Reboot planned for Patrick Swayze's surf-heist movie 'Point Break'


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To paraphrase the end of the original Point Break: Turns out, he is coming back.

Of course, Patrick Swayze was too soon lost in real life, but when his adrenaline-junky bank-robber Bodhi disappeared at the end of 1991’s Point Break, it seemed to be for good. Not so. In Hollywood, there’s always a reboot around the corner.

Alcon Entertainment, best known for releasing The Blind Side and prepping a spin-off of Blade Runner, has announced plans to fast-track a remake of Point Break at Warner Bros. 

Kurt Wimmer (SaltLaw Abiding Citizen) has penned a screenplay; like the first movie, it involves an undercover FBI agent infiltrating a group of extreme sports fanatics suspected of being a robbery gang, though Alcon co-founders and CEO’s Broderick Johnson and Andrew Kosove promise new twists. The project is soon to begin the search for a director.

Kathryn Bigelow, who won an Oscar for The Hurt Locker, directed the original action-adventure, which has mellowed over the years into a kind of crazy cult classic. Even the oddball cops in Hot Fuzz studied its over-the-top crimefighting technique, and a comedic live performance of the script has been staged in recent years.

Meanwhile, producer Michael DeLuca’s description of his plans for the remake indicate he’s also a fan: “Point Break wasn’t just a film, it was a Zen meditation on testosterone fueled action and manhood in the late 20th century and we hope to create the same for the young 21st!”

This is also the latest Swayze role to inspire a new film. A Red Dawn remake has been finished and awaiting release for some time; a Ghost musical is set to open on Broadway next year; and plans are in the works for a remake of Dirty Dancing.

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  • S

    Good God! Please stop remaking every great Patrick Swayze movie! How long until they remake Road House? How about To Wong Foo next? Ugh!

    • lucy

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    • Tom

      Good god is right! This is just another example of how uncreative Hollywood has become. Don’t you guys want to invent some time into coming up with your own new ideas for a change? Sheish.

  • e4ia

    There is ABSOLUTELY no reason to remake this movie. It still holds up very well and I can’t imagine any other actors taking over those roles. I hope movie audiences totally ignor these useless remakes and reboots so that the madness stops.

  • Rsky

    I thought the remake was called “The Fast and the Furious”

    • Aidan

      That’s exactly what I was thinking!

    • LOL

      Yummy! I like that…

    • Icon

      They are going to remake that too, gritier.

      • Chichielia

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  • Jay

    Stop the remakes!

    • Tom

      It’s cheap, and it’s all they know how to do now. They got rid of anybody that is truly talented in that aspect of moviemaking.

      • Josef

        Yes Yes Yes!!!I bought this game back in ’98 and, while I coludn’t get very far as a trader due to baddies clobbering me, I loved the game! The concept was totally novel back then, and the music helped make it. Learning about this open remake, words cannot express the awesome.Thoughts:1. The one bad thing about it was that the trading, like all such games, becomes tedious. A much-improved, or better yet, next-level trading AI would do wonders. Trading is fun, accountants-in-space is not.2. I totally agree with one of the news items about keeping the futuristic, subdued feel of the music. It goes well with the game without distracting. (I listen to the game album all the time still!)3. Please, please, please, do not utilize .Net for the M$ Windoze port in any way. A lot of fanboys love it, but it’s slow junk.If I had time to help I would. This is a great project.

  • Marten


    • Tom

      I’m waiting for Adam’s Family reboot. Heck, most of those actors don’t even need makeup at this point for the roles.

    • Luke Skywalker


  • Jim

    I bet they go with one of the Twilight cast members or all of them to really ruin the original.

    • Tom

      You mean like that last Star Trek debacle?

      • Jennifer

        The JJ Abrams Star Trek was awesome, with the exception of Eric Bana’s character.

  • DizzySnazzle

    No…JUST NO! There aren’t words. They already stole the formula scene for scene, character for character to start the Fast and Furious franchise. DO NOT DO THIS. This is a modern classic with pitch perfect everything. Just…I’m disgusted and if I could I’d curse.

  • Countryclub

    They’re going to remake a movie that has become a cult classic because it’s wonderfully awful? It’s appeal to most people is the unintentional comedy.

  • Countryclub

    This is your wake up call….I am an FBI agent!

    • LOL

      Two bricks coming up…

  • SAZ

    THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!! I am an FBI Agent and I demand that this not be allowed!

  • R. U. Serious

    Remember when CREATIVITY was valued in our culture?

    • Tom

      It’s been so long now, I hardly understand the concept. Maybe I can catch a reality show on at some point to distract me again from remembering what originality really means. All those scriptwriters have to be laughing their butts off by now at what Hollywood has been reduced to today.

  • Rusty Shackleford

    I am going to Hollywood and curb stomp anybody that has anything to do with this remake

    • DizzySnazzle

      You know for the first time ever I’m seriously considering a letter writing campaign to voice my opinion about how horrible an idea this reboot would be.

  • Rusty Shackleford

    Next up is a remake of Roadhouse.

  • tired…so tired.

    So I guess there are not that many talented writers since there so many reboots on the way. Seems to me that Hollywood waited for the Swayze to pass away to do all this nonsense. If he were here he wouldn’t allow it!!!

  • dee123

    Rise Of the Planet Of The Apes was very good & Fright Night was much better then i expected, but i think they are going to be exceptions to all the remakes that are coming.

    • LOL

      Fright Night was awesome

    • Jay

      Rise Of the Planet Of The Apes is not a remake.

      • dee123

        reimagining then potato, potahto.

    • Tom

      Rise was not a remake.

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