ADL condemns Mel Gibson's involvement in Maccabee film

The Anti-Defamation League has officially responded to the news that Mel Gibson and Warner Bros. are cooperating to make a film based on the life of Judah Maccabee, the Jewish religious hero whose revolt against the Seleucid Empire is celebrated each Hannukah. In an official statement, the ADL’s national director Abraham H. Foxman says:

We would have hoped that Warner Bros. could have found someone better than Mel Gibson to direct or perhaps even star in a film on the life of the Jewish historical icon Judah Maccabee. As a hero of the Jewish people and a universal hero in the struggle for religious liberty, Judah Maccabee deserves better. It would be a travesty to have the story of the Maccabees told by one who has no respect and sensitivity for other people’s religious views.

Not only has Mel Gibson shown outward antagonism toward Jews and Judaism in his public statements and actions, but his previous attempt to bring biblical history to life on the screen was marred by anti-Semitism. Rather than listen to respected religious leaders, both Christian and Jewish, who voiced concerns then about the insensitive elements of his depiction of the last hours and crucifixion of Jesus, Gibson showed contempt for those voices and refused to make changes that might have helped turn his passion of hate into a passion of love.

While we do not argue with Mel Gibson’s right to make this film, we still strongly believe that Warner Bros. should reconsider Gibson’s involvement in this project.

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  • Templar

    Gibson makes me ill. There is a saying “In vino veritas” which translates to “in wine there is truth. In other words the real you comes out when you’re drunk. He’s a hater who claims to be a Christian but shows none of that philosophy when he’s being himself.

    • James

      Bull****. I have found that alcohol certainly causes stupidity and poor judgment but in most cases people just spout off and say ridiculous things that they do not necessarily believe deeply. Does not make it right by any means. Can we stop the Mel Gibson hate? Getting kind of old. Another celebrity who may be human…gasp…with problems and weakness like the rest of us.

      • Me

        why not just admit that you like Mel Gibson because he is a christian, period? This whole argument that people say things they don’t necessarily believe b/c of alcohol only shows that a) you know nothing of what you’re talking about and b) you like him because he agrees with your religious views. If anything, alcohol removes all inhibition allowing people to show their true, and often ugly, colors… in Mel Gibson’s case, his innate hatred towards Jews for believing what religious leaders believe (not the bible, the bible teaches us that Jesus was in fact a jew himself).

        oh, and nice touch on calling someone a moron without understanding what they were saying… says more about you than it does about them.

      • Gus

        Well i am an atheist so i couldn`t give less about your or Gibson`s religious beliefs. I think it is moronic to judge a person`s nature only by his erratic behacior while being drunk. The only thing that shows us is that mabe he has a problem with booze. But alcohol doesn`t make say the truth, it just makes more unreasonable and emotional. I`ve een good people say awful things because booze makes you loose a lot of self control. Haven`t you ever seen one of your friends drunk? theres is always someone you know that can`t handle his booze so he might get violent or sad, Mel Gibson can`t handle his booze. So the conclusion of this is you are a bigoted ignorant

      • George

        I don’t believe that alcohol makes people say the truth. It can turn people into hurtful individuals. They will say or do things just to get a rise out of people.

      • Craig

        @Gus. Exactly. It makes people lose their self-control. And what is it they’re controlling exactly? Their tongue from saying what is in their brain and heart. Things people say when they’re drunk, even if it’s hurtful, even if they regret saying it, is how they truly feel.

        Mel Gibson should be removed from this film extremely quickly. He has a major issue with Jewish people and Judaism, and is the equivalent of having a neo-nazi direct and star in it.

      • LADY GAGA

        JUDAH, JUDAH-AH.

      • Ana

        The problem is that Mel Gibson spouts many of the same beliefs while sober. Ask Natalie Portman. All the drunk incident did was make people finally take notice.

        That being said, if he wants to make this movie, let him. Maybe he’ll learn something.

      • Me


        so you have to end whatever diatribe you have to say about alcohol and others judging Mel Gibson while drunk by calling them moronic and bigoted.

        Yeah, that lent your argument some serious validity.

        Alcohol removes social inhibitions, which are usually conscious and subconscious filters that prevent people from behaviour that might seem objectionable in a social setting. In other words, it removes the filter that prevents those inner thoughts from escaping the mind. I’ve dealt with enough drunks in my life, family and friends, to know that this is true in most cases and I am and would not be surprised if this was the case in Mel Gibson. At the end of the day, neither your comment/theory/opinion nor mine are correct.. as none of us know for sure what is going on in Mel Gibson’s head.. but what one thing is for sure, you calling a total stranger names for simply having a different opinion from yours is quite telling of your lack of education and decorum. A mind that resorts to insults is an ignorant mind desperately wanting to express itself and not knowing how to do it.


        I liked Mel when he was young and handsome. Now I can’t stand him.

      • C’mon

        This could actually be a good way for Gibson to use his talents to help atone for his statements about Jews.

      • Chris

        To the person who said “why not just admit that you like Mel Gibson because he is a christian, period?”, why don’t YOU just admit that you hate Mel Gibson because he’s a Christian? The blindness of bigots calling others bigots is astonishing!

      • James

        In response to “ME”:

        I would say religion does not come to play in my choice of entertainment. That is rather limiting, no? I have had plenty of relatives with alcohol problems and it ruined their lives. They said MANY things that they did not truly mean.

        And yes, I completely understood what the comment meant because she said that my comment says a lot about my beliefs, insinuating I was a racist as well. That could not be further from the truth. So yes, I stand my ‘labeling’ both her and you as a moron. Peace be with you.

      • Me

        @Chris.. ha ha ha ha… show your ignorance, Chris.. how would I know what the bible teaches if I myself weren’t christian?

        @James… the same goes for you, have I insulted you? no.. but you do as you please, when others read these comments I’ve a pretty good idea who will come off as a “moron” – hint, the person unable to have a discussion or debate without resorting to insults. and I have peace but thanks the well wishes anyway.

      • Tom

        So if I don’t like religion, I’m an anti-semite. Huh.

      • Heather

        Look, I am a typical woman who also happens to have 2 children, and I also work full time. I am a devout Christian and I think Mel Gibson is actually really wonderful. He has made what some might call mistakes, but he deserves our forgiveness. It’s the Christian thing to do. I mean seriously….. who has been seriously hurt from any of his actions?

      • James

        Right on Heather! Could not agree with you more.

      • wakeforce

        If you commit a crime while you are drunk or high, you are still guilty!

      • Dirk

        If he makes a sequel to “Bird on a Wire’ with Goldie Hawn, all is forgiven!

    • I Promise I Am Not Mel Gibson

      Mel Gibson is one of finest and most-respected actors of his generation. So he had a little too much to drink a few times and said some hysterical things that he didn’t mean. The fact still remains that he is a beloved Hollywood icon who has earned a lot of money at the box office! Can’t we just forgive, forget, and move on already?

      • Christian

        I find it incredibly easy to forgive Mel. Nothing he has said or done offended me, personally.

      • Blessed and Highly Favored

        Forgive him?? For WHAT?? Heck, I admire him! I can assure you of one thing: God and His only son, Jesus Christ, are smiling down from Heaven on the magnificent Mel Gibson. It doesn’t matter what Jewish moviegoers think anyway….they’re not going to part with their money for a move ticket and you know it! They can just stay at home and eat matzah ball soup.


        Mel Gibson is my hero. Thank you for standing up and speaking the truth, Mel. Sometimes the truth hurts and Mel told it how it is! I’ve had the same sort of experiences with Jewish people. In fact, I’m involved in a civil suit against one right now. I was badly injured outside of a bank when a middle-aged Jewish man shoved me as he was trying to get to a quarter that had been dropped on the sidewalk.

      • hitler

        I agree. I also got a little worked up about how WWI ended, then I said and did some thing I didn’t really mean. Can’t we just forgive, forget and move on already. Oh, tell Mel that Satan says hi.

      • Dan Noble

        Christian (Fri 09/09/11 12:02 PM)

        Are you aware how selfish and ignorant you sound in your post? You are telling everyone that, as long as you’re not personally offended, it’s okay. So, a hyperbole would be you being okay with lynching African-Americans as long as you’re not an African-American.

      • Jeff The Vomit Guy

        I bet his next film is about Hitler being a superhero….

      • Tony

        I like Mel Gibson still regardless of all the hysterical headlines. Doesn’t bother me. I simply don’t believe all the nasty things said aboout him.

      • AllieBoBallie

        Yes, hysterical indeed. Laugh riot.

        I hope he drinks himself into his grave sooner rather than later. And I’m rarely a hate-filled about anything, but that man gets my back up, makes my spidey senses tingle, gives me the wiggins, etc. I really do not like him.

      • The solution to Mel’s problems

        Make a PSA about hate speech towards Jews. Make a PSA about drinking and driving. Make a PSA about beating up your girlfriend. Make a PSA about being nice to gays. Make a PSA about not using the n-word over the phone. There, all done!

      • Tom

        Thoust protest too much I am afraid.

      • Peter

        I like Mel. At least he is keeping it real.

      • Mary

        You’re an idiot. So.. go ahead, move on and take Mel with you.

      • Finkle

        Don’t tell people what they can and can’t do. It’s his money. If he wants to make a movie about some jewish folk hero, so what? Big deal. You need to get over it and get a real life.

    • bfd

      So he makes the movie. I just don’t have to go see it. Like all the other movies he’s made, I don’t have spend my hard earned dollars to enrich him.

      • Harry brown

        What do yids spend their hard earned money on? Well besides nose jobs, and weapons for Israel!

    • Odin

      Mel Gibson has produced movies that have historical Value. Rapa Nui, Apocalypto and Breavheart are good examples how to translate History into a entertaining Movie. In Breavheart a Scotish Highlander speaks to the Clans to motivate them. He , Wallace, uses -‘MOSES’- as an example. How the Israelites rose up against the Egyptians, and with Gods help they succeeded, JUST as the Scotish will against England. Now, Mel Gibson wrote the movie, Produced the Movie, directed the Movie and he stared in the Movie. Braveheart was hardly anti-semetic, in fact the Moses connection was fiction, PUT IN BY GIBSON!!! Back in the Day, Mel Gibson already spoke of the Makabee-Movie, however starred first in Roland Emmerichs The Patriot, not a Gibson Movie per say, since Emmerich writes, produces and directs himself.
      So, Gibson than planed and produced The Passion of the christ. In Latin and Aramaic!!!- a hebrew dialect, spoken by some Jews to this Day. Than Gibson casted who??? a jew, as jesus. After that Movie some jewish activists called the passion of christ antisemetic and Gibson was hurt by that. That was the time, when he began with antisemetic slurs, which are in no way appropriate, however Gibsons way of fighting back while drunk. Funny is however, that no one ever had a problem with a Movie about Jesus in Hollywood, til Gibson came along and dared to depict a jewish Jesus speaking Hebrew. e.g. The King of Kings starred Max von Sydow, a 6 ft. 2 inches (…i guess, not important!) blue eyed swede who condemed the jews with an german accent. no one seemd to care back than.
      On a side note, it is not Warner bros. project, it is gibsons since over a decade!

      • Jim

        Braveheart has NO historical value. It told a story about a fictional character based on a real man. The real William Wallace was just as invested in the English as he portrayed the other Scottish nobles in his film. He was, in fact, not even a Highlander, as is presented in the film. And he didn’t invent or initiate the use of pikes, or long spears, against cavalry. So, before you credit Mel for making films of “…historical value…”, make sure you know enough history to judge them. I am not bashing Mel here, just his depiction of Wallace in Braveheart.

    • Love the Hate

      I hope Mel gibson plays Judah Maccabee so the ADL can go insane. We all know he hates Jews but he will be acting. This is be the best judgment of his acting skills.

    • jordan

      I can’t believe this fool saying “passion of love.” The passion of the christ showed a realistic portrayal which was not loving at all. The brutality in the film was not meant to be a money making controversial scheme he kept it truthful to the biblical account. This man is judging mel gibson for his beliefs, his art, and now his obvious attempt to make up for his mistakes. What makes this guy better than mel gibson? Who is he to say that judah maccabee deserves better?

      • JoJo

        Yes and besides the Romans, the rest were all Jewish roles as well.

    • Vera lu

      Let the person without sin throw the first stone

      • Jen

        Oh yes, since we have all sinned we should have just let the Nazis go and because hey, how can we judge on them? I’m German btw. Tolerance applied to evil is evil in itself. That’s like saying the Westboro Baptist “Church” doesn’t really hurt anyone and so we should just forgive them.

      • Tom

        Hate begets hate and there are no new nazis, only old nazi. Most of them are probably dead by now. Why anyone would associate any other individual born after WWII with them so rashly is absurd, and you are doing a grave injustice to history itself.. Secondly, Mel Gibson made a couple of wise-cracks (hate-speak) whatever, about Jews and African Americans. If everyone that ever made a negative comment about another other cultural group besides their own, in any kind of negative fashion is now supposed to be in the same league as hitler or all those dead nazis from WWII, then most of the entire world would fit that description as well. If you want to live so delusional about history, that’s your fallacy as much as it is for any of these racists, and ignorant individuals. I would like add that, though many jewish people I have known through my life would fit that description too, I don’t consider them in league with them either. Or that I wouldn’t think someone like Mel isn’t a racist or whatever. What I am saying is that people like Mel who are obviously troubled and sick need your help and not more of your bitter vitriol and your hate. I’m in no way convinced that by a couple of comments it should condemn any man or woman for their rest of their life, as some of you seem to prefer while judging your own “purist” morality and social regulations over others.

  • Emma

    “Problems and weakness like the rest of us” Maybe James, if you have these problems as well that just says something about you. No one is arguing that Mel Gibson is the ONLY racist, just that he IS a racist. No one is going to see this film.

    • James

      Emma, how did you know? I have a propensity for racism. You were able to deduce this from a statement that contained no ill will towards anyone. Until now…moron.

      • Emmasbrain

        How did she know? Just a lucky guess

      • Shane

        Areed. The truth is that it is simply far easier to hate than to understand. This treatmen tof Mel Gibson as a less than human person whom deserves to be treated with spite reeks of hypocrisy from those who claim to fight against and disagree this kind of behavior.

      • daisy

        Shane, it is not hypocritical to stand againt racism or any other kid of hat.e You cannot tell me that if i find is hate for Jews repulsive it means i am a bad person. Sorry, but that is the biggest load of bull ever.

  • John

    Mel Gibson has every right to make the film. My question is: why would anyone want to watch a movie about Judaism or Hanuakak (spelling non-important)? The movie will fail not because of Mel Gibson but because Jews are boring. Stupid idea for a movie. Just stupid…

    • Quirky

      Seriously? Ten Commandents, Masada, Ben Hur, those were boring for you?

    • Templar

      You couldn’t be more wrong. The world would be a much poorer place if it weren’t for the jewish people. Their contributions to science, medicine, the arts and humanity in general are immeasurable. As for being boring, Mel Brooks, Jerry Seinfeld, George Burns, Woody Allen, Neil Diamond, Barry Manilow, The 3 Stooges, Barbra Streisand, Milton Berle, Eddie Cantor, Steven Spielberg, Goldie hawn, Paul Newman, Adam Lambert etc. all jews.

      • Monty

        Woah woah woah…

        Mel Brooks is jewish????


      • George

        I think you meant Adam Sandler, not Lambert.

      • Templar

        No, I meant Adam Lambert who is Jewish by ethnicity rather than religion. [his mother is jewish]. Although Adam Sandler is another fine example of jewish creativity.

      • mheyize

        I wouldn’t mention Woody Allen since he adopted a little girl with then wife, Mia Farrow, then cheated on said wife with his adopted daughter, then married her after Mia Farrow divorced his sorry ass for “raising his current wife”. As for Mel Gibson, he can say whatever he wants. Everyone makes fun of some’s religion directly or indirectly, but because they’re not famous, they aren’t villified.

      • He didn’t adopt her.

        Therefore she’s boneable. And they have been married for quite some time now.

      • boocat

        Woody Allen WAS NEVER MARRIED to Mia Farrow. His current wife WAS NOT HIS ADOPTED DAUGHTER. She was adopted by Farrow years before Farrow and Allen were a couple. Get your facts straight before you comment….

      • Love the Hate

        Woody Allen was dating her mom, he was viewed as a father-figure. Dating your girlfriends child is pretty sketch. Woody Allen is a dirty old man, Polanksi is a child rapist and sodomist but they don’t represent all Jews. Every group has their bad apples.

      • jordan

        Lol @ adam lambert. That completely goes against your argument.

      • dee

        How about Logan Lerman? Wayy too many of the people you named were born in the 19th century. You need to look up more current Jews.

      • Classic Idiocracy

        Classic!!! This idiot is trying to use Adam Lambert as an argument that Jews are important. As a Jew I am offended by your idiocracy. And by Jew I mean I’m cheap and I have a big nose.

      • mhevie

        @Love the Hate: That’s why I don’t watch Polanksi’s movies. Last Woody Allen movie I saw was Match Point and didn’t like it. Anyway, I don’t care if he actually adopted her or not, that’s just wrong and gross, but I don’t boycott his movies. He’s free to think what he thinks, same with Mel Gibson. As for Adam Lambert, I wouldn’t never own up to know that dude. Love Paul Newman and Goldie Hawn and Mel Brooks. LOVE Mel Brooks!

      • Tom

        I was right there with you in support until you got to Neil Diamond, Barry Manilow, The 3 Stooges, Barbra Streisand, Milton Berle, Eddie Cantor, Steven Spielberg, Goldie hawn, Paul Newman, Adam Lambert

      • Reason

        You do realise that Mel Brooks, Woody Allen, Stephen Spielberg et. al. are not successful because they are Jewish? There’s no reason to suppose they wouldn’t have had equally successful careers if they were of a different faith or no faith at all.

  • Big D

    Mel Gibson (and his father) have long and well-documented histories of anti-Antisemitism and holocaust denial. His involvement with this film is a travesty.

  • outside agitator

    Passion of the Christ wasn’t anti-semitic. most of it esp the scenes criticizing Jewish religious leaders was straight from the Gospels. accuracy in this area is no more anti-semitic than accuracy in a Nazi-themed movie is anti-German. I don’t care about Gibson one way or the other but think his views are mostly media magnified. he is a good actor and skilled director and the Maccabee story is worth telling.

    • Jessica


      • BillyBoy


    • Voodoo

      Therefore one can conclude that Jews don’t have a problem with Gibson or his movie, but with Cristianity itself. Ofcourse, thhis is something they couldn’t say so they just use Gibson as a scapegoat.

      • outside agitator

        I’m not a Bible thumper but I am aware of what it says. 2 Chronicles 36 contains a fairly scathing critique of Israel, too. That’s not confined to the New Testament. at any rate, the entire 66 books of the Bible were most likely written by Jews. I find it interesting that Roman Polanski can rape a minor and still receive support and an Oscar from Hollywood but Gibson makes some drunken statements(no actions) about Jews and he becomes a pariah. that’s BS.

  • anon

    If this movie actually gets made and released, it will join Apocalypto and The Beaver in the black hole that is now Mel Gibson’s career.

    • Brock

      What the hell are you talking about?

      Apocalypto was a big box office success and received excellent critical reviews.

      The Beaver was a commercial failure, but Mel earned raves for his acting.

      Next time you post, at least try and include something that comports with reality.

      • youshouldjustsmile

        Calm down, Mel. You don’t want to starting ranting and breathing heavy again.

      • dontletfactsgetinyourway


        Take a cold shower.

        Facts are stubborn things. Then again, that’s never gotten in the ADL’s way before. And they wonder why nobody takes them seriously as an organization when they go looking for anti-Semitism in every overcooked cheeseburger. Even Seinfeld was aware enough to parody such comical hysterics.

      • Sarah

        Well, so long as we’re talking about facts… Re: Apocalypto receiving excellent critical reviews – it only has a 64% on Rotten Tomatoes; admittedly not terrible, but hardly “excellent.” Re: Apocalypto being a box office “success” – I suppose “success” is subjective, but it only made about $20 million over its budget, which is definitely not a “big” box office success, and really not that great for Hollywood. Also, in terms of The Beaver’s “rave” reviews, it rates similarly to Apocalypto, so, in other words, good not great. Methinks someone is prone to exaggeration. Regardless of these movies being of acceptable quality, Mel Gibson is hardly the star he used to be. Just check out the box office numbers for similarly reviewed films like The Patriot (made about 75 million dollars over its budget in returns), and Braveheart earned well over 200 million dollars coming out over 10 years before (compared to Apocalypto’s 120 million, which is especially noteworthy due to inflation). Lethal Weapon, a movie with a much smaller budget than Apocalypto, made a similar gross to Apocalypto almost 20 years before.

        Main point: Looking at the FACTS, it is impossible to say that Mel Gibson’s career has not taken a bit of a nose dive. While the critics can stay objective and judge the quality of his performances, fans just aren’t coming out for his films like they used to.

      • From RT and BoxOfficeMojo

        “Apocalypto” = 64%, which translates to B-. Made $120M on a $40M budget = break even to small return on the money.

      • alastair

        She didn’t say it didn’t get good reviews or that it didn’t make any money, just that it’s outlandish to call it “rave reviews” or a “big success,” because, even in your estimation, it’s obviously not.

    • Ruby

      Apocalypto is an amazing, underrated movie. Haven’t you seen it?

      • Bruno

        Underrated big time. Let people say what they will about Mel. I grew up following his career as an actor and in the last years, he’s experiments as a director and i must say that, both The Passion of Christ and Apocalypto are amazing achievments. Go Mel!

      • Kevin

        Apocalypto is a really great movie… possibly even better than Braveheart. It’s a shame Mel’s crazy as a loon… it taints the fact that’s he’s a marvelous filmmaker. But I can separate the man from the art… same deal as Polanski.

    • Varsha

      meh. I’ll just wait meh. I’ll just wait for passion of the csriht 2, in which jesus returns as megachurch preacher / republican, runs for office, gets busted having some gay restroom sex ,makes a comeback as a t.v. personality / motivational speaker who then o.d.’s on prescription painkillers. All shot on green screen and in 3 D! Word!

  • Tami13

    I’m hoping that this is Mel’s way of exploring Judaism. Learning more about anything is the quickest way to “cure” prejudices against it. Maybe he’s already realized his foolishness and wants to help prevent others from making the same mistakes. We don’t know him; we don’t know how this movie is going to come out. In itself, the story IS worth telling, and people can learn from it.

    • Sarah

      I think this is the first sensible comment on here, so please don’t think I’m attacking you, Tami13, like in that clusterf*ck above. I think yours is a really optimistic view of what Mel’s doing. His career has kind of been in the dumps since his rants against both the Jewish people and against his ex, and to me this just screams “PUBLICITY STUNT!” I think he’s scrambling to save his image and, thereby, his career.

    • auntiecarol69

      I hope you are right in your presumptions. Even if you are not, perhaps he will learn something about the heroes of Jewish history. I can’t tell his motivations since I don’t know him personally. I think everyone here is surmising the reason he’s making this film. Only he knows what he’s thinking. IMHO he should go to rehab for alcoholism. No comments on the movies mentioned. I did like him in Mad Max, Lethal Weapon 3, Forever Young and my fave Year of Living Dangerously. A title very fitting past few years for him

    • interesting

      Would you also suggest to Jews, Christians and Muslims that they need to “explore” atheism to cure prejudice against atheists?

      • BillyBoy

        Seems a quite reasonable suggestion.

    • Rings


      You bring up a great point that learning about something helps to spark understanding.

      Mel has been working on this film for over 10 years, far before the DUI and ‘The Passion’. I don’t think Mel has an issue with with the Jewish people as he has met privately with leaders, works with and is friends with people who are Jewish, etc, but of course the story continues to encourage his relationship with them and provide more understanding about their history and struggles. Also, what many people aren’t entirely aware of yet is that Mel has been very intrigued by Maccabee’s story since he was a teen (mentioned in a recent interview) and that this film is possibly a criticism of the current Catholic church with all the pedophile scandals.

  • Cindi

    We have an idea for this little movie about the Maccabees, and we need some free publicity. I know: let’s get Mel Gibson involved!

  • Ana Fritz

    Is this not exactly what this Jewish leader would wish for? Forgiveness! Why do you continue to display such lack of compassion? Do you really think he was not aware of the firestorm he was throwing himself into? Poor form ADL, poor form.

  • levelheaded

    Even if Gibson’s anti-Semitic rants were not based on any of his actual beliefs and even if you believe his Passion of the Christ was not anti-Semitic (I don’t). Gibson still said anti-Semitic remarks in public to authority figures.

    So I understand why the ADL is asking for another actor to portray an important Jewish figure on film.

    Perception is everything for an actor, and he is perceived as being very bigoted.

    There are plenty of other actors who do their job well and don’t get drunk and say racist and sexist things.

    I am not saying that Gibson should be banned from all movies, but this seems like a insensitive PR stunt.

    Take the guy everyone thinks is a bigot and put him in a movie about the people he’s supposedly bigoted against and then he’ll get steady work again.

    It may work, but I still don’t respect him.

    • Brock

      Mel isn’t slated to appear in front of the camera in the film. He’s producing and possibly directing.

      • levelheaded

        @Brock – Even more reason to be concerned he then has more creative control. But I do believe they said “perhaps even star in a film”… as well.

  • Mellissa

    Not at all interested in a Mel Gibson directed film about Judah Maccabee? Seriously, is this a joke? I’m Jewish, so I don’t need to learn the story, I already know it. The funny thing is, I also know the story of Christmas, so it is completely possible for people who are a different faith to know the story behind another’s holidays/beliefs. Mel Gibson is not the person to tell the story of Judah Maccabee.

    • Fartman

      Right, because only a Jew can tell the story of Judah Maccabee…

      • sara

        Or perhaps a Christian who isn’t a raging bigot??

      • Marcy Runkle

        Of course Judah Maccabee doesn’t have to be played by a Jewish actor. But today’s most notoriously anti-semitic working actor? Really?

      • DK

        @Marcy, there hasn’t been any indication that he will star in it, just that he is involved and cooperating with Warner Bros. Probably going to direct and produce.

    • Brian Wallace

      Jews…… SENSITIVE.


    • mel

      stupid jew

    • Mellissa

      Nope, never said only a Jew could tell the story. I simply do not want someone who denies the Holocaust even happened to tell the story of a very important Jewish hero. Personally, I don’t care the religion of who tells the story, as long as the person is not bigoted, which I believe Mel to be. It seems hypocritical to me that Mel Gibson is involved. My opinion. If he makes it, I won’t see it. Simple as that.

      • Sanji

        Mel denies the Holocaust?

      • Rings


        Mel never denied the Holocaust happened. Dude, even his friend/publicist’s parents are SURVIVORS.

        Get your facts straight.

        And how is it hypocritical for him to be involved? He apologized, had counsel with Jewish leaders, always worked/friends with people who are Jewish etc. He said regrettable things he was very ashamed of and expressed remorse over. So how is it hypocritical? He’s been intrigued to do this story since he was a teenager! lol

    • suzanne b

      uh, ok great… lets see what you would think about the biggest atheist on the planet doing a story about, say, Noahs ark, or MASADA!!!!

      • Arianti

        Let’s face it. Mel Gibson is an amazing film nleatt. He is the only individual who, at the time, had been able to produce, direct and distribute his own film no matter what the content. I mean, really, what Hollywood studio was ver going to greenlight Passion of the Christ?He got wasted one night, and being the product of a racist father, he spoke terrible words that were disgusting.But we would be ruining film history by blacklisting him. It would be like forcing Heath Ledger’s death so that we could never again enjoy a genius.And a genius is exactly who Mel Gibson is. So please, wake up, and deal with it. You have no case against him plus, we need him! Hollywood’s think tank is dry, there is not imaginative or creative minds anywhere ( for example, remakes, and remakes, and sequels to terrible films). This is a breeding ground for crap.We need Mel. And may Heath Ledger, the greatest young actor ever, rest and his family be well.Thanks,THE GAJONKAps- check out my site if you dig my thoughts. And I DO dislike Jay Z very much. Thanks.pss_ And I think jonah hill and Seh rogen are no nleatt jokes.psss_ The Muppet movie looks like it is going to rock!

    • Classic Idiocracy

      OMG… Mellissa won’t see the movie if Mels involved. Now it won’t get made. I think I remember another article where Mel stated…”I will only make this movie if Melissa sees it” now everything’s going to fall apart.

  • Barack Palin

    After Mel Gibson finished his movie about Judah Maccabee, I understand he will be building the Mel Gibson Women’s Shelter for victims of domestic abuse and then he will be travelling to Kiev to star in the next edition of the Ukrainian “Bachelor” to find a replacement for Oksana.

    • Barb

      OK, this was funny. Good one.

      • Tom

        I found a cheap russian mail order bride for five dollars that won’t extort me for my money.

  • TM

    What happened to allowing people a second chance. Mel Gibson has expressed genuine remorse and is trying to redeem himself, he should have the opportunity to do so.

    • ahoy hoy

      He had a second chance after Passion of the Christ. His anti-Semitic rant earned a head shake from me (a Jew) and I figured I probably wouldn’t watch any more movies from him, but I kind of felt “whatever” about him. Now, add on a racist rant while wishing rape upon his partner, verbal abuse, etc; I think we’ve stepped away from “second chance” world by now.

      • mr. buurrnnsss

        Doesn’t everyone deserve a 4th or 10th chance?

    • Sarah

      Just see my above reply to Tami13. There’s a big difference between sincere remorse, and apologizing to the press while continuing to be a raging, drunk, sexist, bigoted a-hole in one’s private life.

  • Marc

    I’m not big on the “hating Mel Gibson” bandwagon, but even I know that having him make a movie about a Jewish hero is just plain ridiculous and a very transparent move to try and reestabilish himself.

    • Brock

      That’s an overly cynical take on it. Mel’s forte as a producer and director has been period epics – Braveheart, The Passion of the Christ, Apocalypto. This is right up his alley, and I can’t think of any filmmaker who is better qualified or would do a better job at bringing this story to the screen.

      • melsagent

        That’s right. Next up for Mel, remake of Schindler’s List.

  • john soun

    he should be allowed to pursue his artistic desires. he’s been good for films, in a lot of aspects. i see him as a smart person, i really can not fathom him alienating the Jews. They are connected, in a lot of aspects, to the film industry.

    • Jew

      He alienated Jews a long, long time ago, Sugar T!ts.

      • Classic Idiocracy

        Are Jews more upset at Mels comments or just that God cursed them with such ugly facial features?

      • Ari

        Mila Kunis has “ugly facial features”!? You need to get out more.

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