deserves to have remained in the discard pile. Han comes off whiny and — I never thought I’d see the day — *uncool*, and Leia does indeed seem as cold as week-old tauntaun poodoo. There’s a reason that Empire is legendary — and part of the reason is that the Han/Leia subplot is tone perfect. These discordant notes only serve to lessen a great movie.

    • JJ

      Agreed. Lucas is ruining the best Star Wars film. He needs to leave it alone. The original is perfect the way it is. Don’t mess with perfection. You always will lose LUcas.

      • Kyle

        That’s funny, seeing as how Lucas created Star Wars.

      • thin

        It’s not really that funny. Being the creator doesn’t mean he can’t lessen the work by all the constant editing he’s done to them since their initial release.

      • Mike

        @thin – True but he didn’t in this case. He just chose to share a deleted scene with the public by including it in the Blu-Ray release. Big difference.

      • R

        I read a good comment years ago after the prequels came out that even though Lucas created Star Wars, he doesn’t understand them the way those of us who grew up with it do. He might be the creator; he might be a major influence on all the sequels, prequels, extra, etc, but in the end, the creation has grown beyond his ability.

      • True Fan

        Am I the only person that read the brief article that accompanied the DELETED SCENE. It is a deleted scene not an addition or re-edit of Empire. George Lucas is not ruining the best movie of the series because it is, like I said before, a deleted scene that is included in the special features of the blu-ray set. I’m a huge Star Wars fan and frankly, I find it embarrasing how you guys get your panties in a bunch any time there is tiniest change to the series. In this particular instance you are getting all riled up over a deleted scene that you don’t even have to watch if you don’t want to.

    • Annie

      ^ This. A thousand times over, with a big ol’ tauntaun ride on top.

    • Mike

      You all realize that this wasn’t “ADDED” to the film, right? It is a deleted scene. As in…there’s usually a reason that scenes are deleted. Yes, sometimes it’s because of cutting time in the film…other times it’s because the other versions of scenes or scenes deleted all together just don’t work! I don’t see the harm in showing different takes from a classic film to show that the editors did their job well!

      • April


      • Ella

        Great post…ITA!

      • d

        Someone with their head screwed on right! and to all you arguing over the script writing-GROW UP!

    • Mike

      It probably also doesn’t hurt to say that this scene is missing one giant factor that made the first 2 SW movies such classics – The John Williams score. I can almost imagine the original scene in my head without the Williams music and it loses half of its luster right there. That music is a major component in making those films as good as they were.

      • YinYang

        Agreed! I took my son to Star Wars in Concert and realized how the music could stand on its own without the films. Though when they’re both together, I must say its an incredible experience!

  • Baxter Pancake

    It seems most commenters feel the scene was left out for good reason. That means Lucas will put it back into the film for the bi-annual rerelease of the films.

    • JJ

      If he is smart he will. I am waiting for that release.

  • MWeyer

    Wow and people say the Anakin/Padme stuff was the worst romantic dialouge in the saga.

    Of course, compared to Twilight, the romance of “Star Wars” is “Casablanca.”

    • Mike

      Well…considering this didn’t make the final cut of ESB, Anakin/Padme still win. I’m pretty sure he still doesn’t like sand in the new blu-ray version. And I can almost guarantee that someone will realize that their heart is breaking so they will describe it to the other one out loud!

      • Mark

        I’ve never quite understood the bashing of that line. Name one person who actually likes sand.

      • Mike

        LOL, it was the delivery and how he used it as a pick-up line! First of all, it was Lucas’s attempt to draw ties to Anakin’s hatred of Tatooine and then saying how he likes Naboo better but also a metaphor to how Padme is “soft’ to touch. It is HORRID. Come on! Mark, you have to be kidding and I have to have fallen for it by trying to explain lol

    • Mud

      Twilight had far better romance than ESB (especially the painful Anakin/Padme pairing) and this clip just proves it. Though I loved Han and Leia, little time or attention was spent on building their romance.

      • A

        Yes @Mud, all of those Anakin/Padme scenes totally stunk up Empire Strikes Back. Especially considering Padme was dead.

      • thin

        I wonder what Mud thinks that ESB stands for.

      • Me Fail English?

        The Entertainment Software Rating Board? It’s pretty close.

  • Steve Fox

    Really awkwardly delivered, the simpler scene that made it in is infinitely better & nuanced.

  • Voldemort’s Ghost

    Han should have done a goofy laugh and given Leia an awkward hug. Eh-heh-heh!

  • StemCellFajita

    The scene works best the way it was cut. Although this deleted scene has more chemistry and passion than all the prequel romance scenes times 1,000.

    • JJ

      What chemistry are you talking about?… this new scene has none whatsoever!

      • JJ sucks

        Way to continue to troll JJ!

      • thin

        And to miss the point entirely!

  • Johnification

    This dialogue has a much more Lucas-y ring to it (even though I know he didn’t personally script ESB). thank go for Harrison Ford’s improv skills!

    • DSK

      This scene is virtually word-for-word from the novelization… with a few ad-libs on Ford’s part.

      • Brooke

        I don’t even have to go to my bookshelf to tell you you’re right. My first thought was, “that’s pretty much the scene in the novel.” I have trouble remembering what I had for breakfast, but, I can remember a book I haven’t read since 1983.

  • JJ

    Now I don’t even want to buy this BlueRay! :( This is terrible and should have remained on the cutting room floor.

    Lucas needs to make new movies not do a hack job on the old one. Leave them be Lucas. They are already perfect as they are. Stop making reasons to get people to buy more crap. Just give us the originals on BlueRay not a remake of the originals. So glad I didnt pre-order my copy. Just gonna stick with my regular DVDS.

    • JJ

      Oh and That dumb line ‘you are so busy being a Princess you haven’t learned how to be a woman. I could have helped ya” is lame I mean her home planet was just destroyed and she is trying to save this one. WHo the hell has time for romance??!!! Then Han says”We’ll meet again and maybe you would have warmed up a little”: Ya!!!… If they survive this attack by the Empire. WTF???. kind of lame dialog is that?…. SO STUPID & makes no sense with the circumstances!! The original one fits the circumstances much better. THIS MAKES ME WANT TO PUKE!

      • Scott

        JJ – You do realize these scenes are deleted scenes that are not being re-edited into the movie, right? Many DVDs have deleted scenes as a bonus feature, which are usually scenes that were cut for timing or because they just didn’t work. This appears to be a scene that didn’t work, hence the deleted nature of it.

      • Mike

        Agreed Scott. I guess I can understand people’s confusion since EW has been posting blog after blog discussing the CHANGES Lucas made to the actual movies….but that doesn’t excuse people from NOT READING. It’s right there in the headline – DELETED SCENE! And the fact that people may not understand that DVDs and Blu-Rays include special features, deleted scenes in 2011…well that just scares me! lol

    • Mark

      It’s a deleted scene, buddy. That means you’ll find it under the Deleted Scenes section of the Blu-Ray. Way to take your head out of your Lucas-hating butt long enough to actually read the article.

  • Catherine

    I thought the line was, “He could use a good kiss” (referring to Chewbacca), not “You could use a good kiss” (referring to Leia). It’s much funnier that way.

    • Mike

      The actual dialogue:

      “Leia: I’d just as soon kiss a wookie
      Han: I can arrange that, you could USE a good kiss!!!”

    • Mark

      Uh, no. And if you really, honestly, thought that was what was said you need your hearing checked.

      • Mike

        Mark, just making sure you’re referring to Catherine here as my quote is absolutely accurate. lol (well, maybe a period or a comma is missing but the words are right) I can tell that you, like I have probably watched these movies a zillion times. Catherine may not be as fortunate, so take it easy on her!

    • Sam

      Yeah I thought the same as Catherine too, and it’s definitely much funnier that way.

      Mark, chill out and don’t be such a dbag

  • Javadude54

    Hey, it could have been worse. If George R.R. Martin had wrote it, Luke and Leia would have had sex, Leia would have had sex with the Wookie and then killed him, The Wookie would have come back to life and had more sex with Leia and then killed her, and then everyone would have died. ;-)

    • Rore

      Ha! Ha! Good point, Javadude54. Could have been much worse.
      I’m glad it was cut. We didn’t need words to know that Han and Leia were going to end up hot for each other.

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